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More Stories From Sedona


Sedona is known as THE NEW AGE CAPITAL of the United States. These exciting stories of UFOs and psychic experiences took place in Sedona.

An Amazing Psychic and UFO Tourist Guide from Sedona

Robert Meyer is the amazing psychic and tourist guide from Sedona. Robert Meyer was the President of the New England Chapter of the International and is a teacher/master of Reiki and a student of Sacred Geometry and Ancient Wisdom. He was guided in the 1990s to Sedona. He is known for his pictures of UFOs and psychic phenomena. His pictures have been published in Time Magazine, Sedona Journal of Emergence, The Leading Edge Newspapers, and books: SHINING THE LIGHT II & III and MERGING DIMENSIONS. He is intuitively guided to aim his camera and snap the shutter.  Pictures can be seen at .  

Two psychic and UFO incidents of Robert Meyer:

In September 1997 ORBS appeared to Rob and other witnesses at a retreat center in Southern California. Rob set up his videotape equipment to film the ORBS. The ORBS slowed down and stopped in front of the video equipment. He communicated with the ORBS telepathically. Rob asked that they stop in front of him; the ORBS did as requested. Rob also asked they circle his friend; the ORBS performed as asked.

 A second incident took place at Lay Dute Canyon on May 14, 1998. A skywatch group composed of Rob and 10 other people viewed the night sky. Suddenly the ORBS came in large numbers and circled the people.  Throughout the evening the ORBS followed the people. At the end the people said good bye to the ORBS.

On the way back to Sedona in the van on a remote dirt road Rob saw lights coming from Doe Mountain. As they moved closer to the lights the group saw UFOs pulsating many colors. An excited Meyer stopped the van, jumped out of the vehicle, and told the people to stay near the van.  Rob walked up the road toward the UFO.  He sent three short flashes from his flashlight to establish communication with the UFO. As he continued Rob sent 3 short blurbs and then 3 long blurbs. The craft sent back 3 flashes of colored lights. This action continued for 40 minutes. Members of the group followed and saw colors of yellow, blue, and green.  They saw beings in the vicinity. The group sent flashing burps of light, and the beings returned colored lights. They kept this up for 15 minutes. As the group left in the van the craft in the mountain released multiple colors as to say good bye. On the trip back to Sedona they discussed this incident, and all experience feelings of love and oneness with each other, the UFO, and the beings.

The ORBS appear as  octagons and basketball globes. The lights take many shapes and pulsate different colors. The ORBS hover, perform acrobatic maneuvers, and change shapes. Meyer believes the ORBS originate in other dimensions and manifest in the physical world.

Rob conducts public sky watches and vision quests. He takes tourists to sites in his vans.  They bring specialized night equipment and videotaping equipment. The tourists experience paranormal phenomena, ORBS, UFOs, and earthlights. Some of the tours are as follows: (1) A tour of Sedona where they explore the Canyons, Red Rocks, and town of Sedona. They speak about the legends and stories of the local tribes; (2) UFO sunset Ground Vision Quests and UFO skywatch of the canyons.; (3) Airplane and Grand Vision Ground Quests to canyons where UFOs are sited; (4) Van tours to the famous Bradshaw Ranch where there is a skywatch and a delicious western dinner.

The Remarkable Bradshaw Ranch

The ranch is named for its owners, Bob and Linda Bradshaw and contains 90 acres.  The Bradshaw homestead was featured on the television show SIGHTINGS. Over 400 movies were made on the ranch including  Stay Away Joe featuring Elvis Presley. The ranch was featured in Marlboro Ads and Playboy Magazine. The ranch offers many adventures for tourists: horseback riding, western dinners, dancing, a petting zoo of western animals such as a buffalo and pot bellied pig, historic wagon rides, walking trails, cattle drives, western museum, an old western saloon, and an Indian village.

Linda Bradshaw, an owner of the ranch and co-author with UFOLOGIST Tom Dongo wrote a book titled MERGING DIMENSIONS, experienced many strange incidents on her ranch: Linda witnessed a UFO craft hover 2,000 feet above the ground. ORBS of many colors floated around her. Comet like object shot energies past her and hovered off the ground. She saw many different extraterresrials on the ranch some were physical, others were etheric, and physical  beings transformed to etheric entities before her eyes. A white bigfoot with a baby settled on the ranch. 

William Hamilton, Director of the UFO organization Skywatch International wrote an article entailed THE RANCH AT THE EDGE OF REALITY for Jeff Rense Sightings. The article can be found at                        http:

UFO Researchers Saw UFOs near the Bradshaw Ranch

A group of UFO researchers from CITIZENS FOR UN BASE DISCLOSURE observed two incidents. They had an all-night research project on the night of January 30-31. 1998. They set up their equipment on an isolated hilltop near Bradshaw Ranch. Their site was situated between Secret Mountain Range and Mingus Mountain. The six witnesses viewed two incidents: 

"The first sighting came at dusk, with a few stars beginning to shine. An object, descending from the east, was spotted. The object was bright white in color, approximately 10,000 feet in attitude, and about three times the size of Venus. It seemed to be a solid object." About 1,000 feet away a smaller object traveled with the larger object. They witnessed this event for one minute.

