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Dramatic Exciting UFO Events From Africa




The southern part of Africa is a land of exciting UFO reports. These UFO stories took place in two African nations: Union of South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia).

Two Controversial UFO Crashes in South Africa

 The Kalahari Desert Incident

The location was the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The date was May 7, 1989 at 1:59 A.M. GMT. A naval frigate radioed Cape Town Naval headquarters and reported a UFO object appeared on the radarscopes. The object headed toward the South African mainland at 5,746 nautical miles per hour. The UFO was also tracked by air-borne radar, military radar ground installations, and D.F. Malan International Airport at Cape Town. The object was also observed on NORAD radar.

At 1:52 A. M. GMT the UFO entered South Africa air spaces. Attempts at communication with the object proved futile. Valhalla Air Force Base scrambled two armed Mirage fighters. The UFO changed course at a very fast speed.  At 1:59 A.M. the squadron leader confirmed visual and radar sighting. The pilot was ordered to fire two THOR 2 laser cannons at the UFO. He hit the object. Several blinding flashes emanated from the UFO. The object wavered and decreased altitude at 3000 feet per minute. The object dived at at an angle of 25 degrees and impacted in the Central Kalahari Desert in the vicinity of the border of South Africa and Botswana. A team of airforce intelligence officers and medical technicians were sent to investigate and retrieve the UFO.  They found a silver color object embedded in a side of a crater – 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters in depth. Rock and sand were fused together by the intense heat. Intense magnetism and radioactivity around the object resulted in electronic failure in Air Force equipment. During the retrieval two helicopters crashed, due to energy field surrounding the craft, and its crew perished. The ET craft was sent to Valhalla Air Force Base.

At an Air Force Base hanger a hatchway opened and out stepped two creatures. The ETs were taken to a medical unit and examined. The ETs were very aggressive: when a doctor tried to take blood samples. One ET attacked the doctor, causing scratch marks on the face and chest. The ETs refused to eat food. The method of communication of ETs was telepathy A third ET was killed during the shooting with beam weapons. ETs were 4 feet tall, Grey skin, no body hair, overlarge heads, and huge slanting eyes. The two ETs were sent to U.S. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. They were sent in cooling units to make them less aggressive and active. Hieroglyphic writing was found on the craft and its parts. It is rumored that cryptologists have deciphered The ET alphabet.

Lesotho Incident

A crash and retrieval of a UFO took place in the Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa on September 15, 1995. The object crashed into the mountains of Lesotho.  Andrvon von Retyi of UFO-Kurier, a South African UFO magazine (No.27  -January 1997) published an article titled EXCLUSIVE REPORT: UFO CRASH IN LESOTHO.

A naval freighter called SA Tafelberg radioed the cape Town Naval Base that a UFO appeared on its radar and was heading toward the South African mainland at 5746 nautical miles per hour. The object was also seen on air-borne radar, ground installations, and D.F. Malen International Airport. At 1:52 A.M. GMT the UFO entered South African airspace. Contact was attempted without success. Valhalla Air Force Base scrambled two armed Mirage Fighters. At 1:59 A.M. the leader of the jets made visual and radar contact with the object. He was ordered to fire on the UFO with THOR 2 laser cannon. This action was done.

 Peter Lachasa, a black farmer, found a strange craft on his farm located 12 km east of the Madibamasto River. At 8:15 A.M. local time Lachasa heard a strange sound in the sky near his farm. His livestock and cattle were frightened. Two minutes later he heard a dull explosion. He went outside to investigate. He discovered the craft on his property. He heard a humming sound from the craft. The light around the craft diminished, and the object became dull gray in color. An intense heat surrounded the craft. Close up inspection was impossible. Dry grass in the area was on fire, and intense heat surrounded the object. Fearing the craft might contain occupants, Lachasa decided to contact police at the local police station at Leride.  Other witnesses who were friends of Lachasa and lived on his farm told Lachasa that they saw the bright light as it descended to the ground and exploded on impact, giving off a series of blinding flashes.

Lachasa decided to inform the police of the incident, because he feared that injured occupants might be in the craft. Lachasa arrived at police headquarters and told Sgt. Thobo, the night duty officer, about the strange craft on his farm. Sgt Thobo and Constable Nandi accompanied Lachasa to the farm. They saw a large round disc object that measured 18 meters in length and 3 meters in height. The craft appeared to have no windows or portholes.  The object was dull grey in color. The craft appeared to have no external damage and breakage.

The police contacted the military. They sent an intelligence unit, two Alouette Rescue helicopters, Foreign Technology Recovery Division from Valhalla Air Force Base, and three battalions. An area of 400 meters was engulfed with flames. A 20-meter disc was found in tact. The terrain around the craft was severely disturbed. The beings on the craft were sent to Swartkop Air Force Base. The entities were humanoids with reptilian aspects.  It was unknown whether the ETs were alive.

