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What is the Ashtar Command?

The Ashtar Command is a collective of extraterrestrial beings composed of personnel from civilizations from other worlds and other dimensions. It is composed of millions of starships from other worlds. The Ashtar Command is also known as the Galactic Command and the Solar Cross Fleets. Its members are from such star systems as Sirius, Pleiades, and Alcyone

Who are the leaders of the Ashtar Command?

Commander Ashtar - Ashtar is the administrative director of the Ashtar Galactic Command Fleet. He operates as an etheric being in the sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensions. In the Alliance of the Confederation of Planets Ashtar is the highest authority for this sector of the universe. For billions of years Commander Ashtar has taken on one project called "starseed" – the project populated many planets and helped them in their evolution. He has worked with many planets and today, he assists Earth in its evolution to the fifth dimension.

Lord Sanada – He is known to earth as Jesus or the Christ. Lord Sananda serves as the commander-in-chief and spiritual guide of the Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command refers to Lord Sananda as "the most Radiant One and the Blessed One."

Lady Commander Athena – She is the associate commander with Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. In her changelings to earth people Lady Athena often merges her consciousness with Ashtar.

Commander Soltec – He is an important scientist of the Ashtar Command. He channels to many earth people.

Why did Commander Ashtar come to earth?

Ashtar as the commander of the of the Ashtar Galactic Command entered the solar system for the first time in his official capacity on July 18, 1952. He came in an urgent request to reports that the earth was attempting to detonate the hydrogen bomb. This act violated Galactic Federation Laws and could have led to destruction of earth and all its life forms.

In Ashtar's first communiqué to George Van Tassel, a prominent contactee of the 1950s, Commander Ashtar addressed the great danger of the H-bomb. Members of the Ashtar Command expressed the peril of nuclear weapons to military and government officials.

What are some of the current tasks of the Ashtar Command?

  • They assist the earth, the transformation of earth and paradigm shift into the 5th dimension and the Aquarius Golden Age.
  • They maintain the stability of the polar axis of Earth and constantly monitor the magnetic field, grid systems, and astrophysical and geophysical conditions affecting the planet.
  • They enhance the para-magnetic resonance by creating crop circles for increasing production of food crops.
  • The Ashtar Command is prepared to evacuate and relocate entire population of Earth should the planet be jeopardized by a potential catastrophe.
  • They encourage the shift from fossil fuel to free energy, and non-polluting energy sources and forms of transportation.
  • They work to implement forms of communication between their stations in space and apparatus on earth.
  • The Ashtar Command are Ambassadors of peace and goodwill from The Great Central Sun. Their mission is to bring the Earth into the United Confederation of Peaceful Worlds.

Why is the Ashtar Command a spiritual subject?

The Ashtar Command portrays itself as "the Hosts of Heaven who serve the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his mission of love."

The Ashtar Command claims to work with important spiritual beings of Earth and the Cosmos. They coordinate their work with the Angelic Brotherhoods of Light such as Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. They work with the spiritual Masters of Earth such as the Sai Baba, Maitreya, and Sanat Kumara. They work under the ordinances of the Lord God most high and the direction of cosmic organizations such as the Elohim, the Council of Orion, the Great Central Sun Hierarchy, and the Order of Melchizedek.

Some core spiritual beliefs of the Ashtar Command as presented by Lady Athena: (1) They "acknowledge that God, the Source, is one omnipresent, eternal life force, universally recognized by many names and forms"; (2) "The Lord God of the highest positive realms of spirit created and extended only love."; (3) "We teach that the highest truth, you have never left the heart of God. As rays of God Source, we have the divine function of extending God's love throughout the cosmos." (4) "We practice the one true religion of unconditional love. We ever strive to inspire faith and trust in the One Source and in the divine purpose and plan. Our message is always one of hope and affirmation."

The Ashtar Command is preparing for the Aquarius Golden Age: The Ashtar Command is helping to develop on our planet a system of temple and educational complexes based on sacred geometry, Ascension, and Initiations. The Ashtar Command works on these events on the physical plane: the Advent of the Christ, the planetary Masters, and cosmic Lords of Light and externalization of their ashrams and mystery schools.

Materials on the Internet to help members of this audience understand the Ashtar Command: