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Brazil: The Nation Of Spectacular UFO Events


Jeff Love


Brazil is a nation of spectacular UFO events! Brazil is known for numerous
and dramatic UFO events and its own "Roswell." The biggest UFO conference in
history took place in Brasilia, Brazil.

Background Information on Brazil and UFO Activity

Brazil is the largest nation of South America, which covers nearly a half of
the South American continent and contains a large population of 170 million.
Its capital is Brasilia with a population of 2.5 million. Brazil is the only
nation of the Americas where the people speak Portuguese.

Brazil is a nation of a large number of UFO events and fantastic cases. The
first UFO sighting of Brazil took place in 1957. By 1996 there were more
than 2,000 sightings. The public has a great interest in the UFO phenomena
in Brazil; about 100 Brazilian organizations study UFO phenomena. Claudier
Covo, an electronic engineer, a UFO researcher for over 30 years and
President of the respected UFO organization - The National Institute of
Aerospace Phenomenon Investigations (INFA), presents this insightful data.
Brazil ranks number two in UFO cases in the world with 7.8% of the cases.
The United States is number one with 11.3% of the world's cases. Mr. Covo
has personally studied more than 3,000 cases in Brazil. He found 84% of
these cases took place at night and 89% occurred in rural areas. There were
63 cases with marks on the ground and about 130 abductions.

1996 and 1997 - Years of a UFO Wave and Fantastic Sightings in Brazil

These years saw the greatest UFO activity in Brazilian history. These UFO
events are illustrations:

On September 24, 1996 in the state of Sao Paulo, two people, Maria Helena
Fonseca and Katia Santos Goulart, were at home relaxing. They heard what
appeared to be fireworks at the nearby Pelotas Sports Club. They went
outside to see the fireworks. Instead, they saw in the sky an intense light
comprised of four circular lights. Fonseca and Goulart believe that they
observed a UFO. People in other cities of Sao Paulo saw radiating colorful
lights in the sky above them during this time.

A UFO case involving police and abduction took place in March 1997. Two
police officers, Mocair Pereira dos Santos and Anerilton Neves, patrolled the
neighborhood of Parque das Nacoes in the vicinity of greater Sao Paulo. The
Police officers saw the object traveling toward them and stand still about
700 feet above a house. They turned the headlights of their patrol jeep off
and the UFO moved toward the house of Nelson Antonio Tasca. Tasca was a real
estate agent, married for 27 years and had 6 children. Tasca was abducted
when he was driving on a road in the state of Santa Catarina and was forced
to have intercourse with a blue-eyed blonde ET. He said, "The encounter gave
me the most intense sexual pleasure I ever had."

Harold Westendorff, the owner of a rice distribution company, encountered a
UFO craft in his single engine plane. He circled the sky over the Island of
Saragonha in Rio Grande do Sul. The incident took place in October 1996 at
10:15 A.M. He saw a huge object the size of a soccer stadium: 350 feet in
diameter and 200 feet in height with a circular base. Its body was made of a
material that looked like aluminum. Westendorff circled the object three
times and kept up with its speed of 60 miles per hour. The huge object
released a saucer shaped object that shot upwards at a very fast speed.

Two soldiers, in the dawn hours of March 31, 1997 in Americana of Sao Paulo
State, encountered a UFO. Sergeant Iris Alves de Souza and soldier Wilton
Franco saw an object in the sky emit orange, blue, red, and yellow colors.
Sergeant de Souza asked the soldier to fetch a camera so this event could be
documented. The Sergeant stood alone. The UFO moved closer, 500 feet above
him, and illuminated the area with a white cone-shaped light. An airplane
flew into the area and the alarmed UFO retreated, turned off the light, and
flew away. The soldier returned with the camera after the event. For a week
after the event the two soldiers suffered from irritated eyes and headaches.

The "Roswell" Incident of Brazil: The Varginha UFO Event

The date of the Varginha event was January 20, 1996. The location was
Varginha which has 110,000 inhabitants. This event is considered one of the
most important in UFO history. Many UFOs have been seen in this town; UFOs
have been filmed and photographed in Varginha. The military has endeavored
to keep their operations in Varginha a secret.

The incidents of the Varginha event:

Episode One: On the late night of January 19 -20 NORAD (North American Air
Defense Command) contacted the Brazilian counterpart CINDACTA and warned the
Brazilian military organization that a UFO was coming down in the southern
parts of Minas Gerais state. This is where Varginha is located.

Episode Two: Two farm workers, Augusta and Eurico Rodriguez, were awakened
on January 20 at approximately 1:30 A.M. by the noise of farm sheep and cows.
They looked out the window and saw the farm animals running side by side.
Next, they viewed the sky and observed a silent UFO without lights. The
Rodriguez farm was located 6 miles northwest of the town of Varginha.

