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Open Chat/ Remote Viewing

Logging at 5-APR-2000 17:59)
.Kolta> Hi Royce ad Dorcasq
.Royce3> Hi Kolta.
DORCASQ> The line was busy for 10 min.
DORCASQ> couldn't get on here.
.Royce3> Wow! God bless AOL.
DORCASQ> Hi Kolta - Royce
DORCASQ> That doesn't usually happen anymore.
.Royce3> Kolta, do you have your ICQ system working yet?
.Kolta> Sorry, I don't
.Royce3> Do either of you have microphones on your computers?
DORCASQ> What kind of microphones?
.Kolta> I used to. Needs to be re-attached. Went with C-you, C-me
.Royce3> They cost all of about $4.00 bucks. They would be cheap at twice the
price. The kind of mics you talk into. What other kind is there?
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
1CAVERAT> hi all
.Royce3> Hello, Joasha. Hello Caverat
.Joasha> hey
1CAVERAT> whats up tonite?
** BAUBLE48 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Royce3> Joasha, Caverate--do you folks have microphones on your computers so
that you can use NetMeeting or other sound programs?
1CAVERAT> this working gets old
.Royce3> Hi Bauble.
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
1CAVERAT> not on this one
.Joasha> no
.Royce3> Hello Jeff.
.Kolta> We are getting a crowd now. Good!
.jefflove> hi
1CAVERAT> im at work
DORCASQ> Can't you just retire, Caverat?
1CAVERAT> i wish!!!
DORCASQ> Sounds like you have done your share of work!
.Royce3> Well, mikes are very cheap, about $4.00. I would suggest that it
might be fun for everyone to get a mike.
1CAVERAT> Running push again. we'll see if it causes any problems
DORCASQ> What for??
DORCASQ> What for - a mike?
.Royce3> Caverat is probably a ranking member of the local militia. He needs
money to pay his dues.
DORCASQ> He needs a coverup.
.Royce3> We may want to talk over the computer.
.Kolta> Starting rumors again, Royce
.Royce3> Even Delphi has a voice system now.
.Joasha> forget it. if we have to have gadgets to chat once or twice a week,
I'll just keep current thru the message board.
DORCASQ> I don't want to talk to anyone over the computer.
1CAVERAT> Problem is this is a work computer and I have to be careful what
software I install
.Royce3> Just putting out "feelers" Kolta.
.Royce3> Well, Dephi doesn't require much; neither does NetMeeting.
1CAVERAT> It is good when Im on my home computer though
.Royce3> Tiny programs.
.Royce3> At least in the case of Delphi
1CAVERAT> Computer police here have to approve everything
.Royce3> Bribes are a way of life .
.Royce3> Ha
.Royce3> Just kidding.
DORCASQ> Just something else to go wrong - all these gadgets.
1CAVERAT> Right!!
.jefflove> We need computer police
1CAVERAT> I don't!!
.Royce3> My, my--so good to hear from the folks on the farm, Dorq
1CAVERAT> But I got em anyway!!
DORCASQ> yea, yea, Royce
DORCASQ> I have a telephone to talk to people on.
1CAVERAT> Discussion would probably cover more ground using voice though
.Joasha> 'life on the farm is kinda laid back.....'
.jefflove> There are too many abusers on the net
.Royce3> Yeah, but you can't see our happy faces with the phone, and you
can't talk in conference over the phone, unless of course you are prepared to
be presented with a very large phone bill.
DORCASQ> I like that laid back kinda life.
.Kolta> I agree with that Jeff
.Joasha> I agree too
DORCASQ> I don't LIKE to talk to people!!
1CAVERAT> Me either, d
.Joasha> me either, have to do it for a living, this is a vacation
.Kolta> If I want to talk with people, I will use my phone
DORCASQ> I can just close my eyes here and don't have to listen to anyone.
.Royce3> God, what an enlightened group!!!!
DORCASQ> We have our inner voices, Royce.
