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Tulpas are magical beings created by the human consciousness

(Logging at 10-OCT-2000 17:54)
.Royce3> What's a cookin????
DORCASQ> Hia Royce!
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
DORCASQ> Here comes the cook!
BAUBLE49> Hi Royce and Dorcas
.Royce3> Here com da Cook!
.Royce3> So how is your day going Dorcasq?
DORCASQ> It is going fast.
BAUBLE49> Guess we are going to discuss Punxitaunny Phil today. Yes?
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DORCASQ> How's FreddiePoo?
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BAUBLE49> Hi Steve
.Royce3> Hi steve; hi Seek
STEVE6101> hi
BAUBLE49> Hi Seek
DORCASQ> Funny Baub!!
DORCASQ> Hi Seek and Steve
DORCASQ> And Hide:)
BAUBLE49> ty D
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.Scrye> Hi!
.Royce3> Well, it is a brand new week......well, sort of! How is it going for
everyone? Any complaints to report? Hi Scrye!
BAUBLE49> Hi Scrye
DORCASQ> Hye Scrye
.Scrye> Hi, room!
BAUBLE49> Yeah, my arm hurts
DORCASQ> My neck hurts.
.Royce3> Tell us about your arm Bauble.
BAUBLE49> My cat is sick
SEEKINGTHETR> the cme's from the sun are driving me nuts
.Royce3> cme's????????
.Royce3> What's that?
DORCASQ> What are cmes?
BAUBLE49> My insurance payment is due
SEEKINGTHETR> coronal mass ejections
.Scrye> Coronal Mass Ejections.
BAUBLE49> wanna hear more????
DORCASQ> Oh yea, too
SEEKINGTHETR> another big one headed toward us hit us thursday
.Scrye> Yeah, maybe we should fast more, Seeking.
.Royce3> See, Bauble, we have cmes, and you are just concerned about yourself!
DORCASQ> And her cat, Royce
SEEKINGTHETR> they cause geomagnetic storms on earth and really effect me
BAUBLE49> Will they cure my cat the cme's????!!!!
.Scrye> I think neutrinos screw up my digestion!
DORCASQ> They make my neck hurt!!
.Royce3> Yes, we mentioned Freddie, the cat. Maybe that cme is why Fred isn't
feeling well.
.Scrye> there you go!
DORCASQ> Give me a pain in the neck.
SEEKINGTHETR> they make your mind cloudy, kind of like a hangover
BAUBLE49> Hope that is all it is Royce
.Scrye> No, it's the last one, Royce. THey take a couple days to get here.
.Royce3> Hmmmmm, I heard about people being allergic to neutrinos, Scrye.
That is bad, bad news.
SEEKINGTHETR> usually 2 days
DORCASQ> Wow! Now I have a good excuse for my cloudy mind.
SEEKINGTHETR> look for some good northern lights in the lower latitudes
.Scrye> I think a Mountain Dew fast, like the one I'm on today, helps.
Caffeine and sugar in water.
BAUBLE49> Am I low enough in Penna.?
.Royce3> Are those of us in the Pa region in the so-called "lower latitudes"?
.Scrye> You will also have to duck a little, Bauble.
SEEKINGTHETR> depends how hard it hits, just on the edge for most
DORCASQ> I will have to look out my basement window.
BAUBLE49> funny Dorc!
.Royce3> Just as long as it doesn't affect the debates!!!!!!!
DORCASQ> They can't go any lower!!!!
.Royce3> We can't afford to have communications affected.
SEEKINGTHETR> a good site to read is
.Scrye> It has ME by the lower latitudes!
BAUBLE49> Those 2 guys are gaga already, Royce!
SEEKINGTHETR> it gives the data from the soho satalite
.Royce3> From Soho down to London I played the silver ball.......
.Scrye> There are also gorgeous pictures of CME's there.
DORCASQ> Whaaaaat?
STEVE6101> tommy
SEEKINGTHETR> he's a wizard
.Royce3> It's from TOMMY, Dorcasq.
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DORCASQ> Something else I didn't know.
SEEKINGTHETR> what's the topic for this evening?
.Royce3> You have to get out more, Dorcasq.
.Kolta> Hi everyone!
DORCASQ> Into the higher latitudes, Royce?
SEEKINGTHETR> or be over 40 to know that one
.Royce3> Tulpas. We will talk about Tulpas.
.Scrye> It's your time displacement factor, D. It happened then.
.Kolta> I am changing exercise classes from Tuesday and Thursday nights to
daytime classes.
.Royce3> Dorcasq is only 24, but she has led a sheltered life.
BAUBLE49> Just for us, Kolta??
.Kolta> I found out the daytime classes were better
DORCASQ> I live in a shelter.
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BAUBLE49> Hi Joasha
.Joasha> howdy
.Kolta> So, I can come back here on Tuesday
.Royce3> What did you have in your shopping bag in those days, dorcasq.
.Scrye> Hi, Joasha!
.Royce3> Hi Joasha
.Kolta> Hi Joasha
DORCASQ> Anything I could pick up, Scrye
.Joasha> heyla everyone
DORCASQ> Whoops, royce
.Scrye> Watch that , D!
.Royce3> Anyone for the prayer list?????
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
.Kolta> Hi Jeff
.Royce3> I want to put Freddie the cat on the prayer list.
.Royce3> Hi Jeff
DORCASQ> I'm for it!!
.Scrye> Emily, bit by a client.
.jefflove> hi
.Royce3> Who is Emily?
BAUBLE49> Bauble wants on the Prayer list too
.Scrye> A vet assistant.
