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(Logging at 27-JUN-2000 17:55)
.Royce3> Hi Kolta
DORCASQ> Hi Royce & Kolta
DORCASQ> Hey, the board shows an active chat here!!!
.Royce3> I just got a message flashing on my screen that Delphi is having
network problems. But we seem to be fine.
DORCASQ> I just saw that msg. too.
.Kolta> Hi Royce. I just got a message that there is a network problem and
that I might be experiencing some difficulty
.Royce3> I got the same message, but it is great today.
.Royce3> No problems here.
DORCASQ> Earlier today I couldn't get on Delphi - they were having problems.
.Royce3> Is that right?
.Royce3> Hmmm
.Kolta> Does not sound good
.Royce3> Oh, well, we will see what the day brings.
DORCASQ> But they seem to have it fixed now...who knows.
.Royce3> Maybe a bad day for others will be a good day for us.
.Royce3> I was at the hosts forum last night and the number of complaints
were unbelievable.
BAUBLE49> So, Delphi is saying we have a chat today??!!
DORCASQ> Maybe that is why they are working on it today.
DORCASQ> Hey Bauble - didn't see you here.
BAUBLE49> Yeah, Sure...
.Royce3> I told the newbies to get used to technical troubles at Delphi.
.Kolta> Maybe they have fixed it. What is new about Michael?
.Royce3> Told them the troubles are here to stay.
.Royce3> Michael won't be joining us.
.Royce3> He never got on.
BAUBLE49> And what is new about Michael W. Kolta?
.Kolta> Never was able to get in?
.Royce3> Never managed to, Kolta
.Royce3> He says he wants a rain check.
.Kolta> Wolf is about the same. He has not called me for a while. He sleeps
most of the time.
DORCASQ> Did you have trouble getting on, Bauble?
.Royce3> Well, we should keep him on the prayer list.
BAUBLE49> landonlyl just got back from vacation and so did Caverat, so hope
they will be here today
.Kolta> Yes, keep him on the prayer list.
BAUBLE49> No Dorcas
.Royce3> The question is whether or not anyone can get on here tonight
outside of those of us here now.
DORCASQ> Yes, he will be kept on prayer list until you tell me to stop, K.
.Kolta> Thanks Dorc
.Kolta> Don't you think anyone else will be able to get in Royce?
BAUBLE49> Yet Delphi will still not recognize my old name with the 48 instead
of 49
.Royce3> I don't know, Kolta. But the news doesn't sound good.
.Kolta> What a shame!
DORCASQ> I even got it to keep my password on today - didn't have to keep
typing it in.
.Kolta> It has always kept my password
.Royce3> Well, I had three emails last week from people who are having
trouble getting in here.
DORCASQ> It never would keep mine before
.Royce3> I sent one of the notes on to Dorcasq
.Kolta> Sorry Dorc
.Royce3> I am pleased that the traffic on the message board has picked up.
DORCASQ> Who is the person I got the email about, Royce?
.Royce3> We seem to be getting a pretty good stream of people these days. You
have all greatly contributed to that.
BAUBLE49> In case we forget to ask later about the prayer list. Would you add
Joyce for me Dorcas?
.Royce3> Pronobis, or something like that.
.Kolta> It has definitely picked up. If people can get to the message board,
it is odd that they cannot get into the chat
DORCASQ> I know the name, R, but how did you come to communicate with him?
.Royce3> He and two others sent me emails, Dorcasq.
BAUBLE49> You do good posts Kolta
.Kolta> Thanks Bauble
DORCASQ> Yes, B, ok Joyce.
DORCASQ> Yes, you do do good posts, K
.Kolta> Thanks Dorc
BAUBLE49> I already told Dorcas that her posts are quite good also
DORCASQ> So do Royce and Bauble!
.Kolta> You and Dorc both do good posts
DORCASQ> We are such good postits.
BAUBLE49> I attempt my 2 sentences or so
.Royce3> I'm going to hold off getting into specific topics until we see if
we are going to get a few more people. I"m surprised Jeff isn't here yet. I
would guess that he is having his troubles.
.Kolta> It is unusual for Jeff not to be here
.Royce3> According to my ICQ program, he isn't on line.
.Kolta> Did he have anything special to do today?
DORCASQ> Jeff shows as being online on my ICQ, Royce
.Royce3> O.K., I see him now.
.Kolta> Must have just gotten on
.Royce3> I just sent him a note.
.Royce3> By the way, how many of you listen to Jeff Rense, Laura Lee or Coast
to Coast radio shows?
BAUBLE49> I do
DORCASQ> I haven't listened to any of them in a while.
.Royce3> And why is that? General lack of interest, Dorcasq? Or is it that
you don't like to sit by the computer.
DORCASQ> I don't like to sit by the computer
.Royce3> Kolta, do you listen to those shows? If not, why not?
BAUBLE49> She has better things to do with her time
DORCASQ> Right, Baub!!
.Royce3> Yes, well, of course, coast to coast is on the radio.
.Kolta> I do not like sitting there listening to the radio
** GRIDWALKER just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
.Royce3> Hello Gridwalker
.Royce3> Welcome
.Royce3> How is your day going, Grid?
BAUBLE49> Hi Grid
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Kolta> Hi Grid
.Royce3> Hello Jeff, welcome.
.Kolta> Hi Jeff
BAUBLE49> There's Jeff
DORCASQ> Haaaay Jeff made it too
.jefflove> hi
DORCASQ> We were just wondering if everyone was having problems getting on.
BAUBLE49> Hey Jeff, Will there be any Theosophy meetings this summer. We
didn't get a new brochure
.Royce3> Grid do you have a Theosophical Society group near you?