.Joasha> I can pretend to be gone any time I want to hehehe
.Royce3> Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
.jefflove> hehe
DORCASQ> Mine keep me occupied all day.
.Kolta> Good point, Joasha
1CAVERAT> New fangled technology... Why use a phone when you can beat on a
.Royce3> Ahhhh beat your.......
.Joasha> marching to a different....
.Royce3> We could do the Grange show from this link...I swear we could.
.Joasha> scratching where it .....
.Royce3> Anyway, who has an appropriate topic?
.Joasha> we are leaving the visual up to the imagination
.Royce3> How about the death of the King?
BAUBLE48> There are abuses everywhere in life What do you want Someone to
take care of absolutely everything for you so you can be protected Jeff
Those confined in jail cells can't be completely protected
BAUBLE48> Have you chosen what abandoned island you would like to live on
DORCASQ> Wow, Bauble!
.Royce3> My , my......I hope Bauble doesn't have a gun!
.Joasha> hasta la vesta baabee
1CAVERAT> at least no bullets
DORCASQ> hahaha
.Royce3> Being in a jail cell does have its dangers that is for sure.
.jefflove> You have people who put viruses into computers with the purpose of
crippling computers
.Royce3> Pass the ivory soap.
DORCASQ> There are bad guys everywhere.
.Kolta> You also have hackers
.Joasha> well, have had a son that spent many years in prison and visited him
twice every month all of those years...unless you have been behind bars
yourself, you don't have a clue what you are blowing smoke
.Joasha> about
.Royce3> Hey, dorcasq, lets not forget those predatory females.
DORCASQ> Yes, them too, Royce
.Kolta> ?????????
.Royce3> All right, let's talk about the King.
.Royce3> Art Bell.
.Kolta> Who is the King?
.Kolta> Oh, sorry!
.jefflove> King will be missed
.Royce3> He is ready to fall on his sword.
.Joasha> he leaving the air again?
.Royce3> Is there a conspiracy against him?
DORCASQ> yes, again.
BAUBLE48> He was good while he lasted
.Kolta> Bell did this once before and came back on radio. He could come back
.Royce3> yes, he says he is leaving for good.
.Joasha> he talked way too much
DORCASQ> Like a going out of business sale
.Joasha> rude and opinionated
.Royce3> Kolta is right. But I think he is playing a dangerous game if this
is all a ploy.
.Joasha> but he did get the world acquainted with many things
.Royce3> Well, the tragedy concerning his son must have hurt him. I would
think so.
.jefflove> he and jeff king are important sources of information on ufos
.Kolta> Bell was in this just for entertainment, not for information
1CAVERAT> How has his ratings been lately? At one point they were dropping.
.Royce3> A very good question, Caverat.
1CAVERAT> Could this be simply a business decision?
.Royce3> Has anyone here read about the ratings?
.Joasha> when is this supposed to take place?
.Royce3> End of april
.Royce3> 26 april, i think
1CAVERAT> If advertisers were pulling out, that would be the reason for
pulling the show
.Joasha> hmmmmmm
.Kolta> - signed off -
BAUBLE48> If they did drop, his were so high to begin with that it still
wouldn't compare to others
.Royce3> Well, he seems to believe that he needs to be on the air full time
to make the show go. He doesn't seem to think having guest hosts really works.
DORCASQ> He is probably right.
.jefflove> The new format calls for new topics 7 nights of the week
.Royce3> Bauble says Art will leave at the end of May. I need to double check.
1CAVERAT> The concept of no guests works for Rush Limbaugh though
.jefflove> He said the end of April
1CAVERAT> Same syndicate distributes both shows
.Royce3> Yeah, but I think that would be a tough way to go for a host on a
UFO program, Caverat.
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Joasha> well, husband has to have phone so will have to say good bye.
1CAVERAT> Agree royce, just a thought
DORCASQ> He could have himself abducted on the air.
