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Logging at 15-AUG-2000 17:56)
DORCASQ> Hi Kolta..and everyone else!
.Kolta> Soaring is here somewhere
DORCASQ> Hi Soaring!
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk" (4 members now) **
.Kolta> Hi Bauble
DORCASQ> Hey Baubs
DORCASQ> Wonder where Roycie is?
DORCASQ> How is everybody doing??
.Kolta> It seems like we are the only two talking Dorc
DORCASQ> Yes..wonder what's wrong here!
.Kolta> Delphi must be up to its old tricks again, I guess
DORCASQ> Bauble - can you hear us?
BAUBLE49> Hi guys. I think we are all in the wrong chat room. Shall we all
exit and try to come back in again? Rocket and Royce are in the other room.
DORCASQ> Really???THEY are in the wrong room!!
.Kolta> What other room?
BAUBLE49> Now so is Caverat
DORCASQ> Well, where would we go?
BAUBLE49> Lets get out and try again. OK?
.Kolta> Good question
DORCASQ> Okaaaaay
.Kolta> ok
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
.Kolta> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
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.Royce3> Hi Dorcasq
ROCKET882> back
BAUBLE49> Dorcas thought you 'all' must be in the wrong room.....
DORCASQ> Hmmmm - that was strange
.Royce3> We had a bit of confusion, but I think we are about back to normal.
DORCASQ> How many rooms do we have going here??
BAUBLE49> Maybe you were......
.Royce3> Or as normal as things get here.
DORCASQ> I clicked on the place where I saw Kolta and Soaring
.Royce3> 5
BAUBLE49> So they are the culprits!!!!
DORCASQ> That will probably be a problem all night now for people coming in!
.Royce3> Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BAUBLE49> 2 Chats are listed
.Royce3> Hello, Kolta, welcome.
.Kolta> Soaring Eagle is back in the other room
DORCASQ> They are both shown on msg. board.
.Kolta> I was already here in the other room Royce
.Royce3> Well, can someone go and fetch eagle?
.Royce3> Don't pull any tailfeathers, however.
ROCKET882> Hi K and Bauble, Dorcasq
.Kolta> Unfortunately, Eagle is not answering right now
BAUBLE49> Didn't Eagle see my message?
DORCASQ> Hiya Rocket!
.Kolta> Apparently Eagle is doing other things Bauble
1CAVERAT> royce, as moderator can you close the other room?
DORCASQ> He was in the chat I just left
BAUBLE49> Hi Rocket. Great pictures you
BAUBLE49> do
.Royce3> No, i don't think so. Or if I can, I don't know the procedure.
.Kolta> Eagle and I were the first ones there
ROCKET882> Ty Bauble..very much
BAUBLE49> Your welcome
ROCKET882> :)
BAUBLE49> Should I go and fetch Eagle?
.Royce3> Rocket, many of us here had the opportunity to view the exhibit held
by nationally know UFO researcher Stan Gordon. He was at a PA mall over the
weekend. Caverat was one of the prime movers in that
.Royce3> effort. Cave did you guys get packed up after the show without any
DORCASQ> I don't think he is there, Baub
DORCASQ> He would have heard us saying we were leaving.
.Kolta> I will try. Brb
.Kolta> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> no problems. got home about 1 AM
.Royce3> I think that exhibit was quite nice and a lot of interesting people
were on hand.
DORCASQ> Yes, the exhibit was real nice!
1CAVERAT> We got several leads we are following up on
ROCKET882> What was the exhibition showing?
1CAVERAT> Anyone see the aurora later that night?
DORCASQ> I enjoyed seeing all the old UFO Forum people and meeting some new
ROCKET882> The Craft?
.Royce3> There were lots of old UFO books and magazines and a number of
authors of ufo related material.
1CAVERAT> no. northern lights
DORCASQ> I didn't see the lights.
.Royce3> It is a shame no one was taking pictures that we could post here.
ROCKET882> Anyone heard of Bob White.."Hard Evidence'?
BAUBLE49> Do any of the participants that were behind the table(like you
Cave) give talks on their research, Caverat?
.Royce3> No, I've never heard of the fellow.
.Royce3> Bob White?
BAUBLE49> Not me Rocket
ROCKET882> He has a piece of a craft..of sorts.
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1CAVERAT> Royce, I have some digital photos from the display if you want to
post them
.Royce3> Hello, jeff love.
.jefflove> hi
ROCKET882> Been touring...with much sucesss
BAUBLE49> Hi Jeff
.Royce3> Yes, please send them over cave. Post a couple of them.
1CAVERAT> You can steal three from my sight if you want
.Royce3> Ok, cave.
.Royce3> Very good.
ROCKET882> Where is your site caverat?
1CAVERAT> they're up now. I will post a couple more once I get them uploaded
1CAVERAT> is URL , Rocket
DORCASQ> Someone I know saw the exhibit advertised either on TV or newspaper
and finally, for the 1st time ever was interested in what I had to say about
ROCKET882> ty
.Royce3> People like to believe what they see on TV ,Dorcasq.
.Royce3> Have you read Bob White's book, Rocket?
DORCASQ> Just goes to show you - they have to see it on TV or some mainstream
.Royce3> That's right, Dorcasq
ROCKET882> Yes royce...I've recreated some photos for his site...he's on the
up & up as far as I can tell.
DORCASQ> So, having exhibits like that do make more people aware of what is
going on.
BAUBLE49> Was it only announced, Dorcas, or was someone at the exhibit
.Royce3> Has Bob White been on any of the talk shows? Jeff Rense, Coast to
Coast to Coast?
** .Soaring Eagle just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
1CAVERAT> Bauble, in answer to your earlier question, Stan does
presentations. Check his site for details
.Royce3> hello Eagle, welcome
DORCASQ> No, Baub, he heard about it before the exhibit.
