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Peter Gersten

** SCRYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> I've been on business for the last five days. It has been
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi scrye.
SCRYE:Scrye> Hi! I was just talking to Satellite8. She has a dentist's appt.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think so; I will have to double check.
SCRYE:Scrye> May join us later.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Wow, I hate dentist appointments.
SCRYE:Scrye> You and me both. All set in MSN?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, it is starting to look as though MSN is going to be a
ROYCE3:Royce3> It won't take macs.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I suppose I had read that long ago. But I forgot.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> Are you having trouble with aol instant message?
ROYCE3:Royce3> And there was the hint that the system soon would take macs.
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Kolta.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi all!
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, if Delphi is the reason you're moving, I see no reason
not to say so in Delphi.
ROYCE3:Royce3> No,Jeff, I haven't had trouble with Instant Messenger.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I think it will be a one day move.
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Dorcasq.
SCRYE:Scrye> I asked someone that just today. Have you worked with K or Sat?
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yeah, with Kolta.
JOASHA:Joasha> heyla
ROYCE3:Royce3> No luck.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi joasha.
KOLTA:Kolta> I cannot get into MSN with a MAC
SCRYE:Scrye> too bad. I don't think Sat had your email about it.
SCRYE:Scrye> R's that is.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> I am half alive
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I was over on yahoo yesterday and it was a big
disappointment, too.
JOASHA:Joasha> as usual, am cooking supper, so please bear with me for a few
KOLTA:Kolta> That is positive Jeff. It is better than being half dead
ROYCE3:Royce3> What's for supper, Joasha?
DORCASQ> I was just thiking that too, Kolta.
SCRYE:Scrye> frustration
ROYCE3:Royce3> I had pork and rice with vegetables.
JOASHA:Joasha> ham, eggs and fried potatoes, I get to eat the eggs and
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, the chat system is a big pain.
JOASHA:Joasha> agreed Royce
SCRYE:Scrye> I had half an extra cheese Sheetz bagel.
ROYCE3:Royce3> There seem to be major, major downsides to all of them.
SCRYE:Scrye> 3/4 lb left.
DORCASQ> I think I had an hour of missing time today - thought it was only
5:00 when it was 6:00.
ROYCE3:Royce3> If you want to be healthy, you have to eat corn curls.
SCRYE:Scrye> You are here so welcome back, D.
DORCASQ> Almost didn't get on this chat.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> where you abducted?
SCRYE:Scrye> Corn curls are a chat staple. Keep the keyboard lubricated.
DORCASQ> My sewing machine repair man was here and I thought it was 5:00 when
he left.
KOLTA:Kolta> I found another scoop mark
** HART5 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
DORCASQ> Maybe he abducted me.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hmmmmmmm, I hope the machine works, Dorcasq.
JOASHA:Joasha> and they used to blame the milk man hehehehehe
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello hart.
HART5:Coyote Song> HI,
DORCASQ> hehehehe
SCRYE:Scrye> Tonight it's 1 liter Mountain Dew, 8 Archway Cookies. And the
half bagel for later.
JOASHA:Joasha> hey Coyo
KOLTA:Kolta> That is healthy Scrye
SCRYE:Scrye> Probably doze off.
HART5:Coyote Song> : ) Hi Joasha,
JOASHA:Joasha> my liver and gall bladder would keel over and die
SCRYE:Scrye> Mine are on life support.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Incidentally, we do have a new prayer list this week. Does
anyone have someone to put on it?
JOASHA:Joasha> lolololol
HART5:Coyote Song> : )
KOLTA:Kolta> Michael thinks his cancer is back
SCRYE:Scrye> Hmmm, Daryl Strawberry?
SCRYE:Scrye> Too bad, K.
KOLTA:Kolta> Michael should go on the prayer list
ROYCE3:Royce3> You want to put Michael on the list ?
SCRYE:Scrye> Definitely put him on.
JOASHA:Joasha> who is Michael Kolta?
ROYCE3:Royce3> yes
DORCASQ> How was your trip, Kolta and visit with Michael?
SCRYE:Scrye> I thought it was first names.
JOASHA:Joasha> my apostrophy didn't make it in there
KOLTA:Kolta> Michael Wrote a book called The Catchers of Heaven. He worked
with the goverment and has contact with ETs
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, I've been putting up first names. But however ....
