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Puerto Rico is an island of exciting and important UFO events. Puerto Rico encountered numerous ET/UFO sighting, strange creatures known as Chupacabres, and UFO landings. Rumors and stories, such as:  special U.S. military elite forces and the intelligence community to deal with ET situaion in Puerto Rico; American Government made contact with ET species in Puerto Rico; U.S. has secret facilities to deal with the ETs in Puerto Rico. There is a huge military presence in Puerto Rico: 25 military bases, over 100,000 military people, and military expenditures of over $600 million per year. Roosevelt U.S. Naval Station is the largest naval base outside the continental Unites States. Two important UFO/ET event areas are the Caribbean National Forest of  El Yunque and the Southwest region of Puerto Rico.

Background on Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is an island of the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean Sea and is located 1,000 miles south east from Florida. The island is not a state, but a Commonwealth of the United States. Its size is about 3,500 square miles – 3 times larger than the smallest U.S. State of Rhode Island. It measures 100 miles from east to west and 35 miles north to south. Its largest city is San Juan with a population of 440,000. The population of Puerto Rico is almost 4 million. The island speaks two languages, English and Spanish. 


Monster-like Creatures Called Chupacabras Mutilate Animals in Puerto Rico

The Chupacabra is the killer of thousands of domestic and farm animals in Puerto Rico between 1994 and 2000. The animals include goats, sheep, cattle, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, and cats. The hideous monster is a cross of a humanoid Grey ET and a bipedal, erect dinosaur. A description of the Chapacabra:

Head: oval shape, elongated jaw, two red eyes, small pointed ears, and two large pointed teeth from its jaw.  Body: strong course hair covers its body. The color of the hair is usually black, but the hair changes color at the creature's will. Chupacabras have two small arms with a three fingered claw and two reptilians hind legs with three claws. In the dark its colors change from black to deep brown; in sunlight vegetation areas the creature changes from green, green-grey, light brown, to beige. The Chupacabra runs quickly and leaps over trees. Witnesses have seen the creature fly at incredible speeds using its tail, legs, and arms.

In a typical event the Chupacabra mutilates an animal. The animals are found with small circular holes about 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter and arranged in pairs of triangles. The holes penetrate deep into the neck of the lower jaws of the animals. The Chupacabra penetrates to the brain through a hole the right jawbone tissue, which results in the instant death of the animal. This method is euthanasia technique, because it prevents the animals from suffering. The type of wound indicates premeditation and intelligence. No known earth species can perform this action.

Events related to the Chupacabra

In 2000 this Chupacabra event took place in Buena Vista in the sector of San Antonio at the parents farm of Jacinata Rodriguez. Late at night the family heard screams of geese. The family paid no attention and went to bed. The next morning before breakfast, Jacinata visited the farm yard. She experienced panic at what she saw -- a turkey and five geese with bore holes under their necks. The six animals were dead. Two wounded hens were wounded and were in the orange tree.

Madeline Tolentino and her neighbors in the Campo Rico Community of the municipality of Canovanus saw a Chupacabras walk down the street at 3:00 P.M. in the afternoon. As the group of people approached the Chupacabra ran away at a fantastic speed and escaped.

Luminous oval, pyramid shaped UFOs are often seen in the vicinity where the Chupacabra mutilates animals. Several Puerto Rican towns are Cabo Rojo, Canovanas, Ponce, and Naranjito.

Jorge Martin, the editor of the Puerto Rican UFO magazine, OVNI EVIDENCIA, claims that  United States and Puerto Rican government officers captured two Chupacabras on November 6 and 7, 1996. They were captured at two locations: the town of San Lorenzo and the Northern Carribean Rain Forest in El Yunque.

Bob Buck of Beyond Boundaries presents these possibilities for the origin of the Chupacabras:

First, these creatures are experiments of the United States Government experiment.

Second, the Chupacabras are animals of an unknown origin that evolved on our planet.

Third, the Chupacabras are animals of extraterrestrial origin.


UFOs over the Capital of Puerto Rica

The event took place at March 25, 2000 at 5:50 P.M. at San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Several ground witnesses observed the UFOs traveling in opposite directions -- one east and the other west. The objects originally looked like meteors or comets.  The UFO traveling east moved over the eyewitness and his family.  They heard no sound as it flew by. The object had an orange glow and a contrail about 30 times the length of the object's fuselage. At 6:50 P.M. one object was seen moving out to sea. Later that night, reports of the same objects were received on A UFO radio program.

