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Logging at 31-OCT-2000 17:56)
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DORCASQ> Hey! Royce
.Royce3> Hi
.Royce3> How are things with you today?
.Royce3> Well, the same to you!
DORCASQ> Things are fine, how about you?
.Royce3> I'm doing well.
DORCASQ> Very good!
.Royce3> Kolta says she can't make it tonight. She is giving out candy.
DORCASQ> If I type in "brb" it means I'm answering the door for
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
.Royce3> Ok.
DORCASQ> Yes, that may be the case with a lot of other people too, royce.
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
.Royce3> I hope you have a bag for me????????
DORCASQ> Hi Bauble and Jeff
.Royce3> Hello, Jeff Love!
.Bauble> Hello All
.Royce3> Hi Bauble.
DORCASQ> I will give you all the leftovers, royce.
.jefflove> hi
.Royce3> Owing to the trick and treat celebration, we may have a slow night.
DORCASQ> I just finished the leftovers from last year about a week ago.
.Royce3> Well, I certainly hope so, Dorcasq!
.Bauble> I still have some of mine too, Dorcas
.Royce3> I'm serious, i want a damn bag of candy. And no RAZOR BLADES!
DORCASQ> I wonder how long they keep?
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
DORCASQ> Go next door, royce!!
.Bauble> razor blades??
.Royce3> Hi Sat
.Royce3> Sat, Dorcasq won't save me any damn trick or treat candy!!!!!
.Scrye> Hi, It's Scrye. Sat's not here yet!
DORCASQ> Hi Scrye then
.Royce3> Yes, hi to scrye!
.Scrye> You oughtta get yer own, Royce! No sympathy here, buddy!
.Royce3> I used to steal bags from the little kids, but then some really big
kid stole the candy from me!
DORCASQ> Why aren't you out trick or treating, Scrye?
.Scrye> Happy Halloween, everyone!
.Royce3> Life an't fair!
DORCASQ> I know, Royce, I know.
.Scrye> I will be passing out candy with Kolta soon.
.Royce3> Yeah, you know, but you don't care!
.Royce3> You are going over to Kolta's?
.Bauble> what are you two talking about? i think life is just hunky dory...
.jefflove> I want to wear a contraceptive costume
.Scrye> We two are, later.
DORCASQ> hahahah, what....Jeff?
.Bauble> funny Jeff
.Bauble> Put a baggie on your head!!!
.jefflove> lol
.Scrye> Is that something that prevents recognition, Jeff?
DORCASQ> I'd hate to say what that would make you, Jeff :)
.Bauble> funny Scrye and Dorc
.Scrye> I think it would allow safe sex with an alien!
DORCASQ> Safely recognizable
.Scrye> Straighten up!
.Scrye> THe whole world is watching now.
DORCASQ> It has been!
.Royce3> So Jeff, are you going out trick or treating. Kolta told a story
about going trick or treating while she was in college.
.Scrye> I always wanted to go as a gestunked chicken.
.jefflove> lol
DORCASQ> gestunked??
.Scrye> But no one has a good description. What story, Royce?
.Royce3> Well, I would go out if I thought I would get a Chunky bar.
.jefflove> Any Halloween Parties tonight?
.Scrye> What does it mean, Jeff?
.Royce3> None that I have been invited to, Jeff.
.Scrye> Takes one to get one, Royce!
DORCASQ> That doesn't mean there aren't any
.Scrye> haha!
.Royce3> That is very true, Dorcasq.
.Bauble> No Jeff. But some churches are celebrating All Saints Day tomorrow
if you'd like to go to that??
.Scrye> Jeff - do you know from gestunked?
DORCASQ> Do all the saints give out candy tomorrow?
.Scrye> We're speaking Yiddish here, folks.
.Royce3> In regard to kolta, there's no great story.
.jefflove> no
.Bauble> Who's we Kimosabe??
DORCASQ> yea, we's not
.Royce3> Kolta said that they went trick or treating and that the people
giving out the candy weren't too upset about young adults looking for candy.
