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Astral-Emotional Plane

(Logging at 28-MAR-2000 17:56)
1ANDONLY1> good evening all
.Joasha> heyla and what perfect timing we are developing
DORCASQ> Hello everyone!
** ROYCE3 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
.Royce3> Hello everybody.
1ANDONLY1> great minds think alike
** .Royce3 is now the group moderator **
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.Royce3> So how is everyone's day going?
.Joasha> and what did you do to achieve that status
.Royce3> Hi jeff.
1ANDONLY1> I was here once before as Talon
.Joasha> Jeff!!!! you are back and YOU have been missed!!!
.jefflove> hi everyone
.Royce3> Well welcome back 1andonly
.jefflove> thank you
DORCASQ> Missed ya, Jeff, welcome back!
1ANDONLY1> anyone seen 2 scoops
.Royce3> Yes, Jeff is quite the traveler.
.Royce3> 2 scoops? Never heard of that person
DORCASQ> Have a good time, Jeff?
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.jefflove> wonderful
1ANDONLY1> hi kolta
.Royce3> Hello kolta. Welcome
DORCASQ> Good, Jeff
.jefflove> hello kolta
DORCASQ> Hi, Kolta
.Kolta> Hi everyone!
1ANDONLY1> there's a big light in the sky
.Royce3> The sun?
DORCASQ> What kind of light?
.Kolta> Where! Where!
1ANDONLY1> whos pearly teeth are they?
1ANDONLY1> up up
1ANDONLY1> its already tomorrow here
.Royce3> Hmmmmmm, what is in the punch?
.Joasha> as usual am cooking supper at this time, will take a few in and outs
to get finished
.Kolta> 1andonly, where are you living?
1ANDONLY1> judy
DORCASQ> What land are you in, Land?
1ANDONLY1> England
1ANDONLY1> the land of the free
.Royce3> Hey, you will be up late tonight, land
DORCASQ> And home of the brave
1ANDONLY1> already am
1ANDONLY1> gods country
.Royce3> You spelled that with a lower case g.
DORCASQ> I have someone to put on our prayer list, Louise M.
1ANDONLY1> sorry
.Royce3> Very good.
1ANDONLY1> happy to oblige
.Kolta> Please keep Michael on the prayer list also
DORCASQ> Anyone else for PLIST?
.Joasha> he wasn't singling any one particular god out
.Royce3> Ok
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.Royce3> Feel free to put any living creature on the list.
.Royce3> Hi isleander.
1ANDONLY1> hi there
ISLEANDERS> hey royce and ufo chatters
.Joasha> hey isle
** BAUBLE48 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.jefflove> hello islander
.Royce3> Hi Bauble.
.Joasha> brb
1ANDONLY1> all creatures welcome here
1ANDONLY1> even et's
DORCASQ> Each and every one of us.
1ANDONLY1> bless us, every one
DORCASQ> Yes, we are so blessed.
BAUBLE48> Let me try again...Hello All
.Royce3> Well, people are free to list their pets, too.
DORCASQ> Hello Dauble
1ANDONLY1> so what happened on the astral
.Kolta> Hi Bauble
ISLEANDERS> all bauble
BAUBLE48> Thank you Kolta
1ANDONLY1> hello Bauble
.Royce3> Well, a discusssion of the astral plane is the topic for today.
ISLEANDERS> "inky" pet cat
DORCASQ> Sorry, Dauble, Bauble, toil and Trauble
.Kolta> You are welcome Bauble
1ANDONLY1> thought I'd missedit
BAUBLE48> 1and//I like your name!
.Royce3> Hun??? Inky?
1ANDONLY1> me too
.Kolta> Inky?????????
.Royce3> ???????
BAUBLE48> You are so sweet DorQ
.Royce3> I am getting confused already.
ISLEANDERS> inky is my cat that helps me in trivia room
1ANDONLY1> suger plum
DORCASQ> I had a dog named Inky once.
.Royce3> Oh, he gives you the answers?
.Royce3> Sounds like a good system
1ANDONLY1> who
DORCASQ> Royce has a cat named Freddie that proofreads for him.
