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24 Feb. 00

Tropical Zodiac

I've become aware, as part of my learning about the "Sidereal Zodiac" ...
that the so-called "Tropical Zodiac" is seriously obsolete ... like about
"25 arc-degrees of Earth precession" obsolete, and out-of-phase !!!
That is ... almost an entire "Zodiac House" out-of-phase.

Apparently ... the last time the *real* (star-position based) Zodiac was
adjusted for Earth precession ... was way back in the 3rd century A.D. ..
(the year 277 A.D, possibly).

In other words ... the Zodiac Houses, themselves, are NOT "fixed" to the
commonly-used reference point of .. "zero degrees Aries on the Vernal
Rather, the Zodiac Houses actually *precess* ... because 'The Houses'
involve the*actual positions of the stars*. This fact has been TOTALLY and GROSSLY over-looked and ignored, by common ("Tropical") Astrology .. for over 1700 years.

So; the Vernal Equinox Point ... is NOT at .. "zero degrees Aries", at all.
Far from it. The Vernal Equinox Point is now at approximately .. 05 deg
16 min. That's almost 25 arc-degrees from "zero degrees Aries".

So ... if you were born, say, on September 11th ... you are NOT a Virgo ...
you are a LEO. You need to "count-back" 25 Days clockwise ... to get your
true natal Sun Sign. Yes ... this changes a lot of people's "charts" !!!

My first thoughts about "why" the Earth's precession hasn't been 'figured-in'
for The Zodiac Houses for so long ... over 1700 years ... although I haven't
*yet* read much of the literature in the field of Sidereal Astrology (Cyril Fagan,
et al) this :In the 3rd century A.D. is when the Organized Christian Church first began to come into power. This was the time when 'The Church' began to "take over" as
THE major socio-political 'force' in the 'Western' World. The Church didn't
want the 'common people' having access to 'higher knowledge'. Part of the 'higher
knowledge' had been the knowledge of the stars, of course. So ... maybe it
was "decided" or contrived/manipulated by those of The Church, coming into power,
that the figuring of the precession would be ... 'frowned-upon as
un-necessary', perhaps, or even labeled as "undesirable".

Anyway ... "Sidereal Astrology" has, in relatively recent times, been
re-discovering and renewing the real, true Zodiac. The major figure in this revival has
been a man named Cyril Fagan. He and a few contemporaries did much of their work in the1950s and 1960s.

It strikes me as quite amazing that "astrology" and "astrologers" *in
general*, have not LONG AGO "caught on" to this outlandish error ... the complete
'disregarding of precession' as it logically applies to The Zodiac Houses themselves.
I suppose this can serve as somewhat of a testament to the power and
influence of the suppressive and repressive forces ... in our relatively "recent"

-- Michael L. M.