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This article will have to do with the idea of "kingship" ... a la Laurence Gardner's work .. his 2 books, "Bloodline of The Holy Grail", and "Genesis of The Grail Kings". This also has to do with the work of Zecharia Sitchin, and with the work of Neil Freer. And, this has to do with the
"archaeo-sky matrix".

There is a prominent star in our sky associated with "kingship".
That star is REGULUS .. the "Heart of The Lion" in the Leo constellation.

It was Daniel Perez, who wrote the article, "Washington, District of  Cydonia"  (on The Internet), who jogged my mind into the realization that REGULUS is "HORUS". My archaeo-sky matrix Grid POINT Value for REGULUS is .. 19.7392088 .. a "Pi-Fractal" (as I call it) of .. (2Pi) X Pi.

The Earth Precession Cycle

The Earth precession cycle is 25920 years (an ideal figure) .. to complete one circumference of 360 arc-degrees (our conventional number of arc-degrees on one circumference).

"When" Was 'Zep Tepi' ?

As Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have brought to the attention of many people, "Zep Tepi" means "The First Time". Was that time .. ("the first time") .. was that when this "archaeo-sky matrix" was dedicated ? Was that a "time marker", having to do with polar shifts on Earth ?
Maybe "Zep Tepi" was a few hundred years after the last polar shift on Earth. It could have taken quite a while for the Earth to "settle", after such a 'catastrophe'. And, by the way, I'm not (necessarily) equating this polar shift event to "The Biblical Flood" of Ziusudra ("Noah"). I think it's likely that Laurence Gardner's work has indicated the correct time period for "The Biblical Flood" as about 4000 B.C. (roughly speaking) .. or just prior  to the "sudden civilization" of the Sumerians.

"Zero Degrees Aries" of the 'Tropical Zodiac'

The vast majority of astrologers, as of this writing, still use the 'Tropical Zodiac' ... which is "solar-system oriented". In effect, they (the Tropical Zodiac astrologers) have been using a zodiac that is "frozen in time" .. with the northern vernal equinox "stuck" at Zero Degrees Aries.

There is good evidence emerging that indicates that the "Sidereal Zodiac" developed by Cyril Fagan and others, is a more effective 'astrological tool'. The Sidereal Astrology uses a zodiac that is current with Earth precession, and it uses prominent star-positions based on an ecliptical frame of  reference.

In rough terms, for now, the northern vernal equinox is about 25 arc-degrees, clockwise, from Zero Degrees Aries. So .. we are at about 05 degrees Pisces, as of circa 2000 A.D. at our northern vernal equinox.

Transposing (Overlaying) Onto The Calendar

Visualize our annual calendar, with Zero Degrees Aries at March 21st, conforming to the 'Tropical Zodiac'. Now .. move clockwise .. through the month of March, and then into the month of February by about 4 arc-degrees. And, assume a 28-day February. You've now moved about 25 degrees clockwise. Pretend that you've "moved" in terms of Earth precession. Where are you ? You are in the "NOW" .. right ? You are now at about the 24th of February on our calendar. Now; look directly "across the horizon", 'across the calendar' .. to about 180 degrees from where you are now. You are 'now' looking at about the 24th to the 25th of August.

HORUS is "Now" With RA

At circa 2000 A.D. .. REGULUS travels with The SUN, almost right-on the ecliptic, around the 24th or 25th of August. Is this not correct ? If this is not correct, then how far "off" is it, in terms of Earth days ?

HALF An Earth Precession Cycle

Half an Earth precession cycle is 12960 years. That would be (ideally) 180 arc-degrees of precessional "movement" .. a semi-circle.

I'm proposing that "now" .. circa 2000 A.D. .. is 180 arc-degrees of  Earth precession from the last polar-shift event on Earth. And; I'm proposing that in another 05 degrees of precessional "movement", or in 'roughly' 360 years from now .. but, more-precisely; in 2368 A.D. ..
we will be 180 precessional arc-degrees from Zep Tepi. Therefore; I'm saying that Zep Tepi was .. 10,592 B.C. ..  { 12960 - 2000 - 368 = 10,592 }.

The star (system) SIRIUS has a circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Value of .. 2.368705056 .. a decimal harmonic of 2368.705056 .. the W.Giza Grid LONG of The U.S. Naval Observatory ..
= 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].

The radius of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992) is .. 48.66934411 regular British Feet. The 'Square' of that figure is .. (48.66934411 X 48.66934411) = 2368.705056 Feet Sq. ..
which, in turn, is part of the formula for finding the actual Area of  the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge itself. Pi X (radius Squared) = Area of a Circle.
So ... 3.141592654 X 2368.705056 = 7441.506403 Square Feet.

Using decimal harmonics (powers-of-ten) ..  3.141592654 X 2.368705056 = 7.441506403 .. which is the Grid POINT Value I found for circa 2000 A.D. BETELGEUSE, in Orion.

Even 'The Washington Monument', in Washington, D.C., encodes the "7441506403" decimal harmonic value. How so ?? In the actual (current) centered longitude position of The Washington
Monument itself .. 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 7.441506403 (sec) W.Giza .. = 8036.826916 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 6.641506403 sec ].

