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Notes On Alaska Flight 261

In a message dated 02/03/2000 11:10:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< There are many numbers important to Pythagorean or Gematrian studies. 216 *could* be significant, if that were the number involved, but it does not have to be. There are thousands of planes flying at any given moment, a certain proportion of them will have numbers that are also "significant" to numerologists, and in a given year a certain number will crash. "261" does
not seem to be significant without putting it through arbitrary convolutions. "345" is even less significant for the reasons given above. This is why I feel the theory is untenable. >>

You mention "arbitrary convolutions". OK. Let's pay some attention to what reports we've been able to get from various media ... including people like John Quinn ... "Newshawk". Witnesses were reported to have watched the plane "spiraling and flipping" downward, suddenly .. and LANDED UPSIDE-DOWN. Let yourself "THINK" a bit ... outside "The Box" ... think of a set of digits ..."261" .... in solid space. Now ... think of those digits ... that set of digits ...FLUTTERING downward ... in a kind of "spastic spiral" ... and then landing
"upside down". Is this not a metaphor for "re-ordering" of those digits ?! As you view that set of digits "fluttering downward" ... can't you visualize the digits "rotating" and "flipping-over" through several "permutations" of combinations of the 3 digits ??!!! (I can.) I think this is a plausible metaphor, in this case.

<< "3:45 PM PST" is a rather arbitrary measure of time. Our system of time is roughly based on the movement of the sun (roughly, because the hours of daylight change with the seasonsal movement of the Earth). Solar noon is probably the best indicator in absolute astronomical terms of relative time, but due to our system of time zones, daylight savings time, and the
previously mentioned gradual seasonal changes it is doubtful that 12:00 PST was actual solar noon at the lattitude of the crash (perhaps someone more interested than I can actually check to see if I am incorrect), so 3:45PM becomes only an approximate time relative to the central body of the solar system and the Earth's rotation when the crash happened. Of course, 3:45 PM is 15:45 by military time, and would give us a completely different result. As what we might call a "decimal harmonic" of a day, 3:45PM is actually 15.75/24, or 0.65625 decimal, again a different set of numbers is the result. Other numbers are possible to generate. Each of the above is just as valid (and perhaps more so) than our conventional system of looking at
time as applied to this "incident". The point is the time given is a human symbolic convention and 3:45 only becomes 606 by rearranging the integers (i.e., relative human symbols). >>

I say "3:45" PM PST is a *specific* time ..... using the system we ARE using to mark "time". In the Pacific Time Zone ... "3:45 PM" is ... 3:45 PM. Very simple. That's *how* we measure time on this planet, right ? Just USE what you see, OK ? We have this "consensus" system of marking time ... in order to be able to BE SPECIFIC about events-in-time !!! When we make note of something happening at "a certain time" ... THAT's the TIME it HAPPENED !! OK ??!!! Don't get so damned complicated about a REPORTED TIME of an event !! It's SIMPLE. WHEN it happens .... is WHEN IT HAPPENS !!! By a consensus of final accounts ... this was ... 3:45 PM PST on January 31, 2000.

"ONLY" a "human symbolic convention". "ONLY" ????!!!! Well .... aren't we humans ??!! And isn't it becoming more and more likely that what we are dealing
with, these days, is a "re-discovery of our lost ancient heritage" ???!!!! As in ..the *Sitchin thesis*, for example ??!!! I think that's pretty f---in' obvious by now. So ... YES ... that means things like ... OUR METROLOGY ... as in .. IT'S ORIGINS ... are things we ARE NOW RE--DISCOVERING !!!! This means things like TIME& SPACE 'measurment' units ... time & distance units !!!!! GET IT  ???!!! How do we measure things ??? By letters and numbers !!!! By "360 arc-degrees" on one circumference, for example. It probably came to us from 'The Anunnaki'. Where did THEY get it ? We don't know yet. First things first. First we need
to understand that we got it from The Anunnaki. THEN .. we can go from there. But first things first. We also need to stop 'thinking' of ourselves as "only humans". As if we are "insignificant". I call it "The Dust in The Wind  Syndrome".We ARE important !!! And we have direct connections to a UNIVERSE full of intelligent LIFE !! We need to PAY ATTENTION to *what's happening* .. in  terms of our "symbols of communication" ... yes ... letters, numbers,
synchronicities, etc, measuring units of time and distance, precise positions of pyramids mounds, stone circles, crop formations, times of major 'events', etc. There  is   COMMUNICATION going on .... POTENTIALLY .... *if* we can recognize it.