BAUBLE48> I had a stuffed dog named Binky..
1ANDONLY1> I can believe it
1ANDONLY1> I had a lamb called dinner
.Kolta> I have 2 cats, Diane and George
.Royce3> What happened to the lamb?????
BAUBLE48> 1and...Good!
DORCASQ> funny!
1ANDONLY1> he departed this world
1ANDONLY1> he was beamed up
1ANDONLY1> for lunch
.Joasha> his name is not land it is one and only
DORCASQ> High-beamed
.Royce3> How many of you folks saw the movie, American Beauty?
ISLEANDERS> kc58thelegendliveson
BAUBLE48> That is my 1
.Kolta> I did not see it
1ANDONLY1> not me
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
.Joasha> sorry
.jefflove> no
DORCASQ> l1l1l1
1ANDONLY1> must be a good film
DORCASQ> they all look the same
1ANDONLY1> any aliens in it?
.Royce3> Does that move explain why we need some spiritual growth in this
world? Of course, if you haven't seen it, I guess you can't have an opinion.
DORCASQ> I didn't see the film.
.Royce3> Folks, you all need to get out more. We only have chats twice a week.
DORCASQ> Was that the one about the horse?
.Kolta> Well, I can't say much for the subject matter which is why I did not
see it
1ANDONLY1> whens the other 1?
DORCASQ> No...that was Black Beauty
1ANDONLY1> lol
.Royce3> The other l?
1ANDONLY1> national velvet
.Royce3> OH?
DORCASQ> How was your trip, Kolta? Learn a lot of good things to report to
1ANDONLY1> other 1, talk time
.Royce3> Did you see black beauty ,Dorcasq?
BAUBLE48> IiLl!1
DORCASQ> I read the book, Royce
.Kolta> I will report in another chat. Is that ok? the trip was very good
DORCASQ> When I was just a little kid.
.Royce3> You read? Oh, yes, that is how you are participating here.
DORCASQ> Yes, Kolta, good.
.Royce3> Just kidding, not trying to be mean spirited.
BAUBLE48> I'm anxious to hear the report Kolta
1ANDONLY1> me too
DORCASQ> I know, Royce.
.Royce3> Yes
BAUBLE48> Glad you enjoyed yourself Kolta
.Kolta> Thanks Bauble, but I think Royce has another topic for tonight
.Royce3> Well Kolta before we get into the topic for today would you like to
make a few short comments about the conference?
.Royce3> Or would you rather wait?
1ANDONLY1> Am I intruding
DORCASQ> Did you see Caverat's friend there....Ed?
.Kolta> I would prefer to wait. But, the conference was more spiritually
oriented than anything else. It was very good.
DORCASQ> You aren't intruding, oneandonly
1ANDONLY1> thankyou
.Kolta> No, I did not see Caverat's friend. A lot of people were there though
BAUBLE48> 1AND why would you feel that you are intruding?
.jefflove> what was the name of the conference?
1ANDONLY1> I feel Kolta cannot talk with me present
.Kolta> Maya and Egyptian Mysticism
.jefflove> very interesting!!!
1ANDONLY1> a subject I like the sound of
DORCASQ> Why would you feel that way, 1and?
BAUBLE48> No No 1and
1ANDONLY1> my mistake
.Kolta> Do not be silly Land. I just want to wait on the report. Of course I
can talk with you present
1ANDONLY1> good
BAUBLE48> So what is our topic for tonite
.Royce3> How many of you have experienced activities on the astral plane?
That would include seeing activity there and experiencing out of body
1ANDONLY1> so who starts the topic tonight
DORCASQ> We want to give everyone something to look forward to - to come back
.Royce3> We have just started, 1andonly1
1ANDONLY1> I for 1
DORCASQ> I had a small one, sort of, once.
.Kolta> Very good way of putting it, D.
.jefflove> What is the astral plane?
.Royce3> Tell us about it D
DORCASQ> I could see my body from somewhere above and my body looked dead...
1ANDONLY1> the astral plane is the place of communication between the
.Royce3> The astral plane is one of at least 7 discrete planes of
consciousness in the so-called Great Chain Of Being.
