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Tarot Reading for Y2K






 I am greatly concerned about the Y2K situation.  I have studied Y2K and determined that three attitudes are present in the news and on the Internet about the Y2K phenomena. I am uncertain which is the correct one.


The first I call hopeful anticipation. Many politicians, government civil servants, and corporate executives hold this attitude.  Its core beliefs: (1) Y2K problem has been solved; (2) Y2K is a serious crisis as paranoia of the doomers-and-gloomers; (3) only minor economic and social disruptions will take place in the United States. A leader of this third school is President Clinton. On November 10, 1999, President Clinton told the nation he received a report that no control systems will cause major problems. He said, "The report shows our hard work has paid off. And while there is more to do, I expect we will experience no major national breakdowns as a result of the year 2000 date change."  On December 14, President Clinton told the public that nearly all Federal-Government computer systems are ready for New Year's date change.


 The second I call the preparation for every contingency.  It advocates policies of cautious prudence.   Some of its beliefs: (1) the United States Government has developed strategic plans for all possible major events in the United States and overseas; (2) emergency planners are ready on all levels of Government for most events that may occur; (3) the American public should take moderate preparations in case of a terrible events; (4) the Government must be careful what it reveals to the American public and has kept its important preparations secret. Its major concern is to prevent panic. Lacy  Suites, an associate director of FEMA's Response and Recovery section told a committee of  the Senate chaired by Senator Robert Bennett in testimony: The FEMA has plans to assist the state and local Governments, if they are taxed to their limits and if life, property, and public health and safety are seriously threatened. FEMA has plans for concrete actions if necessary such as issuance of emergency warnings, disseminating health and safety information, providing temporary housing assistance, and distributing medicine, food, and other basic needs. FEMA is prepared for other possible horrible events: (1) cyberterrorism attacks; (2) localized civil disturbances; (3) national security emergency; (4) weather catastrophe; (5) long-term economic recovery.  In a worst case situation of Y2K a Presidential Emergency will be declared.


 The third I call dire pessimism.  Its advocates include extreme religious millenniunists, researchers who thoroughly study the Y2K issue, and persons with a pessimistic and paranoia outlook.   They believe: (1) it is very likely President Clinton will declare martial law; (2) Y2K is a secret conspiracy of the New World Order; (3) horrible and tragic events will take place in American cities and many foreign nations; (4) many people will suffer greatly, some deaths, and terrible economic depression; (5) United States Government is deliberately hiding the truth about the Y2K nightmare.


Other events also caused concern. FEMA will support its Headquarters Emergency Support Team (EST) and 10 regional operations for a time frame from December 28, 1999 to January 4, 2000. The 800 staff of FEMA will be in service and on call for this period. Most members of the police, military and intelligence agencies are required to work in this period.  Mr. Suites told the Senate Committee, "No one knows for sure what will happen following the rollover to January 1, 2000."


In this uncertain and crucial period I asked Kolta, a regular of UFO TALK TIME chat, to do a Tarot reading on the Y2K situation. Kolta has studied Tarot by attending classes and has done professional Tarot readings.  She has a reputation of profound insights and accuracy. I asked the question ---     What are the probable consequences for the Y2K situation for the crucial period of December 28, 1999 to  January 4, 2000? Kolta used Mythical Tarot cards and the Celtic Cross method.




The results of the Tarot card reading:


    Card One: Seven of swords (Reversed) --  The significator

Kolta's interpretation: Y2K has not been thoroughly researched by most people.


Card Two: Ace of cups -- The crossing energy

Kolta's interpretation: This period of time offers a new cycle of fulfillment. Cups are spiritual and essential.


Card Three: Nine of wands (Reversed) --Conscious card

Kolta's interpretation: People are losing valuable energy and not grasping the Y2K situation


Card Four: Ace of wands (Reversed) -- The unconscious card

Kolta's interpretation: The creative new cycle is being blocked in the unconscious.


Card Five: Temperance (Reversed)  -- Past

Kolta's interpretation: Something was not fixed in the past.  There has been a lack of balance in handling the Y2K situation.


Card Six: Wheel of fortune (Reversed) -- Immediate future

Kolta's interpretation: Huge blocked cycle. Virus is a key variable.


    Kolta's amplification of card 6 by an additional reading

    Card One: Fool (Reversed) -- Inner card

    Kolta's interpretation: Lack of trust by the people of what they are hearing about Y2K.

    Card Two: Six of pentacles (Reverses) -- Outer card

    Kolta's interpretation: People are not in the flow of the new incoming energies.

    Card Three: Three of swords (Reversed) -- Culmination

    The new cycle is blocked. There is a general lack of trust among the public. The general flow is

    prevented. The result is  pain and hurt for the people.                


Card Seven: Four of wands -- Application

Kolta's interpretation: Jason is ready to go on a trip to obtain the Golden Fleece.  People are supposed to work together on a unifying quest.


Card Eight: Tower (Reverse) -- The Environment

Kolta's interpretation: People are not letting go of the old ways.  Things are going to fall apart. The environment is not offering new ways.


Card Nine: Six of swords -- Hopes and fears

Kolta's interpretation: There is a crossing from rough waters to smooth waters. There is movement from rough times to better times.


Card Ten: Eight of cups -- Outcome

Kolta's interpretation: A sad lady is descending into to Hades.  We are taking a journey into the unknown. Change is taking place in our perception. We are being pulled from the material to the spiritual.


    Kolta's amplification of card 10 by another reading:

    Card One: Wheel of fortune -- Inner card

    Kolta's interpretation: Changing into a better cycle for the human race.

    Card Two: Nine of wands -- Outer card

    Kolta's interpretation: People will hang in there, despite the hardship.

    Card Three: King of pentacles -- Culmination

    Kolta's interpretation: People are learning to see the material world from a better perspective. They are

    learning to experience oneness with other people, and they are beginning to realize that there's  more to          

    life than money.  Good fortune will be the outcome. 



These questions are for the audience to reflect upon:


1     What is your  approach to Y2K?  Hopeful anticipation? Cautious prudence? Dire pessimism? Why?


    2 Do you agree with Kolta's tarot reading? Why or why not?


    3 Have you prepared for Y2K? How?


    4 What is the importance of Y2K for oneself? Important for others? United States?  Human race?