.Kolta> Put Bobbie's name on the list. Michael's family is starting to
create problems for her.
BAUBLE49> Was the client infected with anything?
SEEKINGTHETR> add yasser arafat too
.Royce3> Hmmmmm, Yasser?
.Scrye> Aren't these people to be anonymous. Someone always wants details.
.Royce3> We can do that.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Sir!
DORCASQ> Yesssir
DORCASQ> :::)))
BAUBLE49> lol
.Kolta> yessereeee
.Scrye> Yosemite!
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
.Royce3> Hello, Cave welcome.
1CAVERAT> hi all
.Scrye> Uhhhh!
BAUBLE49> Hi Cave
.Kolta> Hi Cave
.Royce3> A pushin and a pullin, Cave.
SEEKINGTHETR> everyone seems in rare form this evening!!!
DORCASQ> Yes, must be the cme's.
BAUBLE49> That's for sure, Seek
1CAVERAT> couldn't get in any other way
.Royce3> Lot's of Green Label.
.Scrye> Mountain Dew?
.Kolta> Green Label?
BAUBLE49> and Annie hill
DORCASQ> Annie Hill?
.Joasha> water
.Royce3> Southern bourbon, Kolta.
1CAVERAT> I'm still getting that case report i promised. maybe tomorrow night
BAUBLE49> cheap wine Dorc
.Kolta> I will take that Royce.
1CAVERAT> been busy
DORCASQ> I've been looking for it Cave.
.Royce3> We will be looking forward to it cave.
DORCASQ> Thought you wanted her on the PL, Baub
1CAVERAT> I had to condense it somewhat. its 12 pages long
.Scrye> Let's boogie, Himalayan style!
.Royce3> Well, should we get to the topic.
.Royce3> ?
.Scrye> Tulpas!
BAUBLE49> Oh, no, Dorc. Annie is doing just fine
DORCASQ> And Tulkus
.Royce3> Himalayan style??? Yes that is it: land of the Tulpas.
.Kolta> HUH?
.Royce3> How many read the story about the tulpas?
BAUBLE49> 12 pages!!!!
.Royce3> I sent out an email on it.
.Scrye> !
BAUBLE49> I did Royce
.Kolta> I read the email
DORCASQ> I read it
.Royce3> Well, then you know a bit about Tulpas, Kolta.
.Scrye> I read the message on Ufotalk.
STEVE6101> I Did
.Royce3> Hey, I'm impressed.
.Royce3> Yeah, that's great.
.Joasha> I read email
DORCASQ> Don't be Royce, we don't remember anything.
.Kolta> Is a Tulpa like Harvey in the movie?
.Scrye> Yes!
.Royce3> Yes, i know, Dorcasq.
BAUBLE49> true, D
.Royce3> Harvey, Kolta?????
DORCASQ> What is true? (kiddding)
.Royce3> Oh, God, I don't know, Dorcasq.
STEVE6101> 6 foot rabbit
.Joasha> new about the experiment when it was going on. I have personal
opinions about this
.Scrye> 'Ceptin' they aren't fuzzy bunnies 12 feet tall, K.
.Kolta> Jimmy Steward has a big invisible rabbit. The movie is a classic
BAUBLE49> I can't remember, D what is true....
.Royce3> Would you like to lead off on this Joasha?
SEEKINGTHETR> they do fuzzy math
DORCASQ> hahaha
.Scrye> Say 8 feet, a compromised tulpa.
.Royce3> Some personal opinions would be a good start.
1CAVERAT> read it but don't necessarily agree with all i read
.Joasha> if it would not seem rude, I would love to
BAUBLE49> Stewart
.Royce3> Go ahead, Joasha.
.Joasha> have you ever heard that there is no wrong decision, but you dropped
the ball and so the decision didn't pan out?
SEEKINGTHETR> how about a quick summary for us sheltered people, or a clue
.Royce3> Tulpas are entities created by the human mind.
.Joasha> you had a very interest remark in your email summary
.Royce3> They can take on the characteristics of living beings.
.Joasha> and that is the participators 'lost interest'
.Royce3> ty, joasha.
.Scrye> They seem to have independent thought or volitio, Seeking.
.Joasha> and the entity that they created was left hanging out there in space
.Royce3> That is right, Joasha. And such a situation can cause trouble.
.Scrye> Did it say that about that one Royce?
.Joasha> well, that is the truth and it was no less than if they had given
birth to a child and then abandoned it on the church steps
.Scrye> Hmmmm...
.Royce3> No, scrye, I wish there were some more details. However, the main
thrust wasn't just about Philip.
.Kolta> Then the Tulpa dies from lack of care?
.Royce3> Like you, Scrye, I would like a few more details.
.Joasha> the experiment was a very powerful example of ' we are creators'
.Royce3> Yes, Kolta.
.Royce3> But some of these entities are designed to live on without care.
.Scrye> OK, how DO you make them go away?
.Scrye> But that cart's before the horse.
.Royce3> It isn't easy. According to other reports, there wasn't a sure way
to do away with them.
.Kolta> If one creates them, why make them go away?
BAUBLE49> Maybe J knows how to get rid of them
.Royce3> As was pointed out in the article, even the personality of the
beings can change .
.Royce3> Yes, continue on Joasha.
.Scrye> What if we all lived forever, Kolta? Elbow to elbow, chin to chin.
BAUBLE49> And for the worse. So then you want to get rid of them
SEEKINGTHETR> but we do scrye
.Kolta> Then why create them?
** 1ANDONLY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> hi room
.Royce3> Some of these are emulate poltergeist activity.