.Joasha> see you all next week
.jefflove> Next week Art's replacement will be announced
.Royce3> bye josha
.Royce3> And who is likely to take over for Bell?
1CAVERAT> His replacement could bring more credibility though. Sometimes new
blood has new ideas
.Kolta> Streiber, maybe?
.jefflove> They are not telling
.Royce3> I posted a little while ago that I liked Strieber's delivery,
although I don't care for him personally.
.jefflove> No Streiber
.Royce3> I wonder if Strieber is even in the running.
BAUBLE48> Who do you think will get it, Jeff?
.Kolta> I was just guessing.
DORCASQ> Maybe you could send in your application, Royce.
.jefflove> Strieber will keep his Sunday night radio show.
.Royce3> Bell mentioned a frontrunner, but the name meant nothing to me.
.Kolta> Maybe Jeff will do it!!!!!!
DORCASQ> We can all get on and put on a real good show!
.Royce3> I can't wait for Jeff's coronation!
.Royce3> Long live the KING!!!!!
.Kolta> Let's hear it for Jeff
BAUBLE48> I've enjoyed the guest hosts
.jefflove> One reason Bell left is that he is accused of child molesting. He
mentioned it in his announcement.
.Royce3> Who was your favorite guest host, Bauble?
BAUBLE48> Even on Limbaugh and other programs But I still feel more at home
when the original host is back
.Royce3> Yes, well Bell said that many of those charges were aired over a
short wave station, wwcr, and that he was taking the bunch that runs that
operation to court.
.jefflove> What do you see the job of a talk show host.
BAUBLE48> No opinion
.Royce3> Cave, do you monitor the short wave?
1CAVERAT> yes i do at times
.Royce3> Have you ever heard wwcr?
1CAVERAT> yes. I take what they say with much caution
.Royce3> What kind of shows do they run?
1CAVERAT> They are biased at times toward the fringe right
1CAVERAT> not all but some
.jefflove> Christian fundamentalists and conspiracy shows
.Royce3> Bell says they often have people speak in foreign languages, even
when no one at the station can understand what those people are saying.
1CAVERAT> That is normal for short wave stations though
.Royce3> He also says that no time delay switches are in place.
1CAVERAT> since they originate programs for overseas audiences
.Royce3> Interesting. So is wwcr primarily pointed to foreign countries?
1CAVERAT> both at different times
1CAVERAT> depends on atmospheric propogation at different times
.Royce3> Who are the top hosts on wwcr? And are their other similar stations?
.Royce3> And I wonder how many people actually listen to wwcr?
1CAVERAT> not that sure
1CAVERAT> probably very few
.Royce3> Well, I can't help but wonder why Bell even mentions the station.
That has to give them a lot of publicity.
.Kolta> He does it for the sake of entertainment
.jefflove> He is concerned with his reputation.
1CAVERAT> It could be a conspiracy on their part to use Bell to drum up
.Royce3> Jeff is probably right. And being a ham operator, Bell may
overestimate the effect of short wave stations.
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Royce3> Of course, Bell will have the money to press a hard attack against
the perpetrators. They may get hurt.
.Royce3> Considering the phenomenal success that Bell has had, it is
surprising that there aren't more shows imitating him.
1CAVERAT> As another possibility, consider Bell may be using this situation
as an opportunity to quit without looking like he was just giving up
1CAVERAT> on the UFO subject
DORCASQ> That could be true, Cave.
.Kolta> He also could be quitting while he is ahead
1CAVERAT> just a thought
DORCASQ> Or getting ready to make another big comeback.
BAUBLE48> I give these people credit getting out there in the public eye.
They know they can be a target for anyone and anything
.Royce3> Yes, that could be Cave. However, Bell also has a strong focus on
the paranormal. I don't have the feeling that the topics of his show have run
out of steam. How do the rest of you feel?
DORCASQ> It would be hard to do a show like that every night.