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.Royce3> hello Guardian, welcome.
BAUBLE49> Soar, It's about time!!!!
.Soaring Eagle> helloooo It is the wandering one
** .Soron just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
.Guardian> Greetings all
.Royce3> Hello Soron, welcome.
.Soaring Eagle> Thank you very much soron
ROCKET882> yes...and that TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" Royce
ROCKET882> Hi eagle.
** .Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
.Soron> Greetings..
BAUBLE49> But we're glad you are home now Eagle
** .Xanthe just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
.jefflove> would stam like to guest om this chat?
DORCASQ> I wonder if Kolta will find her way back now...whoops, there she is!
.Soron> np Soaring..anything to help a Lady in distress
BAUBLE49> Way to go Kolta!!!
.Soaring Eagle> Hi everybody. I like to make an entrance you
.Kolta> I just did Dorc
.Royce3> We are talking about a UFO exhibit that was attended by some of the
people here. The exhibit was in Pa. We are also talking about an author named
Bob White who has just written a book about ufos.
DORCASQ> Good job, K!!
.Kolta> Royce, close the other room before anyone else gets in it
BAUBLE49> Hi Soron and Guardian
.Royce3> Welcome Xanthe
.Xanthe> thank you, hello Royce
.Royce3> As many of you know, malls are a good place to collect UFO reports.
.Guardian> a question if I may real fast
** REYGOLD just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
.Royce3> Peter Davenport of the National UfO Reporting Center has, seemingly,
perfected the use of shopping malls for collecting reports. Welcome Reygold.
BAUBLE49> Hi Rey
REYGOLD> hey all
.Guardian> what is the difference in the termonology of a close encounter of
the 2nd kind in relation to a 3rd kind?
.Soaring Eagle> Hi Reygold
.Kolta> Good question Guardian
.Royce3> Cave, do you want to field that question?
DORCASQ> I have no idea, Guardian.
BAUBLE49> eithr
DORCASQ> What is the 1st kind??
.Guardian> that the ship is seen
.Guardian> in the air
BAUBLE49> Why, may I ask, do you want to know.
.Soaring Eagle> Maybe they have two eyes instead of
.Guardian> I thought mayhaps someone would no]
.Guardian> know this
1CAVERAT> Royce , repeat the question. I lost the screen
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BAUBLE49> - signed off -
REYGOLD> I think, it is the photographed proof of a sighting, Guardian
.Satellite8> hi!
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Satellite8> hi everyone
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
REYGOLD> (proof?)
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Guardian> there are 3 encounters of Ufo sightings in which they are
.Guardian> 1-3
DORCASQ> What is the difference between an encounter of the 2nd and 3rd kind,
.Kolta> I do not think it has anything to do with proof
.Guardian> can any tell me the other two
.Guardian> come now it is the basics of ufo termonology
1CAVERAT> A 2nd kind involves a sighting in detail of a craft. 3rd kind
includes sighting of entities
.Royce3> Cave will you explain the various grades of sightings
.Kolta> Actually there are 5 CEas but I do not remember all of them
.Kolta> CEs
.Guardian> no not just the craft
DORCASQ> Ok - that clears that up.
.Guardian> that is the first the second is that the craft is one the surface
DORCASQ> That was a question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
.Guardian> come now...
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Kolta> I do! I do!
1CAVERAT> I am at work so I don't have it tonite, but I have a Vallee
classification document I can post tomorrow that explains all classifications
.Guardian> what is the third?
.Royce3> Guardian, what is your purpose for the quiz?
1CAVERAT> Its 4 pages long and I don't have time to type it all in
.Guardian> because I find it very interesting
DORCASQ> Yes, we should all know the differences.
.Kolta> The 5th is where we initiate contact
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Royce3> And I might remind you all that it is an arbitrary system. But if
you are very interested we will get it posted for you.
.Guardian> this talk is about ufo chat...I just thought that it was a good
.Kolta> Poor Bauble
.Guardian> glad I did bring it up..some did not know
DORCASQ> It is a good question, Guardian.
.Soaring Eagle> bauble, yes we notice you hun. now stop, I am getting dizzy
watching alln this poofing
BAUBLE49> Here I am, finally!
.Royce3> Guardian, well, there's no problem with bringing it up. That's fine.
.Kolta> I am glad you brought it up also Guardian
1CAVERAT> Royce, if you want Ill post the classification document on the
board when I get home
BAUBLE49> Sooo Very Sorry All
.Kolta> Thanks Caverat
.Guardian> might be suitable for this forum to have
.Royce3> So Guardian, would you like to comment on the system? Is it a good
system. What do you see as its weak points, if it has any?
.Soaring Eagle> ty guardian,I am not much of a ufo buff though I am very
interested due to my own life experiences
DORCASQ> Yes, please do, Cave.
DORCASQ> What system??
.Royce3> The classification system.
.Royce3> The UFO sighting classification system.
.Royce3> I might add that the forms for reporting ufos vary from group to
ROCKET882> 1st 2nd ect?
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.Soron> Greetings Jafo..
.Royce3> Hi JAF
JAFO101> Hi Soron
.Guardian> ist through 3 are pretty common
.Soaring Eagle> I have a question that I have never received an answer to
that I found satisfactory
.Guardian> for all societies
JAFO101> Same in wolf from morning?
.Guardian> they are the basic and fundamental of the classifications
ROCKET882> Whats is 3rd?
.Soron> Yep..
.Soron> Out visiting..
.Guardian> the third is the craft is on the ground and the occupants are
DORCASQ> Caverat said 3rd is seeing an entity, I think.
1CAVERAT> The Vallee system is becoming somewhat standardized for reports
.Guardian> outside the craft even
ROCKET882> <---2nd
1CAVERAT> 1st is the light in the sky report
.Kolta> This is common knowledge that we all should know
DORCASQ> 2nd - seeing a craft
1CAVERAT> 2nd is details of craft
REYGOLD> what is your question Eagle?