KOLTA:Kolta> My trip to see him went well
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is Catchers of Heaven still being printed?
DORCASQ> Good, Kolta
KOLTA:Kolta> More books need to be printed. They will be printed in about a
SCRYE:Scrye> I would like to add Julianna.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, Scrye.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anyone else, folks?
JOASHA:Joasha> if you all get a chance, please check out my sister Janeile's
web site for her new publishing company ( ) very proud of her
KOLTA:Kolta> I wrote the site down Joasha
DORCASQ> Will check it out, Joasha.
JOASHA:Joasha> thanks Sis
HART5:Coyote Song> I will later after I get back, : )
JOASHA:Joasha> I sure do love you all
ROYCE3:Royce3> I will be sure to check it out, Joasha. Sounds like a big
undertaking. Incidentally, did you all get the audio link to Art Bell's
show? The one with Peter Gersten?
SCRYE:Scrye> Kudos to her, Joasha. Oh, I forgot broken cashews earlier. Food
for sustenance.
HART5:Coyote Song> Love you also Joahsa, : )
DORCASQ> What do you mean "get it", Royce?
KOLTA:Kolta> Anyone want any peanuts?
JOASHA:Joasha> just haven't had a chance yet, but still have the info
ROYCE3:Royce3> I sent a link to the place on Art's site that featured the
DORCASQ> Guess I didn't get it!
SCRYE:Scrye> K, if we all share, we could have a balanced diet!
KOLTA:Kolta> Very true, Scrye
ROYCE3:Royce3> As long as there are Corn Curls, you can forget the other
SCRYE:Scrye> fast food buffet
ROYCE3:Royce3> A heart attack on a plate.
JOASHA:Joasha> do you think the hospital would give us group rates and put us
all in the same room? hehehe
HART5:Coyote Song> hehe
SCRYE:Scrye> My vegetarian Dragon & Phoenix soup recipe: flash me. it's new!
KOLTA:Kolta> The room would have to have padded walls! :-)
JOASHA:Joasha> we could have one heck of a good chat
ROYCE3:Royce3> A group rate on "internal baths" maybe???
DORCASQ> Yeah!!! padded walls
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi colonics?
JOASHA:Joasha> oh my god, what a picture that creates
SCRYE:Scrye> 'Lo there!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Purge the body of toxins.
SCRYE:Scrye> Anyone remember Jerry Colonics, the comedian?
** MICKEY222 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Mickey.
MICKEY222> Howdy
KOLTA:Kolta> No
JOASHA:Joasha> well that certainly would be having nothing to hide lol
SCRYE:Scrye> Calonna?
HART5:Coyote Song> HI Micky,
JOASHA:Joasha> yes, ole Jerry Colonna
MICKEY222> Haveyouguyseverseen auro?
MICKEY222> A ufo?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who is auro?
ROYCE3:Royce3> What is auro?
KOLTA:Kolta> UFO Royce
JOASHA:Joasha> he ment ufo
MICKEY222> Auro is ufo mispelled
SCRYE:Scrye> I saw something. Joasha saw something.
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
JOASHA:Joasha> yes, up close and personal
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Isleander, welcome.
JOASHA:Joasha> heyla Isleander
ISLEANDERS> hey hey found sometime to hang out
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well the topic for today is Peter Gersten.
JOASHA:Joasha> cool!!
HART5:Coyote Song> : )
MICKEY222> I saw one upclose 20 years ago
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who doesn't know who he is?
SCRYE:Scrye> Jeff MAY have seen a 'bif triangle' craft.
SCRYE:Scrye> big
ROYCE3:Royce3> Aahhhh I thought you were talking about my friend Biff.
KOLTA:Kolta> Gerstein did well in court
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes he did, Kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Put the Dod on the canvass, at least for a short count.
MICKEY222> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Does anyone thingk the gov't will produce?
KOLTA:Kolta> No
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, I don't think Gersten does either.
SCRYE:Scrye> I think he expects them to plead national security.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, did you have a chance to listen to Gersten? He could to
search dod files.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe not, scrye. The government has themself in a bit of a
SCRYE:Scrye> I heard him a couple weeks ago, it was I think.
SCRYE:Scrye> Or last week on KDKA.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Since dod says there wasn't any evidence, they are in a pinch
to claim national security.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
SCRYE:Scrye> But there are reports of the Phoenix Lights, and their analysis
to produce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> On the SD4 472, they marked that there was evidence; then they
changed the document and marked "no records found."