Celestino "Junior" Ortiz, a popular radio announcer for Alpha Rock 105.7 FM captured both UFOs on his camcorder. As Ortiz left his house with his wife, son, and friends they noticed the UFO coming from the west. He rushed for his camcorder and filmed the event. Oritz captured both UFOs on film. An analysis of the video of the video showed "a bright object that looked like two spheres, one behind the other and a perpendicular structure coming out of the side between the spheres. Behind the object there was a zone of clear sky about the same length of the object's fuselage and then there was a small vapor trail." Many separate videos were enlarged, and no wings were identified. It eliminated the possibility the object was a high flying jet airplane. Oritz pictures can be seen on this Internet Page:


Source: "UFOs Over San Juan, Puerto Rico"  Internet: Sightings Radio Program


 Strange Creatures in the Puerto Rico National Forest of the El Yunque

The location of this event took place near the junction with Highway No. 191 near the Colinus Housing Settlement. on August, 1992 at 5:00 P.M. The people involved were Senora Soraya Collazo and her three sons and daughter. These adults and children encountered two small humanoids walking along a road.  The children followed the two beings on their bikes. The humanoids turned off into thick woods and vanished. The children did not follow. These witnesses described the two 4 foot tall entities.

                    The entities had grey-green colored skin, rather large heads, dark almond-shaped eyes rather

                    deeply set, and noses that seemed scarcely detectable. The mouths were thin slits without lips…

                     Their hair looked as though light brown-creamy colored and swept upwards, as is what is called

                     the "punk hair-do."

Two young native Puerto Ricans were on a trip to the National Park. The young men were named Nelson Berrios and Joaquin Ruiz. The date was March 1993.  The two men were on their way to a waterfall known as LaMina Cascanda.  They wanted to dip in two large pools below the falls. Berrios had a camera. Ruiz took 8 pictures of the location and themselves. They took the films to be developed. The technician who developed the films told the astonished men that on several of the pictures that an entity appeared lurking behind the rock. The entity rised up and later went down behind the rock. The creature on the film was the size of a child, bald headed, oval shaped eyes deeply set, and wrinkled features.  Joaquin Roaz said, "I saw nothing. I was absorbed in watching and photographing young folk who were splashing aboard in the pool."  An unknown person broke into Berro's van and stole pictures and negatives stored in a Valerie.

Two police officers and their wives encountered two strange entities. The event took place in February, 1991 about 3:00 A.M. They were in the vicinity of the El Yunque Mountains and were astonished to see two strange entities walking down the main road. The entities ran down a mountain path to the waterfall LaMina, where Ruiz and Berrio took photos of the entity. The entities were 3 ½ feet tall, big heads, huge dark eyes, and slender with large arms. The entities wore clothing that looked like leotards.

Source: Internet: 


  UFO Lands in the Vicinity of El Yunque Mountains

The incident happened July 1987 in the vicinity of the El Yunque Mountains. Four members of the Puerto Rico National Guard were off military duty with three young children.  They went to the Las Tres T area to fish for fresh water shrimp in one of the rivers. One of the soldiers separated from the group. The soldier was an officer of the National Guard and a local business executive. Next to the river in the bush he noticed a 3-foot figure in the bush. The soldier thought that it was a child and followed him into the bush.  Another soldier also went into the bush. The two men followed the figure. Suddenly, the figure stopped walking and turned around. The soldiers were astonished, because they saw a Grey ET. Next, the two soldiers turned around and saw a UFO coming from an El Yunque mountain. The craft landed in front of them and next to the Grey ET. When the UFO landed, the two soldiers could not move. A hatch door opened, and two new Greys walked down a ramp.  The two Greys postured themselves on each side of the first Grey and placed their hands on the shoulder of the first Grey. The soldiers interpreted this sign as a warning not to get too close. One of the ETs spoke in  broken Spanish and said, "We come …. And we are going to."  The ETs turned around and ran into the UFO. The door closed, and rose into the air. Soon, it disappeared behind the El Yunque mountain. The soldiers never returned to this location.

Source: Internet:  Jorge Martin, "Alien Situation in Puerto Rico"


Two Alleged UFO Crashes in Puerto Rico

The first alleged crash occurred on a slope of the National Rain Forrest of El Yunque on February 19, 1984. U.S. military transported a UFO craft and several ET corpses to the Roosevelt Road Naval Station. A high-unnamed military officer told Jorge Martin: (1) the military involved with this incident were told to hold their position. The military feared a confrontation. (2) The military from the Roosevelt Road Naval Station were given special equipment such as gloves, boots, and contamination or anti-radiation suits. Weapons, equipment, and clothing of the military personnel were destroyed and burned. (3) Military people were returned to civilian life and ordered not to discuss this event

Source: Internet: Jorge Martin, "Alien Situation in Puerto Rico"

The second alleged UFO crash took place on in Laguna Cartagena near the town of Lajas at 3:25 AM. on May 5, 1997. In Lajas about 9:00 A.M. many local people saw a luminous, large object falling from the sky and heard an explosion.  People from the town went to the mountains to see what happened. The residents saw a badly burned area, dead animals, and charred metal, and fire coming from the site. The military soon occupied the site, cleaned up the debris, and kept unauthorized people away.  A radio station in Lajas received many calls from people who had observed the object. The Puerto Rican Research Group, a local UFO group, reported seeing the crashed site and UFO about 3:00 A.M.