ROCKET882> yes....20 feet away
1CAVERAT> 3rd is entities seen
.Guardian> 2nd is the craft is on the surface
.Guardian> not just seen
.Royce3> Kolta, if and when you sight a UFO you will have a number of forms
to choose from
1CAVERAT> 4th is interaction with entities
1CAVERAT> 5th is abduction
.Royce3> There is no single standard.
.Guardian> what is the difference with interaction and abduction?
1CAVERAT> these last two are somewhat arbitrary among researchers though
ROCKET882> I have seen floating 20 to 25 feet at tree top for a few minutes
and morphing
.Kolta> I would not report it Royce. But it is still something we should be
aware of.
.Royce3> Once again, rsthor, it depends upon who you are talking to.
.Royce3> Abductions are when someone is taken by force.
.Guardian> *nods*
.Royce3> Interaction may be voluntary.
.Soaring Eagle> Thsi being a free-will planet..Why do some become abductees
against their will. This is incongruent with the laws governing this planet.
Do they have to gain some sort of permission even through
.Soaring Eagle> trickery???
.Kolta> Cave, 5 is different from what I was told. I was told 5 is where we
initiated the contact
1CAVERAT> I am going to have to go back to work Lunch break is over :(
.Guardian> how does one know that they are by force..some might think
themselves willingly going
DORCASQ> Awww too bad, Cave!
ROCKET882> bye Cave...nice meeting ya
.Kolta> We miss you Cave
.Royce3> Eagle, there are a lot of different views about the abduction
experience. Some say they are carried out by demons; others say they are
carried out by Ets.
.Soaring Eagle> that is what I am coming to suspect G
.Royce3> To add to the confusion, there may be many different Ets with
different agendas.
1CAVERAT> As I said, K, the last two vary depending on who you talk to. The
Valleee system provides more options which is why it is now being used
.Soaring Eagle> Even demons have rules
.Kolta> Thanks Cave
1CAVERAT> You'll see what I mean when I post it
BAUBLE49> Thanks Cave
.Guardian> what is your theary about the experiments that are said to be
taking place on these abductions?
ROCKET882> Deamons fall in the same catagorie?
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.Soaring Eagle> farewell cave
REYGOLD> how is abduction any different than simple human kiddnapping
(technology aside)?
.The Unknown> hi
1CAVERAT> later, guys ! ! !
.Royce3> I will add that i think that Jacques Valle has done some of the very
best work
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
.Soaring Eagle> no. Just got thrown in. Why some of my best friends have been
called demons!! lol
.The Unknown> hey Bauble
.Kolta> Very good Eagle
ROCKET882> I have a dog thats one
.Royce3> I suggest that you all consider reading some of Vallee's books.
DORCASQ> A demon dog?!
JAFO101> - signed off -
.Soaring Eagle> Hi unknown
.Royce3> We have had a number of Christians here, who think that all
abductions are carried out by demons.
BAUBLE49> Funny, Soar and Rocket
** JAFO101 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (14 members now) **
ROCKET882> figuratively speaking
.Royce3> They don't buy into the notion that we have Ets visiting us.
.Royce3> Welocme back Jafol01
JAFO101> - signed off -
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JAFO101> - signed off -
.Soron> Demons?
** JAFO101 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (14 members now) **
.Kolta> Delphi is being rough tonite
DORCASQ> The demons are getting JAF0
.Soaring Eagle> Though my background is christian, having met some of them I
have learned that is not true.
JAFO101> - signed off -
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ROCKET882> Where's the proof?
ROCKET882> or data
JAFO101> - signed off -
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.Royce3> Vallee, takes the view often expressed by Jung, namely that human
consciousness figures into the UFO picture.
.Soaring Eagle> Amd that which we call 'demon' at times is just an honery
spirit. (please do not confuse that with horny,that is a different one all
together!!) roflol
.Kolta> The ones I have met I would not consider demons and I could be
considered a Christian also
ROCKET882> Sounds right to me, royce
.Guardian> Demons are Astral trash
.Royce3> Jung suggested that human consciousness can actually create physical
.Soron> I have been called a demon
.Soron> But demons are scum..
.Royce3> Well, soron, I have been called scum, too.
.Royce3> Hmmm
DORCASQ> Horny scum!
.Soron> Why?
.Guardian> the Term Demon has been used against me as well
.Royce3> But as you know, scum takes many different forms.
ROCKET882> Roycescum?
.Soaring Eagle> roflmao
.Kolta> :-) Dorc
.Soron> How many of you have actually encountered a demon?
BAUBLE49> Not me
.Kolta> Although I have been seen as scum
.Royce3> I never have.
.Soron> on any level?
DORCASQ> I never have
.Soaring Eagle> It is settled we are all part demon. nest...
.Kolta> I never have
.Soron> Right..
.Soaring Eagle> me
ROCKET882> <----Dose not exist in my all.
.Guardian> I think I am not at all Demon
DORCASQ> I think we all have our demonic side.
BAUBLE49> Soron, what is your difinition of a demon, first?
.Soaring Eagle> and that term is our own ..not theirs
.Royce3> One of our regulars on the chat board says that she has encountered
demons. She has discussed it at length. I have interviewed her.
.Kolta> True Dorc
ROCKET882> Its a belief system
.Soron> An astral entity of a particular energic grouping..mostly parasitic..
.Soron> it is a label..
.Royce3> Well, numerous religions mentions demons in their dogma
ROCKET882> so is the word hope and wish
.Soaring Eagle> good definition.