BAUBLE48> That's true Kolta Also sometimes it's just time for people to move
on in life
1CAVERAT> There is bound to be some repetition in cases as many are similar
.Kolta> I could be wrong, but considering past behavior, Bell could be
readying for a comeback
BAUBLE48> In another arena
1CAVERAT> That is also possible, K.
.Royce3> Well, Kolta, he isn't even gone yet. I would think at least some
reasonable amount of time is going to have to pass before he plans a
comeback. I mean how many times can he pull the retirement stunt,
.Royce3> if indeed that is what it is?
DORCASQ> He could do a lot of shows on child molesting.
1CAVERAT> If he was to change to a different syndicate to distribute a show,
he would have to break all ties with the present syndicate
.Kolta> I would not take his threat to quit seriously yet
.Royce3> Cave, is there a bigger network for him to go to? Or, rather, a more
lucrative one? I guess there might be. I'm not really familiar with radio
.Royce3> Is Rush on the same syndication network as Art?
1CAVERAT> Yes , royce
DORCASQ> How long has Bell been doing this program?
1CAVERAT> A syndicate will distribute to as many stations as it can get
BAUBLE48> Personally, I feel his life has been turned topsy turvy in the past
couple of years and he's hurting So he must step back and work on all of this
for himself and his family
.Royce3> Ok, how many really think Art is sincere when he says he has had
enough and wants to quit radio for ever?
DORCASQ> I have no idea.
BAUBLE48> Did he say forever?
.Royce3> Yes, I think he did say forever.
.Kolta> I do not think he is sincere. He did this once before for reasons of
family and came back
BAUBLE48> Hey there's always TV
1CAVERAT> My opinon.... He will quit this program but will return in less
than a year with a new program, similar format
.Royce3> Wow, you must think Art is a cynical guy, Cave. Of course, you may
be right.
1CAVERAT> Just a hunch...
.Kolta> That may be a good hunch Caverat
DORCASQ> It is hard to tell when I don't know him personally.
.Royce3> Do any of you think there's something phony about the trouble with
his son?
.Kolta> He used trouble with his son the first time he quit. Maybe I am just
cynical about him
BAUBLE48> No, He will do Talk TV like Bill O'reilly and G Gordon Liddy
Politics maybe
.Royce3> Liddy????? Now there's a real macho man!!!!! Mr. Zippo!!!
.Kolta> Lol!!!!!
.Royce3> Burn baby, burn
.Kolta> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> Well Bauble, we'll see who's right in a year or so
.Royce3> Yes, that is true, Cave.
1CAVERAT> of course we're all just speculating
.Royce3> Yes
.Royce3> So who listens to Bell?
DORCASQ> I don't
.Royce3> I like some of his shows, but there are so many, many commercials.
1CAVERAT> Once in a great while
BAUBLE48> Rarely
.Royce3> I have been looking over some of his past shows, and some of them
are quite good.
BAUBLE48> Yes they are
.Royce3> The archives help.
DORCASQ> Yes, the commercials are what turned me off to listening to him and
BAUBLE48> Just listened to one show with Ingo Swann
DORCASQ> If I had nothing at all better to do I would listen.
.Royce3> Well Rense doesn't have near the number of commercials as Bell.
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
.Kolta> Hello
DORCASQ> hello there
1CAVERAT> This could be the root of the problem. Here we are a group which
based on subject should be loyal listeners and not one of us claims to be
more than an occasional listener
.Royce3> The other night, Bell had Ingo Swann on. Swann mentioned Michael
Wolf and the Catchers of Heaven in a complimentary way. However, Bell quickly
moved on to another subject.
BAUBLE48> I really enjoy the archived shows so I can choose who I want to
listen to and fast forward the commercials
DORCASQ> yes, that is interesting, Caverat.
.Kolta> Bell has tried to get michael on his show
1CAVERAT> If the audience as a whole follows this pattern it may be he is
being replaced due to ratings
BAUBLE48> Doubt that
.Royce3> Expand upon what you mean by the root of the problem, Cave. You mean
the root of our problem or the root of Bell's problem?
