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Images just don't appear out of nowhere do they? Well maybe we shouldn't say no before we should consider  the image below. A noted commercial artist has this to say about this about the image :

1/of 2

The second being the insert.

This digital painting was started two years ago, while I was living near the Cahwihia Indian Canyons near Palm Springs Ca.  The Program  that I painted it with was Photoshop.  Its part of a project I started as "desert scapes"  for lithographs.  I finished this one early today and named it 1000 Palms.

I liked it very much and stepped back to view it on a larger screen.  When Idid, I noticed this figure on the right hand side. (The Palm Trunk to the right)  I had to sit down and really look at this figure closer.  All I know is that this is not a trick and I recall painting that area.  But I don't ever recall  thinking of anyone or thing at the time....Iam  lost for words about it.


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