.Scrye> Apparently not.
.Scrye> Jeff would be the cutoff age, then?
.Bauble> Hey, we just read that Steve Allen died at 78 of a heart attack.
.Royce3> Jeff is still a young lad in spirit, so I don't see why he shouldn't
go out for some treats.
.Bauble> I always enjoyed him.
DORCASQ> Really???awwww (for Steve Allen)
.Bauble> I went to the Ann Devlin TV show one time when he was the guest
DORCASQ> I like candy now just as much as I did when I was a kid.
.Scrye> This is a Goyish holiday - all the vercockteh costumes and people
walking around half nekkid, you should see it!
.Royce3> And you still have your teeth, Dorcasq. Of course, you are still a
.jefflove> I saw him on a tv show in LA
DORCASQ> Yes, compared to you, royce
.Bauble> So we do have something in common then, Jeff
DORCASQ> I saw him on a TV show in PA
.Royce3> Hey, I'm only 19!!!!! I keep telling people that, but nobody listens.
.jefflove> He told a fascinatinating UFO story
DORCASQ> You look mature for your (19) age, Royce,
.Royce3> Well, you are as young as you feel--or so the saying goes.
.Bauble> That doesn't mean we have anything in common, Dorc.....
.Scrye> I have a Steve Allen CD from the Tonight show days, very funny!
Sat gave it to me.
DORCASQ> I hope not, Barble
.Bauble> hahahaha
.Bauble> I bet I'd enjoy that too, Scrye
.Royce3> Allen was an accomplished Jazz musician. A lot of people don't know
.jefflove> steve ALLEN told this story on the MICHAEL JACKSON radio talk show
DORCASQ> Tell us the story, Jeff!
.Royce3> Yes, tell us Jeff.
.jefflove> Allen invited Governor Reagan of California to dinner
DORCASQ> I like a good story!
.Bauble> Give him a minute to type it in!!
DORCASQ> We will give him an hour!!
.jefflove> He was waiting for Governor Reagan for several hours
.jefflove> Reagan told Steve Allen the reason why he was late.
.Scrye> - signed off -
.jefflove> Reagan said he was aboard a U*FO visiting some ETs.
DORCASQ> No kidding? Wow!
.jefflove> YES
.Royce3> I imagine he was joking????????
.jefflove> No
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
.Bauble> But Allen was always joking
.Satellite8> electronicus interruptus
DORCASQ> You missed the punch line, Scrye
.Satellite8> i loved Steve Allen since I was 10
.Royce3> Well, that is a strange story.
.Satellite8> schmock schmock!
.jefflove> Steve Allen actually told this story on the Michael Jackson Talk
Show on KABC
.Satellite8> i am me
.Bauble> me too, Sat!
.Satellite8> he wrote a ton of books
.Satellite8> intellectual ones and mysteries as well
.Satellite8> I AM ME!!!
.Royce3> If you find any articles about the incident, send them over to me
.Satellite8> I Yam Who I YAm
.Royce3> "I've got to be me, what else can I be?'
DORCASQ> Did Reagan ever talk about the UFO visits?
.Royce3> As the song goes.
.jefflove> Steve Allen was a close friend of Governor Reagan
.Satellite8> Steve Allen was brilliant
.Royce3> Jackie Gleason and Steve Allen had a lot in common.
.Satellite8> Scrye says (and I concur) that he wrote 6,000 songs
.Satellite8> some of them became standards
.Bauble> So why didn't Reagan invite his good friend to go for a ride with
the ET's?
.Satellite8> This Could Be The Start of Something Big
.Royce3> Wow! 6000??????
.Satellite8> yep
DORCASQ> I didn't know that he wrote that!
.Bauble>the article I read said around 4000
DORCASQ> I love that song!
.jefflove> I'd have to dig it out.
DORCASQ> Get your shovel, Jeff.
** STEVE6101 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Royce3> Steve always said that there was a lot of prejudice against white
jazz artists and that that fact often irked him.
