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Crop Circles Talk With Stuart Dike..

Logging at 17-AUG-1999 18:19)
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DORCASQ> Ok, never been in that part.
.Audrey19> oh
ISLEANDERS> navy base too isnt it?

As of 18:19:13
44) Ufotalk-Time
SATELLITE8, Kolta, Xanthth, ISLEANDERS, Scrye, PENELOPE67, DORCASQ, jefflove, Audrey19, Royce3
.Audrey19> yep
.Scrye> Well, I haven't heard much lately. Maybe they wanted to get a particular book written. What was that guy's name? Ed something.
.Audrey19> what is an earth change?
.Royce3> After all of that, still no reply from our friends in the UK.
.Kolta> That's a shane
.Scrye> X is going to define earth changes.
DORCASQ> They must be "off time" again.
.Audrey19> oh
/send scrye what are we talking about?
/xmod royce3
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.Scrye> Tough one, X?
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.Royce3> ** Published group **
.Scrye> THe log is coming to me right now, R.
DORCASQ> Get ready for a hugh paragraph from X..
.Audrey19> k
.Scrye> Big even.
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.Royce3> Hello asp23
ASP23> ??hi
.Audrey19> Hi ASP23
.Xanthth> perhaps, we need to work together, each pursuing the path best to unfold their potential for heightened consciouness so that our combined light can help bring about a better existence for the beings
.Xanthth> of this planet. [my computer got stuck!]
.Scrye> A Hugh Heiffer of a paragraph.
.Audrey19> hmmm
.Kolta> Very good thought X
SATELLITE8> -i agererer
.Scrye> THat wasn't the question, but it is a good answer, X!
.Royce3> Well I have always believed that training in the esoteric traditions would help. Yoga and Zen come to mind.
SATELLITE8> agreerer ercvern
DORCASQ> How do we get together to do this?
ISLEANDERS> howd we get here
.Royce3> Dorcasq, most people need to be shown a path.
DORCASQ> I've been waiting
.Audrey19> Who shows a person their path?
.Royce3> Islander, we got here because the boys from the UK didn't get here. HA.
.Scrye> Does anybody think the aliens are showing a path?
.Kolta> But one can find their path on an inner level also
DORCASQ> Could be, Scrye.
.Audrey19> interesting thought
.Royce3> Yes,yoga and Zen are innner paths, so is falun gong.
.jefflove> ET Yoga
.Scrye> They would have to a lot more to Show Me.
.Audrey19> hehe
DORCASQ> I need a very big sign!!
.Xanthth> even though different our energies could form a web of heightened consciousness--we are are together sometimes in confusion, other times in harmony--if we all point to the higher aspects of
.Xanthth> consciousness we will be in harmony without having to thing about it--just being it!
.Royce3> How many of you folks meditate?
.Royce3> roaring silence!!!!!
.Audrey19> I heard meditating is very good
.Kolta> I meditate
.Royce3> Very good, Kolta.
PENELOPE67> We're meditating Royce!
SATELLITE8> cvompassion!
.Royce3> Bless you child.
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ASP23> - signed off -
.Royce3> But I do think that most people need a formal regimen.
ZEPTEPI> Hello, I am here at last!
.Royce3> Hello ZeptepI
.Audrey19> Hi!
.Royce3> Zeptepi, is our person from the UK>
ZEPTEPI> Its Stuart here, I have had a problem logging on
.Royce3> Very good that you are here.
ZEPTEPI> Good to be here!
.Royce3> Folks this is our featured guest for today.
.Audrey19> Hi Zeptepi :-)
.Royce3> He is the gentleman associated with the Crop Circle Connector.
DORCASQ> Welcome, ZeptepI
.Royce3> Well, that is an understatement.
ZEPTEPI> Sorry I am a bit late
.Royce3> But we are very pleased to have him.
.jefflove> welcome Z
.Kolta> Hi ZeptepI
.Royce3> Zeptepi, we have a lot of questions for you.
.Royce3> So I think we should jump right in.
ZEPTEPI> Fire away!
.Royce3> Dorcasq, would you post a question?