.Scrye> Not taking up space, Seeking!
.Joasha> abandoned children don't just go away, and what makes you think that
they aren't a manifested being now
BAUBLE49> hi land
.Royce3> Some people form them for protection, Kolta.
BAUBLE49> or onlyl
.Royce3> Some want to muddy the waters about who is real and who isn't.
DORCASQ> Hi 1anonly1
1ANDONLY1> both Baub
BAUBLE49> ok
.Royce3> One can make a being that looks exactly like oneself.
1ANDONLY1> only1 observing
1CAVERAT> I would propose that nothing was created. Rather a "conduit"
opened which allowed something to enter. It could then come and go at will.
.Joasha> yes we can
.Royce3> Expand on that Cave.
1CAVERAT> Possibly demonic?
.Scrye> So, Joasha, should one help create such manifestations, ever?
BAUBLE49> that's another take on it Cave
1ANDONLY1> have we missed much Baub?
SEEKINGTHETR> where can I read the article?
.Royce3> Most or many magicians of Tibet, to name just one region, don't
believe in demons.
BAUBLE49> Just a little
.Joasha> where does one finally begin to accept responsibility for ones
actions or creativity?
.Scrye> On the message board, Seeking.
.Royce3> Seek, I drew material from over a half dozen sources.
DORCASQ> In your e-mail, 1and
BAUBLE49> Talking about us creating entities called Tulpas
SEEKINGTHETR> true Joasha, that is why our creativity is limited while we are
here on earth
.Royce3> Cave, and Joasha, please add your comments.
1ANDONLY1> thanks Dorc, not got to it yet
DORCASQ> Sorry, I thought 1and asked about reading that.
.Joasha> most people who have relationships with 'spirit guides' have created
them in the image of their acceptability
.Royce3> There are reports of magicians being murdered by their own creations.
1ANDONLY1> ty Baub, never heard of the term
BAUBLE49> ok
.Royce3> Image of their acceptability? I'm not sure I follow, Joasha.
1ANDONLY1> our creativity is not limited seek, only if you presume it is
.Scrye> Is that as much of me as I can stand?
.Joasha> they which they desire, or find non threating or fearful
.Royce3> I see, Joasha.
SEEKINGTHETR> it is limited by our knowledge and awareness of our abilities
BAUBLE49> and the ability to take responsibility for our actions
1ANDONLY1> yes Seek, I must agree wtih that
.Royce3> Well, as I suggested to Kolta, there are a wide range of reasons for
creating tulpas. Some of these reasons are benevolent; others are not.
.Joasha> people just have not come to a realization of the individual power
one has as a source of energy conduction, as we humans are
.Scrye> I feel I would be diminished, not enhanced, by a projected autonomous
manifestation of me.
.Royce3> I think Joasha is right about realizing the human potential.
BAUBLE49> funny Scrye!
.Joasha> thank you
SEEKINGTHETR> it depends if you are attached to your creation or not
.Royce3> But Scrye, we could make you bigger and better in some places and
smaller and better in others.
.Scrye> All for that!
.Kolta> Well, I believe in trusting God to send me what I need rather than to
create something I think I need.
BAUBLE49> funny Royce!!!!!
SEEKINGTHETR> the higher the consciousness the more ability one has to
manifest or create
1CAVERAT> If I willed a second caverat into existence, we would both be
skeptical and simply will both of us out of existence.
.Royce3> AAAAAhhhh, Kolta some of us were given the dirty end of the stick.
BAUBLE49> Good attitide, Kolta
.Scrye> But why me?
DORCASQ> If a group of people create one, who takes responsibility for it?
DORCASQ> Funny, Cave
BAUBLE49> good Cave!!
.Scrye> funny, Cave!!
.Royce3> I would bet that no one gave that much thought, Dorcasq.
.Joasha> maybe the one who's idea the whole thing was in the first place
SEEKINGTHETR> man's creation is really just a reformulation of existing
energy and matter
.Kolta> Royce, maybe there is a lesson to be learned in getting the dirty end
of the stick.
BAUBLE49> Very good, Seek
.Royce3> Well, this all strikes at the notion that mind controls matter.
SEEKINGTHETR> I think it does
.Royce3> All this suggests the unlimited potential of concentrated thought.
.Joasha> that is why the metaphor, 'we are molded from the clay of the earth'
we are a product of the elements of this dimensional plane
.Kolta> I believe mind controls matter. But, we have to be careful with what
we do with it.
.Scrye> I do, too, depending on one's index of personal consciousness.
1ANDONLY1> we have the power to create whatever we wish
.Royce3> I wonder how many people really appreciate the potential of psi?
Certainly, the materialists would deny that any of this could happen.
.Scrye> "We" created Hitler.
.Joasha> yes we did Scrye
SEEKINGTHETR> I also feel that the mind is connected to the RNA to determine
which DNA is turned on and off
.Kolta> I agree with that Scrye
BAUBLE49> Not me Kimosabe. I wasn't born then
.Royce3> That is a very interesting concept, too, seek--the control of DNA.
.Joasha> 'we' as a race of beings Bauble
BAUBLE49> Oh, yes, Seek?
.Scrye> "You" were, Bauble. Not you.
SEEKINGTHETR> thoughts are real physical things
1CAVERAT> If we created a despot, why can't we simply will him out of
.Royce3> I have to wonder if I have ever met or dealt with a Tulpa.
.Kolta> Bauble, for those of us who believe in reincarnation, maybe our souls
were there at the time. Besides we have to get beyond linear thinking.