.Bauble> Allen was extremely versatile and intelligent
.Satellite8> Scrye says more like disinterr
DORCASQ> Steve? Is it Steve Allen?
.Royce3> Steve allen said that. His steve.
STEVE6101> hi
.Bauble> funny Dorc!!!
.Satellite8> hi steve
.Royce3> Steve Allen died, Steve.
STEVE6101> i never said that
DORCASQ> We have been talking about Steve Allen, Steve.
STEVE6101> the performer
.Satellite8> no
.Satellite8> the genius!
STEVE6101> thats me
.Satellite8> lol
.Bauble> hahaha
STEVE6101> lol
DORCASQ> I thought so!
.Satellite8> your ears must have been burning!
STEVE6101> most of the time
.Satellite8> does everyone know(Scrye says) that Royce looks like Steve Allen?
.Royce3> Anyway Steve Allen cut a jazz record. He played the piano. But he
used a picture of a black gal on the resulting album. He made up a phony name
for the girl and said it was her music. The liberal New
.Royce3> York critics positively raved about the album.
STEVE6101> but I do hear people calling my name but nobody there
.Satellite8> steeeeeeve!!!!!
.Bauble> Hey, now that you mention it. Yeah!
DORCASQ> Well....maybe stretching it a little.
.Royce3> lol
.Satellite8> Scrye says there is no accounting for length
DORCASQ> Royce is much better looking, of course.
.Bauble> Yes!!!
.Royce3> Thank you one and all.
.Satellite8> you are welcome, Royce, anytime :)
DORCASQ> With the right haircut and glasses - hmmmm, could be!
.Royce3> I have a nice personality, too
.Royce3> Scrye always says so.
.Satellite8> are you funny????
DORCASQ> Yes, you have a lovely personality, Royce.
DORCASQ> Most of the time.
.Bauble> ANd intelligent and witty, Royce.
.Royce3> All right, all right , enough already.
DORCASQ> Enough of this BS - what is the topic? lol
** SEEKINGTHETR just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Royce3> Well, the topic is chi.
.Bauble> Let's do thee Prayer list
.Satellite8> Carol & Kenneth
.Royce3> Yes, let's do the prayer list. I have some one who needs to be on it.
.Royce3> Hi seek.
STEVE6101> Amy
.Bauble> I'd like Freddie the Cat put on the list. Thank you
.Royce3> Ok, Amy is on the list.
STEVE6101> thanks
.Royce3> Freddie.
.Royce3> I want to put my cousin on the list. He is in a coma because of a
motorcycle accident.
.Satellite8> little Jesse is sick again with a virus
.Royce3> Carol and Kenneth.
.Royce3> Very good.
.Royce3> MY cousin--Dick and his family.
.Royce3> Dick is my cousin. he isn't expected to recover.
.Royce3> Anyone else for the list?
DORCASQ> We've been talking about Steve Allen, Seek, you haven't missed
DORCASQ> Everyone must be out trick/treating tonight.
.Bauble> How about the Soul of Steve Allen?
.Satellite8> Scrye takes exception to that remark, Dorcasq
.Royce3> I think so, Dorc. The rooms are pretty sparsely populated tonight.
SEEKINGTHETR> I just caught that on the news since I've been here
.Satellite8> Steve-o-rino was a fun guy
DORCASQ> oopppps! Meant he didn't miss any of the topic!
SEEKINGTHETR> I remember his special the day we landed on the moon
.Satellite8> Scrye says tomorrow should be designated "All Steves Day"
SEEKINGTHETR> he was on all afternoon
.Bauble> Oh, I didn't see that . Was it good? Seek
SEEKINGTHETR> yes, many years ago
.Bauble> That's good Scrye!!
DORCASQ> Why not today?
.Bauble> All Saints Day in tomorrow, Dorc..
DORCASQ> i know, i know
.Satellite8> is that your final answer, Dorcas?
DORCASQ> Yes, final answer!
.Royce3> So should we start with the topic?