Source: Sightings Radio Program

               Internet: Scott Corrales, "UFO Crashes in Latin America"


A Fisherman Sees UFO Enter the Ocean near a Naval Base

Angel Encarnam, a local fisherman, described a UFO that entered the sea near Viegues Naval Base. Encarnam told Jorge Martin, the prominent Puerto Rican UFO reporter:

    One night while fishing out at sea south of the Navy's (Viennese) shooting range, we saw in the distance a really big and shining light. Getting closer, we say that a huge round saucer object with lots of lights turning on and off all around the ship.  On the bottom middle there was a really big green light.  It was more than 100 feet above the ocean. What shocked me most was seeing a big volume of water rising and entering the object. You could not see any fish or anything else in the water going up.


UFO Group Claims Close Relation between ETs and US Government

The name of the UFO organization is UFO Investigation of Puerto Rico, Inc. located in San Juan. They have made a thorough investigation and claim: (1) Vieques Island Naval Base Grey -- ETs work with humans; (2) Roosevelt Road U.S. Naval Station – Space craft from other worlds are stored under the base golf course; (3) Salinas US Army Santiago Camp – Underground space platform that is open and space craft from other worlds that exit to space.



Two Incidents of Naval Jets Disappearing in the Presence of UFOs

First incident took place in May 1998. Abductee Rivera took a photograph of the event. NASA and civilian experts analyzed the photo. It showed the maneuvers of an armed fighter after daybreak and a large, circular object with a star pattern and protuberant in its lower hull. The UFO absorbed a fighter from Starfighter squadron aboard the USS America.

The second incident occurred on the night of December 28, 1998.  A large triangle UFO abducted two US Navy fighters in the sky. Hundreds of witnesses from the towns of Lajas and Cab Rojo saw this event.

Source: Internet: Scott Corrales, "Enemy Unknown: Subterranean Warfare in Puerto Rico"


ETs Take a Native Puerto Rican to Their Base

The name of the native Puerto Rican was Carlos Manuel Mercado who lived beside Highway Number 101 near Sierra Bermeja.  Jorge Martin believes Carlos is a respected and honest man. Mercado called Martin and told him the story six months after the disappearance of two jets.

Mercado could not sleep because of the great heat.  His wife was asleep. He laid down on the sofa in the living room.  He saw a white light and powerful hum from the outside.  Next, Carlos heard the metallic shutters of the living room make a noise. He got up and opened the window. To his surprise Carlos saw three small ETs. The ETs were 4 feet high, big pacan shaped heads, pale grey skin, small slit for a mouth, and two holes for a nose.  The ETs wore tight fitting, sandy colored one-piece suits.  Carlos had a feeling the small ETs were good and wanted no harm. Two ETs took Carlos by his arm and walked him to their craft at the corner of his house. The craft stood on three metallic legs, round, and on top a dome with windows, and many color lights around the rim.  Underneath the craft were a hatch and a long stairway. They asked Carlos to climb up the stairway. Inside the craft he saw little ETs and machines with many lights and panels.  The small ETs took Carlos to their captain. He was 5'9", looked human, and wore a white robe.  Carlos felt at ease. The Captain told Carlos, "They do not want to harm. They want to show him something and tell him something to relate to other people."  Soon, the craft took off.

The craft headed toward Sierra Bermeja. He was afraid the craft would crash. Suddenly, a hole appeared in the depression of El Caydl Mountain. The craft traveled through a tunnel and came out in a very large cavern. Carlos left the craft and saw many barrack houses and little ETS producing electronic parts and machinery. There were numerous craft  -- some saucer shaped other triangles, and some hexagonal shape. 

The Tall ET told Carlos by telepathy, "As you can see, we have a base here to maintain our craft systems. 

We have been here for a long time and do not intend to leave. We want to reach out to you and establish a direct relationship, which will be beneficial to both parties. Earth people can rest. We don't mean harm in any way."  Carlos replied, "Why me?  I'm a simple man, and no one will believe me. He told Carlos that some people would hear what you speak and believe you.

The ETs brought Carlos home and told him that they will return in the future.

Source: Internet: Jorge Martin, "A UFO Base Beneath The Sierra Bermeja Range in S.W. Puerto Rico?"


Puerto Rico is truly an exciting place for UFO events! More UFO stories in the future.