.Kolta> Good question Cave
DORCASQ> Good question
.Joasha> very true Seek, and they are showing very strange 'reforms' within
the DNA of those children that are now being born with such high intelligent
BAUBLE49> You mean go for the jugular, Cave....
.Royce3> Well, tulpas aren't spiritual beings of course. They are man made
creations much like a house is man made, or a car.
.Scrye> Thoughts are mindstuff, and mindstuff is the fundamental stuff.
1CAVERAT> Logic would dictate it should be easier to uncreate than to create
SEEKINGTHETR> Life is all about the evolution of consciousness, the higher it
evolves the more abilities one has
SEEKINGTHETR> and the easier it is to transmutate thoughts
BAUBLE49> Thanks, Kolta
.Scrye> yes
.Joasha> so is that what test tube babies are Royce?
.Royce3> yes, but mystic masters suggest that we all have potential
supernormal powers and that those powers aren't powers of higher
consciousness, in fact, quite the contrary.
.Scrye> Trick question!
BAUBLE49> Well, Royce???
STEVE6101> is that what we are?
SEEKINGTHETR> true royce, but we do not have the ability to create life, only
to create a vehicle for it to occupy
.Joasha> this is about our levels of consciousness and responsibility within
.Royce3> Yes, Tulpas aren't life forms in the normal sense.
.Scrye> But the tulpa is neither life nor properly a vehicle for life!
.Royce3> Right Scrye.
.Kolta> Good point Joasha
.Joasha> are you sure about that?
SEEKINGTHETR> this is the limitations of free will
.Royce3> Tulpas are more like psychic machines.
SEEKINGTHETR> depends how you define life
.Royce3> robots.
.Joasha> can you prove that?
.Scrye> Programmed energy fields.
SEEKINGTHETR> I define it as consciousness
.Kolta> If anyone watches Star Trek, can one call Data a sentient being?
.Royce3> Well, all right. How many of you think that tulpas as we have
described them are genuine life forms?
.Joasha> but if created in love and consciouness, then that would be the
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.Scrye> Soulless, motivated, but not spiritual entities.
.Royce3> Hi team, welcome.
.Scrye> synchro alert!
.Royce3> yes well I would say that a tulpa is soul less.
.Joasha> we were 'supposedly' created from the mind of the Creator. Right?
SEEKINGTHETR> along this same line of thinking...if we clone a new being,
where does the spirit come from to fill it
TEAM_ROBOTO> check out
TEAM_ROBOTO> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> so is a tulpa a thought form Royce
.Kolta> What about Data from Stat Trek?
.Royce3> Team is gone.
.Kolta> Star
.Scrye> HE was obviously a tulpa.
DORCASQ> That is a question I always wanted answered, Seek.
.Kolta> But is Data a living being?
.Royce3> Yes, I would say it is a thought form, 1and, at least in a sense.
SEEKINGTHETR> there are several possibilities
.Joasha> he is evolving
SEEKINGTHETR> all things are thought forms
1ANDONLY1> then thought forms can have no soul
.Royce3> Well according to the veiwpoint of materialists, Data might be a
living being, Kolta.
.Kolta> If Data is evolving, then is he soul less?
.Scrye> Data was declared to be alive by virtue of his superior programming,
adaptability and intelligence.
SEEKINGTHETR> we are the thought form of a higher consciousness
.Joasha> TRUE, so what makes this any different?
1CAVERAT> He is free to evolve into whatever the writer wants to take him
.Royce3> But does data have a non local consciousness?
.Royce3> That is the key question.
.Royce3> Does data have a quantum mind?
SEEKINGTHETR> logic alone does not make consciousness
.Scrye> Yes, because it is made of positrons, and somewhere...
.Kolta> Data wanted to be human.
.Royce3> That would be my view, Seek.
.Scrye> there are matching electrons!
1ANDONLY1> what does make consciousness then seek
SEEKINGTHETR> that is the problem with the grey species
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
BAUBLE49> you mean no sould, Seek?
BAUBLE49> sould
.Royce3> According to many of our ilk, a human brain is like a TV set. The TV
set gets its signal from beyond itself.
BAUBLE49> souls
.Royce3> Hi sat, welcome
.Joasha> well, gotta go. thanks for letting me have some floor time
.Kolta> should
1CAVERAT> back in a few. gotta go back to work for a bit
.jefflove> hi satellite
.Royce3> Come back again, joasha.
SEEKINGTHETR> consciousness is a life force energy that can exist in several
.Kolta> Bye Joasha
1ANDONLY1> hi sate
.Joasha> will do. night all
.Royce3> bye
.Joasha> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> bye
1ANDONLY1> bye icave
.Satellite8> i have a weird story when i can tell it
.Royce3> Bye cave
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
.Royce3> go ahead, sat
DORCASQ> Sat! You came and everyone left!!!
.Satellite8> I JUST TOOK A BATH!!!
.Royce3> I hope the story is concerned with the topic at hand sat.
1ANDONLY1> lol
.Satellite8> its about a dream i had that came true
.Satellite8> is that on topic?
DORCASQ> Was there a tulpa in it, Sat?
.Royce3> We are supposed to be talking about tulpas.
.Satellite8> no. a tooth
DORCASQ> Close enough
.Satellite8> really?
.Royce3> Hmmmmmmmmm.
.Kolta> ???????
.Satellite8> i portended something
1ANDONLY1> what about the tooth sate
.Royce3> Dorcasq may be intuiting something that I'm not.
.Satellite8> i dreamed that a neighbor man who died 2 Thanksgivings ago was
standing on the street
** SOARINGONE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
.Satellite8> i was walking past him and said hi Joe
.Royce3> Hello Soaring, welcome.
