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It's the number of letters in the original Hebrew Alphabet. I think of it as the circumference of a Circle ... the approximation of the Pi ratio is 22 / 7 ... so "22" is the circumference (approx.) and "7" is the diameter (approx.).

The average diameter of Earth is 7920 statute miles. It's very interesting me, at least, that if we divide 7920 by "22" ... we get "360". And "360" arc-degrees on one circumference is our conventional basis for geometry and metrology (measuring).

The ratio of Earth diameter to The Moon's diameter is 3.666666667.
In statute miles ... it's ... 7920 / 2160 = 3.666666667

That seems to me to be a very important ratio.

I've noticed that the number of Feet in a statute mile .... 5280 ... is directly related, mathematically, to this ratio "3.666666667" ... by way of the total number of corner-angle arc-degrees (1440) on the surfaces of 2 tetrahedra. 3.666666667 X 1440 = 5280.

Richard C.Hoagland has written and spoken about the "Tetrahedral Latitude"  ...of approximately 19.5 arc-degrees ... north and south of the equator. Have  you heard about this, at all ?

Just recently, it was realized that the SINE (a trig function) of this  "Tetrahedral Latitude" is ... the ratio "1/3rd" .... 0.333333333 ...The exact number of arc-degrees is ... 19.47122061 ...
SIN 19.47122061 = 0.333333333

Of course, 0.333333333 is the reciprocal of the number "3". This is how we're figuring out the geometry of what Hoagland refers to as ..."hyperdimensional physics".

I think the number "22" is related quite directly to this "hyperdimensional physics".

I think "22" is directly related to "light speed" and to "DNA".

Take the SINE of the Tetrahedral Latitude (Hoagland) ... and CUBE IT ... (0.333333333) Cubed = 0.037037037 .... notice the pattern of repeating  "037", to the right of the decimal point. Multiply now times "3.666666667" ... (see above) :
0.037037037 X 3.666666667 = 0.135802469

Now ... divide that result into "22" .... 22 / 0.135802469 = 162. The number "162" is Bruce Cathie's decimal harmonic for speed-of-light ... the theoretical maximum light-speed .... 162,000 nautical miles per second.

Bucky Fuller says the DNA "zip-angle" is ... 7.333333333 arc-degrees. In other words, the DNA helix (double helix) is coiled ... it is coiled somewhat like a "spring". The "coil" actually makes it possible for the tetrahedral 'packets' of the DNA molecular structure to "fit together" cozily into another "packet" which is "circular" in nature ... 360 arc-degrees. The "circular packet", WITHOUT the "coil" ... falls short of 360 degrees by ... 7.333333333 degrees. In a way, this "coil" also gives the helix the 'energy' of "un-zipping" ... to recombine.

I found that this number ... "7.333333333" .... is directly related, mathematically,
to the Tetrahedral Latitude (Hoagland) number : 7.333333333 / 22 = 0.333333333

So ... Bucky Fuller's DNA "zip/un-zip angle" of 7.333333333 arc-degrees is directly related, geometrically, to the SINE of 19.47122061 arc-degrees .... by way of the number "22".

Notice that 5280 / 22 = 240. Of course, 240 is double 120 .... and 120 arc-degrees azimuth from true north marks a corner-point of an equilateral triangle, assuming one of its corners
is at due north. The equilateral triangle is a "2-D" representation of a "3-D"  tetrahedron.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton [Reprinting and forwarding of this article is (c) copyright 1999 encouraged, provided the copyright is included.]