BAUBLE49> So Jung says that we create it
.Soaring Eagle> many religions
ROCKET882> My point exactly Royce.."Belief System"
.Soaring Eagle> are demons in themselves
DORCASQ> I believe what Jung says.
.Soron> brb..must reboot
.Guardian> okay
.Kolta> Ghandi says the only demons are the ones that run around inside us
.Royce3> But the fundamentalist Christians are at the forefront of accusing
demons of the so-called ET abductions.
BAUBLE49> Good K
.Kolta> Thanks Bauble
.Guardian> you will know when you meet with one
.Soaring Eagle> fundamental christians have been at the forefront of many
false judgings!
DORCASQ> I believe that is true too, K
.Royce3> Essentially, it comes down to whether or not one believes in
personified evil.
.Kolta> Thanks Dorc
BAUBLE49> Maybe they have a lot of demons to cast out, Royce
.Royce3> Yes, you are right about that, Eagle.
.Guardian> not as evil but as in being parasitical entities they will feed on
any that they can
BAUBLE49> Yes, Royce
.Soaring Eagle> I did not believe this initially. But came to know there are
many different energy groupings "out there'
.Royce3> Yes, that is the general notion, Guardian.
.Guardian> they do so to feed and to live
.Guardian> there is usually no thought at all in such beings
.Royce3> Eagle, I'm in complete agreement with you. That is part of the
theory of my Qi Gong training.
ROCKET882> yes...the unbelievable...Royce...goes into the catagory of Faith
.Royce3> In fact, that is part of the concept of most of the esoteric belief
DORCASQ> But how do you know they are "out there"?
.Soaring Eagle> because they come 'in here'
ROCKET882> Good question Dorc...
.Royce3> Either one sees them personally, dorcas, who takes the word of
reliable sources.
BAUBLE49> do we let them in because we believe in them?
ROCKET882> Can you prove that eagle...or is that what you believe?
.Kolta> Good question Bauble
.Soaring Eagle> you cannot deny what is in front of your face. no more
thereorizing. It is there to be dealt with
.Guardian> if you did not beleive in the sun would it not still be there?
ROCKET882> No Deamons here....
DORCASQ> Good question, Guardian
.Guardian> or did not beleive that you needed food..would you not die from
.Guardian> not beleive in just as bad as fearing something too much
DORCASQ> It is possible you would not.
.Soaring Eagle> In my more mature years,rocket, I no longer am concerned
about proving anything. Just sharing my experiences
.Guardian> it is an opening
.Royce3> Guardian, some people, especially those from the Vedic school don't
believe that there is an objective "out there" reality.
.Guardian> it is a weakness
ROCKET882> show me your Deamon or any enity for that matter.
BAUBLE49> I agree Dorc
REYGOLD> I don't think we necessarilly need to believe in them Bauble
.Satellite8> - signed off -
.Royce3> Let's take another tact: Who among us here has been abducted?
DORCASQ> Show me your demon and I'll show you mine!
.Soaring Eagle> now kids!
ROCKET882> we all have experiences...but nothing that we can hold and relate
to others...just experiences.
JAFO101> royce by who
.Royce3> By who?
BAUBLE49> I've not been abducted
ROCKET882> lol Dorc!
.Kolta> I have scoop marks and some dreams, but no real memories
.Guardian> some of you do not have the harmonisation to achieve a realisation
of them
.Soaring Eagle> my fiancee abducted me once. :-)
.Royce3> How many of you feel you have been abducted by either Ets or demons?
BAUBLE49> thank goodness then
.Royce3> And was she a demon, Eagle?
BAUBLE49> funny Soar
.Soaring Eagle> um he is VERY male :-)
ROCKET882> I feel thats a possiblity here Royce...and a child...its like a
dream..I dunno
.Soron> - signed off -
.Royce3> Was he a demon?
.Kolta> Well, as far as demons are concerned, I cannot be abducted by
something I created within myself
ROCKET882> lol Kolta! True
DORCASQ> That is true, K
.Royce3> Well, that seems reasonable, K.
JAFO101> I was abducted by government
DORCASQ> So there - we just proved ETs are not demons!
BAUBLE49> governments will do that
.Royce3> The draft, JAF?
ROCKET882> lol Dorc! yes!
** SORONWOLF just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
JAFO101> 1968
.Soaring Eagle> I have never feared abduction. Always fealt that in the end
it was my choice.
.Royce3> Welcome back .
.Guardian> Demons do not abduct you carry them
.Xanthe> wb Soron
BAUBLE49> Choice-yes, very good
.jefflove> are demoms real emtites?
.Guardian> they imbed themselves in your psyche
ROCKET882> like a bad memorie Guardian?
Guardian> Wb sir
.Soaring Eagle> But after the dark energy tried to fool me so I would 'let it
in' I began to wonder if some initially think it is okay
.Royce3> And where do the demons come from? Do they come from space? Are they
multi dimensional beings?
.Soaring Eagle> wb soron
.Soron> ty
.Soron> Demons are astral entities
.Guardian> again they are parasitical astral entities
BAUBLE49> Maybe demons come in many forms to fool us. Even angels....
ROCKET882> <---things its the HARRP project is the
.Soron> They have no physical existance..
.Royce3> I'm not sure we got an answer: was anyone here ever confronted by a
.Kolta> My own demons
BAUBLE49> We do wonder about that Rocket???
** MAEBVE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (14 members now) **
.Soaring Eagle> I do not think that I like the term is a bias term
not representative of the reality of the being. my opinion
.Royce3> Hello Maebve, welcome
.Xanthe> Hello Mae
JAFO101> real or imagined royce
.Kolta> That shadow side of myself that I need to deal with
REYGOLD> depends on the definition, but yes
ROCKET882> brb
.Guardian> we could just call them astral trash if that helps
.Soron> Um..Soaring..if you'd ever met a demon you would not worrt about
hurting its feelings
.Maebve> Greetings Xanthe, how are you?