1CAVERAT> Bell's
DORCASQ> I probably would listen more if I could get him on the radio instead
of the computer.
.Royce3> Well, are you sure the ratings have nose dived that badly?
BAUBLE48> His ratings still beat anyone else
.Royce3> They don't beat Rush's or Laura S.
.Kolta> Even that of Jeff Rense, Bauble?
1CAVERAT> I don't know for certain. It could be researched though
BAUBLE48> They've even had him on The Today show or one of them He is KNOWN
.Royce3> Well, I think it is a very significant point. I wish someone would
find out how Bell's ratings are holding up.
BAUBLE48> Yes Kolta
.Royce3> Where do we go to find out , Cave?
.Royce3> I would like to know how the ratings are going.
1CAVERAT> Arbitron ratings for a given market
BAUBLE48> We could all listen to his show tonight and call in and ask
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Royce3> We might have to try for a long time.
.Kolta> wb Jeff
.Royce3> Jeff do you know for a fact how Art's ratings are holding up?
.jefflove> hi
.jefflove> no
DORCASQ> Do you listen to him a lot, Jeff?
.Royce3> Jeff, are you willing to take on the assignment of finding out?
.Royce3> It might shed a lot of light on the subject.
.jefflove> i listen when i do not fall asleep.
.Royce3> Hmmmmmm.
.jefflove> i'll try
.Royce3> Good deal, Jeff.
.Royce3> The team will be counting on you.
.Royce3> Yes,it will be an interesting topic.
DORCASQ> What were you going to tell us last night, Jeff...I've been
patiently waiting.
.jefflove> what happened to Art Bell
DORCASQ> That didn't happen last night.
.Royce3> An inside scoop???????
.jefflove> yes
.Kolta> Tell us Jeff
.Royce3> Extra, Extra read all about it!!!!!!!
.Royce3> Go for it!
.Kolta> Ready and waiting!!!!!
.jefflove> the real art bell story
.Royce3> Fasten your seat belts!Q
DORCASQ> whoa!
.Royce3> Damn, pass the popcorn!
1CAVERAT> the suspense is killing us
.Kolta> Jeff???????
DORCASQ> If he signs off I will strangle him.
.Royce3> Turn up the volumn!!!!!
.Royce3> Jeff, are you there lad?
1CAVERAT> wait your turn, D
.Royce3> Wake up!!!
DORCASQ> I'm closer
.Royce3> Jeff, for God's sake we are counting on you!
1CAVERAT> He's enjoying this!!
.Kolta> I am getting in line to strangle him
.jefflove> only half of me
.Royce3> Strangle him? How about burning him at a stake?
.Royce3> This had better be good ,Jeff.
DORCASQ> We are coming for you, Jeff!
.jefflove> Are we changing to Pittsburgh Pirates chat?
.Kolta> Lynch mob for Jeff!!!!
1CAVERAT> Stake through the heart!!
.Royce3> Say WHAT?????? What the hell are you talking about?
.Royce3> Pirates?
.jefflove> What happened to UFOs?
.jefflove> just kidding
.Kolta> You were going to tell us about Bell, Jeff!!!!
.Royce3> I think Jeff's ratings are going down faster than Bell's or the
Titanic for that matter.
DORCASQ> I'm not going to talk to you anymore, Jeff.
.Royce3> At least make something up, Jeff.
BAUBLE48> Think Jeff was pulling your leg Gang
.Royce3> Your name is going to be brown Jeff which is the color of ****!!!!
.jefflove> I shall state rumors and hearsay.
DORCASQ> We love rumors and hearsay!
.Kolta> Go, Jeff!!!
BAUBLE48> It' a lie!!!!!
.Royce3> Kolta, does Michael Wolf happen to know Ingo Swann?
.Kolta> I never heard him mention Ingo
DORCASQ> Yes, please, let's change the subject.