.jefflove> is michael morton on tonight
.Royce3> Michael never managed to get logged in, Jeff. he is a no show for
.Royce3> It is a shame.
.jefflove> there is no meeting until September
.Kolta> Michael was having a hard time getting on Delphi Jeff
GRIDWALKER> no I dont and hi all.....
.Royce3> I think he really wanted to join us. And he had a lot to report on.
** 1ANDONLY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Kolta> C
.Royce3> Hello 1andonly1
1ANDONLY1> Hi room, good to be back
DORCASQ> Hi 1andonly1
.Royce3> Welcome
BAUBLE49> Is Sacred geometry the same as ley lines or grid lines, Anybody??
.Kolta> Hi 1and and or only
BAUBLE49> Hi land
GRIDWALKER> it works on the same principle
1ANDONLY1> I believe so Baub
BAUBLE49> Where did you go on vacation?
1ANDONLY1> Hi Grid
.Royce3> Yes, send some vacation pictures.
DORCASQ> I wish someone could explain that to me - but I'm afraid I'm too
dense to understand.
1ANDONLY1> A small place called Camber Sands
BAUBLE49> Ok Because Morton works on Sacred geometry and I thought they might
be the same or connected
.Royce3> Camber Sands has a nice ring to it.
DORCASQ> I can't understand much of any of Michael's stuff.
BAUBLE49> Yes it does
.Kolta> I cannot understand his stuff either Dorc
.Royce3> Michael's material does require close study.
DORCASQ> I'm glad to hear that k, because I know you are NOT dense.
1ANDONLY1> Can't say I know of him
GRIDWALKER> all things boil down to a mathematical value, according to
pythagorus the structure of the universe is mathematics...ssso sacred
geometry is the same thing all structures right down to the basic shape
GRIDWALKER> of creation is of mathematical value so is the cosmic grid
BAUBLE49> That might be because he seems to just throw the numbers out there
with no explanation Dorcas
.Kolta> Thanks Dorc
.Royce3> Grid, have you gone over to our web site to read some of Michael's
DORCASQ> But I still can't understand the reasoning behind it, Grid.
.Royce3> It's interesting.
GRIDWALKER> havnt got the address please give give give
.Kolta> That is very true Bauble. He does not explain why these number mean
anything or the point of doing them. If he did that, then he would be better
.Royce3> Grid, if you [click] on the gray colored web page tab at the top of
the Delphi page you will go right to our associated web site.
DORCASQ> Yes, K, I never could understand the point of all of it.
GRIDWALKER> and mine
BAUBLE49> Exactly Kolta And it probably would be very interesting then
GRIDWALKER> o.k. thanx royce
.Kolta> Precisely Bauble
1ANDONLY1> That is the trouble with many academics
DORCASQ> Well, if he ever gets on here we can ask him to explain.
BAUBLE49> Grid the web page tab is only 2 tabs over from the chat tab
GRIDWALKER> thanx bauble
.Kolta> That is very true 1and. Academics presume we understand what they
DORCASQ> Yes, 1and, some academics get so wrapped up in what they are doing
they forget WHY they are doing it.
.Royce3> If any of the rest of you are unsure about how to get to our web
site, we can talk about it some more. Is everyone clear? The means by which
to get to the web site has been confusing for a great
.Royce3> number of people.
BAUBLE49> Then you will go to writers on the page's left side then click on
Michael Morton
GRIDWALKER> i'll do it later
1ANDONLY1> so what was made of the subject matter sent tonight folks?
BAUBLE49> After you check that out Grid you can come on some evening and
explain it all to the rest of us!!!!!!
GRIDWALKER> hhmmmmmmmm
.Royce3> Other members of our group have posted articles and pictures on the
web site. You all are welcome to contribute to the web site. We get around
200 people a day at the web page. It's an entirely
.Royce3> different crowd.
BAUBLE49> Just kidding Grid
DORCASQ> Yes, Grid!!!
.Royce3> Pictures of sacred sites will be most welcome.
GRIDWALKER> now now im not that brainy
GRIDWALKER> hmm can get u those royce
BAUBLE49> Kolta is one of the writers listed
** TEMPEST2000 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.Royce3> Yes indeed, Grid.
.Royce3> Hello Tempest, welcome.
GRIDWALKER> going to our sacred sight in the next couple of weeks local to do
some work will take some photos
1ANDONLY1> Hi Tempest
.Kolta> Just 2 articles. I will try to write more
.Royce3> We are discussing sacred sites, Tempest.
GRIDWALKER> then off to glastonbury and surrounding sights will get some pics
for u all
.Royce3> Actually they are ancient megalithic sites.
BAUBLE49> Where are you going exactly Grid?
TEMPEST2000> hello
** SCRYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
.Royce3> hello Scrye, welcome
DORCASQ> Hello Tempest
.Kolta> Hi Scyre
DORCASQ> and Scrye
.Scrye> Hi!
BAUBLE49> Hello Tempest and Scrye
.Royce3> Scrye, the scheduled guest was Michael Morton, but he never managed
to clear the technical problems here at Delphi.
BAUBLE49> That would be great Grid Can I come with you and your group??
TEMPEST2000> hello room, and bauble
1ANDONLY1> Hi Scrye
GRIDWALKER> to the pond very soon then glastonbury tour - stonehenge- Avburry
GRIDWALKER> white horse
.Kolta> Have an extra suitcase for me Grid?
TEMPEST2000> white buffalo
.Scrye> Hi Bauble and 1andonly
TEMPEST2000> I wanna go
.Royce3> Grid you work with 1andonly one in connection with the sacred sites.
Can you folks please explain the nature of your work?
BAUBLE49> You'll be seeing some crop circles then Grid??