1ANDONLY1> well put Royce
DORCASQ> I saw a black foggy thing that I felt was my mind.
.Royce3> The Great Chain of course is described in virtually all of the
esoteric traditions.
.Joasha> only seven???
1ANDONLY1> yet still one
DORCASQ> And my mind thing had a bright white arrow going down the middle of
.Royce3> Many different traditions explain far more.
.Kolta> I want to hear Dorcasq
.Royce3> All right , Dorcasq, you have the floor.
DORCASQ> I'm finished.
BAUBLE48> DorQ..what feeling did you come away with after that experience?
.Royce3> Well, have you ever repeated the experience?
DORCASQ> I felt real good about it, as though something wonderful had
.Kolta> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> it had
DORCASQ> No, never had the experience again.
.Joasha> it had
.Royce3> What do you think brought on the experience?
DORCASQ> The white arrow was a bright liquidy light.
BAUBLE48> Were you just going to sleep or meditation, DorQ
DORCASQ> I was lying in bed but not asleep.
.Royce3> Did you feel any vibrations?
BAUBLE48> But you could see yourself from above
DORCASQ> Yes, Bauble
Royce3> That's a common feeling just before such occurences
DORCASQ> I was in a very bad emotional state.
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1ANDONLY1> your mind needed clarity
DORCASQ> No vibrations that time - but have felt them a different time.
.Royce3> What time of day?
DORCASQ> Yes, 1andonly, you are probably right.
DORCASQ> It was late at night, Royce
.Royce3> Have you wanted to experience this phenomena again?
DORCASQ> But don't know how to make it happen.
BAUBLE48> You weren't frightened at any time?
.Royce3> Have you ever considered following a series of mental exercises
designed to cause the experience to repeat?
.Joasha> so why don't you ask your spiritual council to assist you again
DORCASQ> No, not frightened at all.
.Royce3> There are quite a number of books that deal with the subject.
DORCASQ> I wish I could do that Joasha...
1ANDONLY1> you should try to aim for 10 mins a day to clear the mind
** ELODY just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.Kolta> Spend more time in meditation
.Joasha> only this time it does not have to be in prayers of pain, but of
desire and love
.Royce3> Hi Elody, welcome
DORCASQ> I am not familiar with a spiritual council.
.Padme> thank you
1ANDONLY1> and leave the "chattering monkey" behind
.Royce3> We are talking about the astral plane.
.Joasha> we all have one Sweetie
DORCASQ> I have tried
.Padme> ?
DORCASQ> I know, Jo, but I can't seem to make contact.
.Joasha> we have never been alone and we will never be alone
.Royce3> Out of Body experiences, Elody.
.Padme> got it
.Royce3> And we all have spiritual guides.
DORCASQ> I have felt their presence but never see anything....
1ANDONLY1> I prefer friends
.jefflove> how do you know Royce?
DORCASQ> I'm beginning to think I have to rely more on feelings than seeing.
.Joasha> even if you have to 'pretend' you should open up a daily
conversation with them and before long you will begin to experience the
.Royce3> Many hold that all of us have obe's every night, whether we remember
them or not.
.Royce3> That's a good idea, Joasha.
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
.Royce3> Welcome back, Isleanders.
.Joasha> it is the spirit's way of regeneration.
1ANDONLY1> the imagination is the key
.Royce3> Visualization
1ANDONLY1> yes
.Kolta> Imagination is the key. I agree 1andonly
BAUBLE48> Thought the mind was to be empty
.Joasha> it leaves the body at rest so that it can stretch and travel and
learn and resolve
.Joasha> and of course play
DORCASQ> Yes, of course, play
1ANDONLY1> empty of this world
.Padme> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> and open for the other world(s)
.Royce3> How many others here remember having obe's?
BAUBLE48> Never
.Kolta> Sometimes dreams can be out of body experiences
DORCASQ> I felt a lot of vibrations once like I was going to leave my body
but I got too scared.
