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Important UFO Disclosure Event In October 2000





An important UFO event will take place on October 13, 2000 at Santa Clara, California. The location will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center at Great America. The auditorium holds 500 to 600 people. This event will be broadcast live on the Internet on several web sites with both voice and video. The sponsor hopes that this event will be picked up nationally by 500 radio stations, CSPAN, CABLE, and national television networks. The event is free to the public. The event was first announced on the popular all night Mike Siegel radio show (Coast to Coast A.M.) of September 26, 2000.


The sponsor of this event is the political action committee of Stephen Bassett X - PPAC

(Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee). Bassett is the only UFO lobbyist in the United States, the founder of UFO organization: Paradigm Group, and a business consultant. This political pact lobbies Congress on the UFO issue and seeks Government disclosure of information on UFO phenomena.


The event is the first of its kind a town meeting about UFO issues during the Presidential campaign. It is patterned after town meetings in which Presidential candidates present positions on issues and answer questions from the audience and ABC NIGHTLINE Town Meetings.. Seven Presidential candidates were invited, which include:


Democrat: Vice President Al Gore and Senator Leiberman

Republican: Governor George Bush and former Secretary of Defense Cheney

Reform: Patrick Buchanan

Constitution: Howard Phillips

Libertarian: Harry Browne

Natural Law: John Hagelin

Green: Ralph Nader


The Democrat, Republican, and Constitution Presidential candidates are not available for this date. Negotiations are being carried on with Browne, Hagelin, and Nader campaigns.

Three Californian Senatorial Candidates were also invited. Mrs. Feinstein, the Democratic incumbent, cannot attend because of a broken leg.

The non-political presenters are these UFO personalities: Fransis Barwood, Stephen Bassett, Barry Blitzer, Peter Gertsen, Heather Harder, Richard Hoagland, Ron Regher,Daniel Sheehan, and Alfred Webre. The tentative agenda of the meeting: 5 minute presentations by non-political presenter, candidates/Questions and Answers, and a panel/Q&A. The title of this Town Meeting is The Politics of UFOs/Disclosure. The meeting shall discuss the implications of a government cover-up and the presence of extraterrestrial presence on our planet.    





Mr. Bassett believes that it is important for all the Presidential candidates attend this town meeting for these reason:


    UFOs are the most important political issue facing our world. The voters of the United States have a right to know their positions on this crucial issue.


    Mr. Bassett believes that a 100 million constituency is concerned about the UFO issue. The public opinion polls show: 80% of the public believes in intelligent life in the universe; 50% believe ET life forms are visiting our planet; 50% believe the Government is hiding the facts of ETs and UFOs.


    The Presidential candidates are spending $500 billion on this campaign. They should take advantage of public town meeting to present their positions on the crucial UFO/ET issue.


Further developments of the Town Meeting can be followed at these two web sites: