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Final Post On Flt 261

This is intended as my final post to this particular 'List' on this
particular subject ... Alaska Airlines Flight 261.
-- MLM
In a message dated 02/06/2000 4:53:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Why is it that the default assumption now that *every* plane crash in
the world (or at least those covered by the media) has some sort of
supernatural and/or conspiritorial cause? Do we really believe that the
nefarious "cabals" accused of possessing all this ancient
Egyptian/Martian/Nazi "magik" have nothing better to do than crash
commercial planes with it? It's just that we are "catching-on" (at least 'some' of us are .. the
'cutting-edge'of the awareness of this) to something that is *self-evident at this time*
regardless of whether-or-not it existed in "the past". This is a "current" thing.
VERY 'current'. And it transcends any petty attempts at relegating and/or
reducing it to a "conspiracy" subject.

As for "Newshawk Inc.", it has more than once delivered suspect material
(details are beyond the scope of the present discussion, and possibly this
forum), not to mention articles (like one of those forwarded by Michael)
that contain nothing but pure ranting. The biggest point is that no one
knows who the hell "Quinn" of Newshawk *is* >> .. snip ..

And it transcends any petty attempts to 'discredit the messengers' ... people such
as John Quinn of Newshawk, Inc. .... who have shown tremendous courage, guts,
and perseverence, in coming out and standing-up for Truth on so many very,
very important news stories and current events. I'm sure John is doing his best in
trying to expose Truth, as many of us are. Witnesses were reported to have watched the plane "spiraling and  flipping" downward, suddenly .. and LANDED UPSIDE-DOWN.
 Let yourself "THINK" a bit ... outside "The Box" ... think of a set of digits ... "261" .... in solid space. Now ... think of those digits
 that set of digits ... FLUTTERING downward ... in a kind of "spastic spiral" ... and then landing "upside down". Kind of like an unpowered object in freefall? Kind of like a leaf
falling? Kind of like an airplane out of control? >> { MLM ... you got it,
man !! }.

Is this not a metaphor for "re-ordering" of those digits ?! As you
view that set of digits "fluttering downward" ... can't you visualize
the digits "rotating" and "flipping-over" through several "permutations"
of combinations of the 3 digits ??!!! (I can.) I think this is a
plausible metaphor, in this case.

No, its not a metaphor for reordering digits except if one wants to
assume that from the beginning. It was a plane crash. It isnt' a figment of
mathematical imagination or visualization. >>

I'm going by what I see. I'm quite perceptive, you know. It also, BTW,
suggests a DNA-spiral strand. Keep that in mind, too. Some of us are seeing it ...
others aren't, yet. I say "3:45" PM PST is a *specific* time ..... using the system we
ARE using to mark "time". In the Pacific Time Zone ... "3:45 PM" is
 ... 3:45 PM. Very simple. That's *how* we measure time on this planet, right ? Just USE what you see, OK ? OK, but are we sure that the plane didn't crash at 3:44? Well, lets
that for the moment. Frankly I don't think that the forces of the universe
give a damn whether it is 3:15 or 4:15 by local time. The position of
objects in the solar system and their effects on each other is the only
thing that matters to nature. >>

We need to go by the REPORTED time. The reported time was "3:45" PM PST.
A key thing, here, is *the* MESSAGE ... i.e. the "report" of 'the
messengers'. Pay attention to the 'message' as most-reliably reported. I stress
"most-reliably" reported .. because, as John Quinn, in particular, has found out .. the
*mainstream*media has incredibly 'bungled' and/or has abruptly 'changed' their reports
in a very suspicious manner ... on several occasions involving these plane "crashes"
... not ust this one .. but the JFK, Jr. incident (remember that ?), TWA-800, Egypt Air 990, etc. Where did you find documentation that our current (and rather
complex) system of keeping time was used in the past? I'll give you "day", "night",
"noon", "midnight", hours, minutes, and seconds, but the rest I've never heard of being used back then. >>