.Soaring Eagle> hello
.Satellite8> he just reached into his mouth and pulled out an incisor a big
long one
BAUBLE49> Hi Soar. Sat is telling a story
.Satellite8> it looked rotten on the root end
.Royce3> We are hearing a story from Sat that may or may not be related to
the topic. The topic, the official one, is tulpas.
.Satellite8> I woke up and pulled all the blankets off the bed trying to get
away from him
.Satellite8> that morning my daughter was attacked by a st bernard where she
.Satellite8> his fang went through her lower lip
1ANDONLY1> hmmmm
DORCASQ> Whoa!!!
.Satellite8> that's it
DORCASQ> See, royce, maybe Sat created the dog (tulpa) in her dream.
.Kolta> True Dorc
.Soaring Eagle> what is a tulpa
.Royce3> A k9 tulpa? It was Joe!
.Satellite8> created his tooth anyway
.Soaring Eagle> 'hey, drop the tulpa! taco bell humor!~
DORCASQ> A tulpa is an entity created by the mind, Soaring.
.Scrye> There are animal tulpas. THis dog was preexisting, I believe.
.Kolta> Eagle ;-)
1ANDONLY1> ahh a thought form
.Satellite8> yes he pre existed
.Soaring Eagle> oops sorry I will get serious errr hmmm okay I am better now!
.Royce3> Yes, Scry is right. There are indeed animal tulpas.
.Scrye> No need, Soaring.
.Kolta> Do not get too serious, Eagle, that is no fun!
.Satellite8> the thing is this man was always very concerned about my family
BAUBLE49> Hope your daughter got her shots!!!
.Satellite8> always asking about the kids were they ok?
.Royce3> And some magicians create manifestations that are designed to look
like demaons.
.Satellite8> maybe he was trying to warn me!
.Royce3> demons
DORCASQ> Yes, he could have been, Sat.
.Scrye> he was a ghost, not a demon.
.Satellite8> he didn't look like he did when he was alive. he looked like a
.Royce3> Hey, maybe Joe was a Tulpa.
BAUBLE49> Better start writing down your dreams, Sat
.Royce3> HA
.Scrye> Or just a prophetic dream-character.
.Satellite8> not the first time i dreamed something and it came true
.Royce3> Could be, Scrye.
BAUBLE49> So do Tulpas have souls, anyone??
.Scrye> A tulpa walks out of your dreams and into your life!
1ANDONLY1> take note of them sate
.Soaring Eagle> maybe you just need to remember a dentist appointment!
.Soaring Eagle> lol
.Royce3> How many of you think that tulpas are related to stories concerning
1ANDONLY1> I would say no baub
BAUBLE49> ok, landonlyl
DORCASQ> What do you mean by bi-location?
STEVE6101> I don't
.Satellite8> no. my appt was last month
.Scrye> THat the animal creates his tulpa?
.Soaring Eagle> lol
.Royce3> A person appears to be in two locations at once, Dorcasq.
.jefflove> lol
.Scrye> OH, the PERSON creates his tulpa!
DORCASQ> You mean, one might be a tulpa?
.Soaring Eagle> or does the tulpa create the person...
1ANDONLY1> many people do royce we know someone that always works with there
etheric double
.Royce3> Tell us about that 1and.
BAUBLE49> Oh, you mean the person creates an image of themselves(tulpa) and
sends it elsewhere, Royce?
.Royce3> Yes, Bauble
DORCASQ> But tulpas don't become one's double, do they?
.Scrye> Possibly, Royce. But most likely a doppleganger, not a tulpa perse.
.Kolta> However, Michael Wolf says that ETs have the ability to appear at
more than one place. But, I do not think they are tulpas
.Royce3> They are a bit like a holographic projection in some cases.
1ANDONLY1> not if you dont want them to Dorc its your thought don't forget
.Scrye> GMTA, Royce.
.Royce3> A person who doesn't create perfect tulpas sometimes only gets an
image of a being, not something that manifests in a solid material fashion.
.Scrye> SO, we have these classes: projections, doubles, tulpas.
DORCASQ> Can people, other than the creator of the tulpa, SEE the tulpa?
BAUBLE49> doppleganger and tulpa What is the difference?
.Royce3> Yes, I think there's a lot of overlapping, Scrye.
.Soaring Eagle> I guess that I am more interested in the message than where
it came from or what logically it is. so I will just wait till we get back
to that
1ANDONLY1> yes Dor
.Scrye> And of course various detached bodies of the living or dead person.
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1CAVERAT> back again different puter
.Kolta> wb Cave
.Royce3> hi cave
DORCASQ> I thought they would only be seen by the creator.
BAUBLE49> wb cave
1ANDONLY1> wb cave
1CAVERAT> what did i miss?
.Scrye> No, they can be seen by others.
BAUBLE49> I've wondered about that also Dorcas
1CAVERAT> i'll have to read the log
1ANDONLY1> they have been created
.Royce3> Well, I think that it is possible to miss the point that Tulpas are
practical effects resulting from psi that virtually anyone with sufficient
time and energy can create.
.Scrye> Unlike Harvey.
DORCASQ> Is there proof of that, Royce?
.Royce3> Is there proof of what, Dorcasq?
DORCASQ> That they can be seen by anyone.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Cave, Read the log
.Royce3> What would constitute proof for you, Dorcasq?
DORCASQ> Someone else seeing someone's tulpa.
.Royce3> I don't know anything that everyone has seen.