Episode Three: Rumor: The UFO crashed between 1:30 A.M. and 5 A.M. that
night. John Carpenter, a prominent United States UFO researcher, described
the alleged craft. "It was a submarine-shaped 'minibus' trembling like a
curtain and emitting smoke or fog as it descended to at least five meters
above the ground." A military witness now admits that it crashed and he was
part of the debris retrieval crew. Material was twisted and lightweight.
(source: A. J. Gevaerdin my video)

Episode Four: Next series of incidents occur around 8 A.M. at a park in the
Jardim Andere suburban neighborhood of Varginha. The park is located in a
grassy slope in the vicinity of woods. Hildo Lucio Galdino is a 20-year-old
college student and lives in Jardim Andre. According to two UFO
investigators, at 8 A.M. he looked out his bathroom window and observed an ET
which ran away when Hildo cried out. Hildo's description of the ET: "A
creature with oily dark skin crouched in the alleyway." The ET had "very
small hands with three extremely long fingers, kind of like a starfish." The
being had no hair and no clothing and was 4-5 feet in height.

Episode Five: Beginning at 7 A.M. the fire department received telephone
calls about wild animals in the park. The fire department sent four firemen
in an engine to the park. They arrived at 9 P.M. The military were already
there. The firemen captured one of the creatures, using gloves and a wild
animal net. The being made a noise similar to buzzing bees. The ET was
placed in a wooden box with a plastic cover and taken away in an army

Episode Six: A lawyer and former military man from Varginha observed two F-5
jets flying very low and in attack formation. He also saw military vehicles
near the woods and "a track carrying about seven soldiers in green campaign
uniforms (camouflaged) and some of them in plain clothes." Jorgen Westman, a
Swedish UFO writer, described what happened next:

A friend of this witness was in another position and said that he heard three
shots and that the soldiers came back from the woods with two campaign sacks;
one motionless and one moving. Another source has come forward and revealed
one of the soldiers shot one ET three times in the chest and the creature
died instantaneously.

The military and the fire department withdrew between 10:30A.M. and 11A.M.

Episode Seven: Three girls accidentally found another ET. The three girls
were on their way home from their jobs as maids. Two girls were sisters,
Liliane Fatima Xavier Silva (16) and Valquiria Fatima Silva (14), and the
other a friend, Katia Andrade Andrade (22). They walked through the park,
and Liliane looked to her left and screamed. The creature had three
protuberances on the head and dark greasy skin and squatted on the ground
near a wall of an old garage. Two girls recalled the experience. Liliane
said, "It was squatting, with long arms between its legs. At first I saw the
eyes, enormous and red. It was not animal or human, it was a horrible
thing." Valquiria said the creature moved its head and the frightened girls
ran away. The mothers visited the park with a friend; they found nothing, but
they experienced a strange odor.

Episode Eight: Between 7 and 8 P.M. the military from the Escola de
Sargentos and the military secret police (called P-2) entered the park in
plain clothes and civilian cars. They captured the injured ET about 11 P.M.

Other incidents involved taking the creatures to two local hospitals, sending
the dead ETs to a university lab in Campinas, and transporting live ETs to a
military base in Panama.

The military officially denies everything; military people involved in this
event are not allowed to talk about the event. The fire department
officially denies the finding of ETs. According to two local UFO
investigators, Rodriguez and Pacaccini, "The military has a problem as 17 of
their own personnel involved have spoken on recorded testimony and
camcorders. Among them is a 42 minute tape where a military officer gives
every detail of the involvement."

In the article on the Varginha Case by Jorgen Westman, the final outcome is:
a total of 8 ETs: 1 dead, 2 injured and 1 later died, and 5 unhurt and alive.

Dr. John Mack, a Harvard Professor and abduction researcher, visited Brazil
and recorded three girls in an interview and said, "He would stake his career
and his license on those three girls being truthful." Edwin Boavventura, a
noted UFO investigator of Brazil, said, "It is the most important case of
Brazilian UFOLOGY and also worldwide, due to its implications. I'd say that
even Roswell cannot be compared to Varginha which is even bigger than it."

These fine articles are available on the Internet:


The article is in NAR KONNTAKI - September 1996 #3 Issue by Jorgen Westman

UFO Chronicles: Article titled THE BRAZILIAN UFO MYSTERY

Extraterrestrials Captured By Brazilian Army by A. J. Gevaerd

The Varginha Extraterrestrial Case


A drawn picture of the Varginha ET:

The Biggest UFO Conference in History

The biggest ever UFO conference took place between December 7 through 14 at
Brasilia, Brazil. Brasilia is described in a BBC update as "Brazil's
futuristic purpose-built capital" and "a place of mystical significance."
The conference was called THE FIRST WORLD UFO FORUM. The conferences lasted
from 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. daily. This event gathered the largest number of
international speakers in one location: 36 international speakers and 26
speakers from Brazil. Nineteen nations had representatives. Each speaker
lectured for about one hour on a specific subject in his or her specialty.
Many round table discussions were also held. The presentations covered "most
aspects of Modern Ufology from A to Z."