A "second" of time is .... one second of "time". Get it ? Apparently ...
it's been "used" for ONE HELLUVA long "time". Like ... WAY, WAY back, man !!
It "so happens" .... and this IS damned amazing ... that one 360 arc-degree
axial rotation of Earth contains 86,400 seconds of time. If we divide
"86,400" by "360" ... we get .. "240" .. a vertice point ... 240 arc-degrees azimuth
...on one of the 3 corners of an Equilateral Triangle circumscribed in a Circle
assuming one of the corners is at Due North. THAT is a 2-D model of a Tetrahedron
circumscribed in a Sphere. Now ... visualize the top of The Great Pyramid of
Giza. There's a Grid POINT up there, very near the (original) Apex ... of .. "240".
Recall that Munck has discovered (re-discovered) a prime meridian through the
center of The Great Pyramid. This meridian is designated "360" in the ancient
archaeomatrix. Running across the top of The Great Pyramid is this parallel
of lat : 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 51.36741974 (sec) North ...
= 86,400 North. [ Actually this parallel is just on the north 'edge' of
the original apex ... just slightly 'over the edge' ... like me.]
To find the Grid POINT Value where that lat parallel intersects the prime
meridian ...just take the ratio of ... "86400 / 360" ...
= 240.
How do we measure things ?? By letters and numbers !! By "360" arc-degrees on one circumference, for example. It probably came to us from 'The Anunnaki'.

 Because we were too stupid to invent it ourselves? The number 360 is
arbitrary. You will find in studying the past that a number like 365 was
apparently too complicated for many civilizations of the past to contend
with (possibly because of a severe decline of knowledge). Also, it
sometimes violated their asthetic sense (the Greeks never got used to Pi
being an irrational number, for example). It wasn't that unusual to find
competing calenders, one a solar calender of 365 or so days, the other a
calender of 360 days.

The '360' arc-degree system came to "us" from "our" own relatives ... 'The
Anunnaki'. Our alphabets came from "them" also. ALL of "our" higher ancient
knowledge came from our ancient relatives ... "them". Essentially, 'we' are
(basically) "their" descendants on this planet, Earth. Bingo. Not that we
aren't *also* related to other 'races' or 'species', besides 'The Anunnaki'. But,
apparently, we are most 'directly' related to 'them' ... regardless of where they
'originally' came from.

Apparently, '360' is simply the BEST number ... in terms of *pure geometry*
within a *base-ten* system ... to use !! This is a matter of intelligence of
awareness .. an awareness of the "nature of Nature". This geometry is self-
evident. It has been passed down to us ... from them/us.

Where did THEY get it ? We don't know yet. First things first. First
we need to understand that we got it from The Anunnaki. THEN .. we
can go from there. The theory solves one enigma by explaining it with another. In
short, whatever the facts may be (Anannuki or not), it really doesn't progress our
understanding one bit. The simplification of a more complex (but
naturalistic system, based on the Earth's year) makes more sense to me, and
until something better comes along I am satisfied with that explanation.
Especially since there doesn't seem to be anything in the system of
geometry that is patently extraterrestrial (actually, the idea makes little
sense). >>

You're still not aware, apparently, that "our" ancient higher knowledge has
from 'off Earth'. We are, i.e., part ET. In fact, we are probably *mostly*
ET. And; the realization that we are very closely related (literally) to 'The
Anunnaki', most certainly is a HUGE step forward in our understanding. HUGE. Paradigm-
busting; and New-paradigm beginning. It probably took millions, or billions, of (Earth) years of "trial(s) & error(s)" to develop the understanding that 360 equal segments on one circumference is the ideal, the *best* number to use in terms of geometry and mathematics.
We've simply (here on Earth, in this time period) had no idea of how
important the number "360" is ... and that it resonates so well with *nature* itself.
So .. "of course" you're not going to look in the Encyclopedia Brittanica and
"find" 360 referred-to as a "naturally-based" geometric number !! Remember,
man ..this is the real cutting-edge here !! No encyclopedia is going to have
stuff as hot and as new as THIS in it !! So ... NO WAY is 360 "arbitrary", in the sense
you are defining and interpreting the word.