.Royce3> We are talking about demons and ets, for those of you who have just
joined us.
.Xanthe> I'm doing good, how about you?
.Royce3> Can you tell us about the confrontation Reygold?
.Maebve> Thank you Royce
.Royce3> Fine here, Xanthe
.Soron> I have killed enough to know they are all scum..
.Guardian> Good to see you Maebve
REYGOLD> I wasn't really a confrontation, more like an observation
.jefflove> is there a metwork of demoms?
.Royce3> Soron, you have killed a demon?
DORCASQ> You have killed demons, Soron?
.Guardian> easily done
.Soron> yea ..quite a few..
.Maebve> (((((((((((((Guardian)))))))))
DORCASQ> How did you kill them?
.Royce3> Well, soron, will you tell us about that?
.Maebve> (((((((((Soron))))))
.Guardian> (((((Meabve))))))))
.Maebve> good to see you guys
.Soron> If you really want me to..
.Soron> Good to see you Maebve..
.Royce3> Sure, go ahead, soron
.Royce3> Has any of this taken place recently?
.Soron> How recent would you like?
.Guardian> lol
.Soron> I don't like demons..
.Royce3> The most recent, I guess.
.Soron> I am astarl every night..
.Soron> If I meet a demon..I will kill it..
.Royce3> Yes, I gathered that; otherwise, you wouldn't be killing them.
.Soron> on principle
.Royce3> How does one go about killing a demon??
.Guardian> no sense in letting one live and it is good entertainment as well
.Soaring Eagle> I am not concern with whether or not the 'demon' thought that
term was politically correct. I just think that term brings to mind
pre-conceived false ideas about energy forms.
.Soron> as to how..well it is down to the manipulation of energy
.Maebve> LOL@Guardian
.Kolta> Very good point Soaring
.Soron> you need to gather the energy and focus it through a single point of
.Royce3> ok
.Soron> But..In my astral from..that means I just hit it with a sword
JAFO101> (snipersareus)
REYGOLD> thus piercing the entity into oblivion
.Soron> or evisercate it..
.Soron> which is more fun
BAUBLE49> funny JAF
.Guardian> lol
.Guardian> much more
DORCASQ> Can't the demon kill you instead?
.Soaring Eagle> much easier Soron :-)
.jefflove> demom- a evil supermatural emtity
.Royce3> I have a friend who is tormented constantly by demons. She has been
to many many people for help. But her troubles continue.
.Royce3> This has gone on for years.
.Maebve> i had problems with that as well
.Soaring Eagle> perhaps her fear is what feeds them???...
.Royce3> I assure you that she would love to know how to kill the demons.
BAUBLE49> She may not be angry enough yet, Royce
REYGOLD> there is definitly a power structure
.Guardian> they do feed off of fear and any other emotion
.Kolta> That is another good point Soaring
.Maebve> that is exactly it Soaring
.Royce3> The lady in question has had these entities affect the very fabric
of her life.
DORCASQ> That is why I believe they are only in our own minds.
.Soron> Demons I said at the beginning..mostly parasitic..
REYGOLD> the more powerful ones are not very nice
ROCKET882> mulitpal personalities?
.Royce3> As she tells the story, the demons entered her body as her nephew
died in her arms of cancer.
.Maebve> Dorcas they are not in your mind
.Soaring Eagle> That is what I meant about pre-conceived beliefs. Those
beliefs are what feed the very thing that we wish to be rid of! That was the
second part of my experience with the dark energy
.Soron> Well may believe me insane then..
DORCASQ> I don't mean you are insane...
.Maebve> *knows Soron is not insane*
DORCASQ> I'm just saying they are only "inside" us.
.Guardian> again not beleiveing in something is just as dangerouse
.Royce3> I don't think Dorcas is suggesting that he is insane.
.Soron> If these demons I kill exist in my mind...I must be..
.Royce3> Dorcasq doesn't think that way.
.Soaring Eagle> good point guardian
.Soron> I have an entire infinite astral plain in there
.Kolta> I know Dorc does not think that way
DORCASQ> But I do believe they are very real to the person experiencing them.
REYGOLD> has anyone here seen the movie Jacobs Ladder?
.Soron> Then don't patronise me
.Soaring Eagle> it is okay soron...we all are!!!lol
.Royce3> Well, can you precisely outline how one can learn to kill a demon.
.Soron> This is an objective reality I speak of...
BAUBLE49> No I haven't Rey
.Guardian> through the usage of Will, focus, and visualisation
.Soron> If you wish to patronise me and say it is my imagination..I would
suggest you consider that you might just be bline to that reality
REYGOLD> a good line for Royces friend there
.Maebve> Dorcas, i have had a few run ins with them, and they were not
pleasant, and I know it was not in my head
.Royce3> Well, all right, but as a great man once said: "The devil is in the
BAUBLE49> Is it about Demons, Rey?
.Soaring Eagle> I believe there was just a group in the news today who
believed their amulet rendered them bullet proof.....They are dead of gunshot
wounds. Denial does not save you!
.Guardian> lol
.Royce3> Personally, i believe that demons are an objective reality, at
least some of them.
.Soaring Eagle> like the bullets?
.Guardian> blinding yourself only leads you off cliffs
DORCASQ> I used the wrong words - saying they are in your mind. I think the
mind can create them.
REYGOLD> somewhat. {If you're holding on to something, they won't let you go,
but if ypu let it go, they are only angels helping you on your way...(?)]
.Maebve> the term demon when pertaining to a person is usually used as a
metaphor, like we all have our own demons to face
.Maebve> that would be problems and addictions
DORCASQ> Yes, I agree Mae
.Royce3> Of course, there are some people who through mental control render
themselves somewhat impervious to physical harm.