.Royce3> Well, the next time you talk with Michael, how about asking him?
.Royce3> There might be an interesting story there.
BAUBLE48> And what he thinks of Swann
.Kolta> I have not talked with Michael for 3 weeks because he is so ill
DORCASQ> Why do you think he would know him?
BAUBLE48> Bet you are worried K
BAUBLE48> No news at all lately?
.Royce3> Swann brought up some interesting points about the UFO scene. And
Swann clearly believes that there is an active ET/goverment link.
.Kolta> I am worried about him. I have been talking with Bobbie Ferguson and
Michael is not getting any better
DORCASQ> Is he in the hospital?
** TALON25 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Royce3> I'm sorry, who is Bobbie?
BAUBLE48> Is he in the hospital
.Royce3> hello Talon.
TALON25> Hi Royce
.Kolta> Bobbie is Michael's girlfriend and business partner, so to speak
.Royce3> Talon, was there an active sign on the front of the chat room today.
It has been malfunctioning all week.
.Kolta> Michael is at home Bauble
DORCASQ> There was one there when I came on, I forgot to mention it.
1CAVERAT> Royce, it was good when I came in
.Royce3> Good, that is a good sign.
TALON25> in tonight through my old server {not noticed Royce}
.Kolta> It was good for me also
BAUBLE48> Nothing when I came on
.Royce3> We are talking about Art Bell and some of his guests, Talon.
BAUBLE48> Had he been in the hospital K
TALON25> sorry but who is Art Bell?
BAUBLE48> See Cave You may be right!
.Kolta> A doctor is monitoring him very carefully
.Royce3> Oh, you don't know? Well Art Bell is the King of UFO related talk
.Royce3> he is syndicated on radio stations around the world.
BAUBLE48> That's good to know K
.Royce3> Art is slated to quit radio soon.
TALON25> ahh. We dont get much of that over here
1CAVERAT> wheres over here?
TALON25> London
.Royce3> You are in the UK, right?
TALON25> yes
DORCASQ> You can listen to him on the Internet.
.jefflove> Bell has a web page
TALON25> last week was 1andonly1
DORCASQ> Ohh, now I recognize you, Talon.
.Kolta> I remember the name Talon
TALON25> good to be back
DORCASQ> Good to have you back.
.Royce3> Art Bell or one of his hosts are on every day of the week. And all
of the shows are archived. So you can listen to them at any time.
.Kolta> Good to have you back, Talon
TALON25> by the way, 1andonly1 is 2
.Royce3> Yes, welcome back, Talon.
BAUBLE48> I like the name 1and only better
BAUBLE48> clever
TALON25> I'm 1and and my wife is only1
.jefflove> lol
.Royce3> That works, Talon.
BAUBLE48> got it
.Kolta> That is cute Talon
TALON25> so do we Bauble
1CAVERAT> good one
TALON25> something wrong with server so back as Talon
DORCASQ> the 1s and ls all look the same - too confusing.
BAUBLE48> Do you ever listen to radio shows Talon on the internet?
.Kolta> - signed off -
TALON25> 1 L of a mess
DORCASQ> hahaha
** .Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Royce3> How many of you believe that the U.S./UK run remote viewing programs?
TALON25> sorry Bauble no I dont
BAUBLE48> I think many countries do Have to
.Kolta> Do not know much about it to have an opinion
TALON25> I do the wife not so sure
DORCASQ> I don't understand the question.
1CAVERAT> yes, but the results are unknown
BAUBLE48> Many are archived so one can listen after work or on weekends
.Royce3> Ingo Swann seems to be one of the minority of former Sri viewers who
will admit to believing that the U.S./Uk are actively doing so.
.Royce3> According to some wags, our collective efforts ended with the ending
of the "cold war."
BAUBLE48> Any tool for espionage is helpful to governments
.Royce3> I can't help but believe that the Chinese are doing it.