.Bauble> Well it was a good pun anyway, Scrye...
.Bauble> Dorc is answering the door I bet
.Royce3> Dorcasq is going to the door to give out candy. She warned us about
SEEKINGTHETR> we having a discussion tonight?
.Royce3> Yes, the topic is chi.
.Royce3> Ki , prana
.Bauble> Let's get to it then
.Royce3> "Prana has many levels of meaning from the breath to the energy of
consciousness itself. Prana is not only the basic life-force, it is the
master form of all energy working on the level of mind, life
.Royce3> and body. Indeed the entire universe is a manifestation of Prana,
which is the original creative power. Indeed as the Vedas say we are all
under the control of Prana. Prana is said to be the Sun that
.Royce3> imparts life and light to all and dwells within the heart as the
Self of all creatures. Prana in us makes us live and allows us to act. It is
not the puny little ego, ascribing Prana's effects to its
.Royce3> own power, that really does anything. We must learn to be open to
and welcome this greater force of Prana and seek to bring it into our life
and action. This is one of the great secrets of Yoga."
.Royce3> Everyone have a chance to read the message?
.Bauble> Can one feel this Prana, Royce?
.Satellite8> yes
DORCASQ> Yes, and back
STEVE6101> yes
SEEKINGTHETR> did anyone see the article where several chi masters were
pulling a large truck loaded with 80 people with their penis's, 3 guys
.Royce3> Yes, Babble, definitely.
** DEAFULA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
DORCASQ> Noooo, Seek!
.Royce3> Chi/ ki mean essentially the same thing, and one can learn to use
this energy.
SEEKINGTHETR> I think it was Tiawan
.Bauble> That does sound like a 'guy' thing....
SEEKINGTHETR> this past week
.Royce3> Hi deaful. I am going to repeat the past for Deafula
**Paste Repeated**
DORCASQ> Wow! Royce can repeat the past...I'm impressed.
.Royce3> I do the best I can under difficult circumstances, Dorcasq.
.Bauble> As you should be, Dorc...
DORCASQ> You ARE amazing, Royce!
.Satellite8> Chi whiz, Seeking!
.Bauble> hahahaha
.Royce3> Your sarcasm is smoking my keyboard, Dorc.
DORCASQ> Yes, Barfle
SEEKINGTHETR> I'm not kidding
.Bauble> We believe you
DORCASQ> That would be interesting to see!
.Royce3> Let seek get a message out children.
.Royce3> Go ahead, Seek.
.Bauble> Was that in the Inquire Seek?
DEAFULA> light and energy hmmmm
.Satellite8> Talk about pulling one's load!
SEEKINGTHETR> a master can manipulate the chi of other people
DORCASQ> hahaha
.Royce3> Yes, that is true, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> thus the people on the truck actually gave the energy to move it
DEAFULA> - signed off -
.Bauble> I guess I could say I've manipulated some Chi in my lifetime too
SEEKINGTHETR> I saw this happen in a workshop with Master Choa Kok Sui, the
father of pranic healing
.Satellite8> Yes, these things are typical of paranormal demonstrations in
the East.
DORCASQ> Funny Babu
SEEKINGTHETR> in the Phillipines
SEEKINGTHETR> he raised his hand and everyone in the room could feel the wind
from it hit their face, ...inside with closed doors
.Royce3> Is that what the ads about penis enlargement are all about?
.Royce3> Is this guy still alive and teaching, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> I wish I would have kept the reference on the article, and it
wasn't the Star or Globe
.Royce3> How long ago did you see this fellow?
.Satellite8> Seriously, the wind was caused by a bioelectric field he could
project, I presume.
.Bauble> Did he teach you how to gain this ability, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> yes he is, has written several books on pranic healing, has
groups all over the world
SEEKINGTHETR> I already could do it, but in a different way
DORCASQ> How, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> their are several techniques to do this
.Satellite8> Could you feel his presence otherwise at a distance, Seeking?