But we are not important in terms of the natural forces of the universe
 ..snip ...
Again .. this notion is obsolete; and this notion can now be shown to be a
"crock" laid on us by the Neo Darwinists of the latter half of the 19th century ...
and early 20th century. The latest info and understanding along these lines says that
'nature' is NOT primarily tending toward entropy .. but rather is 'primarily' tending
toward a life-creating geometric order that is of a co-operative, mutually-aiding
essence. See the book, "Avoiding Extinction", by Dr. Dan Hall .. it was available
through 'Leading Edge Research Group'.

<< Ok, fine. But I doubt if alien races use our system of measurement.
And your ideas about the symbolism of our system of measuring time are not
going to fly to well on a planet with a different orbital and rotational
periods from ours. The "symbols" are *not* universal. They describe the
physical situation of the Earth, often to very interesting degrees of
precision, but if they were given to us by the Anunnuki, then the Anunnuki
designed "their" system of measurement around the properties of *this*
planet. How about Mars ? I'm going to show, again, some numbers that certainly
indicate that the same basic measurement units *have* been used on Earth and
on Mars ... 360 arc-degrees, 60 arc-minutes per arc-degree, and 60
arc-seconds per arc-minute ... AND, Statute Miles. Yes. You know ... those units of
'distance' that contain 5280 Feet per unit ?!

A couple of days ago, I counted the number of Earth Days .. as in
'number' of 360 arc-degree axial rotations of our Planet ... from
the Phoenix UFO incident .. to .. the "crash" of Alaska Airlines Flight
261. The result ? "1053" Days. Go ahead ... check me. Count the
number of days from March 13, 1997 ... to January 31, 2000. What's
"so special" about "1053" ? Have you read, by 'chance', Hoagland's
article entitled "This is getting SIRIUS" ... posted on January 26th, on
> his website at .. (?). It seems
"1053" is a decimal harmonic of "1.053" ... which seems to be the mass
ratio between 'SIRIUS B' and our 'Sol'. Then, I decided to try dividing
"1053" by "19.5" ..... 1053 / 19.5 = 54. I seem to recall "54"
coming-up in my previous post on this subject ... eh ?!!
Notice the precise connection to "19.5" here, folks.
The number "54" is a decimal harmonic of the number of Nautical Miles of
arc- distance on Earth from pole-to-equator (5400).

Well, some will be saddened to learn that in Robert K. G.
Temple's "The Sirus Mystery" he concludes that the Anunnuki are from Sirius, based on a
broad based multi-cultural study of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations
(Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, etc.). Sadly, this new and dramatic
information presented by Michael (linking the Anunnuki with Sirius) greatly
undercut's Sitchin's 12th planet theory. Or, looked at from the other way,
the 12th Planet theory undercuts the Sirius Hypothesis. Presumably only one
is right. What's worse, those darn Anunnuki may have actually lied to the
Sumerians about where they came from, and neither might be right! >>

Why is "presumably" only *one* of these theories 'right' ? I don't see how
Sitchin's theory of 'Nibiru' is necessarily "under-cut" by Temple's work or
by my findings. Why can't BOTH be right ?!! I think it's quite probable that
both ARE right !!

Suppose we add 54 and "261" ? 54 + 261 = 315. Well ..... 345 (time
of "crash") minus 315 = 30 .... which is my Grid POINT Value for the
hover-spot of The Phoenix UFO itself, on the night of March 13, 1997.
Yes. { See .. }.
What if I add 54 to "162", the light-speed decimal harmonic ?
54 + 162 = 216 .. decimal harmonic of Earth's POLAR circumference in
nautical miles ... AND in arc-minutes of LATITUDE .. 21,600.

Don't go away ... there's more. Let's test the number "33" .... against
1053 X 33 = 34749. Now ... divide that by "19.5" .... 34749 / 19.5 = 1782.
Now ... in terms of finding Cubic Volume for rectangular structures ..
 ... to convert back & forth between Cubic Inches and Cubic Feet ... we
 use the number "1728". That's the Cube of 12. Suppose I now subtract
"1728" from that "1782". OK ? ..... 1782 - 1728 = 54. ( "54" again !!).