BAUBLE48> Did you hear noise also DorQ
1ANDONLY1> must let go of fear
.Joasha> see what happens when you 'think' about it
.Royce3> We have a member of our Inter Quest group who regularly has obe's.
And he is making an effort to have them at will.
DORCASQ> Yes, Baub, I heard a loud whirring noise.
1ANDONLY1> dont think, just be
ISLEANDERS> no but know someone who had "near death OBE"
.Royce3> Tell us about that, Isleander.
.Joasha> .
.Royce3> Is anyone here actively studying the phenomena and trying to bring
on obe's?
1ANDONLY1> brief and to the point Jo
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
.Kolta> I had an obe
.Royce3> Hi Sat
.Royce3> Welcome
1ANDONLY1> hi sat
.Royce3> We are talking about out of body experiences.
DORCASQ> Pls tell us about it, Kolta.
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
.Joasha> thank's One
.Royce3> And we are also talking about the astral plane.
.Kolta> It was strange about how it occurred
.Royce3> Hmmmmmm, was he intimidated?
1ANDONLY1> continue
.Kolta> I went to a workshop on past life regression and found myself having
an obe
.Satellite8> hi
.Joasha> hey Sat
.Royce3> Well give us the details, Kolta.
.Kolta> I flew around the rain forests of this planet
.Satellite8> hi i can't stay
.Satellite8> wanted to say hi
.Satellite8> wish you all well
.Kolta> I also flew around the moon, even the dark side
.Royce3> We are glad you stopped in.
.Satellite8> ty
.Satellite8> bye.
.Royce3> Anyone for the prayer list
1ANDONLY1> bye
.Royce3> sat?
.Joasha> what was the dark side like Kolta?
BAUBLE48> Wow, that is quite interesting, Kolta
DORCASQ> Just that one experience, Kolta? How did it feel?
.Royce3> Yes, go on, Kolta.
.Joasha> did you see all of the space stations up there?
.Kolta> I had fun. I flew over other places on Earth also.
.Kolta> No space stations
.Satellite8> - signed off -
DORCASQ> What did you do to make it happen, anything in particular or did it
just happen?
BAUBLE48> Did you notice a cord connecting you to earth?
.Royce3> Yes, was there a silver cord?
.Kolta> I went into meditation at the guidance of the man who was leading the
.Kolta> but instead of having a past life regression, I had an obe
DORCASQ> Maybe you were a bird in your past life.
.Kolta> No silver cord
BAUBLE48> Funny.....
DORCASQ> A soaring eagle!
.Royce3> Had you ever had one you remembered before this incident, Kolta?
.Kolta> Birds do not fly to the moon
1ANDONLY1> neither can people
.Kolta> No, but I did have one afterwards
.Kolta> True, 1andon
BAUBLE48> Good 1AND!!!!
1ANDONLY1> was that your 1st time
.Royce3> Tell us about that, Kolta.
.Kolta> Yes
.Kolta> I was in a meditation group at a store in this area.
1ANDONLY1> we can travel anywhere with our minds
.Kolta> I saw my namesake, Kolta, who is an ET
.Kolta> He gave me his hand and I took it
.Royce3> Are you actively pursuing Obe experiences, Kolta?
.Kolta> We traveled through space and I saw stars and planets
DORCASQ> That sounds wonderful!
.Kolta> No, I am not Royce
1ANDONLY1> I cant say that I would call them obe's
.Kolta> Then, K finally took me to Christ
BAUBLE48> How long were you gone (in our time frame?)
.Kolta> About an hour
.Royce3> Maye you are thinking of "remote viewing", 1andonly1?
.Kolta> What would you call them iand
DORCASQ> Did you see Christ, Kolta?
BAUBLE48> Really K! Wow
1ANDONLY1> a good average
.Kolta> I saw Christ and even got a hug from him
DORCASQ> What did he look like?
1ANDONLY1> I have had many experiences like that but I do not call them obe's
.Joasha> HE has come into a room when I have been doing touch healing
.Kolta> What are they? I am not being critical. I just want to know what you
think they are?
