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States Of Consciousness (2)

(Logging at 20-DEC-2000 18:01)
.Royce3> Hi dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Hi Royce.
.Royce3> Cold night. Brrrrrrr!
.Royce3> Nasty
DORCASQ> Yesssss
DORCASQ> Where is all that global warming?
.Royce3> Europe. It is probably the warmest winter on record.
.Royce3> Absolutely, amazing in Europe.
DORCASQ> Why can't we have some?
.Royce3> The fruit trees are blooming.
.Royce3> We will probably be the first to have a SUPER STORM!
DORCASQ> That has happened here in the winter in the past.
.Royce3> The weather is going wild.
.Royce3> Patterns are broken and broken again.
DORCASQ> I remember having a picnic outdoors on New Years Day some years ago.
DORCASQ> Whoever said the weather has to conform to what we think it should
.Royce3> Well, I don't doubt that the weather is changing in radical ways.
DORCASQ> So are we all!!!
.Royce3> But a cold winter in this hemisphere will give George Bush a good
excuse to sit on his hands when it comes to environmental issues.
DORCASQ> Sit on his hands to keep them warm?
.Royce3> HEY YEAH!
.Royce3> You got it.
DORCASQ> Thanks for making my printer stop!
.Royce3> So where is Seek?
DORCASQ> Everyone out doing their crazed holiday things??
.Royce3> Oh, no problem in regard to the printer. I'm pleased to have been
able to help. As for the participants, I think it is the holiday season.
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.jefflove> hello
.Royce3> Hello, Jeff. I was beginning to think you weren't coming.
DORCASQ> Speaking of "crazed holiday things", HI Jeff and Bauble!
.Royce3> How do you like this weather Jeff? Have you been out in it today?
.Bauble> Hey Hey Hey!!!!
.jefflove> yes frigid cold
.Bauble> Watch your mouth Dorcass...
.Royce3> Kolta's furnace is on the fritz!
DORCASQ> Hey is for horses, Barble
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.Royce3> Hello, Seek. Welcome.
.jefflove> that is terrible
SEEKINGTHETR> good evening all
DORCASQ> Dorcass...hmmm, I love it, Barfle
.Bauble> Hi Seek, Jeff and Dorcass
.Bauble> I do too
.Bauble> fits somehow
SEEKINGTHETR> what's that?
.Bauble> lol
DORCASQ> You have already made everyone call me by a different "real' name,
.Bauble> you're funny tonight dorc!
.Royce3> Seek, I want to thank you again for your informative talk. I would
like to focus on what you mean by saying that you could demonstrate certain
things in person. Can you be a bit more specific?
DORCASQ> Baub and I are just funnin each other, as usual, Seek.
.Bauble> And I have a question also for Seek
SEEKINGTHETR> I'll do a run through of what I do in workshops
.Bauble> ok
.Royce3> Very good.
.Bauble> hahaha
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.1Caverat> PUSH
.Royce3> Hi Cave, welcome.
.1Caverat> hi all
.Bauble> Bout time, Cave!
DORCASQ> Hey, Cave is on time.
.1Caverat> sorry i'm late
.Royce3> Seek is going to do a run through of what he does at his workshops,
.Royce3> Glad you could make it, Cave.
.Bauble> No tardiness allowed when one is on vacation...
.jefflove> wonderful
.Bauble> lol
SEEKINGTHETR> I normally read the group and try not to confront their belief
system too much
.1Caverat> OK. I'll listen while he explains
SEEKINGTHETR> especially if they are fundamental Christians
.Bauble> I'm listening too
.Royce3> A good move, Seek.
DORCASQ> I'm reading
SEEKINGTHETR> I start off explaining that thoughts are real physical tangible
.Bauble> Proper Dorc...
.Bauble> I believe that
.Royce3> Yes, I concur.
SEEKINGTHETR> I like to pick a doubter or someone very logical to do this
DORCASQ> Pick Caverat, Seek!!!!!!
.Bauble> I'm neither so don't pick me
.1Caverat> I accept
SEEKINGTHETR> reason is, their thoughts are more solid and better defined
.Royce3> Cave, step to the front of the room please.
.Royce3> And stop chewing your gum Cave.