.Soron> The mind can create thought-forms..
JAFO101> all type faster than I can think....
.Soron> both deliberate thought-forms and accidental ones..if the mind is
.Maebve> the demons of which we speak are not caused by "personal problems"
.jefflove> they are comscious emtities with a -ody, mimd amd soul
BAUBLE49> Aren't we just great, JAF??!!
REYGOLD> I recomend the Movie Bauble
DORCASQ> I can't read this fast!
.Royce3> Maebve, yes, we aren't talking about people with mental problems. We
are talking about outside, dark forces when we speak of demons here.
BAUBLE49> Do they really have a soul, Jeff?
.Guardian> not surprising
.Maebve> I kind of gathered that
.Maebve> but it seems like Dorcas's view on that is distorted
.Soron> Speaking as a Dark force myself..i think I object to that ...
.Soron> I am not a demon..
.Royce3> Jeff, I don't figure they have a soul.
.Kolta> But for me a demon is part of my shadow self and not a dark outside
.Maebve> then they are not Dark
DORCASQ> We all have our own views here, Maebve.
.Guardian> no need to speak of the Dark as an evil thing
.jefflove> if they are speritual yes they have a soul
.jefflove> spititual
.Maebve> I agree with Soron and Guardian
.Royce3> Well generally, how do you folks see demons affecting life here on
BAUBLE49> what makes a demon spiritual, Jeff
.Royce3> Do demons actively affect the governing of our planet?
.Maebve> they are parasitic, like Soron said
.jefflove> they live im the asral plames
.jefflove> astral
.Guardian> their intent is to feed
.Maebve> which does not reside on our planet
JAFO101> AAAhhhhh did I miss the flying object part?
REYGOLD> have you never been astrally attacked royce?
.Royce3> Maebve, when you say the are parasitic, what do you mean.
.Royce3> Do you mean that they rob us of energy?
.Guardian> they are here solely on the purpose to feed
.Maebve> wellll, i have had two "feed" off of me
.Soaring Eagle> I relate my experience as 'the man of lies' who was robed in
a fluttering black thing. He wished to extinguish me. It was HIM and not his
.Maebve> they are parasitic cuz they find a host and then suck as much energy
as they can from them
.Royce3> As some of you know, one doesn't have to be a demon to drain the chi
or prana from another living creature.
.Kolta> That is true Royce
BAUBLE49> Before this chat is over-let's not forget the Prayer List. OK?
REYGOLD> then demon is a bad term
.Royce3> Some Qigong schools teach people how to drain energy.
.Soaring Eagle> I know lotsof people who are really good at it! lol
.Soron> Any half way decent psychic can energy drain..
BAUBLE49> True, Royce!!
.Maebve> true, but that is not theiir only purpose
.Royce3> Believe it or not, some Qigong masters make their living this way.
.Soaring Eagle> why???
BAUBLE49> Yes, Soar and Soron
BAUBLE49> Power and maybe greed
.Soron> It is a useful skill..
.Royce3> Anyway being a demon must then go beyond simply draining energy from
living creatures.
.Soron> I make use of it at need..
.Maebve> not really, they have no other purpose
.Soron> if I am in need of energy I will take it
.Soaring Eagle> why Soron sucker! lol
.Soron> but..human energy is relatively weak..
.Royce3> Well, are demons here to advance the agenda of Satan?
.Soaring Eagle> I think I am of light spirit today!!!
.Maebve> LOLOL, i think not
.Soron> I prefer taking it from something a bit more substantial
.Soaring Eagle> I am hurt!
.Maebve> demons are here only for their own selfish purposes and what they
can gain
.Soron> Who is this Satan guy anyway?
.Guardian> one that has more and more concentrated
.Maebve> OHHH sorry, not you Soaring
REYGOLD> good question Soron
.Royce3> The drained energy need not have come from a human. It can come from
plants and animals too.
.Soaring Eagle> Just a name I think. Maybe a term for a specific group of
ROCKET882> Called "Bateries" Soar
ROCKET882> :)
.Soron> Earth energy is good if mainlined..but astral is better..
.jefflove> some uk ufologists -elieve there two ufo forces light amd darkmess
.Maebve> Hmmm, well you would have to believe in Satan in the first place
.Soaring Eagle> *s*
.Royce3> Kolta, will you define Satan?
.Royce3> According to standard Christian doctrine, Kolta.
.Maebve> In my opinion, Satan is the Roman Catholic Church's best friend
.jefflove> swoory pro-lems with my computer
BAUBLE49> haha
.Soaring Eagle> lol
.Royce3> My, how cynical, Maebve.
.Royce3> Ha
.Kolta> Satan was an angel who was originally created good and decided to set
himself up as God. That is why he fell.
.Maebve> Not at all is the truth
.Maebve> it
.Soaring Eagle> Not far from the truth Im afraid..M
.Royce3> ty,k
.Royce3> How many of you reject the notion of a personified Satan?
REYGOLD> what makes "him" any less of a "God"?
BAUBLE49> Many religions may have taken a side path
.Maebve> nooo it's because he envied God
REYGOLD> I reject wholly!
ROCKET882> Its all old testament...
.Kolta> I will buy that Maebve
.Royce3> Reygold, you don't believe in evil?
.Maebve> reject what Rey?
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (15 members now) **
JAFO101> well all....must fire up the anti-grave machine and burst on
out........Soron will see you on the other page and take it easy on them OK?
.Kolta> My point is, is that Satan fell because of his own free will. He was
good at one point. We all make choices.
.Royce3> Hello, Joasha, welcome home.
BAUBLE49> Hi Joasha
REYGOLD> evil is relative
.Joasha> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, made it
.Soaring Eagle> If I come to you, I can say my name is smith. My father,
uncle,aunt and all others of the same family can say the same. individual as
well as group
DORCASQ> Joasha - Hello!!