.Royce3> Well, please tell us about them, 1 andonly 1
1ANDONLY1> then again I don't know what I would "label" them as
.Joasha> and others there see and feel him also
1ANDONLY1> it is a freeing of the mind
.Kolta> Jesus did have a robe on and short hair
.Joasha> it is more like altered states
.Kolta> That is a good term 1andonly
1ANDONLY1> breaking through the limitations of the physical barriers
1ANDONLY1> yes Jo
.Joasha> allowing many frequencies to occupy the same space
.Kolta> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> yes
1ANDONLY1> exactly
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.Royce3> The astral plane also encompasses the lower planes--the demonic
planes. Can anyone address that point?
1ANDONLY1> the trick is to choose a frequency and stay with it
.Joasha> obe has a totally different memory response associated with it.
Dorcasq's was obe
1ANDONLY1> yes Royce
.Royce3> We have a member of our Inner Quest group who is constantly troubled
by evil entities.
1ANDONLY1> again it is all to do with frequencies/vibrations
1ANDONLY1> he Fears
.Joasha> has this person ever approached any of these demons?
.Royce3> Forces of darkness can even take over a human--as most of us know.
1ANDONLY1> they will limit him
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> only if we allow it
.Kolta> It also depends on how well you protect yourself and where you are
coming from on the inside
.jefflove> please explain what you mean by frequencies/vibrations
ISLEANDERS> geez boot city tonite
1ANDONLY1> yes Kolta
.Royce3> Glad to have you back, Isleander.
.Kolta> That is very true 1andonly
1ANDONLY1> the physical body is of a denser nature than the spiritual
.Joasha> we can 'adjust' the energy fields around us to accommodate what it
is that we want to do, or where we want to go
.Royce3> Many people don't have a clue about how to protect themselves.
1ANDONLY1> many are unaware of their potential
DORCASQ> How do you adjust the energy fields, Joasha?
.Kolta> In one book I read, the author said we attract entities according to
the energies we give out
1ANDONLY1> yes
1ANDONLY1> that is how voodoo works
.Joasha> in the astral plane one must remember that 'presence' is very
important to determining what it is you will or won't accept
1ANDONLY1> right
.Royce3> The person to whom I'm referring says that entities first took
control of her when she held a dying person, her nephew, in her arms.
Although the moment of the young man's death was beautiful, our
.Royce3> friend feels that at that moment there was an opening in her
consciousness that allowed the entities in.
.Kolta> Good, Joasha
1ANDONLY1> if you enter the astral and expect to see demons, then you will
see them
.Joasha> to answer Dorcasq, it is really determined by what your job is, or
assignment, or purpose is in creating the altered state so that you can travel
1ANDONLY1> it is also a land of illusion
.Kolta> And if you give off negative energies, then you will get negative
DORCASQ> Thanks, Joasha
.Joasha> I don't agree One
1ANDONLY1> on what Jo?
.Joasha> it sounds to me that there needs to be some work done for and with
this person Royce
.Royce3> <grin> we have all opinions here.
.Joasha> when our aura gets 'pierced'
DORCASQ> Yes, a lot of work, I would agree.
.Joasha> new mortar sometimes needs to be applied
.Kolta> And all opinions are valid
DORCASQ> Our auras get pierced??
.Joasha> it is not because of something that we did or did not do
.Kolta> I agree, this person needs a lot of work
BAUBLE48> Can that have happened to her Joasha?
.Joasha> random rays of energy can do the damage
.Joasha> or sure.
DORCASQ> Where would the rays come from?
.Joasha> it could be done in a very short time'
.Royce3> Our friend has gone to many many healers, but nothing has helped.
1ANDONLY1> is she coping with the grief?
.Joasha> stepping in front a point of origin and a point of destiny as a
random act
.Royce3> She has been to some of the most advanced people that I know of.
.Joasha> obviously she has not met the right one yet
1ANDONLY1> in whos eyes
.Royce3> A zen monk offered to do an exorcism, but my friend has not agreed
to do it, Joasha.
DORCASQ> I don't understand...point of origin and destiny?
.Royce3> I am quite impressed with the monk in question.
.Joasha> a small child's embrace could be what is needed here.