.Bauble> stomp stomp stomp
.1Caverat> ptoohy
.Royce3> Wrap it in paper, Cave.
.Bauble> good Cave!
.Royce3> Darn, kids today.
SEEKINGTHETR> I then stand about 30 feet away and ask that person to imagine
a door or a tree if outside..somewhere between us
.1Caverat> too late
SEEKINGTHETR> I do not look at that person, and I tell them to let me know
when they have it visualized
.Bauble> Oh, I remember you talking about that before, Seek
SEEKINGTHETR> I ask them to look away or leave the area, but not to look back
at the object
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.Royce3> Welcome, ladyraven. Seek is just starting a report on how he
conducts his workshops.
SEEKINGTHETR> I then walk toward where they were and show them exactly where
they imagined the object
SEEKINGTHETR> point...your thoughts are real
.LadyRavenHair> greetings all
DORCASQ> Do you actually see the imagined object, Seek?
.Bauble> Hi Lady
SEEKINGTHETR> second...I have them close their eyes and imagine the object
.Royce3> I hope you are taking notes, Cave.
.1Caverat> SEEK, how many people visualize the object half way between the
two of you?
.LadyRavenHair> but has the object come into reality in this dimension?
.1Caverat> exactly half way.
SEEKINGTHETR> I then push the object, most of the time the person goes in
what ever direction I push the imagined object
SEEKINGTHETR> They visualize it all over the place
.1Caverat> OK. just wondered.
SEEKINGTHETR> I usually have to ask them not to jam it in front of me or
SEEKINGTHETR> within 3 feet of self
DORCASQ> Does anyone ever get hurt by it?
SEEKINGTHETR> my point of their moving when I push the object is that they
are attached to their thoughts
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SEEKINGTHETR> not hurt, scared some...knocked several off their feet
.Royce3> Welcome, Steve. Seek is reviewing the way he runs his workshops.
.1Caverat> Are they aware that you are moving the object?
SEEKINGTHETR> no...they have no idea what I'm doing
.1Caverat> OK
SEEKINGTHETR> point...since you are attached to your thoughts, forgiveness is
VERY important as you are attached to those you hate
.1Caverat> Have you tried it with the subject behind a solid wall?
.1Caverat> Out of sight.
DORCASQ> That makes sense, Seek.
.LadyRavenHair> wait...these are imagined objects, correct?
DORCASQ> Being attached to the person you hate.
SEEKINGTHETR> not everyone moves...some imagine spacially...instead of moving
they cannot imagine the object once I push it away
.Royce3> Yes, Lady
.LadyRavenHair> ok, ty
SEEKINGTHETR> If I miss a question, forgive me as I'm a very slow typist
.Royce3> You are doing fine, Seek.
.Royce3> Cave: Questions?
.LadyRavenHair> quite alright...someone else answers
.LadyRavenHair> :)
SEEKINGTHETR> this is the basis for the the mind works with
.Royce3> Cave asked if you have tried this technique when a person is behind
a wall?
.1Caverat> I did not get a response to the wall question or I missed it
DORCASQ> You said you can show a person their energy field with all their
thoughts stored in it, Seek, how do you "show" them that?
.Royce3> Yes, can you answer the wall question?
.LadyRavenHair> sorry...I have been half paying attention to screen..waiting
for visitors to leave..
SEEKINGTHETR> not this technique, but I've done it where they were in the
room, imagined the object, then left the room, and I came in and found it
.Royce3> A boot in the pants will get them moving, Lady!
.1Caverat> OK
.LadyRavenHair> lol...
DORCASQ> Did you see my question, above, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> the next thing I do is teach them the frequency differences of
their thoughts
SEEKINGTHETR> yes Dorcas...that is coming...can't start with that
.Bauble> What does being attached to hate do to the attached person?
DORCASQ> ok...sigh...I will try to be patient. Thanks
SEEKINGTHETR> that is coming, but groundwork must be laid first
.Bauble> ok
SEEKINGTHETR> I am trying to teach, not to have them see it as a miracle
.1Caverat> A frequency by definition is something which can be measured.
What is measured?
SEEKINGTHETR> anyone can do this
SEEKINGTHETR> cave...I feel it with my hands or my whole body
.1Caverat> How does it feel?
SEEKINGTHETR> I feel differences in each person
.1Caverat> Do you percieve heat? cold? What?