SCRYE:Scrye> The judge knows they couldn't have ignored that.
ROYCE3:Royce3> right
KOLTA:Kolta> The government knows how to stall for time
ROYCE3:Royce3> The judge seems inclined to listen to Gersten.
SCRYE:Scrye> It of itself was a potential security threat. If not one of
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Gersten is looking to get 90 to take depositions.
SCRYE:Scrye> 90 witnesses?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Put the lads at DOD on video.
SCRYE:Scrye> 90 employees!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't know how many people he might be limited to, Scrye.
SCRYE:Scrye> fantastic. They would hate that.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, they would hate it big time.
ROYCE3:Royce3> And having a chance to assist DOD in the search for
records--and that could be the judges idea--would be phenomenal.
KOLTA:Kolta> Can the people at DOD be controlled as to what they might say?
SCRYE:Scrye> Actually I don't mind yanking DOD's chain in peacetime. Or
during unpopular wars.
** CLARYSAGE1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think Gersten wants to catch them in some lies. He already
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello clary.
CLARYSAGE1> Hi guys. What's up?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Of course, the court could simply dismiss all of this.
SCRYE:Scrye> Well, if you can't lie consistently, maybe you should try the
ROYCE3:Royce3> Peter Gersten, Clary.
KOLTA:Kolta> Do not forget Roswell witesses were intimidated. Can the people
at DOD be likewise cotrolled?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, intimidation is still part of the game.
JOASHA:Joasha> I really believe that the courts are going to have a very
difficult time making this go away
SCRYE:Scrye> Gersten is suing the US gov't for UFO secrets.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten maintains that the government didn't do a reasonable
search for records.
ROYCE3:Royce3> And that is against the law.
ROYCE3:Royce3> FOIA requests aren't to be brushed aside.
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes, I should have said illegal secrecy.
JOASHA:Joasha> I am amazed at the amount of people who have made a point of
coming to see me or call me to ask if I know about this and how they really
want to see this happen
HART5:Coyote Song> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, we know they have been brushed aside, in part because
there hasn't been anyone to hold people's feet to the fire.
JOASHA:Joasha> it is on the news around here. that is how I first heard about
DORCASQ> He sure is a brave man!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, he is being helped greatly by Art Bell's show.
JOASHA:Joasha> he is definitely on my prayer list
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten says that himself.
DORCASQ> We better put him on our prayer list too.
DORCASQ> He's probably on enough hit lists.
JOASHA:Joasha> I believe so Dorcasq
ROYCE3:Royce3> If Gersten gets to call witnesses, he intends to try to get
Dr. Greer involved.
JOASHA:Joasha> yes, and prayer can counter that
ROYCE3:Royce3> That could kick the flood gate open.
SCRYE:Scrye> (SCRYE is delighted to see Ufotalk's chat showing 8, and on the
chat board as well!)
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes,
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Gersten had a packed court room.
JOASHA:Joasha> we all have known for a long time that something was going to
occur to get it out in the open. this is prophecy
ROYCE3:Royce3> Incidentally, he has a free newsletter. Maybe we should start
posting it here.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Try to get more people up to speed on this matter.
SCRYE:Scrye> Free AND reproducible?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Free, yes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't know if he wants it reposted however.
DORCASQ> Where do you get the newsletter?
ROYCE3:Royce3> We will have to check.
KOLTA:Kolta> reproducible?
ROYCE3:Royce3>, I believe.
DORCASQ> thanks
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have to check after this chat.
CLARYSAGE1> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> without major copyright hassles, K.
KOLTA:Kolta> ok
ROYCE3:Royce3> We really ought to try to get behind this one.
JOASHA:Joasha> I agree
ROYCE3:Royce3> I would suggest writing to the judge, but that might be
counter productive.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anyone have a feeling about that?
SCRYE:Scrye> Our Pgh. friend Richard saw this straw in the wind first. He
refused organizational help however.
ROYCE3:Royce3> This is federal court, you know.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I wonder why he refused to help? Did he say?
SCRYE:Scrye> Perhaps we could have an email action alert system?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think that would be good.
JOASHA:Joasha> sorry to interrupt, but on prayer list can we put the little
six year old girl who was shot and killed in school today and the little
seven year old boy who did the shooting
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, lets do that.