.Soron> send Jafo101 Take care..
.Joasha> thank you
.Soron> damn
.Soron> forgot the /
.Kolta> ]Glad to see you Joasha
DORCASQ> Great to see you Joasha!
REYGOLD> I have experienced what to me may seem evil, but not really to others
ROCKET882> lol soron
JAFO101> - signed off -
.Maebve> that is not entirely true, Angels were given free will like humans
which is why they envied humans so
BAUBLE49> exactly Reygold
.Maebve> not i meant not
.Royce3> Joasha, we are talking about Satan, among other things, and whether
or not he really exists.
DORCASQ> We are talking about demons, J.
.jefflove> evil id the imtemtiom to harm or imjure others for ome's owm
.Kolta> I implied Satan had free will. He was an angel
.Royce3> So some of you do reject the notion of a personified Satan.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Jeff!
.Guardian> then I guess I would be evil with that definition
.Joasha> takes a really vivid imagination
.Maebve> LOL@Guard
.Soron> Me too..
ROCKET882> I hole hartedly do...royce
.Royce3> I'm kind of on the fence about whether or not there is a personified
ROCKET882> whole...oops
.Soron> Satan is a title..
.Maebve> I do, I am not Christian
.Soaring Eagle> brb
.Soron> It means 'Adversay'
.Maebve> exactly
.Soron> any who oppose the forces of Light could wear that title
DORCASQ> You mean 'Adversary'??
.Maebve> hmmmmmm
.Soron> probably Dorcas..
.Kolta> We all have both good and evil in us. It is what we choose to do
with them
ROCKET882> <---believes in the creator...not ani-creator
.Royce3> Well, Maebve, many religions have a devil, although he is described
in a fashion different than that in Christian theology.
.Maebve> coolll, i could be Satan
.Joasha> putting a face to a personal demon, or shirking responsibility for
fears and lack of action
.Soron> you could be A satan..
.Maebve> LOL, good point, Soron
ROCKET882> gezz
.Maebve> Well, then we could all be A Satan
.Soron> I know i am A satan
.Soron> I oppose the Light completely
BAUBLE49> Yes, Joasha
DORCASQ> I agree J, but my opinion isn't too popular here.
ROCKET882> Ohhh soron're a
.Soron> Nop..I am not a vampire
.jefflove> why do you oppose the light sorom?
.Royce3> What can we say of sorcery?
.Soron> I am a fallen Angel..
.Joasha> hugs to Bauble and Dorcasq
.Soron> I can be vampiric...
.Kolta> Well, my opinion is not too popular here either
.Soron> if i choose..
.Maebve> but that would be Psychically
DORCASQ> So I am just listening and 'learning'.
ROCKET882> free will Soron?
BAUBLE49> answer Jeff Soron, please
.Royce3> Does sorcery exist and does it take devil's disciple to carry out
.Joasha> and moucho hugs to Kolta. hehehe
.Soron> I oppose the Light because it represents opression..
ROCKET882> thats called Vodoo Royce.
.jefflove> why is there oppositiom to the LIGHT?
.Maebve> ummmm nooooo, not at all Royce
.Soron> It denies free will
.Kolta> ((((((((((((Joasha))))))))))
.Maebve> no it isn't voodoo
.Guardian> why is everything classified in christian means
REYGOLD> you should read some Crowley Royce
.Soron> it insists on certain moral and ethical behavior
.Soron> and also
.Soron> because it opposes me
ROCKET882> Oh and Darkness relese's it soron?
.Royce3> Oh, I have read some of Crowley, Reygold. He was quite a bastard.
.Maebve> sorcery is mostly the gathering of energy
.Soron> Darkness is not release
REYGOLD> how so Royce?
.Royce3> I think you are right about that, Maebve.
.Soron> It is challenging..and ruthless..and not for the weak
ROCKET882> Its just the flip sind of the coin Soron...thats all...
.Soron> But it is the way for thr true individual
BAUBLE49> Yes Rocket
.Joasha> Creator challenged us to 'live' here, and not get caught up in the
.Royce3> Oh, there are some terrible stories about his callous disregard for
life, Rey.
DORCASQ> I'm trying not to, right now, J :)
.Royce3> Well, documented, too, rey.
.Maebve> Royce, there are many who have a callous disregard for life
BAUBLE49> You sound very angry, Soron
ROCKET882> Yes agreed Josh "Whats obvious is whats so...whats not so obvious
is "SO WHAT"
.Joasha> <grin> LOL
REYGOLD> disregard for life????
.Soron> Not angry Bauble..
.Soron> It's just the truth..
.Maebve> that's just what i was going to say
.Soron> I want to live as an individual
ROCKET882> yours....soron
.Joasha> that may be your truth Soron, not everyone's
BAUBLE49> Oh you posted that didn't you Rocket? I gave a post also
.Soron> Ther eis only one Truth..
ROCKET882> yes
.Maebve> not everyone is made to be individualistic, most are followers and
want to be shown the way
.Soron> although it is perceived differently by everyone
.Royce3> Yes,Rey, at one time Crowley was a mountain climber. Some of his
team members got caught in a minor avalanche. Crowley was pissed because he
was not being recognized as the team leader and walked
.Royce3> away, leaving the men to die.
.Kolta> Everyone carries part of the truth
.Soron> the definiton is immutable
REYGOLD> have you ever read Magick in Theory and Practice, Royce?
.Maebve> which is why the Catholic church has done so well over the years
.Soaring Eagle> back
.Maebve> that just means he's an egomaniac Royce
BAUBLE49> Ok Soar
ROCKET882> And all religons as well Maebve.
DORCASQ> Yes, Rocket
.Royce3> Maebve, you might want to call him that, too.
REYGOLD> thank you Mae
.Soron> I must go now..