SEEKINGTHETR> sometimes it is like holding your hand in front of a speaker
SEEKINGTHETR> yes to heat and cold
SEEKINGTHETR> but not normally
SEEKINGTHETR> If I feel heat it is usually a person who I have to be careful
.Bauble> interesting
SEEKINGTHETR> they usually have a high sexual energy
.1Caverat> Your reference to the speaker would indicate a frequency somewhere
below 1 khz
.LadyRavenHair> I am sorry, I came in late...but can anyone tell me exactly
what Seek teaches others to do...I mean no offense
SEEKINGTHETR> I feel many ranges
.Royce3> How do very negative and skeptical people affect the results of
your demonstration, Seek?
.1Caverat> What would you say is the highest range?
SEEKINGTHETR> one thing I do usually next is to teach the power of prayer
SEEKINGTHETR> no idea cave
.Royce3> Lady, I think we can say that he teaches esoteric traditions.
.1Caverat> OK
.LadyRavenHair> ok
.LadyRavenHair> manifest
.Bauble> He feels peoples energy fields and I think he can tell where the
problems are, Lady
SEEKINGTHETR> negative people usually buy in with the first part
.LadyRavenHair> ok
.LadyRavenHair> ty
SEEKINGTHETR> when they see the imagined object part
.Bauble> huh??
SEEKINGTHETR> if they do not...that is fine, I am not there to impose
.Bauble> buy into what
.Royce3> Bauble would like you to expand upon that, Seek.
.1Caverat> Are you saying a negative person is easier to convince?
SEEKINGTHETR> when they see the first demonstration, the doubt usually leaves
.Bauble> ty
DORCASQ> Good interpretation of Baub's "huh"? Royce
.Royce3> So negative people can't really ruin the demonstration, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> if they doubt too much, they usually have fear and I do not
want to use them in front of a group
.Royce3> ty, Dorcasq
SEEKINGTHETR> they are easier to move when they are negative and it upsets
SEEKINGTHETR> I like to work with them alone
SEEKINGTHETR> for privacy sake
.1Caverat> Then would you say the movement demonstration would be less likely
to succeed with a positive person?
SEEKINGTHETR> usually the next thing I teach is the power of prayer
SEEKINGTHETR> if positive is inner peace then yes, if it is fake, then no
difference to the fearful one
.1Caverat> OK
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SEEKINGTHETR> I explain to them that if I wave my finger in a hostile manner
in their face, how do they feel when
.1Caverat> I assume inner peace refers to a positive emotional state
.Bauble> Is your definition of prayer different than for meditation, Seek?
.Umbriel> hey, everyone. how are we this evening?
SEEKINGTHETR> cave...inner peace is more lack of emotion than a positive or
DORCASQ> Hi Umbriel
.Bauble> Hi Umbriel
SEEKINGTHETR> Good question Bauble
.Royce3> Hi Ufo. We are listening to a workshop description--the workshop
that Seek gives.
.1Caverat> OK
SEEKINGTHETR> Prayer is looking to a higher power
SEEKINGTHETR> I leave the details to the person
.Umbriel> sure, can't say long, but i'll cerainly listen
.Bauble> I thought prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God
SEEKINGTHETR> I do look at their energy field and see if they are making a
connection or not
SEEKINGTHETR> if they do not, I connect them
.Royce3> Ufo, if you give me an email address, I will send you a log of what
you have missed.
SEEKINGTHETR> by saying a prayer on their behalf
.Umbriel> sure
SEEKINGTHETR> you can actually see a light over their head when they are
.Royce3> That goes for lady, too. I will gladly send her a log.
.Royce3> Very good, UFO.
SEEKINGTHETR> after the 5 second prayer, I ask them to open their eyes
SEEKINGTHETR> I repeat the finger waving
.1Caverat> Prayer is any comunication with God. Meditation is taking any and
all facts, or other thoughts on a particular problem and using them to arrive
at a conclusion. This includes prayer, at least in my
.1Caverat> opinion.
SEEKINGTHETR> and ask What is the difference?