SEEKINGTHETR> some involve increasing volume of energy while some involve
increasing frequency
.Bauble> Does it take years to learn to do this?
SEEKINGTHETR> not at all Bauble
.Royce3> Similarly, Qi Gong doctrines tell us that we exist in a sea of
energy that affects every cell of our body. According to this paradigm,
energy flows along so-called meridian lines in the human body.
.Royce3> If the flow is weakened or slowed, illness develops and death may
result. However, in regard to healing diseases, this is a simplification.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes royce, exactly right
SEEKINGTHETR> this is how the masters heal
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of like a thought baptism
.Scrye> The demonstration are quantitatively different from ordinary people,
not qualititatively.
.Royce3> Students can learn to elicit Qi either through specific postures or
by visualization--external or internal Qi Gong.
.Scrye> We all have this healing power.
SEEKINGTHETR> I had a problem with master Chowa as his energy came from other
people, not from the divine directly
SEEKINGTHETR> sorry...Choa
.Scrye> Did his "batteries" frequently run down, Seeking?
.Bauble> Do you mean like Futi, Seek
SEEKINGTHETR> no..he was a good battery
.Scrye> Who is Futi
SEEKINGTHETR> but a better horizontal director
.Royce3> When a battery runs down, one can always obtain more chi either from
the universe or some other living creature.
.Scrye> Like he had a casting couch?
SEEKINGTHETR> he is more a leader than a teacher
DORCASQ> How is chi given to other people?
SEEKINGTHETR> leaders get their energy from their followers
.Royce3> Yeah, sometimes, Seek, but that is most unethical.
SEEKINGTHETR> that is why Clinton loves to campaign
.Bauble> That makes sense to me, Seek!
SEEKINGTHETR> especially when things are down
DORCASQ> Yes, makes sense to me too.
SEEKINGTHETR> he needs to be worshipped
.Scrye> I don't believe in the healthiness of that dynamic. I like the
circle model.
DORCASQ> But how do healers give their energy to others?
.Royce3> There are specific exercises for learning to do that, Dorcasq.
Essentially it involves passing hands over another's body--at least that's
the way it is done in the beginning.
SEEKINGTHETR> I agree is unhealthy
.Royce3> Then there are the "non-local" methods, Dorc.
.Scrye> Brahmachakra. The Wheel of Brahma. All energy that's generated
should be shared.
DORCASQ> And what is that, Royce?
SEEKINGTHETR> just rub your palms together and than pull them apart and back
and forth toward each other and feel it
DORCASQ> I know I have it, but how do I give it to someone else?
.Scrye> Yes, Seeking, I have done this. Focusing makes it stronger and
.Royce3> Non-local goes to the concept of David Bohm--the notion that
everything in the universe is connected--that affecting one part
automatically affects another part.
.Scrye> You just gently lay your hands on them when fully "charged," D.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes, your thoughts control it
DORCASQ> Ok, thanks
.Scrye> Or pass them over them, very close.
SEEKINGTHETR> you can control it in and around your body with thoughts
SEEKINGTHETR> you can use shakti methods to start it in another
.Royce3> Falun Dafa, the method of Qi Gong that I have been practicing for
about a year and a half focuses on circular power fields. One can feel these
fields. It is much like having a balloon between one's
.Royce3> hands.
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of like an attunement
.Scrye> If you think about it, it is very instinctual. Mothers "worry" about
their kids, and then touch them.
DORCASQ> True, Scrye
SEEKINGTHETR> true scrye, but much of this is neuro linguistic programming
SEEKINGTHETR> anchoring thoughts
.Royce3> Here is an interesting point about healing with this strange power.
.Royce3> Falun Dafa relates illness to bad karma, so from that perspective,
simply increasing the flow of Chi doesn t really cure disease. Instead the
karma must be eliminated, and that is another part of the
.Royce3> puzzle. Falun Dafa practitioners are carefully schooled about not
trying to heal others, although it is acknowledged that, at times, people who
come into the energy field of a cultivator s are
.Royce3> sometimes spontaneously freed of the symptoms of disease.