The second object was seen through the night. A blinking light of different colors appeared over the horizon. The object was seen near the town of Camp Verde about 15 to 20 miles to the south. "The light, when first seen, was moving up, and then left and right slowly, Then it ABRUPTLY disappeared."

Source: Sighting report from National UFO Reporting Center.

 Many Visitors Experience UFO Sighting at Sedona

The source is UFO sighting reports from National Reporting Center

The witness was a visitor to Sedona and worked as a supervisor for a stage agency. He waited for a trolley tour of Sedona on October 2, 1998 at 9:20 A.M. in the morning.  The witness describes what he saw: "An object (was) like a white ball, with a short tail, hovering between (two buttes). It was stationary for a short time. Then, it started to move" The object soon disappeared. He saw the object for 5 minutes.

A man and his girlfriend on vacation observed two UFOs at Cathedral Rock. The objects looked like two stars wobbling and dancing in unison. They separated and moved above each other and brightened and dimmed. One object dimmed out and became a cloud and brightened a few minutes later. They watched these objects for 45 minutes. The event took place on February 19, 1999 at 7:30 P.M.   

A man was visiting Sedona with his girl friend. The Incident occurred on August 19, 2000. The lady saw a silver sphere pass behind a rock formation. She was a UFO skeptic before seeing the UFO. When she saw the object, she exclaimed, "Now that looks like a UFO!"

Triangle UFO Seen in Sedona

A huge triangle UFO flew over Sedona on July 15, 1998 at 10:00 P.M.  Karl J. and three friends witnessed the incident. The weather was very clear and very low humidity. The object came from Flagstaff. First it flew slowly and increased speed over the Schebly Hill area of Sedona. Later, it changed direction. Karl J. described the object: "a dark colored equilateral triangle with a bright white light on each corner and large light source, a glowing orange red light in the middle." The large UFO was several times bigger than a passenger Concorde airline and made little noise. The sighting lasted 5 to 10 minutes.

An Organization That Supports the New Age Community of Sedona

The name of the organization is THE HUB OF THE NEW AGE. The HUB is service organization for people open minded toward the New Age.  Spiritual readers are present Monday through Friday. They do personal counseling, Tarot Readings, channeling Shamans, clairvoyant readings, communication with intergalactic beings, and inter-dimensional communication with the Great White Brotherhood of Light and Ascended Masters. Healers are also on duty Monday through Friday. Some of the healing: kidney cleansing, Reiki, aromatherapy, flower essence healing, accupressure, reflexology, chakra balancing and healing, bodywork, subtle body healings, and crystal healing.

The HUB is closely associated with the CHURCH OF THE GOLDEN AGE. The church is non-denominational and mediatates on energies from Shamballa. The founder and pastor of this church is Jananda Korsholm. It holds services at 10:00 A.M. at the Adult Community Center, where they discuss spiritual subjects and perform meditation. The church is a meeting place for people seeking spiritual understanding and seeking harmony between people. It teaches the Universal Divine purpose of Planet Earth and various healing modalities.  The church offers a mail order course on Essence teachings.

The HUB Internet address:

Rumor: Secret Military Presence in Sedona

Reports from television show SIGHTINGS and numerous citizens claim that there is a secret military base located in the Sedona Secret Mountain area. Locals also claim to know people who work at the secret base.

Bill Hamilton, the Director of UFO organization Skywatch International, states, "A mysterious military or para-military presence has been reported in Boyton Canyon, Secret Canyon, and Sycamore Canyon." In 1991 Hamilton visited a man called John who lived in Long Canyon and worked as a caretaker of an old housing project. He told Hamilton that he witnessed a large boomerang traveling from the direction of Secret Canyon. The object flew on its edge and left a sparkling trail. Unmarked helicopters also came from the direction of Secret Canyon in the same direction of the boomerang. Bill Hamilton was in a section of  

Long Canyon. He heard the whooping blades of a helicopter behind the mountains to the north. Then, an olive drab helicopter flew low over the trees.

A UFO investigator was hiking in Secret Canyon at 1:00 A.M. in the early morning. He heard a voice from a loudspeaker warning him to go no further. He believed that the warning came from hunters. So, he continued to proceed. A laser light moving around his chest stopped him. The investigator also heard a voice that told him, "You entered a restricted area and must turn around at once."

Victor Bradshaw was hiking near Loy Butte. He videotaped these incidents at a small canyon: white vehicles unloaded into a facility; men in white uniforms working at the facility; an aircraft flying directly over him.

Bret Wilson of Clarkdale, Arizona saw an incredible event from his house located at the base of Mingus Mount  (a 7,5000 feet mesa located in central Arizona). The incident took place on March 6, 1997 around 11:00 P.M. It occurred one week before the Phoenix Light Incident. With high-powered binoculars he was able to see the Sedona area. About a half mile north of the Peck Lal area at a remote arroyo, Wilson observed these incidents: (1) numerous lights that resembled helicopters hovered and moved over these Sedona canyons.  He saw the helicopters fly from the Navajo Arm Despot, which is 30 miles from Clarkkdale. (2) He saw a large, bright light of different colors hover over the same ravines (3) He also saw a large spotlight and lights from the bottom of the ravine which illuminated the canyon walls with a bright orange. He exclaimed that this event was "astonishing."                  

This writer hopes these stories will encourage members of this audience to vacation at Sedona. It will probably be a fabulous adventure!