Michael Lindemann, a speaker of the conference and noted CNI News writer,
described the breathtaking location of the important talks and discussions:

The Forum was held at, and cosponsored by, the ParlaMundi of the Legion of
Good Will, an ecumenical spiritual organization whose sumptuous and exotic
headquarters are one of the most visited sites in Brasilia. The ParlaMundi
provided a 500-seat auditorium, additional meeting rooms, professional
translation services, lunch and dinner service, and travel to and from hotels
and airport. Many delegates took time out to tour the ParlaMundi's vast
facilities, which included art galleries, an "Egyptian Room," and a large
pyramidal temple for meditation.

A. J. Gevaerd served as the International Coordinator of the First World UFO
Forum. Mr. Gevaerd performed many years of service to the UFO cause and
possesses impressive qualifications. He worked on the UFO issue for 23
years. Mr. Gevaerd served as Editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine, the only UFO
magazine in Brazil that has a circulation of 46,000 copies per month. He was
President of the Brazilian Center For Flying Saucer Research (CDPDV), an
organization of 3,000 members in Brazil and representatives in 45 countries.
Mr. Gevaerd is a former National Director for MUFON in Brazil. He
speaks about UFOs in Brazil and foreign nations.

The International speakers were the whose-who of international Ufologists.
Here is a list of prominent international speakers:

United States - Walter Andrus, Bob Brown, John Carpenter, Jerome Clarke, Mark
Carlotto, Robert Dean, Richard Hoagland, Bud Hopkins, Linda Howe, James
Hurtak, Jesse Marcel Junior, John Mack, Edgar Mitchell, Leonard Ninoy, G. C.
Schelhorn, Derrel Sims, Yvone Smith, Leo Sprinkle, Wendel Stephens, Donald

Argentina - Roberto Bachs, Antonio las Heras

Australia - Glennys Mackay

Canada - Stanton Friedman

Chile - Marrio Dussuel, Rodriguez Fuenzalida

China - Sun-Shi Li

Denmark - Per Andersen

Ecuador - Jaime Rodriguez

Finland - Timo Koskeniemmi

France - Yves Bosson

Germany - Michael Hasemann

Hungary - Cabar Tarcali

Iran - Darush Bagheri

Israel - Barry Chamish

Italy - Mauricio Baiata, Roberto Pinotti

Japan - Johsen Takauo

Mexico - Jaime Maussan

Paraguay - Joaquin Fernandes

Puerto Rico - Jorge Martin

Russia - Yuri Guerassimov

Spain - Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Javier Sierra

Sweden - S.O. Svensson

United Kingdom - Colin Andrews, Robert Bauval, Graham Birdsall, Tony Dodd

Zimbabwe - Cynthia Haid

This international conference appeared to have these purposes: (1) Most
important was a summit of the most prominent UFO researchers from the entire
world; (2) A serious examination of UFO phenomena and the extraterrestrial
hypothesis; (3) Acquiring official recognition of the UFO subject for
scientific study; (4) Public disclosure of official archives of the
Governments concerned with the UFO subject.

Four of the presentations at the First World UFO Forum are described.
According to Lindemann, "The stories from Brazil would fill volumes if told
in detail."

A speaker described a top-secret mission to Amazon rain forest by the
Brazilian Air Force to search for extraterrestrial life. It took place in
1977. The Air Force sent a team to Amazon Forest to search for UFOs and make
contact with the extraterrestrials.

Professor Sun ShiLi from China spoke about a UFO that destroyed several acres
of forest. Every tree was violently snapped off about one foot above ground
level. The ugly landscape was filled with shattered stumps and debris.

Barry Chamish, an Israeli writer on political subjects and a book about UFOs,
described giant ETs 7 feet to 9 feet tall that stalked the nation of Israel.
Lindemann wrote: "In one instance, a monstrous biped was observed outside
the home of a man who immediately called the police to investigate. The next
morning, a trail of giant footprints was found to extend for six kilometers.
The footprints sank up to six inches in hard ground, leaving researchers to
conclude the creature must have weighed more than a ton."