SEEKINGTHETR> meditation is like saying I"M calling some one on the phone,
prayer is the type of thoughts you project
SEEKINGTHETR> anyway...they usually say the emotion is gone the second time
.Bauble> ty seek and cave
SEEKINGTHETR> then I explain how this can be used as a tool in personal
problem resolution with others
SEEKINGTHETR> it takes the emotion away so they can work through the problem
SEEKINGTHETR> this is a little hard to demonstrate with very logical people
who have abandoned their emotions
.1Caverat> .
.Bauble> .
.LadyRavenHair> ...
.Royce3> Irritate him and he will show emotion! lol
SEEKINGTHETR> I demonstrate this by asking them...usually do you
know that your wife, girlfriend loves you
SEEKINGTHETR> they describe the persons actions to me
SEEKINGTHETR> an emotional person will say I feel it
SEEKINGTHETR> not right or wrong, just two different ways we process thoughts
in the consciousness
DORCASQ> Yes, that is interesting.
SEEKINGTHETR> Now, I usually explain the two counter rotating energy fields
SEEKINGTHETR> the logical and emotional
SEEKINGTHETR> I have a person stand about 15 feet away from me and close
their eyes
SEEKINGTHETR> the reason I have them close their eyes is so the mind does not
SEEKINGTHETR> I want to bypass the mind and go directly to the
.1Caverat> The mind does not work when the eyes are closed??
.LadyRavenHair> ..
.Umbriel> heh
SEEKINGTHETR> I merely make a gesture with my hand and watch their movement
.Umbriel> please rephrase that seek
SEEKINGTHETR> I say nothing, I do not touch them, nor is their taste or smell
SEEKINGTHETR> when they close their eyes they have no sensory input
.Umbriel> i know what you mean.
.1Caverat> But thought processes continue do they not?
SEEKINGTHETR> any response is not then from the mind responding to what I am
SEEKINGTHETR> they do not think and interfere with their response
.Bauble> makes sense
DORCASQ> I think better with my eyes closed.
SEEKINGTHETR> a prime example is if I wave my finger in a certain type of
persons face with eyes open...they move backward
.1Caverat> One can choose to raise or lower their arm for example without
sensory input
SEEKINGTHETR> if their eyes are closed, they move forward
SEEKINGTHETR> this tells me that they are attracted toward abusive
SEEKINGTHETR> even though their mind says...stay away from them
SEEKINGTHETR> back to the person 15 feet away with eyes closed
.LadyRavenHair> ..
SEEKINGTHETR> I watch their movement and tell them how their parents got
along when they were born to age 4 or 5
DORCASQ> You don't get all these annoying interruptions during your
demonstrations, do you Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> if they got divorced
SEEKINGTHETR> no problem
DORCASQ> You are such a good sport!
SEEKINGTHETR> I talk much better than I type
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1ANDONLY1> Hi Room
.Umbriel> hell andonly
.1Caverat> I still cannot see how one can shut down all thought process even
if sensory input is deprived.
DORCASQ> Hi 1andonly1
.Umbriel> i mean hello
.Royce3> Hello 1andonly. Seek is discussing how he runs a workshop.
SEEKINGTHETR> what I am doing that causes them to move is stimulating the
emotional component of their thoughts
.Bauble> landonlyl, you've missed a good report so far. But glad you're here
1ANDONLY1> Thought I,d pop in and wish everyone seasons greetings for next
SEEKINGTHETR> if you were to crosscut the human energy field it looks like
the growth rings on a tree
.Royce3> Thank you very much 1andonly1.
.LadyRavenHair> ty, and to u too
DORCASQ> Seasons Greetings to you 1andonly1, and everyone!
SEEKINGTHETR> except that it starts at 15 feet and closes in on the person
.Bauble> HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU TOO landlonlyl!!!
SEEKINGTHETR> not growth, but death
1ANDONLY1> ty all
.Bauble> That makes sense, Seek
.LadyRavenHair> ..
.Royce3> Yes, very good, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> as I move toward them, I'm coming more current on their time
DORCASQ> Does this help change the way people think, Seek?
.Bauble> You've lost me there, Seek??
SEEKINGTHETR> If they move to my right, they internalized their emotions
relating to the event
.Bauble> About growth--death
.1Caverat> I'm still lost on shutting down the thought processes
.Umbriel> i must get going.. i'll be back another day
.Umbriel> bye everyone
.1Caverat> bye
.Royce3> bye ufo
.Bauble> Merry Christmas UFO
.LadyRavenHair> bye
1ANDONLY1> bye Umb
.Royce3> Please continue seek.