.Scrye> I think the Rosicrucians will teach color visualization/chi methods
to anyone.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes scrye, the color amplifies it and tells the frequency
.Scrye> It is doubly effective if one can modify karma as well, Royce.
Benefits the healer also.
.Royce3> Right, Scrye, however, that is much, much more difficult to do.
SEEKINGTHETR> just as the rainbow always has the same color sequence because
of frequency differences in difraction
.Scrye> So do you know the proper colors, Seeking?
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of scary to remove someones karma
.Bauble> Do the colors follow the chakras
SEEKINGTHETR> yes scrye, sequence of the rainbow in the chakras
.Scrye> Yes, I remember chickening out with a stranger. I thought I'd screw
DORCASQ> I was asked by someone to place my hands on another girl's stomache
because it was hurting and when I did she said it stopped hurting but her leg
started hurting instead.
.Scrye> So you start with red?
.Royce3> Relatively unskilled healers sometimes take on another's illness
while trying to heal.
.Scrye> Ugh, I've heard that.
SEEKINGTHETR> many healers who don't know what they are doing take on the
persons karma instead of transforming it
.Royce3> yes Seek.
.Scrye> Well, if one is the martyr type...
SEEKINGTHETR> this is when they use conditional love to heal
SEEKINGTHETR> yes on the red
.Royce3> However, I must admit that there is evidence that even Masters
sometimes need to suffer in order to burn another person's karma. This is
reported in Autobiography of a Yogi, by Yogananda.
.Scrye> It should pass through the healer like water through a sieve instead
of sticking to him.
STEVE6101> then where does it go?
SEEKINGTHETR> yes, that is part of the learning process of a master...their
are many different levels of master
.Scrye> THe suffering should be very brief, Royce.
SEEKINGTHETR> it does not pass is transformed
.Scrye> It should go to God, R. God can take a lot!
STEVE6101> into?
.Scrye> Two ways of saying the same thing, Seeking?
SEEKINGTHETR> no...I do not take on a persons illness
SEEKINGTHETR> I merely give them energy to transform their problem
.Royce3> Chi has been discussed for many years in the West too.
.Royce3> In the sixteenth century, a Swiss army surgeon named Paracelsus, the
man who discovered the sympathetic nervous system, maintained that there was
an invisible fluid-like substance he called the
.Royce3> archaeus flowing through the human body. This, once again, sounds a
lot like what Qi Gong practitioners call Chi. According to his theory,
archaeus provides nutriment
SEEKINGTHETR> they give me nothing
.Royce3> for the body. He proclaimed that all things are immersed in the
liquor vitae nerve fluid. According to his interpretation, the force is not
encapsulated in man; rather, it radiates around him.
SEEKINGTHETR> chi looks like liquid light
.Scrye> So isn't their negative karma potentially harmful, Seeking?
.Bauble> Oh, really??
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of like the pattern of oil in water
SEEKINGTHETR> Karma is a block, just unlock it and it is gone
DORCASQ> Is it a WHITE liquid light?
.Scrye> I cannot see it, except sometimes as a wavering of light.
.Royce3> It has been suggested that although one man, in a fashion, learn to
see Qi, what is seen is only an accurate representation of Qi.
.Bauble> Now that's a new way for me to think of it-liquid-oil and water
.Royce3> May
.Scrye> Good way to think of it, Seeking.
SEEKINGTHETR> sometimes if you rub your eyes while closed you can see it
better, yes white
SEEKINGTHETR> this chi determines personality as it flows through the human
energy circuits
.Scrye> I have a question: Is chi "mojo"?
SEEKINGTHETR> and exists in many different types
SEEKINGTHETR> what is mojo?
.Bauble> Can you read a persons personality if you concentrate on doing that,
.Scrye> As in magical/sexual energy?
.Royce3> I don't know about "mojo", but there are at least 51 names for this
.Scrye> Give us some, Royce!
DORCASQ> How does it determine personality?
