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Positive Alien Encounters


First, for my discussion, I will be taking information from the book, Abductions, by John Mack and the book, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters, by Richard Boylan. John Mack is a psychologist at Harvard who has worked with abductees and Richard Boylan who is trained as a psychologist and also works with those who have experienced ET contact. To be sure, I believe that there are both positive and negative Ets out there and that people have both positive and negative experiences with the ETs. One experiencer in Dr. Boylan's book says that: "The ETs are many races and cultures at different evolutionary levels. Most are serene, metaphysical, like super-advanced Buddhist monks, altruistic. A few are less evolved, adolescent, patronizing, practicing extractive and self-serving science rather than the gift giving and metaphysical contact that highly evolved ones practice." According to Dr. Boylan, the message here is that we should deal with each ET group and individual as unique and evaluate them on the basis of their behavior. Also, because of my own experiences with the ETs and because of the literature that I have read, I believe that most ETs are positive and are here only to help us raise our consciousness. One of the things I have learned is that we cannot place our own mindset on the ETs whose mindset is completely different from ours because they came from different planets and cultures with which we are unfamiliar. I will mention my own experiences only very briefly. The ETs with whom I have had contact are playful and childlike. At the same time, they are very spiritual and intelligent. Through them I have learned to start bringing down some walls that I have built up as an adult, so that I can get to know my inner child, and start letting go of my ego. On the whole, they have given me a much wider and broader understanding of God, the Universe, and those who are different from myself.

In his book, John Mack examines many of the abduction cases that he has dealt with. Before Mack takes a case, he always has his potential client tested in order to see if the individual has any psychological problems to make sure that the abductions are not just symptoms of the person's problems. Once Mack is assured that the person has no psychological problems, he is free to go ahead and look at the person's abduction as an actual event.

Generally speaking, the people who Mack deals with go through a period of trauma, fear, and anger that this is being done to them. Boylan concurs with these findings in that the person's initial reactions to their experiences are fear and trauma. For the person who has had their first experience with the ETs or is just starting to remember their ET experiences, trauma, fear, and anger are very normal reactions because the person is being taken away from everything that he or she has ever known. Also. anger at this being done against the person's will is also a normal reaction. But, according to Mack, after going through hypnotic sessions with him, many of his clients begin to change as they realize that their experiences were making them stronger persons. One of his clients, Catherine, was extremely angry at being taken aboard ship and at being observed by the ETs without them asking for her permission first. She was also very scared and frightened. However, with time, Catherine discovered a need to start building her own inner strength which she realized is something that no one can take away. She had "come to the conclusion that the aliens were more advanced spiritually and emotionally than we are and therefore they don't have the need to be as emotional as we are. This means that if I am going to get anything useful from them I've got to deal with them on their level." She also learned that both her fear and her anger were getting her nowhere because her fear and anger became barriers to her and that when she was fighting them, she was only fighting herself. As Catherine stopped fighting with the ETs and started to cooperate with them, the ETs became cooperative towards her and she also noticed an increase in her intuitive abilities. Furthermore, her consciousness also began to raise and she began to grow spiritually.

Another one of Mack's clients, Arthur, agrees with Catherine in that he says fear creates a barrier. Because the ETs have a different mindset than us, they also speak a different language. According to Arthur, "the way you communicate with these beings, is telepathically, but the only way you can achieve that telepathy is by eliminating fear. That fear will block it. You won't be able to communicate with them until you are rid of the fear and other negative emotion. If you feel negatively, it is fear of anger or destructiveness, or anything like that, they don't communicate that way. They simply want to be communicated with by not being feared, and that is the kind of reason they have difficulty with humans." Mack puts it this way: "Even the helplessness and loss or surrender of control, which are at least initially, forced upon the abductees by the aliens-one of the most traumatic aspects of the experience-seem to be in some way designed to bring about a kind of ego death from which spiritual growth and consciousness may follow."

Furthermore, according to Mack, every abductee receives information about the earth's ecosystem and feels compelled to do something about it. Abduction experiencers come to feel deeply that the death of human beings and countless other species will occur on a vast scale if we continue on our present course and that some sort of new life-form must evolve if the human biological and spiritual essence is to be preserved. Mack says he has the senses that: "the abduction phenomenon is, at its core, about the preservation of life on Earth at a time when the planet's life is profoundly threatened." One of Dr. Boylan's experiencers says that "ET contact has made me aware of a non-hierarchical understanding of Nature and life-forms. Lower creatures are not here just for our domination, just as the ETs are not patronizing of us and do not condemn us." In other words, "a central tenet of ET metaphysics is that all life is sacred because all life springs from the common Source of life. In a certain way, there are no superior and inferior life-forms."

According to another Boylan experiencer, "the message I get is that life is abundant in the universe. Intelligent life evolves in ways we can recognize as intelligent. Superior intelligences [the ETs] want us to reach our own best potential. And that is the definition of a friend." In addition, Mack says that " with the opening of consciousness to new domains of being, abductees encounter patterns and a design of life that brings them a profound sense of interconnectedness in the universe." In conclusion, Mack says that "as we, like the abductees, permit ourselves to surrender the illusion of control and mastery of our world, we might discover our place as one species among many whose special gifts include unusual capacities, for caring, rational thought, and self-awareness."