An in-depth presentation of the Varginha case was presented to the
international lectures and the audience. A whole night was set aside for
this subject. Vitorio Pacaccini, a major Brazilian UFO researcher who was
fiercely dedicated to investigating the case and writer of a book entitled
INCIDENT IN VARGINHA, spoke about this event. Michael Lindemann and Jeff
Rense interviewed Mr. Pacaccini directly from the forum in Brasilia. He
revealed this fascinating information about the Varginha case: (1) The UFO
craft - Pacaccini believed the craft was probably shot down. He did not
know if it was an Air Force plane or from the ground. The craft in space was
followed by NORAD, the space defense system of the United States Air Force.
The craft eventually came into the Varginha vicinity. It was submarine in
shape and made no noise. The crash was very slow and not violent. It
released a lot of smoke. Most of the time the object was close to the
ground. Satellite, radar, and two trucks followed the UFO on the ground.
After the crash the object was spread over a large area. The captured
creatures were transferred to a secret underground base in Brazil; one ET was
transported to the United States; (2) The extraterrestrials - Description of
the ETs: 4 feet tall, a high head with bumps, big red eyes like a frog
with no pupils, small nose, a slit for a mouth, thin long arms and legs, big
feet, and a dark brown body. The entities smelled from ammonia. They
probably came from a planet with ammonia atmosphere. Prior to this event 22
different ETs were classified from Brazil; this was a new ET species, that is
number 23; (3) A soldier involved in the capture of the ET about 11 P.M. got
very close. He had severe pains over his body, could not raise his body, and
eventually died; (4) For one month after the crash 120 sightings of UFOs took
place in a vicinity of 150 kilometers of Varginha; they were seen in 12
cities in the area, Varginha, and on the roads. It was probably a rescue

A document called the BRASILIA's LETTER was the outcome of the forum. A. J.
Gevaerd wrote most of this document. At the closing ceremony the document
was presented to a Senator of the Brazilian Government and two
representatives of the Air Force of Brazil. Some of the important points of
the Brasilia Letter: (The source of the Brasilia Letter was an article by

According to the Brasilia Letter to the Brazilian Government these facts were
presented in the presence of the Air Force Minister of Brazil: the document
is quoted.

1.. That it is general knowledge that UFO phenomenon, represented by the
constant visits of space vehicles to planet Earth is genuine and (has) been
independently confirmed by civilian ufologists and military authorities
throughout the world for the last 50 years.
2.. That the origin of such phenomena (is) already identified as
extraterrestrial and from civilizations technologically far advanced (over)
our own, co-exist(ing) with us in the Universe.
3.. That such civilizations are in continuous process of approaching
Earth and our planetary civilization. Also, these civilizations, through
their maneuvers, most of the time display no hostility toward us.
4.. That such visits of such extraterrestrial civilizations to Earth have
been gradually increasing over recent years, according to statistics provided
by national and international (sources), not only in quantity but also in
5.. That it is urgent to establish an official programme of knowledge,
research, and public knowledge, research and public education (on) the topic;
(and) through such methods, make it clear to the Brazilian population the
ever-growing, undeniable and extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
The letter asked the Brazilian Defense Ministry to open its files in two

" (a) The Operation Prato, conducted by the First Air Regional Command
(Comar) of Belem, Para State between September and December 1977, that
resulted in a large volume document, complemented with more than 500 photos
and many films (of) movements of UFOs above the Amazon region, as confirmed
by Colonel Uyrange Bolivar Soares de Hollanda Lima."

" (b) Ufological phenomena which occurred in May of 1986, over the states of
Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, among others, when more than 20 unknown flying
objects were observed, monitored, recorded on radar and were chased by Air
Force jets, according to the Aeronautics Minister of the time, Brigadier
Octavio Moreira Lima.

The document also called for cooperation between the Brazilian Government and
Civilian UFO researchers to resolve the UFO mystery. It asked that Brazil
use the method employed in Chile - that is, to establish a committee between
UFO researchers and Air Force of Brazil and other Departments "to formulate
an appropriate way to discuss the subject at levels possible." The document
called for a change from the current situation of UFO cases classified as
national security to "a meaningful and prosperous partnership."

The document was signed by most of the delegates to the forum. Several
delegates refused to sign the document because of disagreement. Two invited
delegates protested the inclusion of their names on the document. Several
signed even though they disagreed over the language. According to Lindemann,
"the majority view seemed to be that the document represented a useful step
toward cooperative relations between ufologists and Brazilian authorities."

Spectacular UFO events took place in Brazil in 1996 and 1997: a great UFO
wave of 1996 and 1997, the Brazilian "Roswell" of the Varginha Case, and The
WORLD UFO FORUM, the biggest UFO conference in history.

These questions are for the audience's reflection:

1.. Do you believe the Varginha Case was another "Roswell"? Why?
2.. What was the meaning and significance of the First World UFO Forum?
3.. How do these events in Brazil effect Ufology?
4.. How can Americans interested in the UFO phenomena better understand?