.Maebve> yes but the Catholic church has actively sought to convert people to
their beliefs
.Kolta> Bye Soron
.Guardian> be well
ROCKET882> Bye Soron....keep dark
.Maebve> (((((((Soron)))))))
.Soron> Thanks for the entertainment
.Royce3> bye soron
.Maebve> take care
.Guardian> - signed off -
.Joasha> see you all later. will try to make it tomorrow night on time. love
to the room
REYGOLD> later Soron
.Soron> Farewll
BAUBLE49> bye Soron
.Royce3> Very good Joasha,
.Xanthe> see ya Soron
DORCASQ> Pls come back, J!
.Joasha> - signed off -
.Xanthe> - signed off -
.Maebve> why do you thank me Rey?
BAUBLE49> Prayer list????
DORCASQ> Well, everyone is bailing.
.Soaring Eagle> bye all thanks for the chat!
ROCKET882> Bye Soar!
DORCASQ> Thank you!
BAUBLE49> They don't want to pray for anything I guess
.Royce3> I think that Crowley had some important things to say, i just don't
like to credit him with being more than he was.
.Soron> - signed off -
REYGOLD> support for the visiting team. LOLOLOL
.Kolta> Prayer list??????????
.Soaring Eagle> - signed off -
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DORCASQ> Anyone have anyone for it?
ROCKET882> How about a chant list?
1ANDONLY1> hiya its grid
.Maebve> No problem Rey
.Royce3> Hello, 1and, how goes it in the UK?
DORCASQ> Hey!!1andonly1 - glad you make it!
.The Unknown> - signed off -
.Maebve> I do not pray
.Kolta> Michael again.
REYGOLD> again, have you ever read Magick in Theory and Practice?
.Royce3> How did the visit to the sacred site go?
.Kolta> For the list
BAUBLE49> PL----Soul of Dan --Dan's family
.Royce3> I have read parts of it, Rey.
.Maebve> Reygold, where do you usually frequent?
.Royce3> I wasn't especially taken by the work, Rey.
REYGOLD> what did you think pros/cons
1ANDONLY1> it woz wonderful met some new friens - pagans and celebrated the
earth goddess in her pregnant state
REYGOLD> the halls of Knowledge Mae LOL
ROCKET882> ::::THUDS:::
1ANDONLY1> very womby fies which helped heal the womb
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.Maebve> hmmmm what kind of forum is that?
.Royce3> How many were in attendance, 1and?
.Royce3> hello Deafula, welcome.
BAUBLE49> Hey, land, we never got to your experiment or our experiment about
the moon meeting dream
.Royce3> Yes, let me mention that experiment:
1ANDONLY1> its grid - there were 6 of them and 3 ofus
DORCASQ> There has been so much going on tonight!
.Kolta> Maybe we do the experiment tomorrow
.Royce3> Last week we determined that we would all attempt to dream...
1ANDONLY1> = 9 a very healing number!
.Royce3> about being on the moon .....
REYGOLD> it's the forum of Life (and death). I'm not much of an internet
.Royce3> and then report back on what we saw /imagined.
.Maebve> hmmmmm, is it Pagan
DEAFULA> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> land, I never got to the moon
ROCKET882> Will..dreaming?
.Royce3> We will probably have to review that experiment tomorrow, since we
are very close to closing time.
REYGOLD> sorry Mae, it's life, not an internet forum
1ANDONLY1> pagan it woz and is and we tuned into the moon in her full
pregnant state
1ANDONLY1> tha twoz grid taling
.Maebve> I see, just wondering if perhaps we had met before
.Royce3> Excellent
REYGOLD> perhaps.....
ROCKET882> good night all...
.Royce3> Good night, rocket,
REYGOLD> later Rocket
.Kolta> Bye Rocket
DORCASQ> 'night rocket
BAUBLE49> How wonderful for the mother to be
.Royce3> please join us tomorrow.
.jefflove> its 7:30
ROCKET882> Will do..ty
.Kolta> Thank you Jeff
BAUBLE49> ok Jeff
.Royce3> Two minutes shy of that Jeff.
ROCKET882> - signed off -
REYGOLD> 10...9...8...7...6...5........
.Royce3> But we are practically speaking at the end of the chat. i want to
thank all of you for coming. You have been great.
1ANDONLY1> we celebrated the land and honoured the gardian of the sight and
of the goddess of the landscape aslso the elements and met some wickens
.Maebve> wiccans
DORCASQ> wicked wiccans - ha, ha
BAUBLE49> why were so many there. An event that had been scheduled?
REYGOLD> what is your email Mae?
.Royce3> 1and, can you give us a full report tomorrow? I'm most interested.
1ANDONLY1> yer right wiccans
.Maebve> that is something i take offense too Dorcas
.jefflove> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> i woz a wiccan once
DORCASQ> I think you take offense too much, Maebve
.Maebve> Rey, it's
.Maebve> i think you speak of what you do not know, too much
.Royce3> Anyway, that is it for tonight. Thanks again for coming.
BAUBLE49> Did you get my list Dorc?
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone, Goodnight
.Royce3> good night all
.Maebve> my YIM is the same Rey
REYGOLD> thanks again Royce
.Kolta> Bye all
DORCASQ> Yes I got the list, Baub
.Royce3> thank you rey
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Royce3> ** The moderator has left the group **
.Royce3> ** Group is not published **
1ANDONLY1> sorry signed in to late see u tomorrow luv grid
BAUBLE49> bye land and grid and only1
.Kolta> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
REYGOLD> what brought you to the chat Mae
.Maebve> my friend told me to come here
1ANDONLY1> oh ok see ya its 12.30 midnight here go with god luv all
.Maebve> see you later
REYGOLD> later 1andonly1
.Maebve> Guardian, and Soron and I are good friends
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)