SCRYE:Scrye> No he refused help FROM the organization.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Joasha, certainlyl.
DORCASQ> Do we know their names?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, I see.
KOLTA:Kolta> Richard was interested in discussing it more than getting
invovled with it and it is his decision
** SANTUCCI2 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
JOASHA:Joasha> but we can use our mouths to spread interest in this
DORCASQ> Not sure what you mean - straw in the wind?
SCRYE:Scrye> He sounded privately to me like he was encouraging action.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Santucci, welcome.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> Hi everyone
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about Perter Gersten.
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, some decisions are interesting in light of the news.
KOLTA:Kolta> No, he was not encouraging action. That is not what he sounded
like to me in private
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Gersten, may end up forcing Dr. Greer's hand.
SCRYE:Scrye> Perhaps we should have acted independently.
SCRYE:Scrye> What's to be done now?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not sure what the best course of action is at the moment.
SCRYE:Scrye> There was a rally/press conference last October.
ROYCE3:Royce3> You know there have been some strong disagreements between
Greer and Gersten.
SCRYE:Scrye> I did not know.
JOASHA:Joasha> call your local news stations and request information be
published on the news at night for our communities to hear about it
KOLTA:Kolta> Such as, Royce?
JOASHA:Joasha> letters to the editor in the papers.
SCRYE:Scrye> That sounds good, J. Sometimes they put it on once for 15 secs
and say "we did that."
ROYCE3:Royce3> Greer wants to hold out and have Congressional hearings, or
baring that, have a really first rate documentary made by the network
JOASHA:Joasha> local websites in the towns that we live in have bulletin
boards for news interests
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten thinks congressional hearings are a waste of time.
JOASHA:Joasha> flyers to the library in the paranormal and science fiction
SCRYE:Scrye> What's that guy on KDKA who is sympathetic? He takes heat for
ROYCE3:Royce3> too many politics
SCRYE:Scrye> He may be right, R.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you mean the morning guy, Scrye?
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes. Gersten was on there last week.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pintac????? I don't know the correct spelling.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How long was Gersten on?
SCRYE:Scrye> Mike Pintack or Pintak, maybe.
JOASHA:Joasha> book stores
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, that sounds close.
SCRYE:Scrye> 10-15 minutes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Not bad. 15 minutes of fame.
ROYCE3:Royce3> KDKA is a good place.
JOASHA:Joasha> teenagers who belong to the science clubs in schools
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is a good idea, Joasha.
SCRYE:Scrye> Well, they are old radio friends. So he must have been on a
couple times before.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have to say that I'm impressed with Gersten.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten and Pintak are friends? Is that true?
DORCASQ> Has anyone ever heard of Gersten before all of this started?
JOASHA:Joasha> reminds me of the AC DC song...'He's got balls' sorry
everyone, AC DC fan here
SCRYE:Scrye> Someone should get all J's ideas together. Are you a community
organizer, J? I smell a troublemaker! LOL
ROYCE3:Royce3> dorcasq, it depends upon how far you want to go back.
SCRYE:Scrye> Having been one myself.
JOASHA:Joasha> check your local FBI lists for insurgents. hehehe
DORCASQ> I just mean ever hear of him at all, royce?
SCRYE:Scrye> I said radio friends. Mutual benefit, R.
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think I first heard of him about a year and a half ago,
ROYCE3:Royce3> In UFO land that is a relatively long time.
DORCASQ> I just wondered - I never heard of him.
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, Michael M. was a great CAUS supporter for years now.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I didn't know that , Scrye.
** NGEBO just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
SCRYE:Scrye> It is a CAUS suit, no?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten is given credit for revitalizing Cause.
KOLTA:Kolta> I did not know that either
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi NGEBO. We are talking about Peter Gersten.
NGEBO:Nicole> oh. Fill me in
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes, he wanted CAUS to go much further.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Let me remind everyone to go over to the Caus site.
SCRYE:Scrye> Peter is suing the DOD on behalf of Citizen's Against UFO
secrecy.ROYCE3:Royce3> Naturally, Gersten will take donations.
SCRYE:Scrye> He wants FOIA searches to be done correctly.
JOASHA:Joasha> that would be a first if he accomplishes even that
NGEBO:Nicole> Have any of you seen UFOs?