SEEKINGTHETR> depends where it concentrates in the energy field scrye, yes
SEEKINGTHETR> personality is determined by the patterns of energy
distribution in the human energy field
SEEKINGTHETR> the wiring
SEEKINGTHETR> so is sexual preference
.Royce3> I don't have many of them Scrye. Prana, chi, Qi, Ki, magnetic fluid,
.Scrye> Yes, which centers are programmed for activity, which not.
.Scrye> THat determines personality.
SEEKINGTHETR> Holy spirit, duomo, great white spirit
.Royce3> That leads us to Anton Mesmer, born in Switzerland in 1734, whose
healing techniques came to be called "mesmerism." Mesmer is closely
associated with modern hypnotism. He learned to put people in a
.Royce3> trance state with passes of his hands over their bodies. When he did
this, he believed he was manipulating a "magnetic fluid" in his patients. He
said that a kind of psychic ether fills all space,
.Royce3> and that the stars and planets, far and near, cause tides in this
fluid, or ether. Mesmer said that everything in the universe is "contiguous
by means of a universal fluid in which all bodies are
.Royce3> immersed."
.Scrye> Very good, Seeking!
.Scrye> Is chi also the "odic force"?
.Royce3> yes, scrye
SEEKINGTHETR> messmer found out how to shift a person consciousness sideways
and control it
.Royce3> Tell us about that, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> sorry for badddd typing
.Royce3> No problem
.Bauble> Many scientists don't believe we can be affected by things from afar
SEEKINGTHETR> that is what hypnosis is
.Bauble> Yet the moon affects the tides
.Royce3> Hmmmm, an interesting perspective, Seek.
.Scrye> Reminds me of the Steve Martin movie, "Another You".
SEEKINGTHETR> Bauble...I knocked one of those scientists off his feet from 15
feet away and blew his mind
.Scrye> LOL
.Bauble> Yeeeeaaahhhh!!! for you Seek!!
SEEKINGTHETR> the moon effects one portin of chi
SEEKINGTHETR> the feminine
SEEKINGTHETR> it's the gravitational effect
SEEKINGTHETR> light from the sun effects the other
.Scrye> Can people be separated from their bodies for indeinite times by
.Bauble> Yes, but it does effect us from afar
SEEKINGTHETR> thus cabin fever or SAD
SEEKINGTHETR> Children are hypnotised almost all the time
.Scrye> 'Stop mooning about!"
.Bauble> hahaha
SEEKINGTHETR> I use hypnosis a lot to help people
SEEKINGTHETR> it is mind control and can be dangerous
.Bauble> Hypnosis doesn't seperate us from our bodies, does it?
.Scrye> I know a group that never abuses it, but their teacher may have.
SEEKINGTHETR> not separate, no
SEEKINGTHETR> back to chi
SEEKINGTHETR> hypnosis can be used to move chi
.Scrye> What waa that "shifting consciousness away" from the body, Seeking?
.Royce3> According to Mesmer, when the ether is flowing smoothly good health
is guaranteed. If the natural flow of this ether is slowed or stopped in any
way, all sorts of sickness result. If a blockage has
.Royce3> occurred in a patient, it must be dislodged. His aim was to control
the force he dubbed animal magnetism. Modern hypno-therapists have dispensed
with the practice of moving their hands over the
.Royce3> bodies of their patients. They contend that the passing of the hands
over a person s body is simply theater and of little practical value;
however, considering the current theories about the way in
.Royce3> which Chi works, that may be a mistake
SEEKINGTHETR> it is a surrendering your authority over to another
.Scrye> The moving hands amplify the trance, Royce. I could feel them with
my eyes closed.
.Bauble> Seek, can you read a persons personality when you first meet them?
.Scrye> The hypnotist must be trustworthy.
.Royce3> Do you ever use your hands to enhance someone's trance state, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> Read Miricles Through Pranic Healing, or Pranic Psychotherapy
by Master Choa Kok Sui...excellent books for understanding this
SEEKINGTHETR> Bauble...I try not to
.Royce3> Are those books in print, Seek?
