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A strong and determined lady runs for the American Presidency on the UFO issue in the 2000 election. Her name is Heather Anne Harder. She seeks the Democratic nomination.


She was born in Henderson, Tennessee on March 2, 1948.


Dr. Harder attained excellent and practical credentials:


Educator: Dr. Harder has demonstrated expertise in education; education is an important issue of the 2000 campaign.  She received a Ph.D. in education from Indiana State University and specialized in elementary school reading and language development. Dr. Harder worked as a professor of early childhood education at Governor State University, Illinois. She taught elementary school as a reading specialist. She presents seminars worldwide on such topics as education, business, political activism, and personal – spiritual growth.


Writer and scholar: Dr. Harder is a writer for the new millennium; her six books:














She is an avid reader of six books a week.


A Successful Businesswoman: Dr. Harder has successfully operated in both the service and retail areas of business. As a working mother she looked for daycare for her daughters. Unable to find a satisfactory site Dr. Harder opened her own. Today, she owns and operates four daycare centers. She also has success as a publisher and owner of a bookstore.




Dr. Harder portrays herself as a heroic leader of sound ethical character and noble values.  She seeks to be a good sense and practical leader of strong determination of what is right and just. She talks and lives integrity and honesty. She describes herself with these words, "I am … fed up with what I see happening in this country. As a mother, businesswoman, educator, and author, I am willing to dedicate my life, and perhaps my sanity to make it better. As a former university professor, I pride myself on my ability to deal with people on many levels. As a small business owner I have learned to work hard and make every dollar count. In most respects, I am very ordinary, except I have extraordinary courage. I am willing to take on a system that has become cumbersome and inefficient …As a citizen, I just don't complain, I take action."  She is also charismatic. Here is a description of Dr. Harder in conversation and lecturing. "Whether talking politics or religion, sex or planetary change, she is always fascinating, interesting, informative, and witty." She is popular on radio and television programs. She has a reputation for mesmerizing her audiences.


Dr. Harder pictures the American political system as sick! She believes the American political process is defective for these reasons: (1) U.S. Government is dysfunctional, corrupt, inefficient, cumbersome, and too big; (2) An erosion of freedoms has taken place in the name of security and protection; (3) Because of manipulation of the Constitution by professional politicians the power of the people and states have eroded; (4) Most professional politicians are not to be trusted: they say one thing and do another; many are corrupt, greedy, and do anything to win; they place power above principle; (5) She claims the Federal Congress has usurped basic constitution rights that belong to the people and states these include abortion, education, and crime; (6) Dysfunctional court system does not deliver justice; (7) The majority of the American people feel apathy, alienation, and cynicism toward the American political system. Dr. Harder explains, "Currently over 75% of the people are not involved at the least level and only 4% give any financial assistance…. It is no wonder that politicians turn to moneyed interests to serve them." The majority of the electorate believes they choose "the lesser of two evils" for President.


 Dr. Harder story running for President is fascinating. The Reagan Administration of the 1980s turned her off, and Dr. Harder felt disgust. Dr. Harder explains her reaction to President Reagan, "I was a university professor, I owned several small businesses. I listened while Reagan announced he was cutting taxes, yet I saw my tax liability increase. I heard Reagan say that the economy was growing stronger everyday, yet I saw family after family losing their jobs." She observed politicians were not telling the truth about the real situation. In the 1990s Dr. Harder took these actions so she could run for the Presidency in 1996. In 1993 she resigned her job as a university professor so she could have the time to travel. She attended many training courses on campaign training so she could learn the victorious methods for campaigns. She read extensively on campaign methods and on our founding fathers and their original intentions. Dr. Harder prayed and received Divine guidance on how to proceed.  She ran for the Presidency in the 1996 Democratic Primaries. She was only on the ballot on a few states and spent only several thousand dollars although she lost her bid for the President; Dr. Harder received 28,000 votes in the Texas

Primary and placed fifth out of 23 candidates in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.