We're in the year "2000" now, of course. [ 2000 - 1782 = 218 ].
Hmmm. Let's try adding "218" to the number of people on-board the
plane ... 218 + "88" = 306 ... sum of 144 + 162. [306 + "54" = 360]
 ... and that "just happens" to be our conventional number of arc-degrees
on one circumference. WAIT ... there's more. If you read through
Robert Temple's quotes in Hoagland's article, regarding SIRIUS, you'll
of course recall "The Dogon". Interesting how "Dogon" is close in letter-
structure to "Doyon", eh ?! And .... speaking of time & distance
measurement, The Mayans have a long-count calendar that ends on
December 21, 2012 .. as many of you know. I counted the 'number' of
Earth Days from the Phoenix UFO incident ... to ... December 21, 2012
 ... and what did I find ? I found .... "5764 Days" plus a few hours and
minutes ... from the TIME of the *HOVER* of that Phoenix UFO, over
the intersection of Indian School Road and 7th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.
I immediately RECOGNIZED ... the Grid POINT Value (C.Munck, 1992) of
The Chephren Pyramid of Giza ... "5764.166073" ... as one more of the
apparently *intended* figures indicated by the intelligence behind
that particular UFO.

Recall that a few sentences back, I was discussing Feet and Inches.
If you divide "5764.166073" by "12" ... as in '12 inches in a Foot' ... you
get ..
> "480.3471728" .... the original height, including capstone (Munck, 1992) ..
> of The Great Pyramid of Giza ... in ... *Feet*.

BTW, isn't "19.5" actually 19.47... (something) as derived from the
geometry of a tetrahedron contained in a sphere? And, in general, I'm
confused as
to when we are supposed to round numbers, and when we are supposed to keep all
the digits possible in your procedure. What is the protocol?

Yes .. the precise figure is "19.47122061" arc-degrees north & south of the
The SINE of that angle is ... 0.333333333 ... 1/3rd. So; we use the sine of
the Tetrahedral Latitude (Hoagland,R.C.) when we divide by "3" or when we
multiply by the reciprocal of "3". That's one reason why the number "3" is so
important.When using "gematria" per se, we use the "19.5" number, such as when
multiplying it by "54" to get "1053" decimal harmonic.

Regarding my Grid LONG for The Phoenix UFO 'hover-spot' on March 13, 1997 :
"1315.947253 W.Giza" ... = 143 (deg) X 13 (min) X 0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza ...
[ W.Greenwich 112 deg 04 min 59.9078791 sec ]. I am going to make a prediction, here. I predict that the Polar circumferenceof Mars will be found to be .. "ideally;intentionally;originally" ... because of the forces of erosion, etc., over who knows how much time ... "13159.47253" StatuteMiles. I also say the 'average' Mars circumference is ... 13200 Statute Miles. Also ... another prediction: I think the precise azimuth, in arc-degrees,
from the Apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars .. to the Nose on 'The Face' at
Cydonia ... will be found to be "13.15947253".

Regarding my Grid LAT for The Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997 'hover-spot' :
"39478.4176" North ...
= 33 (deg) X 29 (min) X 41.252265 (sec) North ...
= (2Pi) Squared X 1000.
This decimal harmonic of "(2Pi) Squared" .. reveals the Earth precession
cyclen *years* ... when you multiply (2Pi) Squared times the Grid POINT Value
(Munck, 1991) of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ...
656.56127 X 39.4784176 = 25920.

Also note ... the Grid POINT Value of The Cholula Pyramid in Mexico is ...
(Munck, 1993) ... "13.15947253".
Also note ... the Grid LONG of both The White House and The Jefferson
in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998) is ... "13159.47253" W.Giza ...
= 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza ...
[ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].
Also note ... the Grid LAT of The White House in Washington, D.C. (Morton,
is ... "103680" North ...
= 38 (deg) X 53 (min) X 51.4796425 (sec) North.
This is (103680) .. 4 Earth precession cycles in years .. 4 X 25920 =
Also note .. the Grid LAT (Morton, 1998) of Rennes-le-Chateau is ...
"103680" North ...
= 42 (deg) X 55 (min) X 44.88311688 (sec) North.
{ See }.

