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True Heritage and Identity

11/01/00 12:25 - "Similar to Recovering from ...". posted by unidentified humanoid.

Think of our learning about our true heritage and identity as being 'extremely important', as Neil Freer writes, by acknowledging the directly-parallel situation involving our finally coming-to-grips .. at least some of us ... with the child abuse/family dysfunction arena. In order to "recover" from a history of being abused and/or
neglected and/or brainwashed with forms of deceit and denial (some of thisperpetrated by one's authority-figures or even peers "for one's own good")  ... an adult going through a process of therapy and 'recovery' MUST first  become aware' of what *REALLY HAPPENED* to him/her in his/her childhood. This is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL .. if true 'recovery' and true establishment of one's integrity/identity .. is to actually happen. There's no way around it !! The *truth* of the abuse/neglect/deceit/denial MUST be intellectually acknowledged and "felt", also, to some degree. This HAS to happen, before one can move forward. So .. this knowledge .. this 'common  realization' .. is *essential* .. if we are to deal effectively with our  societal problems, and with our "individual" problems as well. And, it is  ALSO essential, if we are to truly 'move into' a "new paradigm". If we do not achieve at least a 'consensus critical-mass'  awareness of this true history and identity as a People .. we will only  continue "acting-out" the repressed trauma and rage which we have *not*
consciously acknowledged. For 'details' on this 'dynamic' ... I recommend  reading the books of Alice Miller .. the brilliant Swiss author. Her books  are in English, also. Bottom-line ... Freer is right-on !!
-- MLM


In a message dated 11/04/2000 8:44:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Subj: [wyatt] Mikey, where have you been?
Date: 11/04/2000 8:44:03 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Michael A. Bonilla)

Mikey, {{ note .. "Mikey" is not me .. MLM }}.
In reference to your comment about Noah' Ark not being discovered yet,  well...I was there a few weeks ago, I'm a eyewitness and I also brought back a sample of petrified wood almost 10 lbs. heavy. Here's what I don't understand? The Turkish government have recognized, verified and authenticated the discovery of Noah's Ark, and even given Ron Wyatt, (whom I was at his house last year, where he showed me the 36 lbs. of petrified timber) the credit and recognition in finding, if you may "re-discovering" Noah's Ark.

In all points i.e.: historically, scientifically, archaeologically &  biblically if you may, the remains of Noah's Ark meet the criteria warranted to properly and once and for all state and acknowledge that in fact:

Noah's Ark has been discovered!!!

I pray that the Holy Spirit would give you eyes to see and ears to hear!

In His Svce,
Michael >>

And I repeat what I've posted to this List :
Michael Bonilla emailed me when he returned from the site .. and he included the GPS reading he took from the limestone boulder that  intrudes' into the west side of the remains of the vessel.

I analyzed that GPS reading .. and I came to the conclusions which I posted in my email(s) to this List. (Please see those posts).

This site is the remains of what I call "The Ark of Ziusudra". There is a tremendous amount of clarification that needs to be done, regarding historical/textual evidence, translations, and interpretations of said evidence ... to bring this *entire subject* into a larger,  "legitimate", bonafide arena of scrutiny. As far as I am concerned, this *is* legit, this *is* bonafide ... absolutely no question, whatsoever. But I'm referring to  the "mainstream" .. ?? .. or , maybe to ... the "leading-edge of the mainstream", or .. something like that, if you will. Yes ... the "mainstream" has been manipulated by The Establishment .. for a long time, now.

It is true .. it is true that this subject .. this site .. this discovery ... has been suppressed, ridiculed, ignored, and "dis-infoed" by 'The  Establisment Powers-That-Be' in this world. That is why "hardly ANYONE" has "heard of"  this.

This discovery is similar ... in its impact-potential ... to the discovery of "artificial ruins" on Mars ... or to something of a similar "caliber". And my research, and the research of many others ... involving THAT VERY
SUBJECT ... has been suppressed, ignored, ridiculed, and "dis-infoed".

As I have posted to this List ... it is a fact ... a fact ... that there ARE  artificial ruins on Mars ... and not only that .... there are *specific, precise* CORRELATIONS involving those artificial ruins, with ancient artificial ruins
on Earth ... including "Noah's Ark" .. and including the main pyramids of  Giza, and including Stonehenge, and including many mounds in North America, and even including more *modern* structures such as Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau in the South of France !!!

The Establishment does not want THE STATUS QUO to change !!! And THAT is their primary, over-riding "reason" for suppressing, and for ridiculing, and for ignoring, and for their 'disinforming' campaigns.
They know (The Establishment .. big-money, super-rich) .. they know that the truth about items with the IMPACT-POTENTIAL of the reality of the ruins of "Noah's Ark" ... or of 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars ... is very much associated with the subjects of UFOs and ETs.

And THOSE subjects are very much associated with certain truly revolutionary advanced knowledge and advanced technologies, such as .. "free (ambient) energy" availablity ... "anti-gravity propulsion"
availability .. "anti-aging" availability .. just to name a few major areas of concern !!!!

In other words, The Establishment is still (at this moment in time)  ruled by people who want to remain "king of the hill". They aren't into TRUE Kingship .. which is to lead 'The People' in an essentially True
Democracy. No ... they are into Greed, Selfishness, "King-of-the-Hillism".

They are acting-out the old "Master/Slave" paradigm of our former days, when we were subservient to "the gods and goddesses" ... The Anunnaki.

But it is time, now, for 'The People' .. as "we" are now ... to get beyond this "acting-out" stage ... and to move into an "adulthood" with our own (as Neil Freer says so well) .. with our own unassailable integrity and
species-identity .. born out-of a new understanding of our own true  genetic and cultural history.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
 This is a combo 'forward/reply' .. please bear with me on this ...
I'm replying to "Raphiem", regarding some information he has forwarded, concerning a certain location in eastern France. Please don't let the  beginning sentences in here deter you from reading the whole post.
The context will become clear.
Thanks ...
-- MLM