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How we operate:

Our chatroom on the Delphi system is a friendly place where people interested in UFOs and the paranormal can meet and exchange ideas. It is a kind of online coffee house. Along with hard news about UFO sightings and research, we have a lot of people talking about altered states of consciousness, ghosts, paranormal research and other tantalizing topics.

The chats are closely monitored, and although spirited discussions are encouraged, abusive language and bullying aren't tolerated. Each Tuesday at 6:00 PM EDT we hold a chat that features a particular topic and sometimes a special guest. All of the chats last 90 minutes. We also have a chat on Wednesday at 6:00 PM EDT. The Wednesday chat is, normally, an open chat day where any topic can be discussed as long as it pertains to either UFOs or the paranormal.

A quick glance at our archives will give you an idea about all of the wide ranging topics we have covered