1CAVERAT> witnessing an actual event for starters
STEVE6101> the moon
.Scrye> I think it might be useful to think of them as "demons" in the
computer program sense. Inferior autonomous artifacts created for a specific
purpose, that may outlive that purpose.
.Royce3> You will have to do better than that cave.
.Royce3> An actual event?
BAUBLE49> Phillips group didn't say they saw him
.Royce3> What does that mean.
DORCASQ> In that experiment, did anyone other than the group, see the tulpa?
.Royce3> In the case of tulpas, yes, everyone in the area of the tulpa sees
1CAVERAT> Seeing one created
.Scrye> Sees the effects, at least, Cave.
1CAVERAT> or even physical effects of its creation
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.Royce3> Now the next thing Cave will ask is whether or not we can create
one in the laboratory.
.Scrye> Group mind, group creation, group effects.
DORCASQ> Lets try to create one here!!
.Royce3> Well, the answer will have to be a qualified yes, if one knows how
to do it.
.sorcia> hi my real name is sorcia ;)
.Scrye> No, thanks. I'm allergic.
.Kolta> Go Dorc!!!!!
BAUBLE49> Make it his lab then and not mine!!!
1CAVERAT> That would work for me, Royce
.Scrye> Hi sorcia.
.Royce3> The question then will be: who would want to do it for folks in a
BAUBLE49> Then you would have to be responsible for it Cave. Seriously
DORCASQ> Could I keep it, if I create one?
.Scrye> Is there a lease law?
.Scrye> leash!
BAUBLE49> Well I sure wouldn't want it Dorc
.Soaring Eagle> lol Dorcas. what would you name it?
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.Royce3> The Toronto experiment was done by a bunch of folks who really
didn't know what they were doing. They certainly weren't experts.
.Soaring Eagle> hi ya Baal
.Royce3> Hi Baal.
.Baalzephon> hello
BAUBLE49> funny, Dorc!!!
.Scrye> I must go. TTFN, room!
1ANDONLY1> jo baal
.Royce3> Where are you going, Scrye?
.Kolta> Bye Scrye
.Soaring Eagle> wow Dorcas that is an idea. Maybe we could create the PERFECT
male tulpa!!!!
BAUBLE49> by Scrye
1CAVERAT> bye scrye
.Scrye> Pittsburgh, Royce.
DORCASQ> Yes, Soaring!!
1ANDONLY1> bye screy
.Royce3> He is going to go and make a double of himself
.Scrye> s'long, all.
.Scrye> - signed off -
DORCASQ> :) Royce
.Baalzephon> Tulpa? Why would you want to do that?
BAUBLE49> OK Cave Now I want to be in on creating Dorcas's TULPA...
.Royce3> I don't know Baal, I really don't know.
.Royce3> Scrye?????
1CAVERAT> Let me know what you finally create...or allow through.
.Kolta> Scrye is gone Royce
.Royce3> You want to keep Scrye?????
1ANDONLY1> whats your opinion on tulpas baal
.Royce3> I know he is gone, kolta. I'm not sure about his tulpa?
.Soaring Eagle> *****Soaring is lost in the fantasy of her perfect male
tulpa...imagining all of the possibilities!!!*****
DORCASQ> I want to keep My tulpa, royce
.Royce3> Well, you have my permission.
.Baalzephon> Yet another variation of the
Servitor/Egregore/Archetype(Godform)... I've created servitors before - I
suppose they can be useful...
.Royce3> May God and your Tulpa be with you, Dorcasq
DORCASQ> But I need to know how to get rid of it when I get bored with it.
.Royce3> Say again, Baal???????
.Soaring Eagle> lol
BAUBLE49> Your problem, Dorc
1CAVERAT> exorcism,D
.Soaring Eagle> Can you make them talk only when you want them to???
.Royce3> Dorcasq, just pass it on to another lusty female.
BAUBLE49> What have you created Baal and how did you get rid of it?
.Kolta> Give him to me Dorc
DORCASQ> I can create another lusty female.
.Soaring Eagle> lol Dorc
.Royce3> See, Dorcasq, you could rent him out.
.Soaring Eagle> I think you have really caught on to this concept Dorcas
BAUBLE49> good D!!
.Royce3> You could name him DORK.
DORCASQ> hahaha
.Baalzephon> What do you mean get rid of? The servitors of my creation still
reside in my consciousness - of which they are apart. You don't get rid of
part of yourself.
.Royce3> Or Dorem All.
.Royce3> dorkem all
.Soaring Eagle> lol
DORCASQ> Royce!!!
1ANDONLY1> yes Baal I agree
DORCASQ> Have you created tulpas, Baal?
.Kolta> Good point Ball
.Royce3> Baal, let the rest of us catch up.
BAUBLE49> Oh, I see, Baal. Others were asking how does one get rid of one
that becomes nasty
.Royce3> Are you saying you have created tulpas, Baal?
.sorcia> - signed off -
.Soaring Eagle> Forget it then..I dont want a forever tulpa male...what if I
make a mistake?
DORCASQ> Yea, I don't want him around forever either, Soaring.
.Baalzephon> So far as I know - a Tulpa is a tibetan servitor. The process
of making servitors/egregores/tulpas/golems - they're all similar...
.Royce3> Well, Baal, most of the tulpas are supposed to be expendable.
BAUBLE49> Then you give birth Soar!!
.Soaring Eagle> Been there done that but my sons do not serve the purpose
that I had in mind ;)
1ANDONLY1> all creations of the mind baal
BAUBLE49> What's the difference between a Tulpa and a Doppleganger?
.Baalzephon> Any kind of construct utilizes a fraction of consciousness of
its creator - whether that creator be an individual, group or religion. So
far as I know - consciousness is not expendable.