Dr. Harder runs for the Presidency in 2000 for the second time. She has developed a strategy for her campaign.  She presents a clear message to the electorate: (1) She is a Jeffersonian Democrat who stands for limited government; (2) She seeks an America of racial diversity and to include all Americans in the political process; (3) She images herself as the candidate with a vision and the courage to change the political system; she is the alternative to choosing the lesser of two evils. She promises to restore freedoms that have eroded in America. Her Administration will be known for its integrity and ending secrecy. She will decentralize the federal government, return more power to the states, and give more power to the people through national referendums on important issues; (4) She pictures herself as a different campaigner for President. She is not a professional politician and deliberately distances herself from the professionals. Dr. Harder does not have a hidden agenda and is a genuine outsider who represents the average American. She has not promised favors in exchange for support. She uses volunteers in her campaign. (5) She promotes the idea a woman possess the right characteristics needed to be President.  She says women have these characteristics for effective governing: they are people oriented, co-operative, intuitive, and nurturing. She contrasts these characteristics possessed by most political men: competitive, aggressive, and demanding. On issues of war women are more willing to take the last possible step to prevent war. Dr Harder identifies with strong, courageous ladies such as the Christian saint Joan of Ark, the civil rights liberator Rosa Parks, and the United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (6) She presents her idea of a governing President. The President makes sure that each branch balances each other and that each is performing its functions honestly and effectively. The President makes no laws – that is, issues any executive orders. The President should return power to the states and people. Issues such as education, abortion, and education should be returned to the states. Each law passed by the legislature should be written in understandable English. Important issues should be placed on a national referendum and voted for by the electorate.  An illustration is campaign reform. (7) She seeks to rebuild the American Government that is honest and healthy. She seeks citizen participation so we can reestablish the principle the US Government is "of the People, by the People, for the People."  She seeks "to empower and inspire the American people to become the ultimate stabilizing force as the fourth branch of democratic self-government."


Most American politicians employ spin doctors and experts whom write positions on issues.  They memorize these positions or read them from a script. Dr. Harder is different. She does most of her own research; she puts issue positions in writing: she stands by her positions. For those who seek her positions they are available on her Internet Page. is her Internet address. . Some of the important issues are taxes, health care, guns, and education.


Her campaign is grassroots , where she goes directly to the voters. Prior to the Presidential campaign Dr. Harder took these grassroots concrete actions: appearing on radio interview and talk shows, talking to students in colleges and high schools,  participating in election forums and press conferences, taking a spiritual journey at Mount Shasta, conducting a seminar entitled "12 Steps To healing Ourselves, Our Country, Our World: A Political Perspective," giving  talks at libraries and restaurants, and participating in a Christmas Parade. In the fist primary in New Hampshire she maintains a busy grassroots schedule that includes appearance on radio stations, New Hampshire Presidential Forum in Nashua, College Convention 2000, and a reception at the New Hampshire State Library. She uses volunteers to perform the work of her campaign.


Dr. Harder portrays herself as a representative of the spirituality of the new third millennium after the life of Christ. Her core beliefs:


  • She appeals to spiritual eclecticism. Dr. Harder embraces all religions. She wears a necklace over her heart with the slogan -- "All God's Children." Her intention is to create peace by combining all religions in love. She believes people must learn to respect different paths and honor the One Creator.
  • Her belief is all people are children of God: "I do not believe Jesus … is the only child of God. I too, claim God as my spiritual parent. God is part of my life as a soul/spirit and for all people living on Earth."
  • She believes God gave to Earth many great religious leaders. These great people include Buddha, Abraham, Mohammed, Luther, John Knox, John Smyth, John Wesley, John Smith, and Mary Eddy Baker.
  • Dr. Harder believes her presidential candidacy is a divine calling. Politics is one route to serve God.


Dr. Harder is a teacher of spiritual Third Millennium workshops. Three examples: INTERDIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION: Participants can "reach new consciousness and the source of great wisdom." They learn to communicate with their Higher Self, angels, and other spiritual guides; UNIVERSAL LAWS: Participants learn the universal laws of human life, and how to produce achievements using these laws; EARTH CHANGES – WHAT, WHEN, AND HOW: Participants learn what Earth changes will take place in this time of transition to a new Earth, and. how to use love vibrations to help Mother Earth make these changes.


