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Working Magic


by Beverly Hill


Assuming you know a little bit about the different aspects of magic (see magickal notes and astrological correspondences), we will now move into the mechanics of working magick.


There are basic elements essential to working magick. I like to keep in mind that situations sometime present themselves where you can't just stop what you are doing and cast a circle.

That is why these are a guideline and not meant to be carved in stone. It does lends more power to be able to perform magick correctly, but the world won't explode (or at least it shouldn't) if you perform magick without all the aids.


        Purification of Self

        Purification of Space

        Creating Sacred Space


        Ritual Observance (such as esbats or sabats)

        Energy Raising (during magick)

        Earthing the Power (grounding)

        Thanking the Powers (or in Wicca, the Gods and Goddesses)

Opening the Circle


Purification of Self allows you to cleanse your body and mind of negative energies and helps you to positively focus on the task to come. You should always enter into the circle clean, both physically and mentally.


Purification of Space removes any negative energies that are lingering in the area. This is done most often inside and not outside. The earth is able to clear her own negative energies in an area (most of the time). You can purify space by ritualistically sweeping out the negative energies, smudging, visualizing intensely powerful white light that destroys anything negative, and so on.


Creating Sacred Space is the casting of the circle. The safe space for you to perform magick. The circle is the physical manifestation of energy that you use to create the circle. It should be a sphere of energy surrounding you, both above and below you. You should be able to see and feel it. Keep in mind that the circle is a sphere, and when I said it surrounds you above and below, that means that it extends into the earth. It doesn't stop at the floor. Once the circle is cast, do not leave it until you are finished and have opened the circle.


Invocation, for non-wiccans, is that part of the ritual where you invite the higher powers to aid you in your working. For wiccans, it is where we invite the God and the Goddess. This is where you draw on the aid of other influences, be they gods, elemental, spiritual, divine, etc.


Energy raising is focusing and channeling the energy at your disposal to turn your intent into reality. Continue drawing and focusing this energy until you feel you can no longer hold it before releasing it to finish its work.


Earthing the power is when you ground after you have released the energy. Send any fragments of leftover energy back into the earth.


Thank the Powers for their help and release them.


Opening the Circle. IMPORTANT. You should thank and release any quarters, elementals, or

watchtowers that you called to help you construct and watch your circle. You should also take down your circle in a similar manner in which you cast it. If you created it by projecting energy from your hand, similarly retract that energy. You can even send it into the earth. Just remember to take it down and release the energies.


Stupid Things You Have to Know


When calling quarters, make sure you are calling the right quarter (elemental, guardian, etc.) to the right direction of your circle. You don't want to call the water quarter to the fire quarter and etc.  They don't always think it is funny and might get even with you.


Don't invoke sets of "entities" (gods, etc.) that you know don't get along well together. In mundane terms, angels and demons don't play well together, and they probably won't care that they are combating in your house.


As a rule, don't invoke negative powers. Just because you think you can control something, doesn't mean you can. Elementals especially don't take kindly to this.


Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


Remember the Law: Do as ye will, but harm none. The Karma wheel doesn't come with brakes.


Don't blindly follow others just for the sake of belonging to a group. Play it safe. Know your heart. Listen to your intuition. If you are meeting with others for the first time, do it in a public place. Let your family know where you are. There are also people out there that use Wicca (or other magick based religions) just to have orgies. Don't fall for it. You do not have to perform the "Great Rite" to become initiated.


It is a dangerous world we live in. Many people don't understand or are afraid of some of the things that Wicca is about. Don't advertise that you are a witch just because you think it's cool. There are still people out there that would like to see us harmed, and if you come up missing or dead, you won't be helping anyone. Keep a low profile. You don't have to dress the nine yards just to perform a simple ceremony in the park. Dress casual and keep the theatrics to a minimum, or better yet, do it silently.


Use common sense when mixing, using, or ingesting herbs. The same goes for oils. Know the dangers. Many herbs are poisonous and oils can burn; inhaling a poisonous herb you are burning for incense may make you sick as well. Read up on the warnings, side effects, etc., and use moderation. More isn't always better. And you never know if you or someone else might have an allergic reaction to something.


Before working magick on someone else (healing magick), get their permission. The magick will have a better chance of working if it is not blocked by the person's subconscious or personal guardian. If you perform it without permission, you might get your astral fingers smacked.


Before performing major feats of magic (or any other magic for that matter), really think about it. Is this going to affect anyone else? Could someone get hurt? Like if you are going to try and redirect a major weather system that forecasts rain....don't steer it towards an area already experiencing flooding. And remember not to play with the weather just on a whim because you want to sunbathe. When Mother Nature evens things out, your area may be in for twice the weather as before.


Don't get hung up on titles, degrees, lineage, and etc. In magick, you are always learning. It is not a contest. If you run into someone who insists upon technicalities just for you to be treated as an equal, don't be afraid to walk away, learn on your own, or find someone else who can treat you as an equal. Chances are they are just insecure and want someone to feel inferior to them.


It isn't nice to go around saying to your friends (or enemies), "My totem can eat your totem!" (especially if your totem is a frog and your friend's is a dragonfly. Sorry Robyn.) ; )


Although I have met people with different views on this subject, I will include it for you to do with as you will. Generally speaking, I think it is bad karma to eat your totem. Others, such as native americans feel that by eating their totem they can absorb the energy of that totem.


*Cunningham, Scott; Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practioner, Llewellyn Publications, 1996.