DORCASQ> Is there a connection between the siting of UFOs and crop circles?
.Royce3> sighting
ZEPTEPI> There is a connection, but not in the structured craft sense
ZEPTEPI> More Balls of light
.Royce3> Can you expand upon that?
ZEPTEPI> They are flying illuminated objects, and sometimes stationary
.Kolta> Are they solid
/send dorcasq fire another question when the time seems right.
ZEPTEPI> Hard to tell, but they seem transparent
.Xanthth> Zeptepi, have you witnessed these balls of light?
ZEPTEPI> I have not seen them myself :-( But I know people who have
DORCASQ> Is anyone coordinating a complete symbol archive for research and analysis of the meanings of the shapes in the crop circles?
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/hi bekus our guest from the uk is here.
ZEPTEPI> Colin Andrews has a vast amount of DATA, but is not actually researching the meaning
DORCASQ> What do you think the meanings are?
ZEPTEPI> They can mean what every you want them to mean. That might sound vague
.Royce3> What percentage do you think are hoaxes?
.Scrye> Hi Effrayim. OUr guests are here.
ZEPTEPI> They are very subjective
.Efrayim> .
.Kolta> So, we bring our own meanings to them
DORCASQ> What progress has been made in figuring out the purpose(s) of the makers of the crop circles?
ZEPTEPI> I would say over 50 percent, but its hard to judge, as we can't get to all of them.
.Royce3> I'm surprized.
ZEPTEPI> Well yes, but there is a deeper aspect
.Royce3> Yes?
ZEPTEPI> I believe we are now part of the whole phenomenon, we are interacting with them.
.Audrey19> :-)
.Royce3> They are affecting our counsciousness?
ZEPTEPI> Oh yes, they are manifestations of consciousness
.Royce3> Tell us more about that.
ZEPTEPI> They are effecting us as we experience them, which I believe is having an effect on the landscape, very similar to Ancient Sites
ZEPTEPI> They are temporary temples
.Scrye> The modern landscape being the media?
.Royce3> Are we creating them ourselves?
.Royce3> The cropcircles?
ZEPTEPI> No not the media, the actual landscape
ZEPTEPI> We could be creating them ourselves, the human mind plays a part
.Scrye> Oh. Can these residual effects be measured? Or do they go when the circles go?
.Royce3> Are psychologists studying this?
ZEPTEPI> I believe Ley Lines are a vehicle for the human mind
ZEPTEPI> No psychologists are not studying this.
DORCASQ> Is contact with crop circles personally dangerous or beneficial in any way?
ZEPTEPI> Beneficial overall, but you can have headaches sometimes
.Royce3> Is it true that ley lines connect the megalithic sites?
DORCASQ> In what way are they beneficial?
ZEPTEPI> Very true about ley lines, their positioning is always on alingnments
.Kolta> Can they be considered to be sacred sites?
.Kolta> Crop circles
ZEPTEPI> They are a kind of relaxant, they bring down the hard rate I find
ZEPTEPI> I meant Heart :-)
.Royce3> Yes.
DORCASQ> What can you tell us about the "fairy rings" of the 17th century?
ZEPTEPI> I see them as Sacred sites
ZEPTEPI> The fairy rings could possibly be natural fungus rings?
.Audrey19> My uncle had fairy rings in his yard last year
DORCASQ> Fungus rings from what?
.Xanthth> in your estimation, do these sacred sites (crop circles) carry a sacred energy in and of themselves?
ZEPTEPI> They carry something, is hard to measure on a scientific level, but they seem to attract something which has an effect on us.
.Royce3> How do you separate the faked crop circles from the real?
ZEPTEPI> Fake circles seem very mechanical (straight lines, 90 degree turns but genuine circles have a wonderful flow to the crop.
ZEPTEPI> Just like running water, and the feeling of speed.
.Audrey19> Are there any magnetic fields around crop circles?
ZEPTEPI> You should be able to bounce on the crop when its fresh in green crop
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DORCASQ> What sort of equipment should be standing ready to investigate a crop circle? What laboratory procedures are routinely done away from the field?

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ZEPTEPI> The magnectic field around a formation can be altered to its shape.
ZEPTEPI> I feel the smapling which is taking place, is the most important research at this time.
ZEPTEPI> No equipment, its all hands on!
.Royce3> What does smapling mean?
ZEPTEPI> I meant sampling ;-)
.Royce3> O.K.
ISLEANDERS> to sample something
.Royce3> Yes, thank you.
ZEPTEPI> The crop, taking samples for analysis
ISLEANDERS> had 2 kid ya rotce
.Royce3> Yes, I guessed. <grin>
DORCASQ> How are the samples tested?
ZEPTEPI> They are taken to BLT Burke Levengood, Talbott team who take controlled and uncontrolled plants
ZEPTEPI> Inside and outside the formation.
.Royce3> Is the research terribly underfunded? And are you associated with Michael Talbott?
.Scrye> How long do they grow them after sampling?
ZEPTEPI> They have found a ripple effect across the field, just like small vibrations
.Scrye> Invisible to the eye?
ZEPTEPI> They seem to cope quite well, and have nothing to do with Michael Talbott
.Audrey19> I hate to go now, this has been very interesting, I have an engagement to get to. My Dad will read on though!! Nice meeting you! Take Care
.Royce3> Thank audrey.
.Royce3> thanks.
.Audrey19> Bye!!
.Kolta> Bye
.Scrye> Please allow the moderator to do the honors.
DORCASQ> Are reports that Lawrence Rockefeller is funding a research program about crop circle hoaxers true?
.Scrye> We are twelve here.
ZEPTEPI> Rockefeller has given money for research, but we are unsure of the amount, but not true about hoaxing funding
ZEPTEPI> We are two here
.Scrye> :)
.Royce3> Please introduce the second guest.
ZEPTEPI> Mark is here also
.Royce3> Hello Mark, Thanks for being here.
.Royce3> We appreciate all of this wonderful information.
ZEPTEPI> No problem he shouts across the rom :-)
DORCASQ> What are the scientific criteria for identification of non-fraudulent crop circles? How often are these criteria applied?
.Xanthth> good question!
ZEPTEPI> The Criteria is not really written in stone, I think its more using your eyes and experience
.Royce3> Is interest still high in the UK over the phenomena?
ZEPTEPI> You get to know what your looking at after 10 years
ZEPTEPI> Interest is not excatly high here, its more from your side of the pond
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.Efrayim> - signed off -
.Royce3> Do you think the UK goverment is manifesting a disinformation campaign?
ZEPTEPI> Shame really, I eyes are still shut here.
.Rocketman> Hello every one..
.Kolta> How are crop circles viewed in the uk
.Scrye> Hi Rocketman!
.Royce3> High Wandarboberts and Abluegr8
.Wanda Roberts> hi all
ISLEANDERS> how did u know your first genunine real crop circle was really genunine?
.Royce3> And as for disinformation by the Government?
ZEPTEPI> I think the Government played apart with Doug and Dave, perhaps at an itellgence level.
.Rocketman> waves & smiles.
ISLEANDERS> doug and dave?

As of 19:03:04
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SATELLITE8, Kolta, Xanthth, ISLEANDERS, Scrye, PENELOPE67, DORCASQ, jefflove, Audrey19, Royce3, ZEPTEPI, Rocketman, Wanda Roberts
ZEPTEPI> I didn't know for sure, but in 1990 it was all new to me, but sometimes its down to gut feelings
.Kolta> - signed off -
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ZEPTEPI> Doug & Dave were to all elderly gentleman who claimd they hoaxed the circles back in 1991
.Scrye> wb kolta
.Audrey19> they were debunkers probably
.Kolta> Thanks
.Royce3> Any well known hoaxers these days?
ZEPTEPI> i think they were, and they have been proved to be liars
ZEPTEPI> Not sure what you mean about hoaxers?
.Scrye> They also couldn't have been everywhere crop circles were.
.Royce3> Guys who go out and fake circles.
.Royce3> NBC has some such lads on a TV special.
ISLEANDERS> how about the crop circle contest show on discovery channel?