The taboo subject of American politics is the UFO issue. Our professional politicians and officer holders will not touch the UFO issue with a ten-foot pole.  They very rarely discuss this issue. Dr. Harder demonstrates fortitude, because she openly and honestly discusses the UFO issue.  In her position paper on her Internet page she makes these points about UFOs:

  • Dr Header says, "UFOs exist and always existed."
  • She explains one of the reasons the American people have lost confidence in the American Government is that the Federal Government denies the existence of ETs.  In the meantime numerous contacts are made by the extraterrestrials. According to one poll, more American believe in ETs than believe they will ever receive social security checks.
  • Dr. Harder claims humans confront two types of ETs: one group that is friendly, work for the well-being of people and the planet, and prepare humans for a better time on earth, and the other group is only interested in serving themselves.
  • She believes that people must prepare for open and direct contact with some of the ETs. She explains how people can prepare for contact: (1) We must learn to respect diversity – people with different colors, religions, languages, and ideologies. (2) We must look into our heart for answers to important UFO questions. Our heart will guide us to ETs who are heavenly helpers; (3) We must learn the ETs "do not want to induce fear, or to be worshiped as gods!" They only want our respect and appreciation  as "heavenly helpers."


On January 26, 2000 Dr. Harder appeared on The Art Bell Show called Disclosure 2000. Art Bell, the show host and Stephen Bassett, the UFO registered lobbyist in the United States, joined Dr. Harder in a candid discussion about the UFO issue in the 2000 Presidential Primary Campaign. Art Bell presented a cynical and skeptical view: (1) Gore and Bush, the two major candidates, discuss different viewpoints on issues. After the campaign is over it makes no difference that is elected because the Democratic or Republican President will govern the country in the same way; (2) Because secrecy is so tight over UFOs trivial issues are discussed. The UFO issue, the important issue, is not discussed during the campaign;

(3) Because of manipulation of the media the UFO issue is not presented during the Presidential Campaign; (4) After a new President is elected he receives a special briefing on UFOs. After the briefing he no longer discusses the UFO issue in public; (5) Bell wants a new President elected who would shake up Washington and make changes in the UFO issue. Bell believes this situation is not possible. Stephen Bassett presented these insights on the UFO issue: (1) Some candidates are not interested in winning, but raising ideas and issues. He inferred that Dr. Harder is raising important issues such as UFOs; (2) In UFO policy – making a governing body outside the Constitutional system of the President and his Administration and Congress is in control. He names of this grouping: the military – industrial – intelligence community complex; (3) Bassett has created a strategy for pressuring the main stream candidates to answer important questions about UFOs. He wants people to write to newspaper editors and television networks.   He wants people with UFO interest to call candidates who appear on talk shows, television call-in programs, and public forums. For persons interested in details of this strategy read his Internet Page: Dr. Harder explained her positions and goals on the UFO issue: (1) She uses the UFO issue to end voter apathy and alienation, the influence of money, and to give the people a voice in American Government; (2) In order to participate in the Presidential Debates and bring up the UFO issue she has a plan. She is raising the necessary funds. She must raise $5,000 in 20 different states – a total of $100,000. She has not yet succeeded; (3) Dr. Harder struggles to win the Presidency in order to end the secrecy and the control of the military – industrial – intelligence community complex. She wants the American people to know the truth about UFOs; (4) She recognizes it is difficult for a Presidential candidate to raise the UFO issue. The reason is that the questions are asked by the mediators. She claims she will find a way; (5) Dr Harder wants people with questions and who want to volunteer to communicate with her.  Addresses:

Write: Committee To Elect Dr. Heather Harder President

            210 South Main Street

            Crown Point, IN 46307

Telephone: (219) 663-7304      FAX: (219) 663-9974


 Internet Page:



Questions for members of the audience to reflect upon:

    (1) What are the characteristics of a wise and excellent President? Does Dr. Harder possess these characteristics?

    (2) Do you agree with Dr. Harder strategy for running for President? Why or why not?

    (3) How important is the UFO issue to the Dr. Harder Presidential campaign? Do you believe she should focus on the UFO issue?

    (4) What is the significance of the Dr. Harder Presidential Campaign?