 Controversial claims of the documents:

 ¨ Beam weapons called the Thor Laser II Cannon was mounted on mirage fighters and employed to    bring down the crafts

¨ In the Kalahari Desert crash the United States worked out a deal with South African Government. Advanced weapons were exchanged for the downed craft and ETs.

¨ General Patrick Dwight of a counter intelligence unit of Tempe Bloemfontein issued these instructions: for the Lesotho crash: "

    a) Remove/arrest all non-military individuals in one kilometer radius around the area of compact;

    b) Create and maintain an absolute sterile area of 150 meters around the craft of impact;

    c) Arrest/ eliminate intruders straying into secured/ sterile area;

    d)  Use all counter intelligence measures to debunk facts and/ or eye witness accounts regarding this incident.

    ¨ UFO policy in the Union of South Africa is made by the alleged Supreme Council Iluminated Nine. A document was sent by Department of Military Intelligence. Some of its points: The British Government should be disinformed about information concerning the Lesotho incident.  The space vehicle was to be kept from the United States Government. The South African Government should use the craft for scientific information and advances of defense technology for avionics and weapon systems.

Two leading UFO researchers consider these events as hoaxes. One is Michael Hessemann, a famous writer from Germany, and the other is Cynthia Hinds, the best-known UFO researcher of southern Africa.

To see the documents on the Internet:


see International Roswell Initiative founded by Kent Jeffrey

Triangular UFO over A City Of South Africa

Bloenfontein is a large city in the Oranje Vrystat region of South Africa and is located 300 miles southwest of Johannesburg. The event took place on February 5, 1999. Eight witnesses saw several UFOs fly over Bloenfontein for eight minutes. They described the objects as triangles, metallic, grey in color with brightly colored lights at the corners. One witness videotaped the objects for several minutes.  Several smaller UFOs were seen motionless and zigzagging.

A Soldier Encountered UFOs during the Liberation War in Rhodesia

David Brown served in the Rhodesian Light Infantry of the army during the Liberation War. Two UFO incidents happened between January and March 1978. Brown did not remember the dates.

David was in the bush during the Liberation War.  His group was ambushed and suffered several casualties. David carried and dragged s fellow soldier – Twiggs- a walking wounded through the night to a safe area. Along the way David saw "a large silhouette against the night horizons, off to his left,. The object was pitch black, with no lights visible. It looked as though it was on the ground but in the dark of the night it would be difficult to tell. It seemed to be wedge shaped, about 50 feet long by 12 feet high." David was taken to a base where he was debriefed, by a Major, about what he saw. He also drew a picture of the UFO.

A horrific incident took place several weeks later. David took his normal mid-day break. David stood up and looked at his watch and describes what happened next: "I stood up and put on my bergen (backpack) when a flash of light hit me.  It came from an object just above the trees. It was metallic and elliptical in shape. It was hovering 100 meters away and made no noise.  Then it shot away at an incredible speed without a sound." David said nothing to anyone about this incident.

A few years later David had flashbacks about abduction and meeting strange creatures.  Pictures suddenly appeared in his mind about the previous event. After David put on his bergen, a dwarf in a cloak and hood approached him. He was next taken to a forest where he was given something. The dwarf led David away from the rest of the group. The dwarf led him to a craft in the forest. David, then, stood in an empty room. David soon saw himself facing the double of the dwarf in the room. The double also wore a blue cloak and hood. David  walked out the forest with the original dwarf. The dwarf also took David back to his companions in the forest. David then remembered entering what looked like a hospital ward. The room was long, crescent shaped and the beds were filled with people and some were fellow soldiers. At the foot of each bed was a container with an unknown substance and a body part.

Landings!  Landings!  Landings!

A landing took place on March 29, 1995. Jan  Pienaar, a farmer from Groot Marico in Western Transvaal plains of South Africa, saw a craft that landed on a remote country road.  At 7:30 A.M. Pienaar, in his new small truck, rounded the road and suddenly saw a black man shield the field with his arm. The engine of the truck stopped. Pienaar described the site: "Roughly 80 meters (240 feet), on the road in front of me, stood the huge craft that rested on three poles. It extended over the entire width of the road and was 8 - 9 meters (24-36 inches) high. The entire unit was translucent and lustrous as though it had been fabricated from a type of stainless steel. It had the form of two inverted soup plates with a pudding bowl on top. It appeared as though the upper level had seven windows or portholes. A red-violet-green-yellow glow emanated from somewhere and illuminated the hull. In the sheen of the light I was able to recognize that the flying craft had problems, because there was a dent on the seam around the ship." The vehicle buzzed like a gigantic electric heater. He saw no entities in the craft. Pienaar left his truck, but he was suddenly  paralyzed for 3 to 4 minutes. The craft arose into the air and left at a fast speed. In a few minutes Pienaar regained his awareness. He, then, returned to his truck and started  it  without difficulty. Pienaar traveled to a nearby farm where he called the police.  Pinnaar and a farmer friend returned to the area. They left the truck and saw that the ground of the landing site was scorching hot and a strange odor filled the air. In the city of Bloemfontein several persons saw a UFO, and one witness videotaped the UFO.