ZEPTEPI> There is a team called Tam Satan
.Audrey19> we have debunkers over here also. when we have talkshows about ufos the debunkers are very seldom asked questions. only the reliable people
.Royce3> Have they fooled many people?
.Royce3> Satan?
ZEPTEPI> NO! Only those who want to believe.
ZEPTEPI> There are four in the team
ZEPTEPI> It might sound evil intentions, but they have has strange experiences themselves
.Kolta> Such as?
DORCASQ> What kind of experiences?
.Scrye> It's the opposite here. The debunkers are always prominently featured.
.Royce3> A guest wants to know if the circles can be faked with the aid of GPS--global positioning satelites?
.Audrey19> I saw a jetstream the other day I know came from a "pulse jet". It is supposed to be really something. I just wish I had a camera at the time.
ZEPTEPI> They were creating a formation one night and were completely freaked out by a light that just came on above them no sound, but follwoed them out of the field.
.Royce3> Wow!
ZEPTEPI> The Circlemakers are watching the circlemakers :-)
ZEPTEPI> This is the interaction
.Xanthth> yes!
.Royce3> Is your beautiful calendar profitable?
.Royce3> It's a work of art.
ZEPTEPI> Our work is still important I find
.Wanda Roberts> perhaps it is sort of a code, like in the movie "Close Encounters..."
ZEPTEPI> They are fantastic Works of Art
.Rocketman> Just starting Royce Thanks.
.Rocketman> Opps talking to me?
.Royce3> We have been told that the government is making it difficult to take aerial photos.....
ZEPTEPI> I have to give everyone just another 10minutes as its after 12 midnight here. sorry folks
.Royce3> that you must now use commercial flights.
ZEPTEPI> The government is not taking shots, but the military this year have been very interested
.Kolta> Interesting
.Royce3> If anyone have a burning question they want to ask? Let's try to get them in.
DORCASQ> How did you get started being interested in crop circles?
ZEPTEPI> Commercial flights are crippling us! That's people in the community
.Scrye> Royce was speaking about the new restrictions on commercial overflights.
.Audrey19> I imagine the government is just acting like they are not interested
.Wanda Roberts> has anybody noticed increased activity due to the solar flare cycle?
ZEPTEPI> Terence Meaden book got me interested, I still feel is work had some excellent research
.Rocketman> yes wanda
.Rocketman> rb
.Rocketman> fk
.Scrye> Fire off those questions!
ZEPTEPI> Solar Flare was considered a possiblity, and this year has seen an increase in S activity
.Royce3> Must one use a commercial flight to photograph the circles?
.Audrey19> were there anymore sightings around the airbase over there?
ZEPTEPI> The formations have increased in number this year
.Wanda Roberts> in the US we are having severe drought conditions just like 11 yrs ago and I have noticed a unique parellel to my own personal life every 11 yrs also
.Scrye> How could a layman discriminate a genuine circle?
ZEPTEPI> I;m afraid we have to use commercial flights, but its very expensive
.Royce3> Take your pick of these quesitons, ZeptepI
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.Royce3> Can you photgraph with RC planes or baloons?
.Royce3> Hi thedancer.
.Lisa> G'day g'day.
.Royce3> Hi lisa

As of 19:15:53
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SATELLITE8, Xanthth, ISLEANDERS, Scrye, PENELOPE67, DORCASQ, jefflove, Audrey19, Royce3, ZEPTEPI, Rocketman, Wanda Roberts, Kolta, Lisa
.Lisa> Hi.
.Audrey19> I bet the govnt is photographing the crop circles via satellite
ZEPTEPI> A layman must look for the quality of the floor construction, any breakage, too contrived etc
.Wanda Roberts> - signed off -
ZEPTEPI> They are possibily keeping an eye on the situation, its true. Prove, well that's not easy.
DORCASQ> What was the original crop circle all the others are compared to?
ZEPTEPI> I would say the early formations in the late eighties early nineties.
.Audrey19> Some day the govnt will be forced to admit that what we have know all along is true.
.Royce3> What goals in regard to crop circle research have you set for yourself?