And I factor the figure 8036.826916 into .. 259.2 X (Pi Cubed). Of course, 259.2 is a decimal harmonic of Earth's precession cycle in years. And; 259.2 is my Grid POINT Value for "The Tholus" at Cydonia on Mars. Also; (Pi Cubed) is my Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star MINTAKA, of circa 2000 A.D.

My Grid LAT for both "The Tholus" and for "City Square" is .. 1296 North .. = 41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North. (Cydonia, Mars). There you have a decimal harmonic of HALF the Earth precession cycle. My Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) for the site at Bethlehem,  corresponding to the location Bruce Cathie identified, using his
"geomagnetic grid" .. is .. 65.656127 .. a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia !!!
I now find the Grid POINT Value of circa 2000 A.D. REGULUS/"HORUS" ..
1296 / 65.656127 = 19.7392088

HORUS and 'The Face'

I have to say that HORUS is very much associated with 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. We can "see" it .. in the "now".

Munck (1992) found the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars to be .. 656.56127

Notice this simple equation, now .. 12960 / 656.56127 = 19.7392088 ... again; the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of circa 2000 A.D. REGULUS.

As I wrote in an article several weeks ago (on The Internet), an interesting crop formation appeared in Wiltshire, England .. reported on the 25th of August, 2000, and created on the 24th of August. This was exactly at the time of year (if I'm not mistaken) when REGULUS/HORUS travels across the sky with The SUN/RA. In fact .. HORUS would be hidden "behind" RA
during that time, as they traverse the skies of Earth together .. "riding" along the ecliptic !!!

The "7-Pointed Star" Crop Formation

That formation reported on August 25th, and created on 24 August, was in the form of a 7-pointed star. Supposedly, it was "hoaxed". I say, at this time, it would appear that whether-or-not it was "hoaxed" is actually irrelevant !!! The fact remains .. that it was "created" exactly "WHERE" it was created .. in terms of exact (centered) latitude and  longitude, on the 24th/25th of August, 2000.

As I reported in some posts on The Internet, I will again give my archaeo-sky matrix figures for this crop formation :

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 56 (min) X 48.21428571 (sec) W.Giza .. = 86400 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 48 min 47.41428571 sec ]. Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 24 (min) X 6.566035062 (sec) North .. = 8036.826916 North. Grid POINT Value .. 7-pointed Star Crop Formation .. 86400 / 8036.826916 .. = 10.75051148

Notice .. I have a flat-out_numerical_match of the 8036.826916 ..  Grid LONG of The Washington Monument (see above) !!! This is also the Grid LONG of The 33rd Degree Temple in
Washington, D.C. .. in fact, the identical actual longitude of The Washington Monument.

Recall (above) from earlier in this article ..  I said the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of The U.S. Naval Observatory is .. 15. That number .. "15" .. is also the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 2000) of The 33rd Degree Temple. And recall that I said the Grid LONG of  The U.S. Naval Observatory is .. 2368.705056 W.Giza., which encodes the year of 180 Earth precessional arc-degrees from Zep Tepi. That year of 2368 A.D. will be the_actual_transition-time into .. the Age of AQUARIUS !!!

Laurence Gardner's research says that the actual birth of Jesus Christ happened in the year 07 B.C., and that Year 01 A.D. is the "formal" Year One. Therefore, I would add 08 years onto 2368 .. for a total of 2376 years duration for the_actual_Age of PISCES. This would mean an average of 72 years for each arc-degree of Earth precession during the Age of Pisces.
{ 2376 / 33 = 72 }. Could the "33" .. so important in the Freemason  tradition, have to do with the actual length of the Age of Pisces ? I think so.

And .. why the 7 points on that particular crop formation ?

I think it is in reference to the 7th planet in our Solar System. As Zecharia Sitchin has revealed through his work, Earth is the 7th planet .. counting from Pluto toward The Sun.

This 7-pointed Star Crop Formation appeared, in 2000 A.D., at the time when HORUS took his journey with RA, across the skies of Earth. The 7-pointed "star" is a very ancient symbol of Earth. As Sitchin has shown, that symbol for Earth has been found on Sumerian tablets and cylinder-seals.

HORUS is an Egyptian symbol of a new "King".  I see this time .. circa 2000 A.D., as the dawning of a new paradigm in Earth-Human civilization. Maybe we are about to come out of our
relatively traumatic cultural "adolesence", into a new "adult"  species-identity,  or something Neil Freer would probably express in better terms.

Gardner's work has shown that Jesus Christ was a very important and very special King in the ancient human legacy on Earth. Enki, the great scientist and protagonist of humankind on Earth, is a 'direct' ancestor of Jesus Christ, and of other Kings in a number of bloodlines and specially-
managed cultural legacies.

Indeed, the very fact that the life of Jesus Christ was "timed" to coincide with these current "circa 2000 A.D. revelations" involving Earth history,  such as the time of the last polar-shift .. the time of Zep Tepi .. the  duration of the Age of Pisces, and the time of the transition to the Age of Aquarius
..marked and redundantly displayed with an elegant, self-referential  "archaeo-sky matrix" .. indicates that Jesus was a very monumental person.
-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2000
P.S. You are encouraged to copy and to forward this article to others,
provided everything is copied in its entirety, with no alterations,
and proper credit is given to the author. Thanks -- MLM.