.Royce3> For those of you new here, Grid and 1andonly1 live in the UK>
TEMPEST2000> hey what if space was a hollowgram,and all the hives r in the
BAUBLE49> Let's charter a plane!!!!!
** MACIANI just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
.Royce3> hello Maciani, welcome.
GRIDWALKER> if i see any crop circles i'll get some pics for u and email them
.Kolta> Great, a group trip!!!!!
.maciani> hello
GRIDWALKER> hi and welcome
1ANDONLY1> I would need to send an article for a lot of it
DORCASQ> Space could be a hologram, Tempest.
.Royce3> We are talking a bit about megalithic sites--sacred sites in the UK.
BAUBLE49> We're always ready Huh Kolta?
1ANDONLY1> as my typing is confined to 2 fingers
.Kolta> Definitely Bauble
TEMPEST2000> yes it could in fact spirit has no time
GRIDWALKER> yes u could all stay at 1ANDONLY1's place
.Scrye> Mine always is about 2 1/2 fingers, 1and.
BAUBLE49> OK!!!!!!
.Royce3> Tempest, we have talked a bit about the notion of a holographic
universe. I think there's good evidence that the universe is created in such
a fashion.
BAUBLE49> We'll be there with bells on
.Kolta> Let's go!!!!!!!
TEMPEST2000> hey i can explain what crop circles r
.Kolta> Yes Tempest
.Royce3> Go ahead, Tempest.
DORCASQ> Please do Tempest.
GRIDWALKER> actually we could all meet on the astral and go in spirit
BAUBLE49> You can?
1ANDONLY1> after I've finished the extension Grid
.Scrye> Yes, but WHO is the photographer, Royce?
BAUBLE49> Good idea Grid
.Kolta> That is an idea Grid
.Royce3> Mike Hammer, man with a camera, scrye.
TEMPEST2000> well now that I am on spotlight ok i shall share some hard
earned wisdom
GRIDWALKER> in fact we could all have a holiday in barbados that way
BAUBLE49> I have my silver cord with me at all times
DORCASQ> Please send me an astral map, Grid.
BAUBLE49> Funny Dorc
GRIDWALKER> we could meet at some great landmark
.Royce3> Tempest, few of us here have really earned anything, so go ahead and
DORCASQ> Go ahead Tempest, we are listening.
GRIDWALKER> sorry tempest
BAUBLE49> I not allowed to have siccors....
.Scrye> Some day we can go on holo-day instead!
GRIDWALKER> or halo-day
BAUBLE49> You know the things that cut things
.Kolta> I like halo-day Grid
.Royce3> Go ahead Tempest. About the crop circles????
TEMPEST2000> I DONT WANNA EARN ANYTHING...In fact a low profile is best i am
but a shadow in cosmics corner
BAUBLE49> Very good Scrye
.Royce3> Well, talk about the crop circles.
GRIDWALKER> hhhhmmmmmmmmmm
1ANDONLY1> Got bounced out
.Royce3> We have had Stuart Dike on discussing the circles. His conversation
is in our archives.
BAUBLE49> Temp is probably typing
.Royce3> Stuart, of course, runs the Crop Circle Connector in the UK.
DORCASQ> Any of you new/late comers have anyone for the prayer list?
.Royce3> I notice that there are not the number of pictures there that there
have been in the past.
TEMPEST2000> first off we have to wake up our minds, and comprehend the big
picture will blow yer fragile lil minds
BAUBLE49> Can't remember the date Stuart was on though
.Scrye> Jesse, age 2.
1ANDONLY1> Yes, Iris Head please for the list
BAUBLE49> Joyce
.maciani> whats a prayer list
.Royce3> Go ahead, Tempest. We are listening.
BAUBLE49> Yes it probably would Tempest
GRIDWALKER> yes go ahead
.Scrye> Doesn't the Big Picture have scary things like interplanetary
.Scrye> I prefer the small one.
TEMPEST2000> magnetics, and vibrations can move mountains......tones r a
.Scrye> Crop Circles 101
1ANDONLY1> The pictures are there, the trouble is the 'experts' take them and
charge us for the privilege
.Scrye> Can we steal them for educational purposes?
GRIDWALKER> tones r a language as they are a frequency as so is all things
.Royce3> How do the crop circles relate to the megalithic sites, Tempest. Or
do they relate?
TEMPEST2000> symbols r what the crop circles r
1ANDONLY1> if u can I'll have a gross
BAUBLE49> Prayer list Macini is for anyone you want to send healing or good
thoughts to
TEMPEST2000> they open our minds to a conformity
.Royce3> 1andonly1, please do send the pictures.
.Scrye> to a conformity?
.Royce3> ???
.Royce3> Can you expand upon that?
GRIDWALKER> many crop circles have been proven fake and they have the
students who are producing them but not all
1ANDONLY1> when I learn how to I will Royce
.Scrye> see, we're listening!
BAUBLE49> Who is making the Crop Circles Tempest?
TEMPEST2000> we know the language but its hard 2 c in the dark...reptiles can
see in the dark
1ANDONLY1> the media here only talk of the hoaxes
.Scrye> Send Barney to the sites!
BAUBLE49> Here too land
.Royce3> Dike said there were a high percentage of hoaxes.
BAUBLE49> Scrye, Be serious
GRIDWALKER> all can see in the dark if they close their eyes that is why we
have a pineal gland
.Scrye> We produce elaborate documentaries - of the hoaxes!
.Royce3> You are right, Scrye.
TEMPEST2000> its all so simple...humans tend 2 make it complicated
.Scrye> I am trying, B.
BAUBLE49> I know you can do it Scrye Keep working at it
.Scrye> Well, let a non-human explain it, please.
DORCASQ> Well, please tell us in a simplified manner, Tempest.