.Umbriel> thanks for the info SEEK. thank youm all.
.Umbriel> - signed off -
SEEKINGTHETR> I'm saying that unlike a tree which grows outward, the human
energy field gets smaller as walls are built until one dies
.Bauble> Thank you
SEEKINGTHETR> healing is by removing the walls
1ANDONLY1> hhhmmmm, I look forward to reading this log!
DORCASQ> Ok I understand that
SEEKINGTHETR> remember a wise man who said..."In order to know my father, you
must be like a child."
.Bauble> Do you have to do these things a few times to really heal a persons
energy field??
SEEKINGTHETR> this is what he meant
SEEKINGTHETR> I try not to heal, but to help them to learn and heal themselves
.Bauble> Like going back to one's original self
.Royce3> That is an important nuance Seek--helping them heal themselves.
.Bauble> Very good, Seek
SEEKINGTHETR> I can if necessary, but then they think I did it and don't learn
SEEKINGTHETR> remember, even death is a learning experience
.Bauble> yes
SEEKINGTHETR> who am I to take away a persons experiences that they planned
for their soul to learn
SEEKINGTHETR> that is why I try to set myself aside when doing this
SEEKINGTHETR> because I do not want to play God
DORCASQ> By healing them, are you taking away their experience of suffering?
SEEKINGTHETR> If something does not work, that is fine too, even if I'm in
front of a large group
.Royce3> Seek, during your workshops, have you ever felt someone consciously
trying to stop you from working effectively?
.LadyRavenHair> .
SEEKINGTHETR> lol, a lot of time I catch them praying while I'm doing the
SEEKINGTHETR> I laugh and tell them what they are doing
STEVE6101> what do you call your workshops?
.Royce3> Very interesting.
SEEKINGTHETR> and say, that is exactly what I'm trying to teach
SEEKINGTHETR> if a person goes to my left, they externalized the
emotion...usually anger
SEEKINGTHETR> if backward..the ran from the situation
.Royce3> Some people have gone on at length discussing the possibility that
negative energy can disrupt demonstrations of this sort. But you seem to feel
that that isn't the case.
SEEKINGTHETR> if forward..they were attracted to what I'm projecting
SEEKINGTHETR> negative energy stops healing
.1Caverat> Seek, Teaching them is fine, but one does not need to go to
medical school to be healed by a physician.
.Royce3> ok
SEEKINGTHETR> but I'm teaching why a person needs to rid the negative
DORCASQ> Good point, Cave
.LadyRavenHair> where are your workshops held?
SEEKINGTHETR> what I do is what original physicians did
SEEKINGTHETR> look at the medical emblem
.1Caverat> The comment has to do with teaching rather than outright healing.
I would imply both would benefit the subject
SEEKINGTHETR> the serpents are the two energy fields
.Royce3> Kundalini engergy
SEEKINGTHETR> the crossing points are the chakras
DORCASQ> If a person is healed by someone else they will just find another
.LadyRavenHair> SEEK, where do you hold your workshops, or should I hold
SEEKINGTHETR> exactly dorcas
SEEKINGTHETR> that is why the testing is so impt
1ANDONLY1> I sometimes see the energy more as flow and return
.Royce3> Eastern US, I think, Lady.
.1Caverat> Heal them AND teach them how to maintain their health
SEEKINGTHETR> it tells them the original cause of the problem
.LadyRavenHair> ty Royce
.Royce3> Seek is from the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.
.LadyRavenHair> ok, ty
.Royce3> Pennsylvania--I spelled it wrong the first time, Lady.
.Bauble> What tells them the original cause??
1ANDONLY1> I thought Seek was from Australia!
.LadyRavenHair> spelling doesn't count here :)
SEEKINGTHETR> In women who get in to abusive relationships...I can help them
remember the original event that caused them to adopt the unhealthy thought
SEEKINGTHETR> and heal them so they no longer need to be abused
.Royce3> 1and, you should visit more often. Then you would know! :-)
DORCASQ> You are speaking more of mental/emotional healing than physical,
right, Seek?
1ANDONLY1> yes Royce
.Royce3> .
