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Magical Notes


by Beverly Hill


Magick by Definition


Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects. See Personal Power, below.


Almost anyone can work a spell.

All spellwork requires is solid intent, concentrated focus, and the ability to channel energy toward a specific goal.


Be that as it may, spells don't always work for any number of reasons; cosmic forces, negative energy, etc. Working with magickal boosters can aid in spell casting; i.e. herbs, crystals, moon phases, sun phases, elements, symbols, colors, etc.




Personal Power is the life force that sustains our earthly existence. In magic, personal power is aroused, infused with a specific purpose, released and directed toward its goal.


Earth Power is that which resides within the planet and in its natural products (trees, crystals, the elements, etc.)


Personal power and Earth power are manifestations of Divine power- the source of universal power which created everything in existence.


The Law of Karma


Do as ye will, but harm none. This means exactly what it says. Whatever you send out has a way of returning to you. If you send out positive energy, fine, but negative energy tends to multiply itself and you don't want that coming back on you.


The Circle


The Circle is used to create a sacred space (safe space) between the realms. Not only does the circle protect you while you are performing magick, but it helps to hold and focus your energy until you are ready to release it to work it's magick. The Circle is created with personal power. This is when you also invoke elementals, watchtowers, or quarters to aid you. Circles can be cast for specific functions such as banishing or invoking. See notes below on Deosil and Widdershins.


The Pentacle


The pentacle is an ancient symbol of protection, contrary to what christianity would have you believe. The pentacle represents the element of Earth. The five points represent earth, air, fire, water, and akasha(spirit). The pentacle is used for protection; used in rituals (such as money spells), and depending on which way it is drawn (like the circle), it is used to banish or invoke.




Clockwise, the direction of the Sun's apparent motion in the sky. In northern hemisphere magic and religion, deosil movement is symbolic of life, positive energies, good, and increase. Pronounced: Jessel.




Counter-clockwise motion. Used for negative magickal purposes or for dispersing negative energies or conditions such as disease.


Projective Hand


The hand that is normally used for manual activities such as writing is symbolically thought to be the point at which Personal Power is sent from the body. In ritual, personal power is visualized as streaming out from the palm or fingers of the hand for various magical goals. This is also the hand in which tools such as the Athame and wand are held. See Receptive Hand.


Receptive Hand


The left hand in a right-handed person, the reverse for left-handed persons. This is the hand through which energy is received into the body. (special note: don't let this become set in stone. It is good to be able to use either hand to channel energy with)




Grounding is very important! It helps you to raise energy, and then to earth it when you are finished. It is not good to leave unearthed energy running around. One of the ways to ground is to place your hands on the ground and visualize the excess energy flowing back into the earth. Another way to ground is to eat something, because eating kicks your digestive system in. When you are performing magic, you activate a different part of your brain (Alpha and Theta waves). Grounding helps pull you out of this brain wave pattern and return you to Beta wave (normal-alert).


Altering Consciousness


Meditation is the act of consciously changing your brain wave cycles per second. See chart:


              State          Cycles per sec     Condition


              Beta               5-18           normal wakefulness, alertness, study,                                conversational level (person is aware of all physical sensations and bodily needs)

              Alpha              8-12           light to medium meditation, daydreaming, focused concentration, drowsiness, cat napping, some astral projection, easy guided meditations, very light sleep (person finds waking from this level not difficult)

              Theta              4-6            deep meditation, medium to deep sleep, complex guided meditation, light unconsciousness (person finds waking from this level moderately to very difficult)

              Delta           0.5-2.5           very deep sleep, coma or deep unconsciousness (person has little or no consciousness of physical sensations or bodily needs)


Meditation is used to focus your mind on one thing (like focusing energy for magic.)There are numerous methods of meditation. Just practice until you find one that you are comfortable with. The more you practice, the easier it will be to focus and channel magick.




This is one of your most important magickal skills. You have to be able to visualize what it is you wish to accomplish. You use this to aid in the focus of Personal Power. Visualization is as easy as daydreaming.


Raising and Sending Energy


This is the culmunation of releasing your focused energy. Done properly, this will not hurt you or drain your personal power reserves. It will take effort on your part, and take some expulsion of personal will. A good power raising and energy sending session is like enduring an intense aerobic workout. You will feel spent, but you will also find yourself feeling invigorated and recharged. This is because you are not using your energy, but you are drawing energy from other sources, i.e. the earth, the divine, etc. You use your energy to direct the flow. Once you have released the energy, you can always draw upon more energy to perform more magick. You are not limited to only one spell.


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