1ANDONLY1> what do you term as a doppleganger Baub
.Kolta> Royce, if most tulpas are expendable, then what do you do with Baal's
point? Are parts of ourselves expendable?
BAUBLE49> I don't know what that is land
.Baalzephon> A doppleganger is a projection of a person, created in their own
conscious arena - kind of like bilocation given form. A servitor/tulpa need
not be an actual person. In fact - most constructs
.Baalzephon> closely resemble cartoons.
1ANDONLY1> oh does any one know
1ANDONLY1> does anyone know ?
.Royce3> Well, I take most of the tulpas to be created by prana, or chi,
mostly of universal chi. In such a case, one isn't really giving of oneself;
rather, one is using oneself only as a means to form
.Royce3> universal energy. This would be much like one procuring clay and
molding it.
BAUBLE49> Well, K we get parts of our bodies removed in operations . Is that
the same thing??
1ANDONLY1> thanks baal
DORCASQ> I don't think so, Baub
BAUBLE49> ty, Baal
.Kolta> It would still be saying we are expendable Bauble
.Royce3> Well, the tulpas were often formed to threaten one's enemies, either
by physical or psychological methods.
.Kolta> I think
SEEKINGTHETR> sorry, I'm in the bookstore and was away for a while
1ANDONLY1> it is still down to the creation of ones thinking is it not
BAUBLE49> You missed a lot Seek
.Royce3> Well, that is all right, Seek. You get the logs, don't you?
SEEKINGTHETR> sometimes people segment their consciousness to create separate
SEEKINGTHETR> this is unhealthy though
.Royce3> That is true, Seek.
1ANDONLY1> segment?
SEEKINGTHETR> or split off
.Baalzephon> Yep - they are used as weapons. Though considering that most
people beleive in some sort of law of personal accountability for one's
actions (even if governments and corporations don't), aka karma
.Baalzephon> or whatever - I wonder what using such tactics does to the
psyche of the creator?
.Royce3> Send me an email address, Seek. Then I will put you on the list.
.Kolta> But do we not need our whole consciousness for balance? Do we lose
part of it if we destroy the tulpa?
SEEKINGTHETR> that is why I said it is unhealthy
BAUBLE49> Yikes!
.Royce3> Well, you brink up good points, Baal. Most of the magicians
couldn't care less about karma. I'm not even sure they think that eliminating
one's enemies is bad.
DORCASQ> You said earlier that creating a tulpa is like creating a house or
somelthing like that, didn't you Royce?
SEEKINGTHETR> but you are doing the same thing if you are angry at someone
.Royce3> Yes, Dorcasq.
1ANDONLY1> anything created with negative intent is unhealthy
DORCASQ> We can destroy that kind of thing if we want to.
.Baalzephon> The neat thing about consciousness or "soul" is that it is
supposed to be infinite. Creating constructs is not so bad - after all, how
does splicing the infinite affact the system. Infinity minus 1
.Baalzephon> is still infinity, right?
.Kolta> True Seeking and 1and
.Royce3> 1and, you many be absolutely correct, but many seem to disagree.
BAUBLE49> One creates a tulpa for protection and then later doesn't need it
So now what happens??
.Baalzephon> Royce - maybe this is why their aren't very many sorcerors left
in Tibet. Bad Karma...
.Royce3> Bauble, it either fades away--that's what usually happens--or it
finds a way to sustain itself.
BAUBLE49> ty
DORCASQ> If I can destroy my house, I can destroy my tulpa, can't I?
1ANDONLY1> if the thought is no longer holding it it will eventully dimminish
SEEKINGTHETR> the only reason a person would create one is because they
perceive the need for protection which in itself says that they are in lower
BAUBLE49> ty land
.Royce3> A capable Qi Gong master could feed it chi and preserve it. A sort
of alliance could be formed.
.Baalzephon> As far as my constructs go - when I am done with them, I just
let them run around free in my own internal environment.
.Kolta> Good thought Seeking
DORCASQ> hmmm, guess we are in a lower frequency, Soaring :)
SEEKINGTHETR> if the consciousness that created it is higher than yours, then
you would have a hard time destroying it
.Royce3> Dorcasq, some cases suggest that it isn't easy to do away with a
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of like destroying a mountain
.Royce3> History is replete with tulpas who go out of control.
.Royce3> And a tulpa can do a lot of harm before it is destroyed.
.Soaring Eagle> lol dorcas
.Baalzephon> That depends on what you consider to be "higher", Seeking. Most
of the time, claims of spiritual enlightenment are just that - claims...
DORCASQ> I've never really heard of one before and now history is replete
with them?
.Royce3> An angry tulpa might not like the idea of its creator seeking to
destroy it.
SEEKINGTHETR> I do not mean claims, I mean actual higher frequency of
.Kolta> But if tulpas come from ourselves, would not they represent that part
of ourselves that is out of control if they are out of control?
1ANDONLY1> why distroy it Royce
SEEKINGTHETR> good point Kolta
BAUBLE49> very good question, K
SEEKINGTHETR> kind of like sub personalities
.Royce3> That is a reasonable conclusion, Kolta. However, evidence doesn't
seem to suggest that it works that way.
BAUBLE49> They are separate from us then, Royce?
.Royce3> We can program in all sorts of characteristics that are alien to our
own personalities.
.Royce3> Yes, Bauble, they are separate from us.
.Baalzephon> Considering that frequency is a phenomenon dependant on
space/time for existence, and is meaningless in terms of nonlinear thought -
it is most likely that the term higher frequency when applied to
.Baalzephon> consciousness is simply something someone invented for
1ANDONLY1> program or create Royce?