SEEKINGTHETR> our subconscious causes us to be attracted toward personalities
which are similar to those whom we have unresolved conflict with
.Royce3> Yes, that is a proven fact, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> this is to cleanse self
SEEKINGTHETR> this is why people respond to my testing
SEEKINGTHETR> the problem is the way the human energy field stores thoughts
STEVE6101> If you where to have workshops for people that weren't ill would
it help them prevent from becoming ill?
SEEKINGTHETR> in children, logical skills are not developed
.Bauble> good question Steve
SEEKINGTHETR> Steve...I teach exactly what the Bible and other religions do
.Royce3> How did you work out this testing, Seek. Did you develop all of the
tests on your own, or did you develop the techniques with the assistance of
DORCASQ> I think everyone is just considered to be ill, Steve.
.LadyRavenHair> ?
1ANDONLY1> lol
SEEKINGTHETR> developed by working with people in sessions
SEEKINGTHETR> think about what Buddha and Jesus taught...this is what I'm
SEEKINGTHETR> anyway..children store thoughts in more emotional fields
.LadyRavenHair> and you teach the same, I see...
SEEKINGTHETR> emotional memories are retrieved by bridging to them with
similar emotions
STEVE6101> is it in these emotional fields where the most damage is done
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of random access
.1Caverat> not quite the same
.Royce3> Bauble would like you to be more specific about what Buddha and
Jesus taught. In the eyes of some, the teachings of these two sages differs.
SEEKINGTHETR> thus it is very easy for a child to block out a bad experience
from memory
SEEKINGTHETR> but the belief patterns formed by it are still there
.1Caverat> Both teach how to relate to humanity, Jesus teaches eternal
salvation, Buddah does not
SEEKINGTHETR> when that person goes to get a similar emotion in current
life..a panic attack starts
SEEKINGTHETR> please, let's not debate Buddha and Jesus...if you need the
answers there read Thich Nhat Hahn
DORCASQ> Very true, seek
.1Caverat> you brought it up, seek. OK
SEEKINGTHETR> panic attack or anxiety as they do not want to get on the
emotional bridge
.Royce3> In the Buddhist religion/philosophy those who reach enlightenment
gain a form of salvation.
.LadyRavenHair> ..
DORCASQ> So a person needs to bring these buried emotions into the light.
SEEKINGTHETR> both teach the same thing...Christians misinterpret Jesus
SEEKINGTHETR> yes dorcas
.1Caverat> Royce, apparently that is off topic so I will debate that another
SEEKINGTHETR> thanks cave
SEEKINGTHETR> it's a very good topic though
DORCASQ> We could have that as a topic next time??
.Bauble> Yes a very good topic for another discussion night
.Royce3> Patience, Dorcasq! :-)
SEEKINGTHETR> anyway, I stimulate the childhood memory and reverse bridge it
back into the persons mind
.1Caverat> I hope I am still off w%^k and I'll be here
.Bauble> THAT is not her middle name!!!!
SEEKINGTHETR> they can be 70 yrs old and remember a blocked event
.Royce3> Ahhhh, Cave, I've heard you will be fired. You can then make all of
the chats! lol
.LadyRavenHair> lol
.1Caverat> I should be so lucky!
.Royce3> No desert for Dorcasq. Behave Dorcasq.
SEEKINGTHETR> anyway....the height of my hand tells me the type of issue
SEEKINGTHETR> the distance tells me the age
.Bauble> Do you mean Seek, that they remember something they don't ever
remember thinking about before??
STEVE6101> you could be my child Dorc
DORCASQ> I would love that, Steve...always wanted a horse!
.LadyRavenHair> lol
SEEKINGTHETR> usually they lose it emotionally immediately
STEVE6101> only if you are a good girl
DORCASQ> Steve owns horses.
SEEKINGTHETR> then I usually strip the emotion from the thought for them
SEEKINGTHETR> and let them talk to me about it logically
.Bauble> Thought you wanted them to learn to do these things on their own.
Not for you to do it for them??
SEEKINGTHETR> all of a sudden lifetime behavior patterns are obvious
.Bauble> Oh, you speak one on one to them??