DORCASQ> Oh, ok...thought you meant radio/TV programs.
1CAVERAT> I don't believe anything has ended since no conclusions have been
TALON25> lol
.Royce3> You know, a good civilian remote viewing program would shake things
up a bit.
.Kolta> Very good Caverat
BAUBLE48> Let's make that a study project with this group
1CAVERAT> That is one area the governments can't put a lock on if it turns
out to be true
.Royce3> Conclusions? I don't follow Cave. The remote viewing program was
fully operational. It was way beyond testing. It was funded for over 18 years.
BAUBLE48> You mean they can't pass a LAW!!!!!!!
.Royce3> Or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean, cave.
1CAVERAT> They can't enforce a law
DORCASQ> Even a remote law.
BAUBLE48> Good Dorq
.Kolta> But no conclusions came out of the program, right Caverat
1CAVERAT> conclusions made public and officially published Royce
.Royce3> Conclusions about what?
BAUBLE48> True Cave
.Royce3> The efficacy of remote viewing?
1CAVERAT> remote viewing, Royce. All reports I have read are either second
hand or unsubstantiated
1CAVERAT> by official sources
.Royce3> Well, I can give you a reading list.
BAUBLE48> So let's prove it to ourselves and do our on project
DORCASQ> Go for it, Baubs!
1CAVERAT> right on Bauble
TALON25> so are we back on OBE's
.Kolta> That is a good idea Bauble
.Royce3> You can go to Russel Targ, Dr. Charles Tart, Dr. Hal Putoff. The
work of Edgar Mitchel...... the list goes on and on.
DORCASQ> But what are their conclusions??
BAUBLE48> Not out of Body this week Talon
.Kolta> To change a little, there is a connection between Putoff and Michael,
BAUBLE48> Right here on UFO Talk time
.Royce3> It works Dorcasq!!!! It was an operational program, not a test
1CAVERAT> Royce I am familiar with their work. Much cannot be reduplicated
under scientific conditions.
.Royce3> Aren't we a bunch of beautiful people, Talon?
TALON25> we must be
.Royce3> Cave, it has been duplicated and reduplicated.
BAUBLE48> Talon you are sitting in your bed with your laptop and only1
TALON25> missed by a mile
1CAVERAT> Can you give me one example I can research of one specific test?
BAUBLE48> So who are you in bed with?
.Royce3> Well, go to the Pearl lab to start.
.Royce3> That is at Princeton.
.Royce3> I'm at a loss as to what kind of proof you want.
1CAVERAT> ok..
BAUBLE48> Cave is a very material hands on type of person
DORCASQ> Pictures/videos of remote viewers viewing.
TALON25> the proof can only come through experiencing for yourself
.Royce3> Now if you are suggesting that some **** **** [*Oh my, Royce, what
did you say?! Your editor is shocked*] at xyz can duplicate, you may be
right. Remote viewing isn't a skill that every academic has mastered. And the
lads at Nature may not want to talk about
.Royce3> the results of the remote viewing tests.
1CAVERAT> An example of a specific test using controlled conditions which can
be duplicated under the same conditions with an accuracy which exceeds random
.Royce3> hell, cave that has been done and done and done.
1CAVERAT> repeatedly
.Royce3> Now it is however a bit like hitting a home run. Not everyone can
hit a home run every time they go to the plate. However, no one disputes that
there are home runs.
TALON25> but then random chance has a purpose too
.Kolta> I think they agree with each other and do not even know it
BAUBLE48> Good K
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.Kolta> wb Jeff
1CAVERAT> I am well aware of many cases where these conditions have occurred
on several times then for reasons unknown suddenly fail
JEFFLOVE999> - signed off -
.Kolta> Here we go again with Jeff
.Royce3> I mean anyone who disputes the existence of remote viewing at this
point either has their eyes closed or has an agenda.