GRIDWALKER> go ahead then 1AND
TEMPEST2000> hey go visit mayan birds...! yees go 2 the new colorado
airport,and book yer flight lol
.Scrye> Only three at a time, please.
1ANDONLY1> ahead then what Grid?
BAUBLE49> I've heard about the pictures at the Denver airport Is that what
you are talking about Temp?
GRIDWALKER> let me tell u about Kits coty
TEMPEST2000> its a piece of the puzzle
.Royce3> I'm sure this is leading somewhere.
.Kolta> I am lost
DORCASQ> I keep hoping it is leading somewhere.
GRIDWALKER> kolta on the way to the airport
.Royce3> Well, there were some very mysterious paintings at the Denver
BAUBLE49> We may need a map
.Kolta> I hope it leads somewhere
TEMPEST2000> yes its a link
.Royce3> Jeff Rense discussed those some months ago.
GRIDWALKER> what pics at denver
DORCASQ> What kind of paintings?
.Royce3> I think the pictures in question at the airport have since been
removed, incidentally.
TEMPEST2000> =)
BAUBLE49> Oh, I didn't know that Royce
.Royce3> You want to describe the pics, Tempest?
GRIDWALKER> tempest r u a pleidian?
** GHTT00O0OB0Y just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
GHTT00O0OB0Y> Yo wassup ***edited***
GHTT00O0OB0Y> ***edited***
GHTT00O0OB0Y> wasssup
.Royce3> New Science and New Culture of Mankind
.Royce3> In my opinion, there are two unbreakable precepts for scientists.
First, matter has a material existence. Second, objective and repeatable
experiments are the decisive standards in testing
.Royce3> scientific truth.
.Royce3> These two precepts have become the theoretical basis for the war on
"superstition." But Albert Einstein broke the precepts. He told us, "The
matter that we see is actually transformed from energy."
.Royce3> Our scientific instruments can only present the most superficial
form of matter; they can not help us to understand how matter is transformed.
It is not that our scientists are not intelligent.
.Royce3> They just cannot understand the limitations of science itself.
Scientific inventions or discoveries are confined to the scope delimited by
the time and space that we are able to observe through our
.Royce3> material sensory organs. Thus, these inventions and discoveries
are nothing but imitations and a reappearance of the laws of the material
world. Humans exists in the material world and constantly
.Royce3> exchange energy and information with it. As a result, our senses
have become more and more used to the feelings of the material world and thus
take the material illusion as the reality.
.Royce3> Furthermore, because people all share the same feelings, everyone
takes this for granted. Illusion, therefore, has become truth. If the
modern quantum mechanics had not broken this illusion of the
.Royce3> material world, human being would have been even more materialistic.
Some people think that only those phenomena, which can be repeatedly tested
by experiments, are scientific and objective. In
.Royce3> fact, this "objectivity" is subjective in itself. Einstein once
said that the results of observation depend on the methods used. More simply
put, they depend on the realm in which we exist. In
.Royce3> fact, the so-called "objective standards" are nothing but the
methods scientists use to observe the world. This is similar to the case
where the policemen make a set of traffic rules: Stop on the
.Royce3> red light and go on the green. It is for nothing but convenience.
Our methods and rules have to change when dealing with different objects.
Can you use a ruler to measure sound waves?
.Royce3> If you were a physicist, would you be surprised at this fact, i.e.,
at the time of nirvana, bodies of the Lamas in Tibet are transformed into
beams of light. In the world we exist, light travels the
.Royce3> fastest. Then who accelerates those bodies into light? Where does
this energy come from? Have you ever thought about the possibility of a
microscopic world composed of "spiritual atoms"? These
.Royce3> "spiritual atoms" move in an unthinkable way, as if they had minds,
and they possess energies beyond our imagination. If you want to understand
them, you must improve your own spirit. In other
.Royce3> words, you must give up the attachment to this material world, in
order to be able to get together with like-beings. If you are a biologist,
have you thought about the possibility of spiritual
.Royce3> inheritance? Can you really clone Adolph Hitler's genes to produce
a person with the same mind? If you believe in the theory of evolution and
feel complacent when fossils of monkeys of closer
.Royce3> resemblance to humans are discovered, how would you answer this
question: The egg of a duck is similar to that of a chicken; then, is it true
that chickens are evolved from ducks? If you have
.Royce3> studied the theories of Karl Marx, you would know that this would
have violated the principles of "inner reasons are decisive." If it was the
environment that made monkeys turn into humans, then why
.Royce3> aren't the monkeys extinct nowadays? Why has it been impossible for
scientists to train chimpanzees to behave like human no matter how hard they
have tried? Although a monkey or chimpanzee looks
.Royce3> like a human being, its inner intelligence and spirit differs
drastically. Monkeys never look upon the stars and think about rules of
morality. If you are a psychologist, and you perform
.Royce3> psychological studies using methods like dogs secreting saliva,
chimpanzees moving the banana, brain chemistry, or neuron electrophysiology,
how far do you think you are from the feelings of human
.Royce3> beings? If you talk to a Falun Gong practitioner, you will be
shocked by their experiences. You will find the huge difference between the
understanding and expression of this world among different
.Royce3> people, all depending on their realm of awareness. You have
probably seen the very popular movie "Titanic." Don't you think that it is
an unintended reflection of our humankind? Isn't our mankind
.Royce3> a lot like this ship, luxurious on the surface and rotten inside?
If you are an archeologist and have worked very hard looking for traces of
disappeared civilizations, have you thought of this:
.Royce3> "Every piece of cultural artifacts could contain all the information
of that civilization? " If you are a linguist, do you believe that human
beings can exchange ideas through better ways? If you
.Royce3> care about the society and worry about the shocking speed at which
technology has been developing, don't you feel that the ultimate goal of
scientific development is to make a human's life easier,
.Royce3> free from constraints of the material world, and prepare for the
generation of a new civilization? If ...
.Royce3> Faced with these questions that are almost impossible to answer, we
really don't know where to start. Plus, to find answers within the
theoretical system of modern science is even harder. In fact,
.Royce3> like I have said previously, the understanding of the truth depends
on one's realm of awareness. To convince someone in a different realm is
more difficult than climbing the sky, unless you manage
.Royce3> to enter the other person's realm. One must change one's "feeling"
in order to have breakthroughs in the new science. When one enters the
realm, everything will be clear. Before that, it is really
.Royce3> hard to make genuine progress, no matter how many experiments one
does or how many guesses one makes. I believe that the science of the future
will change: from microscopic analysis to macroscopic
.Royce3> research, from testing through obtaining results via objective
experiments to testing inside certain realms, from "outside" to "inside,"
from within this time and space to beyond, from the belief
.Royce3> that spirit and matter are separate to the belief that they are the
same. The achievements of the new science shall significantly change our
understanding of this world and the universe, and promote
.Royce3> the sudden change and leap forward for humankind.
.Royce3> Written and contributed to Minghui by an anonymous
.Royce3> April 19, 2000
.Royce3> (Translated on May 30, 2000)
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********Troll Invasion Edited**********

TEMPEST2000> see the truth children
TEMPEST2000> its here i am i
.Kolta> Royce!!!!!!!!
DORCASQ> Swat him, Royce!!!
GHTT00O0OB0Y> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Geeeeeez
.Royce3> Well one is gone.
** WOLFSTEARS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
DORCASQ> That is what we refer to as a Troll
GRIDWALKER> what woz that all about
.Royce3> Yes, he is booted.
.Royce3> Are the rest of you able to post?
.Kolta> Yes
1ANDONLY1> Better late than never Royce
.jefflove> yes
.maciani> yes
1ANDONLY1> my eyes hurt
.Scrye> hello??
.Royce3> Bauble is still getting crap on her screen.
BAUBLE49> am i on yet
DORCASQ> Tell her to brush it off
.Royce3> Yes, you are on here.
.Kolta> You are on Bauble
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
DORCASQ> It sure did hit the fan!
1ANDONLY1> I look forward to the log
.Royce3> Yes, it took me a moment to get the boot command.
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
.Royce3> Well, dorcasq, will clean it up.
DORCASQ> Are you OK, Baub?
BAUBLE49> I'm back
GRIDWALKER> hi bauble c your back
.Kolta> WB Bauble
.Royce3> All right Temp. Can you continue?
.Royce3> We were talking about crop circles.
.Royce3> And Temp was giving us some interesting information.
GRIDWALKER> hhmmmmmmmm
1ANDONLY1> Hmmmmmmm
BAUBLE49> Royce all that info went so fast I couldn't read it all I have to
read the post on the Web Site
GRIDWALKER> im getting lost with it though
.Royce3> As for Trolls, I can only say that we have a lot of lonely lost
TEMPEST2000> im chillin 4 a few someone else talk lol
.Royce3> Well, the crop circles have interested me for a long time.
.Royce3> However I'm not sure how many are being faked.
DORCASQ> I thought you threw all that pasting in to distract the troll, Royce.
.Royce3> Does anyone want to take a guess?
BAUBLE49> Royce, Do you ever want to see one in person?
1ANDONLY1> They're not all circles either
.Royce3> Trolls? Yes, i would love to see one in person.
.Kolta> The real ones are supposed to be messages
BAUBLE49> No More like Pictoglyphs
.Scrye> I had a brainstorm - a crop circle museum with photos, paintings,
mosaics in the floor, giant murals, scientific exhibits, and recreations!
.jefflove> are trolls crop circles?
.Royce3> Scrye, that would be neat.
GRIDWALKER> there is a little place not too far from here with 4 large stones
erected as a doorway with a roof its called Kits Coty it is a few thousand
years old and it stands on the top of a hill
.Kolta> Good idea Scyre!
.Royce3> Do any of you order the crop circle calendars?
1ANDONLY1> too expensive
BAUBLE49> Some of those circles are very beautiful
DORCASQ> What does Coty mean, Grid?
.Royce3> Any idea of who built the Kits Coty?
GRIDWALKER> have no idea
.Royce3> What tribe
TEMPEST2000> trolls lol
.Royce3> Yes, the little people--trolls.
.Kolta> Please explain Kits Coty
GRIDWALKER> it is megalithic
.Scrye> What's on the other side of the door, GW?
GRIDWALKER> ONLY1 and I have spent time there chilling out doing our earth
mother bit
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TEMPEST2000> we are the little people the little people short, and stout here
us shout
.Royce3> How many of you believe that there may in fact be multidimensional
beings that we sometimes call "farries?"
.Kolta> Kits Coty??????????
GRIDWALKER> Its well protected with a spirit
.Royce3> Hi Tamisteve, welcome.
1ANDONLY1> Hi Tamm
.Royce3> We are talking about megalithic sites.
TAMMISTEVE> we believe in multidimensional beings
BAUBLE49> So you can walk inside of it Grid?
TEMPEST2000> hey the murals trigger the mind with symbols
.Scrye> As an Irishman I resent the Little People being called trolls!
.Kolta> I do not understand Kits Coty
GRIDWALKER> u can sit inside the doorway
BAUBLE49> I've heard that Tempest
.Royce3> Grid, are there many people in the UK who discuss the little people?
I mean are there many who discuss it in a serious way? I would suspect not.
.Scrye> I believe in fauns. They may be like fairies. I saw one!