SEEKINGTHETR> at that point they are a ticking time bomb...since I stimulated
the emotion, I better take it down to a manageable level
.Bauble> yes, good idea
SEEKINGTHETR> these are things that I use in therapy sessions
DORCASQ> This is very much like psychotherapy, Seek...hope you have proper
SEEKINGTHETR> In demonstrations I bounce over them quickly as to not bring
them up
SEEKINGTHETR> I did a workshop for Md's and found that they could not handle
their own issues as they came up
SEEKINGTHETR> same with therapists
SEEKINGTHETR> You can do in one session what takes a year of psychotherapy
.Bauble> These things would be tough for one to deal with
DORCASQ> Seek...a lot of your clients may go home and commit suicide!! lol
SEEKINGTHETR> they are feeling great as they understand WHY for the first time
SEEKINGTHETR> they have hope
DORCASQ> But they need to know how to deal with it.
SEEKINGTHETR> usually the release of the event takes place in the session and
they are healed
SEEKINGTHETR> Dorcas...we do deal with it at the subconscious level, and that
is where the problem came from
.Bauble> would you ever bother doing a session with MD's and therapists
.Royce3> I want to remind everyone that we send out logs of all of our chats
to those on our mailing list. By being on the list you will get a log of all
the chats, even those you couldn't attend.
SEEKINGTHETR> same is true in dealing with rape victims
STEVE6101> is knowing they aren't to blame by there own doings part of the
SEEKINGTHETR> absolutely steve
.jefflove> 7:30 7:30 7:30
SEEKINGTHETR> each traumatic event is a leak in consciousness at a lower level
.Royce3> We are just about done for this evening. I want to thank Seek for
providing us with so much valuable information over the past few nights.
Thanks to all of you for coming. I invite you to join us
.Royce3> again next Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00 P.M. EDT.
.LadyRavenHair> wow...know I know...jef is the timekeeper...
SEEKINGTHETR> we plug the holes so they can climb higher
.Royce3> Lady, Jeff has found a niche!
.Bauble> One of my earlier questions. What happens to the person who is
attached to hate for another
.LadyRavenHair> thank you all, esp. Seek, for sharing knowledge and beliefs...
.jefflove> happy new year
.LadyRavenHair> you meet next tues?
SEEKINGTHETR> that hate controls them
.LadyRavenHair> or the one after?
1ANDONLY1> I would like to thank you Jeff for the e-mail greeting. It was
warmly received and returned the same way
.Bauble> ty
.Royce3> Well, we are glad to have you Lady. Yes, next Tues, Lady.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes jeff...thankyou
.Royce3> Thanks again Seek.
STEVE6101> people usaully hate people for qualities that are in themselves
but not manifestated
.jefflove> all are welcome
.Royce3> Good night all.
.LadyRavenHair> well for those who celebrate christmas, have a happy one, for
for those who do not, have a happy season...
.Royce3> - signed off -
.jefflove> bye
DORCASQ> Goodnight everyone
STEVE6101> - signed off -
.LadyRavenHair> - signed off -
.Bauble> Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!!!
1ANDONLY1> go with God
.1Caverat> catch you all later.....take care
.jefflove> - signed off -
SEEKINGTHETR> people ask what my background is to do psychotherapy and I tell
them I was a CPA
1ANDONLY1> you too Baub
DORCASQ> Good answer, Seek lol
.Bauble> ty land
.Bauble> that's ok, Seek
.Bauble> Maybe someday some of us can get together
SEEKINGTHETR> what I'm teaching are tools to achieve enlightenment
.Bauble> they sound like very important tools to me
1ANDONLY1> would be nice Baub
.Bauble> You have to come to PA though land....
SEEKINGTHETR> I do plan on coming to Pitt in January
SEEKINGTHETR> not sure when yet though
1ANDONLY1> please give our love to kolta
DORCASQ> It would be nice if we could all meet, Seek.
** BONGO666 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Bauble> She is not well right now land but hopefully getting better
1ANDONLY1> or you could come here Baub
DORCASQ> Bongo, we are closing the chat now. Come back next Tuesday at 6pm
BONGO666> hello are you guys crazy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SEEKINGTHETR> that's the most I've ever typed in an hour and a half
.Bauble> I will tell her you said HI
BONGO666> germany
DORCASQ> You do very well, Seek
DORCASQ> Bye for now
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)