TALON25> take the science out of the equation altogether and do it for
.Kolta> Good Talon
1CAVERAT> I am not disputing its existence, only the nature of tests to
verify it
BAUBLE48> Paranormal is not like a chemistry class
TALON25> too true Baub
.Royce3> Pretty clearly, a lot of people don't want to seriously look at the
evidence, since there isn't a scientific theory to encompass the phenomena.
BAUBLE48> It's a whole new way of thinking and doing tests
.Kolta> Some things cannot be proven scientifically
.Royce3> Remote viewing is a hot potato.
.Royce3> It totally shakes the establishment.
1CAVERAT> K, that is only because we aren't asking the right questions
TALON25> but they can be proven
BAUBLE48> Our material world doesn't live in that mental realm
TALON25> right again Baub
.Royce3> But the fact remains that the CIA used the program for years. And
many many of the people associated with the programs have testified to the
fact that it works.
.Royce3> And there are test results.
.Kolta> We cannot test other dimensional things by physical terms
BAUBLE48> Much to learn on how to test these things
TALON25> it does work
BAUBLE48> Correct K and T
1CAVERAT> right, b
TALON25> I agree Kolta
DORCASQ> me too, me too!
TALON25> lollol
.Royce3> The thing is, no matter how many test results one presents, there
will always be some stupid ass who wants to counter with the company line
that there isn't foolproof evidence. I hasten to add that
.Royce3> I'm not referring to you, Cave.
.Kolta> You see, we did not realize we all agree
TALON25> we agreed remotely
1CAVERAT> Agree royce. There are people to extremes on both sides
BAUBLE48> DaVince drew helicopters and other mechanical things but had no way
to implement building them
BAUBLE48> Leonardo
1CAVERAT> So who here wants to try a remote viewing experiment?
TALON25> ok uk
1CAVERAT> Any one claim to have that ability?
.jefflove> its almost 7:30
TALON25> to some extent
TALON25> its 00.30
BAUBLE48> I don't think I do but I'm willing to try and learn
DORCASQ> I have never really tried it.
.Kolta> I have not tried it either
BAUBLE48> so 1:30 in London?
1CAVERAT> It may be worth trying at a chat session. we need to devise some
.Kolta> - signed off -
TALON25> 12:30
DORCASQ> Yes, that could be neat, Cave.
TALON25> am
.Royce3> We are almost to the two minute warning folks. I would like to thank
all of you for attending and remind you that we will be back here next
Tuesday at 6:00 PM est.
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BAUBLE48> Only 6 hours difference
DORCASQ> Cave, are you going to set this all up?
.Royce3> Kolta, I just gave the warning that we will soon be closing. Thank
you for attending.
BAUBLE48> Bye Royce
1CAVERAT> Royce, before you go, the UFO groups are beginning to plan the
summer picnic i told you about
.Kolta> Thanks for telling me Royce
.jefflove> bye
.Royce3> Oh, well lets get some times and post it, Cave.
TALON25> so what about the remote test
BAUBLE48> Should we talk now or pick a time to get together for the RV
1CAVERAT> Will do. It will likely be July or august
DORCASQ> Want to talk about it next Tuesday?
TALON25> yes
1CAVERAT> If anyone has any ideas, shoot em out now
.jefflove> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Let's plan to make our plans next Tuesday.
.Royce3> If you want to have an after chat talk, we can.
.Royce3> But this chat is now officially over.
.Kolta> We have not done the psychic test yet
TALON25> I'm up 4 it
1CAVERAT> Next Tuesday may be better. give some time to think about it
BAUBLE48> What's that K
TALON25> what psychic test
.Royce3> As for the topic for next week, we can talk about remote viewing,
provided that everyone really wants to stick with that topic for an hour and
a half.
DORCASQ> Yes, see you all next week, bye everyone, Thanks.
.Royce3> i need to post a topic of the week.
.Kolta> Caverat wanted to include some of us for a pyschic test. Has not
happened yet
TALON25> bye Dorq
DORCASQ> - signed off -
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