** TCHINILDAR just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
ISLEANDERS> kc58thelegendliveson
.Kolta> Your friend needs to work with the healers if they are to help her
.Royce3> hello Tchinildar, welcome
1ANDONLY1> hi there
.Royce3> We are talking about obe's, the astral plane and entities found
there--among other things.
1ANDONLY1> how long ago was the incident?
.Joasha> she was with a child when this happened and she may need to be with
a child to bring the closure
BAUBLE48> Maybe this person wants to be where they are-Royce
DORCASQ> That makes a lot of sense, Joasha.
1ANDONLY1> her nephew
.Royce3> This nephew was an adult.
.Joasha> and then there is that point also. when she is ready to heal then
the healing will occur
.Royce3> A concert pianist.
1ANDONLY1> still blood
BAUBLE48> Joasha I think you are correct
.Joasha> I don't care if he was an old man. he was of a child nature to her
DORCASQ> Right, Jo.
.Royce3> As to the larger question--does she want to be around the entities,
that is a very complicated one.
TCHINILDAR> - signed off -
.Joasha> see, I think if you keep talking you will reveal that she is not
ready to let go of her experiences with them
1ANDONLY1> so how do we make it simple?
.Joasha> what, astral traveling One?
.Joasha> it really is one of the most simple techniques
.Royce3> 1 andonly 1, we have been associated with this person for almost two
years; things don't seem to improve.
1ANDONLY1> no, Royce's larger question
.Royce3> I think on some levels that she may want the entities close.
.Joasha> so do I
1ANDONLY1> what was her religious upbringing?
DORCASQ> It sounds like she doesn't want to get rid of them.
.Kolta> The negative entities?
.Royce3> She did do some automatic writing and got some very important
information about a lot of different subjects--or so she claims.
BAUBLE48> That's what I think too DorQ
1ANDONLY1> it is a connection to her nephew
DORCASQ> I think she does need a big hug!
1ANDONLY1> so she dont want to let go of it
.Royce3> She comes from the Presbyterian church--I think. Anyway a Protestant
group. She is very upper middle class.
1ANDONLY1> what is her name for my Healing list
1ANDONLY1> 1st name
.Royce3> Just limit it to "G"
.Joasha> that is a very good thought One
.Royce3> Thanks.
.Kolta> Maybe she should be on our prayer list also
1ANDONLY1> the more people the better
BAUBLE48> Probably so
DORCASQ> I think we have had her on our list, haven't we?
.Joasha> if you would like to have some very simple 'old indian' directions
on easy astral travel, will share it with you
1ANDONLY1> has she seen anyone besides healers
DORCASQ> Yes, Joasha!
1ANDONLY1> please do Jo
BAUBLE48> Go ahead Joasha
.Royce3> I would remind everyone that the astral plane also contains thought
forms projected from either incarnate or discarnate persons. There are more
than just demons on this level.
1ANDONLY1> absolutely
.Royce3> Go ahead Joasha.
1ANDONLY1> thought forms
.Joasha> a simple cornmeal circle drawn on the floor, big enough for you to
lie down in
.Joasha> with the four directions clearly
.Kolta> - signed off -
.Joasha> marked on the circle so that you know where you are in relationship
to the directions
.Joasha> so that you wont get lost going and coming
.Joasha> using the circle as a gateway
.Joasha> and also as an anchor
.Joasha> you can simply state where you want to go
.Joasha> and who you want to have as a companion or guide
.Joasha> and making sure that you have time and space in a place
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.Joasha> of understanding for yourself
.Joasha> then you can do all of the astral traveling that you want.
.Joasha> and if you should meet restless or possessed
.Kolta> Oh, I missed it :-(
1ANDONLY1> - signed off -
ISLEANDERS> royce what time tomorrow for ufo chat i could get near death
person OBE here to talk about it if ya want
.Joasha> along the way, you do not have to bring them back with
.Joasha> you, your power is as absolute there
.Joasha> as it is here, if you will only exercise it
** 1ANDONLY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
DORCASQ> That sounds great, Jo.