.Royce3> Very good, Temp, what is the URL?
.cosmic rain> go on .kolta
BAUBLE49> Did it have it's Mother Doe with it Scrye
.Royce3> Yes, Kolta.
GRIDWALKER> sorry kolta
GRIDWALKER> i was typing
.Royce3> Go ahead, Grid.
.Scrye> Doe with it?
BAUBLE49> 4 large stones on top of a hill Kolta
GRIDWALKER> Kits coty is the name of the village and the stones have been
named the same also
BAUBLE49> With a roof
.Kolta> Thanks Bauble
.Royce3> We already know that Kits Coty is a megalithic site.
.Scrye> No, "he' was alone.
.Royce3> Built many thousands of years ago.
.cosmic rain> where is it??
TEMPEST2000> ok hold on i will type it...
1ANDONLY1> Kits Coty is said to be the burial place of kit of Catigarn,
killed in a 5th century battle which is sometimes refought by ghostly soldiers
.cosmic rain> where?
GRIDWALKER> just down the road there is a circle of them which is called
little kits coty i have done attunements at both sight
BAUBLE49> How interesting land
.Royce3> Now that is interesting. Have you personally seen the ghosts?
BAUBLE49> Attunements to what Grid??
DORCASQ> I think we are getting it now, K, so a coty must mean
something...maybe a burial place?
GRIDWALKER> to the grid and to Reiki
.cosmic rain> but............WHERE?????????
.Royce3> And when are these ghostly battles fought? In the UK, Tami
BAUBLE49> England Cosmic
GRIDWALKER> by the way where did u get that info 1ANDONLY1
.cosmic rain> where abouts royce??
1ANDONLY1> little kits coty is now reduced to a pile of stones, said to be
uncountable, now called the countless Stones
.cosmic rain> we are in the uk
.Royce3> 1and what city is the site in question close to?
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.Lydea> hello everyone
.cosmic rain> hi lydea
.Royce3> Hi lydea, we are talking about megalithic sites in the UK.
.Scrye> murls or murals?
.Royce3> Thanks for the URL tempest
BAUBLE49> Cosmic, Grid is going to tour the megalithic sites there
.Lydea> ohh ty Royce
GRIDWALKER> i need a break
.cosmic rain> ty bauble
.cosmic rain> when do you start grid?
.Royce3> All right what about the ghostly battles? Do they occur on a regular
BAUBLE49> Ok Grid Take a break
GRIDWALKER> kits coty is near Bluebell hill not far from maidstone in kent
.cosmic rain> ty grid
.Scrye> He means the tour, B!
GRIDWALKER> i meant to go to the sights taking a break
.cosmic rain> do the battles recur on set times?
TEMPEST2000> did it work royce
BAUBLE49> OH!!!!
.Royce3> Have you ever seen the ghosts?
TEMPEST2000> the ghosts lol
1ANDONLY1> supposedly cosmic
.Royce3> I would like to learn more about the ghostly battles.
GRIDWALKER> there is a ghost on bluebell hill wonders the road many have
sighted her waving down the cars
.cosmic rain> we are members of two paranormal investigation groups, and also
run our own psychic workshop
.Scrye> I saw three. How many are there?
TEMPEST2000> hey i wanna share some kewl photos 2
BAUBLE49> How interesting Cosmic
.cosmic rain> we are both accredited investigators of the paranormal with
.Royce3> We will welcome the photos, Temp.
.Scrye> URL-owed, T.
.Wolfstears> - signed off -
.Lydea> ASSAP?????
.Royce3> Do you have a URL for the association, Temp?
.Royce3> As soon as Possible.
.Royce3> ?????
.cosmic rain> the association of the scientific study of anomalous phenomena
.Scrye> I don't think so.
.Royce3> Thank you , Tami.
GRIDWALKER> oooooooo
.Lydea> ty Cosmic
.Royce3> Well I tried
.Lydea> lol
BAUBLE49> Thank you
GRIDWALKER> yea cheers
DORCASQ> That was a mouthful
.Scrye> Hey I should belong to that! URL!!!???111
.cosmic rain> yup!!
.cosmic rain> assap??
.cosmic rain>
BAUBLE49> Do you have a URL site Cosmic?
.Scrye> ty!!!!
.cosmic rain> not as yet....:O(
.Royce3> Cosmic rain, if you would like to post some information about your
group on our message board or submit an article for our web site, we would
appreciate it.
BAUBLE49> Thank you
.cosmic rain> tried to get one going but the
.cosmic rain> person doing it goofed up
TEMPEST2000> 3 mumber 9
.cosmic rain> oh yes, royce
.Lydea> - signed off -
.cosmic rain> e-mail us and let us know how to go about it
.cosmic rain> we have our own message board here on delphi
.Royce3> Cosmic, can you tell us a little more about your recent
GRIDWALKER> I had a ghost when i moved to this house he was in suspended
animation in mid air in one of the bedrooms
.cosmic rain>
.cosmic rain> yes royce
.Kolta> What is the title of your delphi forum cosmic rain?
.cosmic rain> we are currently working alongside a regional group
DORCASQ> Is the ghost still there or did it leave, Grid?
.cosmic rain> at a stately hall in wales, uk
GRIDWALKER> oh i soon sent him on his way
.cosmic rain> running"ghost tours", vigils
.cosmic rain> conferences and such
DORCASQ> How did you do that, Grid?
.Royce3> Now who owns the hall, cosmic?
.Scrye> a ghostbuster!
.Kolta> I would like those tours rain
.cosmic rain> we also have liaisons with ch4 tv here and hope to do a
documentary next year
DORCASQ> How very nice, Grid.
1ANDONLY1> where abouts in Wales cosmic?
