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These are some interesting cases I am currently investigating. It is NOT an archive of past cases or those which may still be open but inactive. At times there may be none listed here. This is only because there is nothing new to report. If new leads are received on older cases, they will be posted here.


Missing Time Report

The following report was received via Internet 10 Jan, 2000 from David M., Washington Pa. It is edited as noted.

I left work for home on Friday (7th) at 7 AM. I work the graveyard shift at (location withheld, JB). The drive is 14 miles each way and usually takes about 25 minutes. The sun was not up yet but the sky was starting to get light. I remember leaving work but nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't get home for about 2 hours late. I don't remember pulling the car in the garage. The first thing I do remember is my wife asking me if I was alright and what took me so long to get home. I asked her what she meant by that and she said it was almost 10 oclock. I did not believe her till I looked and saw it was daylight outside. She said I called her from work before I left but I dont remember that either. I usually do call her and see if she needs anything from (convience store, JB) but I dont remember doing it that day. I have had a headache since saturday (8th). I found your website while I was looking on the computer for similar things. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Do you know what might have happened?

I contacted David and obtained the following additional information (11 Jan, 2000)

David worked the 11 PM-7AM shift Mon thru Fri week of 02 Jan,2000 (5 days) He was driving a loaner car on Weds. Thurs. and Fri. since his was in the shop. I questioned him regarding mileage. He stated he had only driven the car 3 days to and from work. He didn't have the mileage on the car when he picked it up, but did give me the dealer's name. The dealer stated the car had 22,385 miles at the time David got it.

David checked the current mileage at 22,541. Allowing for the 5 miles David drove the car from the dealer home, and the 3 work days, total should be 22,474. That leaves 67 miles unaccounted for. David commented when he went to the garage to check the milage the car looked freshly washed, although he says he doesn't remember doing it. He has not driven anywhere since he got home from work due to illness with flu-like symptoms. He is taking a couple days off work.

(12 Jan, 2000) Follow-up contact. David feeling better and will return to work tomorrow. His car is repaired and the loaner returned today. David says he can't explain, but he seems to feel as though he left work twice on Friday. Once at the normal time and again some time later.

I checked with one of David's co-workers and he remembers David leaving as he always did, at 7:00. He doesn't know any more than that. No one there on the day shift recalls seeing David other than at 7:00 when he was leaving. No one reports anything unusual there that day.

(20 Jan, 2000) Additional information regarding this case. I have again contacted David as a follow-up. When asked to provide details as to where he may have gone, he related the following:

I left for home. I remember I felt like someone was in the back seat, but I know there was nobody there. I felt compelled to drive east through Washington on I-70. I went for a ways. I don't know where, but the need to get off at one certain exit. When I got there, I believe I exitted. I think I remember a light in the car as I was driving. I went for some distance on back roads, as I felt I was being directed. I still don't know where I went. The next recollection I have was I think I was going back past the I-79 and I-70 cloverleaf east of Washington going west. I can't say for sure though. The first thing I am sure of was when I got back home and talked to my wife.

He still cannot say what transpired during the time he reached what he felt was his destination. From the description and time required to cover the distance he mentions, missing time is still about an hour. Whether he was in the car the whole time is uncertain. Investigation continues.

Report cleared for publication provided credit is given. ----J.Brown

Investigation continues...


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