.Kolta> Isleander has a good question. She never got in to tell it
1ANDONLY1> sorry folks, I crashed
.Royce3> The chat always starts at 6:00est
DORCASQ> I'm still trying to figure out how to draw a cornmeal circle, though.
ISLEANDERS> ill see if shell talk about it tomorrow
1ANDONLY1> what chat?
.Royce3> Good summary, Joasha.
.Royce3> I hope everyone will take notes on what Joasha told us.
DORCASQ> Real cornmeal, just pour it in a circle?
1ANDONLY1> but surely you can do that as an act of will, without the artifacts
.Royce3> I want to remind everyone that we have chats on Tues. and Wedesday.
Isleander informs me that we might have a guest to talk about psychic
experiences tomorrow.
.Joasha> get a box of cornmeal and draw a big circle on the floor
.Kolta> I missed it to take the notes
DORCASQ> You can read it in the log, Kolta.
ISLEANDERS> gotta go ill see my friend and invite her to share
.Royce3> Kolta, you will get a log.
BAUBLE48> Some people do much better with ritual landonly1
.Kolta> Thanks, Royce
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ISLEANDERS> good nite aliens!????
.Joasha> that is ceremony, not ritual
.Royce3> I want to remind everyone that our logs of these chats also are
posted on the web site.
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
.Satellite8> Is there still some chat time left?
1ANDONLY1> as long as the ritual does not take over the goal
.Royce3> yes
.Kolta> Yes, Sat.
.Satellite8> or did i miss the whole thing
.Royce3> We have time tonight yet.
.Satellite8> i had to run to the grocery store!
.Satellite8> i am stressed
1ANDONLY1> join the club
.Royce3> We would be remiss not to mention that the astral plane is the
source of poltergeist.
.Kolta> lol
.Satellite8> death to teenagers.
.Satellite8> i want to revolt!
.Kolta> Poltergeist comes from the energies of young people
.Satellite8> no one can have 4 teenagers and even THINK about becoming
1ANDONLY1> a friend lost her teenage son last may Sat, please dont wish that
on our youth
.Joasha> good night all. will not be here tomorrow night, have a class to
teach. Kolta, will call you in a few
.Satellite8> i am sorry. its just stress-out-mom talk
1ANDONLY1> night J
.Kolta> I will wait for you Joasha
DORCASQ> Thanks for the info, Joasha!
.Joasha> - signed off -
.Royce3> There are differing opinions about how the poltergeist activity
starts, but the astral plane is the conduit for wherever the energy comes
1ANDONLY1> it is a switchboard
BAUBLE48> Think Sat could use some energy about now
.Satellite8> please.
1ANDONLY1> downloading now
.Satellite8> as we speak they are fighting over the tv remote
.Kolta> Let us all send some of our energies to Sat
.jefflove> - signed off -
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.Royce3> Sat would you like to be on our pray list?
DORCASQ> Here is some, Sat!
.jefflove> - signed off -
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.jefflove> - signed off -
** .jefflove just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Satellite8> thank you
.Royce3> Jeff is here and there.
.Kolta> Where is the duct tape for Jeff?
DORCASQ> Here goes Jeff.
1ANDONLY1> your like a ferret Jeff
.Satellite8> in my underwear drawer
.Satellite8> the ONLY safe place!
.Royce3> It's jeff's version of an obe.
DORCASQ> hahahah, royce
1ANDONLY1> lol
.Satellite8> i had 3 rolls of duct tape abducted and abused horribly
.Satellite8> by teenagers.
.jefflove> its an out of chat experience
.Kolta> Jeff is practicing what we just talked about
.Satellite8> one roll was trampled and thrown into the washer
.Royce3> Yes, Kolta.
DORCASQ> He is pouring cornmeal on his keyboard.
.jefflove> lol
.Satellite8> oh try pepsi
1ANDONLY1> roflmao
.Royce3> Anyway, to continue????
.Satellite8> if you laff it off, don't expect ME to find it!@!
1ANDONLY1> proceed
.Royce3> According to sages, the astral plane is where we go when we die.
DORCASQ> I'm laughing too hard now to try to be serious.
