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Jeff Rense is the excellent talk show host of alternative radio. He presents the important issues not presented in the mainstream mass media: UFOs, paranormal, secret weapons, chem trails, political intrigue, and alternative health. A small sample of Jeff's extraordinary guests: Brad Streiger "World's Foremost Authority on the Paranormal," Barry Chamish Expert on Hidden Israel, George Filers UFO Reports, Jack Anderson Legendary Journalist, Carl Limbacher Hidden News, Joel Skousen Important Issues Not reported in Mass Media, and Peter Davenport of National UFO Reporting Center.

Jeff Rense has a successful career on television news, talk radio, and the Internet.  Rense started his radio career as an English Major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. For twelve years Jeff's career flourished as news anchor and news director along the West Coast. Rense performed over 5,000 live 30 minutes and 60 minutes' television newscasts. His ratings were very high; Jeff walked away as the number one rated newscaster in Oregon. He began a new career in talk radio and the Internet. The first talk show in 1994 was called END OF THE LINE and the one in 1997 was called SIGHTINGS ON RADIO and THE JEFF RENSE RADIO SHOW. His show also appears on the Internet. Jeff's show is a great success. He is heard on over 100 radio stations and does over 200 hours a week. Jeff is rated the world's number four most listened to radio program on the Internet giant Yahoo. The three with higher ratings: Rush Lambaugh, Dr. Laura Schleisinger, and Mike Siegel.   His Web Site has 5 million hits a month. 

Jeff left television news in disgust.  Mass media news continues to outrage Jeff. His reasons:

             Television news is obsessed with exploitation of the trivial, the tragic, and the sensational.

    Television news refuses to report important UFO events.

    The multinational corporations that control television news are motivated by profit. What is put on the air is that which sells products. American news and networks are owned by less than a dozen corporations.

    He considers television news  "fluff" and "pasteurized".

    Television controls "what is cool, trendy, and stylish" for kids. Television has turned too many kids toward violence.  By the time a kid is 16 they have watched 8,000 violent murders and 200,000 violent injuries on television.

    Television and the mass media made the American public "reactive". People react to events and images. People, as a result, are not able to critically think or evaluate situations.

    Jeff says,  "Television is "the most ruthless and overwhelming weapon of control and influence unleashed on this planet."

The results for the mass media, according to Rense, are "irrationality, non-accountability, gross social irresponsibility, and mass social control."

How can one account for Jeff Rense success as an alternative talk show host: (1) He presents provocative issues rarely found on mainstream broadcast and print media; (2) Rense is articulate and possesses excellent interview skills. He lets his guests do the talking and asks profound questions. He operates as a facilitator; (3) The show is known for its reliable information, honest reporting, and "hot stories."; (4) Rense is devoted to finding the truth and accurate reporting.  One listener wrote to Jeff Rense and explained why he regularly listens to the show it is  "provocative, enigmatic, and wondrous."

Jeff in his Welcome to his show explains his philosophy:

" The idea of a free press in America is one we hold in the highest regard. We believe in bringing                                     our site           visitors and program listeners the widest possible array of information that comes to our attention. We have great trust and respect for the American people, and our worldwide audience, and believe them to be fully-capable of making their own decisions and discerning their own realities."

Just listen to Jeff , and you will experience his excellence and magic qualities. He is on the air: Monday Friday 10:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time and Sunday 11:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. On Saturday night he does repeats. All his radio shows are available in his archives. Jeff can be heard at his Web Site: or