SCRYE:Scrye> Well, FOIA is a great tool for reform if it can be enforced.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of your think going through the court system makes
more sense than holding Senate hearings?
SCRYE:Scrye> Some of us, Nicole.
ROYCE3:Royce3> A high percentage of us have seen UFOs, Nicole, myself
SCRYE:Scrye> I do, R.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> both make sense
NGEBO:Nicole> Really? I think I might have seen one a while ago. It was a
vertical saucer shaped object.
SCRYE:Scrye> THe Senators would be so dumb it might do more harm than good.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Given the choice, I would rather put my trust in the court
system. More control is possible.
DORCASQ> Whichever is made more public makes more sense to me.
ISLEANDERS> kc58thelegendliveson
KOLTA:Kolta> The senate might not have all the information
NGEBO:Nicole> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Senate really doesn't want to hear all of the information.
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Caverat.
1CAVERAT> hi all
ROYCE3:Royce3> Caverat, we are talking about Peter Gersten. Did you get to
listen to Art's interview with him?
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
JOASHA:Joasha> if they would ever get their heads out of their #$#$% and
raising money all of the time they have the resource to have the information
SCRYE:Scrye> lol
1CAVERAT> Just got on line for the day. havn't yet done so
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, the public is certainly interested, and they are
supposed to represent our collective interests.
JOASHA:Joasha> since when
ROYCE3:Royce3> Have you ever been over to the Caus site, Caverat?
1CAVERAT> yes I have
ROYCE3:Royce3> What do you make of Gersten, Cave?
** JEFFLOVE999:jefflove just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
1CAVERAT> Still undecided, Royce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can you expand upon that, Cave?
1CAVERAT> Im waiting to see what his motives are
ROYCE3:Royce3> Doesn anyone distrust Gersten?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Here that is.
DORCASQ> I have my doubts about everyone, Royce.
SCRYE:Scrye> He is a hero, a saint! For 15 minutes.
KOLTA:Kolta> Like Caverat I want to know his motives
1CAVERAT> I can't say distrust yet. I think he has an agenda though
ROYCE3:Royce3> And even if he is doing it for the wrong reason, he could be
doing the right thing.
SCRYE:Scrye> I prefer results over perfect motives.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok, that's fair, Cave. What motives might he have?
JOASHA:Joasha> everyone has a motive that is not new. we can still use the
platform to get this out in the open, he started it and it is up to all of us
to see that it is carried forth
DORCASQ> But his motives could be getting the wrong results, Scrye.
KOLTA:Kolta> Without good intentions, good results can be put to bad uses
1CAVERAT> I don't know. But I won't be surprised if it turns out to be self
ROYCE3:Royce3> Will that necessarily be bad, Cave?
JEFFLOVE999> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Too philosophical for UFO secrecy. I choose disclosure, in the
main, and let the chips fall!
JOASHA:Joasha> as it should be. if we are serving ourself, then our heart is
not in it
1CAVERAT> Depends on what they are, Royce
KOLTA:Kolta> Very good, Joasha
JOASHA:Joasha> if we are NOT serving ourselves
DORCASQ> We want to be sure we get the truthful disclosure.
1CAVERAT> Nothing wrong with a little self promotion as long as the results
are positive
JOASHA:Joasha> agreed
SCRYE:Scrye> Ufologists motives can NEVER be sorted out. I have learned this
over 5 years.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, two of the most high profile people are Greer and
Gerstan. Cave who would you trust more?
1CAVERAT> Because of their high profile, I would require both to prove
anything they claim. (general statement)
SCRYE:Scrye> Who can be trusted less than Greer!
SCRYE:Scrye> specific statement.
SCRYE:Scrye> He has more ego than I!
SCRYE:Scrye> THe whole galaxy wants to contact HIM!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, nowwwwwwwwww, Ahhhhhhh I don't know, Scrye.
KOLTA:Kolta> But Greer had skin cancer because of his work. He has to be on
to something
1CAVERAT> They both are trying to make a name for themselves, or so it seems
to me
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Greer would like us to believe his skin cancer was
caused by his UFO work.
1CAVERAT> quite suceesfully I might add
JOASHA:Joasha> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I won't deny that, Caverat.
KOLTA:Kolta> Michael Wolf agrees that Greer was given the cancer
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes, publicity = success in ufology, unfortunately.
** THEFAMEASSER just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi fame, welcome
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about Perter Gersten.