1ANDONLY1> Jefflove has entered the room
BAUBLE48> Me too A chat room full of comedians And good ones at that!
.Satellite8> Dorcas, I have a dress for you
.Satellite8> lol
1ANDONLY1> Jefflove has left the room
.Satellite8> i heard you were dressless
DORCASQ> A dress? geee, thanks, Sat.
.Satellite8> yeah!
.Satellite8> my Hungarian curse dress!
DORCASQ> I hate dresses!
.Kolta> Jeff was abducted
.Royce3> Sat, Dorcasq is a steelworker.
.Satellite8> this dress is special
.Satellite8> wow
DORCASQ> I might like that one, Sat.
.Satellite8> yeah.
.Satellite8> make me a steel door for my bedroom!
DORCASQ> Yea, steel working.
.Satellite8> to keep THEM out
1ANDONLY1> what, giant ants
.jefflove> i have returned
.Kolta> To keep who out? Sat
.Satellite8> the inbred spawn=...
.Satellite8> i mean my loving children
.Satellite8> i can't hide from them!
.Royce3> Sat, you can't blame the inbreeding on the kids.
.Satellite8> they pick my lock!
1ANDONLY1> I'll say bye Jeff before you go again
.Satellite8> oh?
.Satellite8> then WHO do i blame???
.Royce3> Geeeeeee, Sat.
.jefflove> thank you
BAUBLE48> I have to leave now This has been fun. See you tomorrow nite at
6PM Bye
.Satellite8> my breeding is perfectly fine
.jefflove> make me disappear from the chat
DORCASQ> Bye Bauble!
.Kolta> Bye Bauble
.Satellite8> bye bauble
.Royce3> I'm sure it is, Sat.
BAUBLE48> - signed off -
.Satellite8> i was brainwashed
1ANDONLY1> well youve bred 4 times!
.jefflove> you have teeanagers
.Satellite8> 3
.Satellite8> i had twins
DORCASQ> Were you a really good girl as a teenager, Sat?
1ANDONLY1> thought you said 4 sorry
.Satellite8> yes.
.Satellite8> too good for my own good
.Satellite8> i had to be good
.Satellite8> my father was abusive
.Satellite8> i have 4 teenagers 2 are twins
.Royce3> We are getting late in the chat, so I want to remind you all that we
will continue this madness again tomorrow at 6:00. We may even have a special
.jefflove> you need more teenagers
.Satellite8> .tell me God doesn't have a weird sense of humor
DORCASQ> could send the kids to their grandfather's,,haha
1ANDONLY1> nope
.Satellite8> ha
.Satellite8> they only visit once every 6 years or so
.Satellite8> when they happen to be in the area for some other reason
.Kolta> Jeff, be nice to Sat. Do not wish her any more teenagers
.Kolta> - signed off -
.Satellite8> yeah jeff
1ANDONLY1> sounds like teenagers to me
.Satellite8> why you wanna hurt me like that???
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.jefflove> you should have your teenagers invite over their friends
DORCASQ> Kolta...were you astral traveling now too?
.Satellite8> i do
.Kolta> According to Royce's definition, yes
.Royce3> Hey, Sat, Jeff could quiet down the kids.
1ANDONLY1> is cyber space part of the astral?
DORCASQ> Yes, cyber space must be.
.Satellite8> ok jeff i challenge you
.Royce3> Yes, and we are space cadets.
.jefflove> you could arrange an OBE for your teenagers
.Royce3> Then cut the cord
DORCASQ> Well, I'm off to buy some cornmeal, guys. Thanks, it was a great
.jefflove> lol
.Satellite8> i can give you some
.Satellite8> i have a ton
1ANDONLY1> bye
.Royce3> Bye Dorcasq
.Satellite8> yellow or white?
.Satellite8> and a dress to go with it!
DORCASQ> Cornmeal and a dress, you are generous, Sat.
.Satellite8> yeah well
DORCASQ> Thanks, Bye all
1ANDONLY1> make sure to sweep it up after
.Royce3> I'd like some cornbread
.Satellite8> don't say i didn't offer you anything!