GRIDWALKER> do not judge unconditional love is the key
.cosmic rain> a lovely lady called cornelia jones
.cosmic rain> in corwen
.Royce3> Corwen is a town?
.cosmic rain> its near mold, so its a village really
.Royce3> How did you learn about this house?
GRIDWALKER> hhhmmmmmmmmmmm
BAUBLE49> That ghost must not have scared you one bit Grid
.cosmic rain> through our sister group
GRIDWALKER> no we do redirection work too
1ANDONLY1> Ghosts are not scary Bauble
.Royce3> Are we talking about a harmless ghost, Cosmic?
.cosmic rain> are you from the uk royce?
.cosmic rain> not really royce
.Royce3> No, cosmic, I'm in the states. Pennsylvania.
BAUBLE49> I wouldn't know land. I've never seen or felt one
.Scrye> A testament to your good English, Royce!
.cosmic rain> there is several in there anyway
.Kolta> According to a local expert in the Pittsburgh area, there has not
been a single case where a ghost has hurt anyone
.cosmic rain> no other paranormal group has lasted more than an hour
.cosmic rain> we are one of the biggest in the north west of england
.Scrye> We are from Pittsburgh, near Rot.
.Royce3> Cosmic, is the ghost in question causing any trouble?
GRIDWALKER> 1ANDONLY1 - do u remember that stuff I got on Pennsylvania? years
.cosmic rain> and lasted a helluva lot longer
.Royce3> Rot?
.cosmic rain> not to the lady who owns it
1ANDONLY1> yes Grid
.Scrye> Had to follow on Mold.
.jefflove> 123
.cosmic rain> although a little afraid, she actually is quite happy to live
there by herself
BAUBLE49> Pennsylvania Slogan: You have a Friend in Pennsylvania!
.cosmic rain> and it is a really big place
.Kolta> 456
.cosmic rain> its jacobian
.cosmic rain> the house
.cosmic rain> and has its own grave yard
.Royce3> What do you mean by Jacobian?
GRIDWALKER> 1ANDONLY1 can u remember what that woz about
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.Royce3> How many graves are there?
.cosmic rain> apparently, judge jeffries had a court room there
.cosmic rain> and used to hang people on site
.Royce3> Hi omniblade. We are talking about ghosts
DORCASQ> Hey! Omniblade
.cosmic rain> ooh royce
BAUBLE49> I hope it was good about Pennsylvania
.cosmic rain> haven't actually counted them!!
.cosmic rain> this is a fairly new project
.Royce3> So how many ghosts are present? Just one?
1ANDONLY1> I'd need to look up the notes Grid. Something about a negative
ley I think
.cosmic rain> been covering for the past 6 weeks
.cosmic rain> at least seventeen
.Scrye> I must ask about negative leys. I think I know where one is.
.cosmic rain> including, although we have yet to encounter it, a fallen angel
BAUBLE49> That just can not be true land. not about my Pennsylvania
.Royce3> Why do you think there' s so much activity there, cosmic?
.cosmic rain> no idea as yet
.Royce3> Something evidently has stirred them up.
.cosmic rain> we are doing extensive research on the place
.Royce3> Have those ghosts been active for a long time?
1ANDONLY1> sorry Baub, you just can't get away from them
TEMPEST2000> fallen angel scrye?ELABORATE PLEASE
GRIDWALKER> yes and a battle and I remember native tribes just north there is
a tribe called the bear tribe is that right
.cosmic rain> we know there used to be a chapel on the land
.Royce3> lol
.Scrye> That wasn't me. But the ley seems to suck up people's energy as they
drive through it.
.cosmic rain> yes, apparently all the previous owners, the lady's ancestors
have all died there
1ANDONLY1> what century the chapel cosmic
DORCASQ> Where is that, Scrye?
.Royce3> I never heard that, Scrye. Have any of the rest of you?
.Scrye> They fall right asleep and crash.
.Royce3> Ley lines suck up energy?
.cosmic rain> and even the lady says she will come back and haunt the
.cosmic rain> brb
1ANDONLY1> and send out Royce
GRIDWALKER> thats sad
.Scrye> I discovered it. I saw a dead man there, and had a crash too.
.Kolta> I never heard of it Scyre or Royce
BAUBLE49> What type of personality does this lady have Cosmic?
GRIDWALKER> a dead booring one i presume
.Kolta> You do not know why the man died Scyre
.Royce3> What sort of equipment do you take to a ghost hunt?
.Scrye> It is on Rt. 981, between New Alexandria and Latrobe. I want to
exorcise it if it's a ghost. Otherwise, it''s a ley.
GRIDWALKER> where is this
.Scrye> Do too K. I got there about a minute after.
.Royce3> He is talking about western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh, Grid.
1ANDONLY1> you could also 'exorcise' the ley Scrye
GRIDWALKER> skrye do u know cosmic
.Kolta> But you do not know if a ley created the crash
BAUBLE49> Do you stay clear of there now Scrye?
.Royce3> I would love to know more about the ley line, Scrye.
.Scrye> Western PA. He must have zoned out. Pulled right in front of a
.cosmic rain> sorry 1and, did you ask a question??had to see to one of the
kids crying!!!:O)
DORCASQ> What did the man die from, Scrye?
.Royce3> Scrye can you make a rough map of the ley line. I would then post it.
TEMPEST2000> all flesh is dead
.Scrye> A blow to the head from his windshield, D.
DORCASQ> Why does it have to be a negative ley line?
.Royce3> Especially flesh under a truck, Temp.
1ANDONLY1> yes cosmic, what century was the chapel you spoke of
DORCASQ> Maybe just a poor or drunk driver.