BAUBLE49> If we thought of them then they aren't alien thoughts, Royce
DORCASQ> Can a tulpa be created without knowing you are doing it?
.Royce3> We first create them 1and--build them might be a better phrase--then
we program them.
.Baalzephon> Being an electronic tech - I don't like it when people use
scientific terms out of context - it makes legitimate science look bad -
sorry for being a nit.
.Kolta> I still do not understand. If they came from us, how can they be
separate from us?
SEEKINGTHETR> true Balz, but time and space have it's own frequencies as does
1ANDONLY1> got to go see you all tommorow
DORCASQ> bye 1andonly1
BAUBLE49> bye landonlyl
1ANDONLY1> try and be on time
.Kolta> Bye 1and
1ANDONLY1> i'll
1ANDONLY1> - signed off -
.Royce3> Tulpas can be programmed a lot like a computer. But after the
initial programming, the tulpa can take those characteristics that have been
programmed into it and deal creatively with them.
.Baalzephon> How can time have a frequency or space for that matter.
Frequency is determined by counting a number of vibrations over a given
duration. If time is the "duration" used to determine frequency -
.Baalzephon> then it cannot have a frequency in and of itself.
BAUBLE49> Now that's interesting, Royce
BAUBLE49> Good point, Baal
.Kolta> Are you listening to Baal Royce? He is making sense.
SEEKINGTHETR> space frequency is limited to the area of it that one can
perceive, time is a function of the speed of light, by which it is measured.
Thus as light frequency changes so does time
.Royce3> Baal, frequency is a term closely associated with the
characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrem. I'm not sure it is a good
word when discussing how thought works.
SEEKINGTHETR> the human mind works in thought frequencies
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.Royce3> The brain, certainly, works with frequency, but the higher
consciousness may not.
BAUBLE49> Hi rowantl
.Royce3> Hi Rowant1
SEEKINGTHETR> the brain is merely the vehicle for the consciousness, which
reflects the frequency of consciousness
.Baalzephon> Neither am I. According to Penrose, consciousness may be tied
in with quantum phenomenon. Quantum phenomena are nonlinear and thus do not
exist in space/time the way material substances do. You
.Baalzephon> cannot have a vibration measured in cycles per second (1 Hertz)
when you don't have any seconds to measure with
ROWANT1> Hi EVeryone out there in cosmic space and time from Cornwall U.K
.Kolta> The tulpa may change from how we created it, but is still an
extension of ourselves and our ability to change.
.Royce3> I agree that the brain is a vehicle for consciousness, but I'm not
sure that the mind works with frequency.
DORCASQ> Hi Rowant1, we have been discussing tulpas.
SEEKINGTHETR> spirits without brains have frequency
SEEKINGTHETR> after they leave the body
DORCASQ> I think I have to agree with Kolta.
.Royce3> No one really knows how higher frequency works with consciousness,
if, indeed , it does at all.
BAUBLE49> we are talking about tulpas
.Baalzephon> And how do you measure such frequency, seeking? What yard stick
is used - please list specifics so that I can study the research myself.
SEEKINGTHETR> it's easy to explain
SEEKINGTHETR> easier to demonstrate
.Baalzephon> waiting
.Royce3> I think we are straying away from the topic, however.
.Royce3> I'm not sure how this relates to tulpas.
.Kolta> I agree Royce
ROWANT1> Do you know of the Ashtar Command?
SEEKINGTHETR> all thoughts have frequencies based upon the originator
BAUBLE49> Jeff does Rowanti
.Royce3> Yes, Rowant, Ashtar Command has been discussed here.
.Kolta> Good point Seeking
DORCASQ> They are trying to figure out how a tulpa can exist beyond the
creator, Royce
.Baalzephon> Oh yes - Ashtar. Isn't Ashtar the one who claims that the world
needs One Government, One Military, One Bank? Why would spirits be
interested in economics?
BAUBLE49> So they are a part of the originator
SEEKINGTHETR> I have done many demonstrations showing how the mind
frequencies effect the bodies of others
ROWANT1> we have no origin
.jefflove> 7:30 7:30 7:30
DORCASQ> We were all created by tulpas???
BAUBLE49> Have you Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> ask scrye about the demo I did for him,,,many miles apart
.Baalzephon> I wonder about a channeled spirit that preaches the philosophy
of the New World Order.
.Kolta> There Jeff goes again!!!!!
.Royce3> Well, one has to wonder, Dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Yes, royce
ROWANT1> space is here not out there
.Baalzephon> Something about spirits with political agendas that I find
SEEKINGTHETR> what political agenda
BAUBLE49> Another interesting chat that has come to a close
.Kolta> Baal, you have another good point
.Royce3> Well, there are a number of topics on the table at the moment. And
all of them are interesting. However, we are out of time. I want to thank all
of you for coming today.
.jefflove> There is an article posted about the Ashtar Command
.Soaring Eagle> ty
SEEKINGTHETR> thanks royce
.jefflove> ty
.Royce3> We will be back here tomorrow at 6:00pm edt. Please join us.
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone! Goodnight
BAUBLE49> thanks Royce
.Royce3> You have all been great.
BAUBLE49> good Night all
.Royce3> Good night all.
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
.Kolta> Have a good evening everyone
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Satellite8> ty
.Satellite8> - signed off -
DORCASQ> My tulpa will be back tomorrow.
.jefflove> bye
.Soaring Eagle> bye
.Soaring Eagle> - signed off -
.jefflove> - signed off -
ROWANT1> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)