DORCASQ> Why do you try not to, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> yes...Samual Weiser is the publisher
.Scrye> Sat and I are leaving for Kolta's soon. Thanks for a fascinating
SEEKINGTHETR> I see people different, yes, but I try not to make a big deal
of it
SEEKINGTHETR> no reason to challenge them
DORCASQ> Bye Sat and Scrye
.Royce3> ok scrye thank you for coming
.Bauble> Have fun!
.Royce3> Save me some candy.
.Scrye> I think some of them would lock us up!
.jefflove> bye scyre
.Scrye> Bye!
SEEKINGTHETR> blessings scrye
.Royce3> Tell us a bit more about Sui, Seek.
.Bauble> I didn't mean in order to challenge them. I meant, then you would
know how to relate to them more effectively
.Royce3> What school of thought does he embrace?
.Scrye> Brightest blessings, Seek and room!
.Scrye> - signed off -
SEEKINGTHETR> he is very powerful with energy
DORCASQ> Yes, Baub, that is what I was wondering too.
SEEKINGTHETR> but his energy didn't feel quite right to me for some reason
SEEKINGTHETR> then I was strong, but not from Divine directly
.Bauble> So in a way, you were a little leary of him, maybe??
SEEKINGTHETR> yes...but his knowledge is very good
SEEKINGTHETR> intelligence does not always work just in the light though
SEEKINGTHETR> I'm not saying he is bad, just doesn't feel right to me
.Bauble> That's for sure. That's why I thought it might be good if one could
read another's aura or chi, for their own benefit.
SEEKINGTHETR> sorry to say, that is very true Bauble
SEEKINGTHETR> it can be used to control
.Bauble> Then one would know who to believe or who to stay away from.
SEEKINGTHETR> especially in picking up dates
.Royce3> lol
SEEKINGTHETR> it allows you to cause a person to like you
SEEKINGTHETR> this is serious stuff
SEEKINGTHETR> this is how charisma works
SEEKINGTHETR> this is how the mad russion worked
.Royce3> Well, is using charisma wrong, Seek?
DORCASQ> Wouldn't it help to read a person's personality to know how to help
SEEKINGTHETR> is a form of mind control used to manipulate the
SEEKINGTHETR> intent or motive is the key
SEEKINGTHETR> the cloud around people prior to death is a lack of chi
.Royce3> Yes, I think that most people only have a vague notion of how these
various energy systems work. It is only recently that I have come to learn
about these various mind /body links.
SEEKINGTHETR> even happens prior to murders or accidents
SEEKINGTHETR> I saw a person in a cloud a few years ago...she was young and
healthy, murdered the next day
.Bauble> If I were going into business with someone wouldn't it be nice if I
could tell if they were trustworthy?
.Royce3> In all candor, I think that utilizing chi is most applicable to our
physical world. It is a power that is there for the taking. But learning to
use it in an effective manner isn't always easy.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes, but your lesson on discernment might require that you
enter into that type of situation to learn
.Royce3> I also think most people who do use it don't realize that they are
doing so.
.jefflove> 7:30 7:30 7:30
DORCASQ> This has been very interesting.
DORCASQ> I was expecting Jeff to say that!
.Bauble> One needs to raise oneself spiritually before aquiring these talents
or we could easily use them wrongly, I suppose.
SEEKINGTHETR> Thanks all for the chat...Blessings of Love and Light to all
STEVE6101> happy halloween ,goodnight
SEEKINGTHETR> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Thank you Seek, and everyone
.Royce3> Well, we are at the end of another chat. This has been a good
discussion. I'm sorry more people weren't here to hear it, but Halloween took
its toll. We will be here tomorrow to continue this
.Royce3> discussion .
.Royce3> Thanks everyone.
DORCASQ> Goodnight everyone
.jefflove> happy halloween
STEVE6101> - signed off -
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Bauble> Goodnight All
.jefflove> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
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