.cosmic rain> ah...15th
.Scrye> It is almost impossible not to be drowsy there, even in broad
GRIDWALKER> hhmmmmmmmm
.cosmic rain> or around then
TEMPEST2000> when will u see its all spiritual...just pray the LORD U PICK
.cosmic rain> thing is, the chapel is now used as a sort of garden/greenhouse
.cosmic rain> so the date isn't apparent
.Kolta> That still does not prove a ley line Scyre
1ANDONLY1> any history of it being perhaps a century older cosmic?
.cosmic rain> but the house dates back to around then
.Scrye> I want to know if it is 1) a ley line and 2) a negative energy sink.
BAUBLE49> Cosmic I asked what that lady's personality was like if she said
she would come back and haunt the place???
.cosmic rain> maybe 1and will take that into consideration, ty
GRIDWALKER> chapels and churches were built on leys
.cosmic rain> lol @ bauble
.cosmic rain> she's great
.Royce3> Cosmic, you were talking about a possible documentary. How
cooperative are the TV production people? And are they believers in ghosts?
.cosmic rain> a little eccentric, but
.cosmic rain> wellllll
BAUBLE49> Thanks Cos
TEMPEST2000> who has actually seen a ghost
GRIDWALKER> if they dont believe they may make a mockery
1ANDONLY1> we have done much work on clearing negativity to areas, much of
which stems from the 14th century cosmic
BAUBLE49> Not me
.Kolta> I have seen spirits
.cosmic rain> they approached our sister group, the paranormal
investigators(we are the psychic workshop group)
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OMNIBLADE> TV production people wouldn't believe in ghosts, but they probably
might get good ratings
.Royce3> Grid, that is what I was thinking. They may just be out to make a
big joke out of all of this.
THEDISH1> - signed off -
.Royce3> Hi thedishi
.cosmic rain> funny that 1and, because up to a year ago the lady wanted the
place cleared
TEMPEST2000> cosmic.... have u read the hall or records...just go straight,
and turn might take u forever
.cosmic rain> but she is desperate for the money
.cosmic rain> as the up keep is far too expensive for her
.Royce3> How much money are we talking about?
GRIDWALKER> she may not want it cleared now as she is frightened to let go of
old patterns
.Scrye> Was human sacrifice ever practiced in England?
.cosmic rain> sorry royce??
TEMPEST2000> duh
GRIDWALKER> but no one has the right to hold on to energy that should be free
TEMPEST2000> u r children
.Royce3> You said the lady is desperate for money. How much can she make out
of all of this?
.Scrye> Royce wants a castle in England?
TEMPEST2000> the storm will come...will u float or fly
.Royce3> I would like a castle.
.cosmic rain> still in negotiation, but....
.Kolta> Why not? A castle sounds like fun!!!!!
1ANDONLY1> perhaps we could liase with you cosmic, we (1and & only1) and
Grid are based in the London/Kent borders
.cosmic rain> the ghost tours, for e.g
BAUBLE49> Great idea land
.cosmic rain> that will bring in at least 6 pound a head
.cosmic rain> for around 2 hours
.Scrye> That's not chopped liver!
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Royce3> I wish the internet handled video a bit better. I would love to see
some videos of the area.
.cosmic rain> are you part of any paranormal groups, or individuals??
GRIDWALKER> and of u all
1ANDONLY1> more a group of individuals cosmic
.cosmic rain> lol
.Kolta> I have a Seance one a month
DORCASQ> Videos of the paranormal people?
.maciani> dorcas where are my books
.Royce3> Kolta holds some excellent seances.
BAUBLE49> Yeah, that's another good idea Grid. I'd post my baby picture though
GRIDWALKER> cosmic individuals that work with one mind
.Scrye> Watch what you wish for, GW!
.Kolta> Thanks Royce
.cosmic rain> don't believe in seances...stick a few "sensitives" in and...
DORCASQ> I finished reading them, Maciani, I will return them to your laundry
.maciani> thanks
.Royce3> They are more like controlled meditations, Cosmic.
.maciani> bye
.maciani> - signed off -
.Kolta> It depends on how the Seance is run. We do it through meditation
.Scrye> .who
.cosmic rain> ok, well, seances in our minds don't collaborate with
controlled seances, but hey
.cosmic rain> call them what you will
1ANDONLY1> how many sit Kolta?
.cosmic rain> true to say
TEMPEST2000> mirror
.Kolta> I have had from 6 to 12
.cosmic rain> meditating in a place that has some amazing history
.cosmic rain> wow
GRIDWALKER> why do we need to mirror tempest?
TEMPEST2000> secret
1ANDONLY1> absolutely cosmic
.Kolta> My house has a lot of spirits in it. It is an old house
.cosmic rain> anyways
.cosmic rain> nice chatting, up for work in 6 hours, must go!!
.Royce3> Well, folks, we have come to the end of the action for tonight. I
want to thank all of you for coming. We will be back here tomorrow at the
same time, 6:00 pm EDT. Let's start exchanging some
.Royce3> pictures that can be posted. Please send pics to the following
BAUBLE49> Nice meeting you Temp And nice talking again to the Regulars. Been
a great chat once again!
1ANDONLY1> vodka, gin, whiskey?
.cosmic rain> will post a message soon on board
.Royce3> We hope to see you all tomorrow.
1ANDONLY1> bye cosmic
.cosmic rain> night
.Kolta> Bloody Mary
.cosmic rain> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Enjoyed all of you - thanks. Goodnight
.Scrye> Thanks, Royce!
BAUBLE49> See you all tomorrow night I hope 6PM
.Royce3> Thank you scrye.
.Kolta> Have a good night everyone
1ANDONLY1> most definitely
GRIDWALKER> goodnight god bless don't let the bed bugs bite
.Royce3> bye all
.Royce3> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)