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Richard Hoagland recently cited some of my work, in Part 2 of the most
recent '3-part series' of articles on TEM website. He discussed the
midnight-on-New Year's Eve appearance of Sirius , 1999/2000 ..
*exactly* on the Sky Meridian at Giza .. etc.

I had pointed out in several emails to various lists and individuals this
year (2000),
that Sirius has a circa year-2000 Grid LONG (Morton, 1999) of ..
24805.0502134 ..
a precise decimal harmonic (power-of-ten multiple) ... of 248.0502134 ..
Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid itself (Munck, 1992). When you also
realize that the Earth prime meridian (ancient) passes directly through the
middle of The Great Pyramid (Munck, 1992) .. this is suddenly a very
"coincidence". I'm sure it's no random coincidence !!

At midnight, New Year's Eve, 1999/2000 .. Giza time ... Sirius appeared
EXACTLY on the Sky Meridian. So .. at_that_moment ... the Sky Meridian was
DIRECTLY PARALLEL .. "overhead" .. to the ancient prime meridian on
Earth. And Sirius .. whose Grid LONG is a precise decimal harmonic of the
POINT Value of The Great Pyramid .. was exactly aligned_then_with those 2
meridians !! The Grid POINT of The Great Pyramid is directly "on" the Earth
meridian, slightly north of the Apex of the pyramid.

Based on reading a good portion of Andy Lloyd's website articles today ..
I now feel that this 'year-2000' is probably "marking" 12,960 years from the
'catastrophic' passage of Nibiru .. when the "Earth-shift", as I call it
(rather than
"pole-shift") .. happened. As I posted recently on some lists, and on my
topcities/farshores webpage ... I agree with Munck ("Whispers From Time,
Volume 2", 1999) that the Earth ( the whole Earth, not a crustal
displacement) ..
turned a net 30 degrees of polar displacement .. along a meridian that now
through the middle of The Akapana Pyramid near Tiahuanaco, South America.
This puts the current location of the last geographic north pole, at exactly
degrees North, on Akpatok Island in Ungava Bay, Canada. And .. "30" ... as
I was reminded, today, by Andy Lloyd's writings, matches Nibiru's orbital
as being apparently 30 degrees off our ecliptic. I've also propsed, on The
this year (2000), that 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (orientation) is offset
degrees west-of-north (true north) on Mars. And I've also pointed-out that
PHOENIX UFO of the night of March 13, 1997 .. "hovered" for 4 minutes,
over the intersection (cross-symbol !!) of Indian School Road and Seventh (7
Avenue in Phoenix, Az .. at a Grid POINT Value of .. "30" !! Yes !!
And that "7" ? That would refer to Andy Lloyd's observation that Nibiru is
actually a brown-dwarf 'star' with 7 planets ("moons", in the Enuma Elish
translations) .. one of those 7 being the home-planet of The Nibiruans

Recall from my previous post (on this website) that I found the circa-2000
A.D. Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS to be ... 2.368705056 ... notice the first 4
in that figure ? "2368" ... that's a classic gematrian number that carries
'meaning' ("translation") .. "Jesus Christ" !!

Now .. I multiply the current (year-2000) Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999)
of SIRIUS .. by .. "30" ... 30 X 2.368705056 = 71.06115168 ...
Now .. I'm going to divide by Pi .. "exactly" Pi .. to 9 decimal places,
that is ..
71.06115168 / 3.141592654 = 22.61946711 .. now I'll divide again by
Pi ... 22.61946711 / 3.141592654 = 7.2 .. a decimal harmonic of the "72"
years it takes for one arc-degree of Earth precession.

Recall, from my previous post on this website, that I noticed that Andy's
showing Nibiru's perihelion has The Dark Star passing right "over" both
and MINTAKA. And; Mintaka_ corresponds_to The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza
(Bauval, et al). The original height of The Mycerinus Pyramid, according to
the work
of Munck (1992), is .. 72Pi regular ("British") feet .. AND .. the Grid
of The Mycerinus Pyramid is ... 720Pi .. and BOTH (72Pi) and (720Pi) are
harmonics (base 10 system) of (7.2Pi) ... which I just calculated a few
ago !!

And we're talking "circa-2000 A.D." star-positions.

So; I reiterate my proposal, here ... that this ancient "archaeo-sky
as I call it ... is "marking" the last CATASTROPHIC passage of Nibiru ..
years ago .. which also "happens to be" HALF a precession cycle in years
for Earth itself !!!

What a beautifully self-referential way to "mark" a very important event in
our true
history in this solar system !!!
-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2000