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> wb Joasha
ROYCE3:Royce3> So is Gersten's work hurting Greers?
DORCASQ> A lot of people get cancer and have nothing to do with UFOs.
JOASHA:Joasha> I hate it when that happens.
JOASHA:Joasha> thanks Kolta
ROYCE3:Royce3> By the way, has anyone ever seen a picture of Gersten?
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi dxdiva
DORCASQ> What is with the red lights flashing?
JOASHA:Joasha> what the heck is the red light? and what mood is changing
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KOLTA:Kolta> What are we doing wrong?
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Sat, welcome.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i am dentally correct now
JOASHA:Joasha> oh......we are trolling again?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> flashing white teeth
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> is there a topic?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes we are talking about Peter Gersten
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have been discussing both Dr. Greer and Gersten.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> doing what
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
DORCASQ> That bit about the red lights, Sat.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i have no idea D
DORCASQ> Oh, it's you DXDiva
ROYCE3:Royce3> So would anyone like to suggest a course of action regarding
the situation with Gersten?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> Max Gersten?
SCRYE:Scrye> Peter
ROYCE3:Royce3> Sat didn't you listen to the audio link? Shame on you.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i was working and then had to go to the dentist
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> shame on me
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, you are excused, then.
KOLTA:Kolta> People do get busy, Royce
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, they do, Kolta.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> just give me the DUNCE CAP
1CAVERAT> I would remain somewhat skeptical and let it run its course. His
motives will reveal themselves
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> and sit me in the corner
ROYCE3:Royce3> So we will start to update everyone on the situation as it
KOLTA:Kolta> Sat. take that Dunce Cap off!!!!!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i kind of like it
1CAVERAT> That would be a prudent option, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Enough already, Sat!!!!! You are forgiven and loved! GEEEE
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> it goes with my new whiter dentally correct teeth
DORCASQ> What is the next thing that is supposed to happen with Gersten?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is anyone planning on donating money to Caus?
JOASHA:Joasha> well, you can sit and wait and see forever and the opportunity
will walk right by you
JOASHA:Joasha> or you can use the energy in a productive way, not caring
about someone else's agendas and do some real good with it
SCRYE:Scrye> These guys can get group money after group deliberation, Royce.
JOASHA:Joasha> Royce, kick her out of here
JOASHA:Joasha> please
SCRYE:Scrye> J, you should be aware Royce is aware.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well would you all think that this issue will help
Presidential candidate Harder?
SCRYE:Scrye> she has had three logins so far
KOLTA:Kolta> Joasha has the right to ask, Scrye
JOASHA:Joasha> she hasn't got a snowball's chance in the desert
SCRYE:Scrye> About what K? Have I not the right to answer?
DORCASQ> It could help her or hurt her depending on how it goes, Royce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is true, Joasha, but she can expand the dialogue.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The main thing is to get people talking about the issues.
JOASHA:Joasha> agreed
SCRYE:Scrye> She is single issue, and has suffered the fate of single issue
KOLTA:Kolta> Michael Wolf says she does not have a chance this year
ROYCE3:Royce3> But we know she can't win. We have always known that.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gersten listed a bunch of questions that he thinks people
should ask at town meetings and such. Questions that will get the ufo issue
on the table.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do any of you call into the talk shows about UFOs?
SCRYE:Scrye> I agree with that approach. And with UFO candidates if they
spend their own money.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I suspect Harder is spending her own money.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq have you gotten any more information about Harder?
DORCASQ> No, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Has anyone contacted you?
1CAVERAT> Royce, FYI I have been trying to open the real audio clip and right
now the server keeps timing out.
SCRYE:Scrye> There, J. All gone.
JOASHA:Joasha> didn't Harder write a book?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, she did.
ROYCE3:Royce3> A book on Consciousness, to name just one subject.
JOASHA:Joasha> I know Scrye, but am high energy tonight and have no patience
DORCASQ> The last I was contacted was when I got the brochures to send money
for volunteer packs.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> good for you J!
SCRYE:Scrye> understood!
ROYCE3:Royce3> The title escapes me for the moment.
JOASHA:Joasha> meet her at metaphysical conference here in Columbus about 3
years ago, scares me.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Really, why is that, Joasha?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is she crackers?
