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Seahenge [England]

Preliminary Figures for SEAHENGE [England]
Thanks to Tony Younes (, I've come up with some
preliminary figures for SEAHENGE, on the English coast near Norfolk, England.
Tony sent me latitude/longitude numbers to the nearest arc-second(s). I don't
know how or where he got them (!) ... but they (fine-tuned by me) seem to
really "work" in conjunction with other "Henges".

Grid LONG 30 (deg) X 34 (min) X 41.00805896 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 41828.22014 W.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich 00 deg 33 min 19.79194104 sec ].
Grid LAT 52 (deg) X 58 (min) X 46.2292442 (sec) North ...
= 139427.4005 North.

Grid POINT Value 139427.4005 / 41828.22014 ...
= 3.333333333
[ Note: "3.333333333" is a decimal harmonic of the SINE of the 'Tetrahedral
Latitude' (see Hoagland) north/south of the equator ....
SIN 19.47122061 deg = 0.333333333

As a very strong sign of its correctness and validity, notice that Seahenge's
Grid LONG *matches* the Grid LONG of Cahokia's Woodhenge # 2 ... (Morton,
1999) AND the Grid LONG of The Miami Circle (Morton, 1999) !!!
Also, recall that England's Woodhenge (Munck, 1998) has a Grid LAT (10800
North) that *matches* the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle.
[ Please see my article at ]

Recall that England's Woodhenge has a Grid POINT Value of ... 2.5. If we
divide that number into Seahenge's Grid POINT Value ... 3.333333333 / 2.5 =
1.333333333 .... which is the TANGENT of the slope angle (Munck, 1993) of The
Chephren Pyramid of Giza ... 53.13010235 arc-degrees from its base.
TAN 53.13010235 deg = 1.333333333 ..

Suppose we multiply Seahenge's Grid POINT Value times Stonehenge's Grid POINT
Value (Munck, 1991) of 2.433467206 ? ...
2.433467206 X 3.333333333 = 8.111557353 .....
which is the multiplied product of The Miami Circle's Grid POINT Value
(Morton, 1999) times The Bimini Shark's Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1993) ...
3.872983346 X 2.094395102 = 8.111557353.
As I stated above, these preliminary figures for Seahenge ... in the ancient
'archaeomatrix' ... definitely correlate with the 'matrix' numbers of these
other "Henges". You'll note, also, that Ted Riggs has presented his theory
that The Miami Circle was probably originally a "henge of stones", quite
similar in design to Stonehenge, in some significant ways.
[ ]

-- Michael L. Morton
(c) copyright 1999
NOTE: Copying and circulation of this paper is encouraged,
but please include the author's copyright. Thanks ~ MLM