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Remote Viewing

Editor's note:

The experiment discussed below was the chosen topic for the 12 April 2000, Ufotalk-Time chat. You may access the entire chat by going to our archives.

Summary Of The Remote Viewing Experiment conducted 12 April,2000


Jim Brown



    The experiment was accomplished in the following manner.  I went to a remote location kept confidential from those in the chat room.  I then joined the chat from a remote internet connection via a laptop computer.  The link was relayed through my home computer thus preventing the location being divulged using headers, etc. It would appear to be coming from my home location to anyone who attempted to obtain the location in that manner.


   In choosing the site, I wanted several outstanding features to be nearby which might make it easier for the viewers to key in on them.  The site I selected was just off of Rt 857 at Burgess Field near the WMBS radio towers.  The area is generally open field near a four lane expressway.  There is a church a short distance to the west-northwest and a vocational school to the northeast of where I stopped.  Chestnut Ridge is to my east about 2 miles away.  An small abandoned strip mine and slate dump is about a mile south of the site.  There are no businesses close by and just a couple houses in close proximity.  Traffic on the two roads was light at the time of the experiment.


   The experiment was begun at approximately 6:50 when I arrived at the site.  I logged on and proceeded to simply chat with those in the room which were not actively participating in the remote viewing attempt.  The viewers had the option of either staying in the room while attempting to view or to log off and do whatever they wanted to accomplish their viewing.  Most chose to leave the room and return at 8:00pm, the agreed to time to review the results.  At no time prior to then was any discussion made as to my location. 


Summary of the Experiment


   The following is a portion of the log made in the after-chat in which impressions were discussed.  It should be noted that this was not a scientific controlled experiment.  It was not intended to prove or disprove remote viewing. It was only a method whereby the participants could test their own abilities in this area at this particular time.  They would evaluate their attempts to view an area unknown to them and have their results compared with my on-site observations.  Consequently, I have taken the summary portion of the chat log and will attempt to critique each comment as they were made. (My critique will be the comments in parenthesis inserted throughout the chat log. ) Only the direct impressions are listed here.  Other unrelated comments have been edited out and are noted by the <edit> tag.  The complete unedited log is available elsewhere on the website.

                *   *   *   *  


1CAVERAT> D, do you want to give your impressions now?


DORCASQ> I will just type in the notes I was taking as I did it.



DORCASQ> My hands felt cold, like air blowing on them

    (Truck window was down, evening air was coming in but not especially cold)          

DORCASQ> I saw a pyramid-type structure with jaggy things coming out of the sides of it

DORCASQ> and wires overtop

    (There are 2 types of towers, One does have guy wires.  No jaggy things though.  The other is a self-supporting tower which could be described as a very elongated pyramid shape, base 10-12 feet across and 280 feet tall.)

DORCASQ> There was a small building in the background

    (One tower has a small 10x12 building at its base, the other is somewhat larger and contains the transmitter equipment)

DORCASQ> A lopsided looking tree - crooked

    ( No tree fits this description)

DORCASQ> Very barren landscape

    ( Immediate area is an open field )

DORCASQ> I smelled gasoline

DORCASQ> Saw on old truck

DORCASQ> Someone was drinking water

    ( No on these three accounts)

DORCASQ> There was background traffic noise

    ( Traffic from the expressway could be heard)

DORCASQ> Very cold and damp and water trickling somewhere

    ( No water )

DORCASQ> A huge hole in the ground

    (Strip mine refered to earlier is some distance away however)

DORCASQ> Felt a screen over my head

DORCASQ> pressing on my head

    ( Nothing fits this that I'm aware of at this site )

DORCASQ> An airplane flew by

    ( Several did, that is not unusual over a one hour period here)

DORCASQ> A high fence around wherever this is

    (Just a wire fence, not high)

DORCASQ> smelled sulfur

    (No sulfur)

DORCASQ> Very UGLY place

    (I wouldn't say ugly, just an open meadow rather plain)

DORCASQ> The only word I could describe it is

DORCASQ> a utility-keeping-place

    ( Not sure what is meant by this)

DORCASQ> Not open to the public

DORCASQ> Sign saying Danger/Private

    ( Is on private property, but no signs posted except right on the buildings)

DORCASQ> That's about it.

DORCASQ> Am I even close?