.Audrey19> Have local airports radar readings been checked in the vicinity of circles
ZEPTEPI> To bring you the best possible information from around the world, so that people can make up their own minds, we are not here to preach, but to give you the facts!
.Royce3> It is getting late, so please feel free to break off as you need to ZeptepI
.Royce3> This has been tremendous.
.Lisa> - signed off -
ZEPTEPI> One last question!
.Royce3> Anybody?
.Royce3> When do the new calendars come out?
.Scrye> This was a very good chat, will we see you again?
.Royce3> Yes, we would love to have you fellows join us on a regular basis.
ISLEANDERS> amihere?
.Royce3> You are always welcome.
.Rocketman> calendars?
.Royce3> You are here Isleander.
ZEPTEPI> September/October, but we advise you to buy Steve & Karens book Year book
DORCASQ> Thank you for all your help!! Keep up the good work!
.Royce3> Very good.
.Royce3> Yes, thank you again.
.Royce3> We will send you a log.
ZEPTEPI> Thank you all, it has been very enjoyable, Best Wishes
.Kolta> This was informative
.Royce3> OF this chat
.Royce3> Bye
.Scrye> Before everyone flits off, remember our chat tomorrow at 6:00 EDT....
.Audrey19> I really enjoyed it. See you soon

As of 19:22:10
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SATELLITE8, Xanthth, ISLEANDERS, Scrye, PENELOPE67, DORCASQ, jefflove, Audrey19, Royce3, ZEPTEPI, Rocketman, Kolta
.Rocketman> ty Sky thats est?
.Scrye> And remember my weekend chat. THis weekend on Sunday! See you, fellows!
.Royce3> Yes,
.Royce3> Actually, it is EDT.
ZEPTEPI> - signed off -
.Rocketman> ?
.Rocketman> ok
.Royce3> Right now it is 7:22 EDT
.Scrye> Eastern Daylight Time
.Rocketman> Thanks Royce & Sky doing a fantastic job!
.Royce3> Thank you Rocket
PENELOPE67> What time for the Sunday chat?
.Rocketman> I 'll see you tomorrow...
.Audrey19> - signed off -
.Scrye> Look on the Ufotalk0Time message board, on the way in, for the exact time on Sunday!
.Royce3> Good deal, rocket
.Rocketman> - signed off -
.Royce3> Yes, I advise everyone to check the message board.
.Royce3> Tomorrow, we will discuss Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
.Scrye> And Scrye's after-chhat chat will be open as usual!
.Kolta> Can't wait
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DORCASQ> I can't get my video of it out of my VCR - any suggestions anyone?
.Royce3> Are he moviemakers working with the Government??????
.Scrye> Hi Alchemira!
ALCHEMIRA> Say what?
.Xanthth> hi Alchemira!
.Royce3> Hi alchemira.
.Kolta> Hi alch
.Royce3> Alchemira, I am having trouble getting email to you.
ALCHEMIRA> Hey scrye, Xanthth, Royce....Kolta...
.Xanthth> the chat guest has already left, alchemira.
ALCHEMIRA> really?
.Royce3> I haven't been able to send you logs.
.Scrye> One more thing, R, I;ll send you an UNEDITED chat, or mostly so!
ALCHEMIRA> heres my address again....
.Royce3> Very good. You will be on the list.
.Royce3> Well, I think we had a very good evening.
ALCHEMIRA> whats this about moviemakers working with the gov???
.Scrye> ending the log now!
/no log
DORCASQ> Bye everyone!
/no log
.Xanthth> bye!
.Royce3> By all
ALCHEMIRA> k. bye all....
DORCASQ> - signed off -
.Scrye> give me mod, plz, R.
.Royce3> This has been a good evening.
/xmod scrye
** .Scrye is now the group moderator **
.Scrye> ** Group is not published **
/send Scrye good job. I think this went very well. I'm most pleased. Thanks.
.Scrye> THANK YOU, Royce!
.Royce3> All right, I'm out of here for tonight. See you all. I must now host a meeting at my home.
.Royce3> Goodnight.
ALCHEMIRA> Take care Royce...
.Royce3> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)