. Source: "Aliens Flying Object Lands To Repair Hole In Its Hull, Says Farmer," This article appeared in Afrikaanse Sonntagzeitung Rapport – April 2, 1995. 

Cynthia Hinds, a UFO investigator from Zimbabwe, received a phone call from a lady who told her this story about a UFO landing.on October 20, 1996. Paul, her relative, was driving on a rural road. Paul turned into the road to reach the house where he lived with his parents. Paul saw a light descending from high in the night sky. As the object drew closer Paul became aware it was disc shaped and was a flying saucer. On the left side he saw a large open field; so Paul stopped his car. He watched the craft land in the center of the field. A door, moving upwards, opened, and two beings in shiny black overalls climbed out of the dome at the top of the craft. Another car, which drove on the opposite side of the road, stopped. The ETs were aware that they were being watched and quickly returned inside the craft. The door of the craft closed. The other man shouted to Paul, "Get out of here. Get out quickly." Both men entered their cars and quickly left.

Source: Internet – UFOs in Africa

 Students at Primary School in Zimbabwe Witnessed A UFO Landing

The children of Ariel School saw UFOs near their playing field while on their mid-morning break. Ariel School is located in a town of Ruwa about 20 km from the capital of Harare and is a private primary school of 250 students. The children's ages range from 5 to 12 and were of different cultures of black, white, and Asian. The date of the event was Friday, September 16, 1994, and the time was 10:15 A.M. The teachers were in an all staff room for a weekly meeting. The UFO landing event took place in area of grass and trees in a rocky area of small hills called Kopi.  The area was fenced off and children were not allowed in this area, because harmful creatures such as snakes and spiders lived in this location.  62 children in the playground witnessed the incident.

Cynthia Hind, a prominent UFO investigator from South Africa, described the incident:

"  Suddenly, they (the children) saw three silver balls in the sky over the school. These disappeared with a flash of light and then reappeared elsewhere. This happened three times. Then they started to move down towards the school with one of the balls landing over a section of rough ground made up of trees, thorn bushes, and some brown-grey cut grass with bamboo shoots sticking up from the ground…There is a line of electricity there. According to one boy, the object followed the line prior to the landing."   

The children told what happened next: An object landed at an area about 100 meters from the school. A small being about three feet tall appeared on the top of the craft. The being walked across the ground. When the children became aware of him, the being disappeared. Another creature also appeared at the back of the craft. The object soon took off rapidly and disappeared.

The children's description of the ET: The creature was about 3 feet tall. The being wore a tight black suit and had a long scrawny neck, huge eyes, and had long black hair to his shoulders.

Barry D, a student of the school, saw "three objects flying over, with flashing red lights. They disappeared, and reappeared almost immediately, but somewhere else. This happened about three times. Then they landed near some gum trees; Barry said the main one (object) was about the size of his thumb nail if held at arms length."

The reaction of the children according to Cynthia Hind: One little girl said that she swore by every hair on her head and the whole Bible that she was  telling the truth. Hind saw pleasure on the girl's face when she believed her. The 5 to 7 year olds were very frightened and yelled, "Help me! Help me!" Some of the older children said, "He is coming to eat us."

Dr. John Mack, a prominent psychiatrist from Harvard University and an expert on abductions, visited Zimbabwe during the incident. He spent two days visiting the school and interviewing the children.  The children drew 20 to 30 pictures of the event for Dr. Mack. He was convinced the children told the truth.

Cynthia Hind interviewed the children for the BBC. The students also appeared on the South Africa Channel 1 Program to tell their stories. According to Hind, the children stole this program "with their innocent and honest faces. They had all drawn pictures of the craft. The pictures were all the same."

Source:  Internet – Cynthia Hind, "the Children of Ariel School – Case No. #96

Police Chase A UFO above the Capital of South Africa

The police chased a UFO in the vicinity of Pretoria, the capital of the Union of South Africa. The incident took place on August 28, 1996. . At 4 A.M. St Johan Becker stationed at the Adrian Volk police station in the suburb of  Centurion, Pretoria, saw a light flying in the sky which looked like a disc object with glowing red triangular lights. The police received many calls about the UFO.  Police were sent out  over the area. The police watched the UFO for 90 minutes. One officer took videotape.

The police sent out a helicopter with five people at 5:30 A.M. The object moved northwards toward farming country at high speed. They chased the UFO for a short time. The helicopter climbed to a height of 3000 meters. They eventually gave up.

The evening television news interviewed the helicopter pilot. He said that the object was not an aircraft, but a genuine UFO. He also said that the other passengers felt the same way.

These stories tell about exciting UFO events that took place in the Southern part of Africa.

More stories in the future.