So ... in a kind of summary ...
We have NOT ONLY a direct referece to "1053" (please read that
Hoagland article, regarding Robert Temple's work on Sirius) ... we
also have a direct reference to the end of the Mayan Calendar on
December 21, 2012 ... AND we have a direct reference to the Grid
POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid (Munck) of Giza, AND we
have a direct reference to the original height, including capstone .... in Inches *and* in Feet .... of The Great Pyramid of Giza .... AND we
have direct references to the light-speed decimal harmonics of "162"
and "144" (B. Cathie), AND we have direct references to ... 'The
Circle of Churches' and Rennes-le-Chateau in the "306" azimuth in
arc-degrees from the base of the axis of the 'extended star-pentagram'
(D.Wood) to the site of Rennes-le-Chateau itself. ALL of this ......
indicated .. "pointed-out" .. by these EVENTS at PARTICULAR TIMES
.... The Phoenix UFO on the evening of March 13, 1997 ... and the "crash"
of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 at 3:45 PM PST on January 31, 2000.
Counting the *number of Days* is ... critical, folks !!!

And it is... odd... that Richard C. Hoagland published an
article on the Enterprise Mission *5* (a very important number) days before
Flight 261 crashed containing the following information that would *also*
be encoded in the crash by the Cabal: "1053", "Sirius", "The Dogon" (who as
Michael has informed me has an alphanumeric sum of 88 which would be the
number of persons on the plane and is similar to the name of the "Doyon"
family { MLM ... no .. the 'business entity' .. Thompson is his family name}
killed in the crash). >>

Yes .. this IS probably a relevant factor in this scenario.
1053 X 5 = 5265. Now I'm going to use the number "15" ... which
has been popping-up ALL OVER in my research and in relatively
current synchronicities connected to this research ...
5265 / 15 = 351. Notice this is the 'reverse' of "153". And recall, again,
the plane (Alaska Airlines Flight 261) landing upside-down.
And when, again, was "This is Getting Sirius" posted on Hoagland's website ?
On .. January 26th ... "1 / 26" ... "126" ... "261" re-ordered.
351 - 126 = 225 ... the Square of 15, AND .. the azimuth from The Miami
Circle to 'The Water Well' at the SW corner of what I now call "Miami Square".
Please note here .. the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of the SE corner of
"Miami Square" .. is .. "1.315947253". { WHERE have I seen THAT figure ??! }.

Possibly even more information could be yielded by converting the
entire article to its Gematric numerical equivalents? Perhaps we will end up
with a Meta-Message like the Bible Code?
I suspect that the space of time of five days (between the release of
the article and the crash) is meant to indicate the *pentagonal geometry*
which permiates the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, and the five-sided pyramids
at Cydonia, and our own Military Industrial Complex (MIC) symbolized by the
Pentagon, in Washington DC where it forms part of the overall
Masonic/Cydonic design of the American capital. So, how could RCH have
known all this information about the crash, before the crash?
{ MLM ... I'm sure he DIDN'T ... consciously, at least. }
And, alternately, five days might even be pressing for the resources of the
Cabal to manufacture *all* the factors to encode the information into a
plane crash (perhaps the Doyon { MLM .. 'Thompson'} family were actually
forced aboard against their will by the Cabal's FEMA thugs? -- it being
rather to convenient to the Cabal's plan for them to book the flight for their own reasons),
thereby implicating RCH. So, the logical conclusion if we "buy" this information, is that RCH
seems to be himself involved with the Cabal making the planes crash (since
information on his website ties in to crashes just *prior* to their
happening). That seems to be the logical conclusion of Michael's analysis.
There *has* to be a direct connection of his announcing the distribution of
this information and the pentagonal metaphor of the delay to fruition, if
it really is important, and the crash, right? So, perhaps it is not just
Brian DePalma is not the only one involved in the "controlled release of
information" by the Cabal?
But, we must remember, that this is *only a theory*, irregardless of how
well it fits the facts Michael has brought to our attention. We should, of
course, not presume that RCH is either guilty or innocent of collaboration. >>

OK . Here, at this point, we can see that Brian Zinkle is lapsing into a
satirical sarcasm, directed at not only myself, not only at Michael Drosnin's
and others' brilliant work on trying to deal intelligently and seriously
with apparent 'coding' in The Bible ... but .. of course ... directed at good 'ol
"punching-bag" Hoagland. This is quite "predictable", the way things have gone lately.
Another cheap-shot. Perhaps the near simultaneous release of the information (via
RCH and he crash) indicates that both the Cabal and RCH have somehow tapped in to
some sort of "Cosmic Computer". This could be the case, but it would fail
to explain why RCH is complaining about not getting paid for the "Mission
to Mars" film when he could be making a killing on the stock market.
Hmmm... Perhaps, his *not* making a "killing" on the stock market is a
metaphor for the fact that the Cabal would "kill" him if he so foolishly
misused their gifts?

At this point, for my safety and that of other members of the list, it
would probably be best if I terminated the discussion of this issue...
prematurely. We are obviously treading on "The Playground of the Gods"
(which Herman Hesse represented covertly by the "metaphor" of his novel
"The Glass Bead Game")!
Brian >>

So .. even more thinly-disguised satirical sarcasm, from Brian, in the end.
Again ... rather 'predictable'. Of course, he has also, here, returned to
another common tactic of 'debunkers' ... the attempt to 'reduce' a topic to some
"pejorative category, or pejorative label" ... such as "conspiracy

The main point, again, that I want to emphasize .. is that these 'numerical
correlations' are simply *THERE* ... regardless of what is going-on "behind
the scenes". These very, very *specific-and-precise* numerical correlations are,
in fact ... SUPER OBVIOUS !!! Why ?? We don't know yet. PROBABLY because
they are ... INTENDED ... as ... "communication(s)" to ... "us".

I will now repeat the equation I gave in one of my previous posts on this
subject :
656.56127 X 27.58106915 = 3.141592654 X 5764.166073.
This is showing the Grid POINTs (multiplied) of 'The Face' and of 'The D&M
Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars ... equivalent, precisely, to the Pi constant multiplied
by the Grid POINT of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza. Also recall that "5764.166073" is
the fractional number of Earth Days from the 'hover-time' of The Phoenix UFO
of March 13, 1997 .. to the end of The Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012.

Current Star Positions ..
In Precise Synchronization With This Awareness

As some of know, I've found precise correlations involving the ancient
'archaeomatrix', some of these plane 'crashes' (and some deaths of
certain very popular persons), certain appearances of major UFO
'mass-sightings', and some 'celestial' events such as certain eclipses and conjunctions.
Some of you also know I've added to the 'parameters of correlation'
dramatically finding that the current (year 2000) "fixed star-positions" are also
involved !!

{ See }.
I will now give you an equation (or two) with the current (year 200)
position of the star SIRIUS involved. These star-positions, as you can hopefully begin to
comprehend by visiting the website just referred-to, are based on :
1) The 'Sidereal Astrological Zodiac' .. see work of Cyril Fagan, and others.
2) The Orion belt-star ALNITAK serving as "prime meridian marker" for our
ecliptic. This idea is the theory of Mary Anne Weaver. I have essentially begun,
at least, to prove this theory as being correct.

Here, then, is an equation I just came up with a couple of days ago,
involving the actual current (year 2000) sky-position of SIRIUS :
[ This is actually a couple of equations ] ...
300 X Pi X 2.368705056 = 2232.451921 = 54 X Pi X 13.15947253.
The "2.368705056" is the year-2000 Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of SIRIUS.
{ Please .. see .. }.

Also .. this equation ...
2232.451921 / 5764.166073 = 0.3872983346 .. a decimal harmonic of the
Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of The Miami Circle !! The number "300"
refers tothe azimuth (arc-degrees) from the *center* of 'The Circle of Churches' ..
to ....the site of Rennes-le-Chateau in the South of France.

There is, of course, much more to all of this !! But, it is now
becoming ...*super-obvious* .. that "someone" ... PLANNED all of this .. to

right around ... *NOW* !!! Year 2000.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
Copying and forwarding of this article is encouraged, provided the
copyright is included. Thanks -- MLM.