KOLTA:Kolta> Why does she scare you, J
1CAVERAT> I went to her website and some of what she posted there scares me
JOASHA:Joasha> one of her theories is that we can tell how many times we have
been abducted by the amount of moles on our body
ROYCE3:Royce3> What specifically, Cave?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hmmmmmm, that is a bit strange, Joasha.
DORCASQ> Wow - I must have been abducted a lot!
1CAVERAT> Her extreme libertarian views for one
JOASHA:Joasha> and by the patterns they make, we can tell what our purpose is
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, Jeff is our deep researcher on this lady. Does she
scare you, Jeff?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Jeff, what is your take?
ISLEANDERS> i'm lost 4 words i'll go and see if i cant find 'em
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff?????????
1CAVERAT> While I certainly don't support government infringment, human
nature being what it is, some rules are necessary
JOASHA:Joasha> very agreed
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I think the general take on her is that she is
essentially a Libertarian.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Not a Democrat.
KOLTA:Kolta> Agreed
1CAVERAT> She seems to support an anything goes policy
1CAVERAT> Agreed , Royce
JOASHA:Joasha> and very unusual ideas. would love to meet the ET's who
abducted her
SCRYE:Scrye> You know, if she had said 'scoop marks,' I might have agreed
with her abduction counter thing.
KOLTA:Kolta> I think she wants to encourage us to take responsibility for
1CAVERAT> expand on that, K
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> yes please do
1CAVERAT> In what ways?
KOLTA:Kolta> Rather than looking for the gov. to act as big brother, there
are many things we can do on our own
ROYCE3:Royce3> Folks, just to remind everyone: there will be a chat on MSN
tomorrow. You are all invited. I know some of you won't be able to attend
since you have MACs, and that fact likely dooms MSN as a regular
ROYCE3:Royce3> network for us. So it will probably be a one shot deal.
1CAVERAT> So far I agree, K
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i am doomed!!
SCRYE:Scrye> :) yes, K!
KOLTA:Kolta> I am doomed also Sat
ROYCE3:Royce3> Doom and Gloom
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> let's have our own chat Kolta!@
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> wanna chat with me?
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes Sat!!!!!!1
JOASHA:Joasha> yeah!!! I'll be here Kolta
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> at 7pm?
1CAVERAT> I will pass on that since I will be at work
SCRYE:Scrye> Oh Nooooo!
KOLTA:Kolta> At 7pm!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> ok I will be here
KOLTA:Kolta> Oh No, Scrye
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> we think differently!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hey hey, no filthy stories!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> therefore, we are
SCRYE:Scrye> No non-MACers allowed! Right, Royce!
KOLTA:Kolta> I will be here Sat.
SCRYE:Scrye> Off the rebellion!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> ok
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, I know when to keep my mouth shut.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> that would be now?
KOLTA:Kolta> Good for youRoyce!
SCRYE:Scrye> sly one
JOASHA:Joasha> the Women have decided!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Fellow could get hurt.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> yes We Have
KOLTA:Kolta> Do you have a Mac Joasha?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> Women Unite!!!
JOASHA:Joasha> no, a very limited ibm
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> that's ok J
KOLTA:Kolta> ok But women must unite!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I just want to know who the good looking stud was who sold you
guys Macs in the first place.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> :)
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i'll never tell
JOASHA:Joasha> she is not going to tell you lolololol
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> Steve something
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Steve???? He has zits!
1CAVERAT> I got this bridge for sale.......
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> what color is it?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i love blue bridges
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i will give you 24 bux for it
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pgh. has a bridge to nowhere.
KOLTA:Kolta> Did I miss something? Steve has zits???????
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i thought they fixed that
1CAVERAT> its a big one. Up in New York
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> he wears glasses!!!!
SCRYE:Scrye> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> He picks his nose.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> ugh
DORCASQ> Sounds like my type, Royce!!
KOLTA:Kolta> Who?????????
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> D!!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Steve, Kolta.
DORCASQ> Maybe I should get a Mac.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> you know, Kolta, the guy who sold us our MACS
KOLTA:Kolta> Who is Steve?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Steve Jobs, Kolta.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> I never said last name!!!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, that looks like a wrap folks. Thank you for coming.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> I meant Steve the guy I talked to on the phone when I
ordered it
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> or maybe his name was Mike?
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone, Goodnight.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bye all .
DORCASQ> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> later...
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm out of here.
(Logging turned off)