.Royce3> Well all have to give their impressions first

   (The following comment was sent out of sequence during the test for reasons unknown.  I have placed it with DORCASQ comments where it belongs)

1CAVERAT> D, how high was pyamid object

1CAVERAT> cont,B  ill get back to D

DORCASQ> About like a transformer type thing



       *    *    *    *   

BAUBLE48> I saw: White trellis-heard water sounds-decorative cement bench

    (One house near here does have a white trellis attached to the side.)

[small]-the word piano-a bicycle-a kitchen with white or off white tile under

the cabinets-wooden porch steps 3or4-

    (There is a set of 2 wooden steps leading up to a back door but no porch there. The front porch has a concrete stair of 5 steps leading to the right side.  I was not able to verify anything about the interior of the house since no one was home when I returned the next day and knocked on the door.  I will go back later to find out what I can) 

BAUBLE48> brown, white, black hunting dog-metal booking angel statue[cherub]

with arms up .....

   ( No evidence of a dog.  There is a small angel statue which is also a planter with flowers growing in it on the porch)

   (This line was out of sequence.  I have moved it here)

BAUBLE48> male face with glasses, angular chin, long blowing hair (brown)-the word German  I'm done

   (Could not find anything which matches this)


        *   *   *   *   * 


1ANDONLY1> (only1) Dark hair, Blue jean jacket, boots, Pizza or take away

place ahead.  Grassy area to the right.  Large lighted area to the left

[service station]. Can of drink.

    (Dark hair fits me, was wearing sweatshirt and tennis shoes though. No pizza place but I did have pizza with me and soft drink in can.  The grassy area is right on in decribing the field.)


1ANDONLY1> (1and)  Telegraph pole. Logo of open pair of scissors cutting a mohecan hairdo. Could be crossed swords.  Fin

     (There are poles along the road, but then thats not unusual.  There is one unused pole near the radio station, don't know if thats what you refer to.)



           *    *    *    *   

1CAVERAT> anyone else?

DORCASQ> That is all then

.Royce3> had the sense of a radio transmission tower.

BAUBLE48> Did you see my stuff Cave

DORCASQ> Is Royce giving his?

1CAVERAT> Everyone done?

BAUBLE48> Seems like it

1ANDONLY1> i have

.Royce3> Yes, i said only that I saw a transmission tower.

   (note: Royce continued chatting in the room while the others had signed off to view.  This was the first any mention was made of a radio tower.  It was right on target as I was only about 100 feet from the WMBS transmitter site)


             *    *    *    *   

.jefflove> I had a few impressions


1CAVERAT> Go, Jeff

.jefflove> woods letter C Ohio two numbers 3 75

       (No woods, earlier in the chat I mentioned no letter "C".  I returned to the area next day and there is a faded "C" on the wall of the radio station.  It is part of CBS logo which station is affiliated.  The numbers as written were not found, however a route sign "857" is nearby.  Jeff said in chat that he could be reading the 8 as a 3 and if the 75 were transposed it would match. No reference to OHIO)


                *   *   *   *   *  

The rest of the chat session is omitted here.  It deals with some early critique of the observations as posted that night.  Many are repititious of comments I have included above.  If you want to review the entire chat log, it may be found elsewhere on this website.


Unscientific Conclusions on my part.


The results of this experiment were very interesting.  The above provides some explanation of the viewing of certain features.  Perhaps the most outstanding results were the radio tower sighting and the  mention of wires.  These fit perfectly.  The trellis seen on the house is also noteworthy. The strip mine can also be considered a hit, although it is some distance away. The general terrain as outlined by several viewers was correct.


However it should be pointed out that several other features were not mentioned by any individuals.  For instance, neither the church nor the Vo-Tech school were reported.  The school is the largest building in the area.  No mention was made of the mountain ridge to my east.  It is very prominent in this area.  When I asked if anyone had a sense of music, except for a reference to a piano asssociated with the house, the reply was no.  In reality throughout the entire time I had a tape of Irish folk music playing rather loudly in the truck. (Glad that's over with!)  Finally, at 7:05, 2 firetrucks sped by the site.  No one picked up on this.  When asked about it in the afterchat, comments were made that possibly the sulfur smell may have been associated with the fire.  Subsequent investigation revealed the fire trucks were responding to a false alarm.  There was no fire.


As stated at the begining of this report, this was not a controlled scientific experiment.  It does not prove or disprove anything. It was interesting however in that there were several notable "hits" in viewing.  These were offset by a few "misses" though.  It was successful in that those who participated gained some insight into there own abilities. A more in-depth controlled project would be required to obtain conclusive results.