Why did I pick "60" to add to "606" to get "666" ??!! Well .... the number 60 is our major "unit number" for *time & distance* measurement !!! It's a very GEOMETRIC number ..... based on our "360 arc-degree system" .... which is ... NOT "ARBITRARY" !!!!!!!!!!


A couple of days ago, I counted the number of Earth Days .. as in 'number' of 360 arc-degree axial rotations of our Planet ... from the Phoenix UFO incident .. the "crash" of Alaska Airlines Flight 261. The result ? "1053" Days. Go ahead ... check me. Count the number of days from March 13, 1997 ... to January 31, 2000. What's "so special" about "1053" ? Have you read, by 'chance', Hoagland's article entitled "This is getting SIRIUS" ... posted on
January 26th, on his website at .. (?). It seems that "1053" is a decimal harmonic of "1.053" ... which seems to be the mass ratio between 'SIRIUS B' and our 'Sol'. Then, I decided to try dividing  "1053" by "19.5" ..... 1053 / 19.5 = 54. I seem to recall "54" coming-up in my previous post on this subject ... eh ?!! Suppose we add 54 and "261" ? 54 + 261 = 315. Well ..... 345 (time of "crash") minus 315 = 30 ....  which is my Grid POINT Value for the hover-spot of The Phoenix UFO itself, on the night of March 13, 1997. Yes. What if I add 54 to 162, the light-speed decimal harmonic ? 54 + 162 = 216 .. decimal harmonic of Earth's POLAR circumference in nautical miles ... AND in arc-minutes of LATITUDE .. 21,600. Don't go away ... there's more. Let's test the number "33" .... against
"1053". 1053 X 33 = 34749. Now ... divide that by "19.5" .... 34749 / 19.5 = 1782.
Now ... in terms of finding Cubic Volume for rectangular structures ... to convert back and forth between Cubic Inches and Cubic Feet ... we use thenumber "1728". That's the Cube of 12. Suppose I now subtract "1728" from that "1782". OK ? ..... 1782 - 1728 = 54. (Eh ??!!!).
We're in the year "2000" now, of course. [ 2000 - 1782 = 218 ]. Hmmm. Let's try adding "218" to the number of people on-board the "crash"... 218 + "88" = 306 ... sum of 144 + 162. [306 + "54" = 360] ... and that  "just happens" to be our conventional number of arc-degrees on one circumference. WAIT ... there's more. If you read through the Robert Temple quotes in
Hoagland's article, regarding SIRIUS, you'll of course recall "The Dogon". Interesting how "Dogon" is close in letter-structure to "Doyon", eh ?! And .... speaking of time & distance measurement, The Mayans have a long-count calendar that ends on December 21, 2012 .. as many of you know. I counted the 'number' of Earth  Days from the Phoenix UFO incident ... to ... December 21, 2012 ... and what did I find ? I found .... "5764 Days" plus a few hours and minutes ... from the TIME of the *HOVER* of that Phoenix UFO, over the intersection of Indian School Road and 7th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. I immediately RECOGNIZED ... the Grid POINT Value (C.Munck, 1992) of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza ... 5764.166073 ... as the apparently *intended* figure indicated by the intelligence behind that  particular
UFO. Recall that a few sentences back, I was discussing Feet and Inches. If you divide "5764.166073" by "12" ... as in '12 inches in a Foot' ... you get ... "480.3471728" .... the original height, including capstone (Munck, 1992) ...of The Great Pyramid of Giza ... in ... Feet.

We have NOT ONLY a direct referece to "1053" (please read that Hoagland article,
regarding Robert Temple's work on Sirius) ... we also have a direct reference to the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 ... AND we have a direct reference to the Grid POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid (Munck) of Giza, AND we have a direct reference to the original height, including capstone .... in Inches and in Feet .... of The Great Pyramid of Giza .... AND we have direct references to the light-speed decimal harmonics of "162" and "144" (B. Cathie), AND we have direct references to ... 'The Circle of Churches' and Rennes-le-
Chateau in the "306" azimuth in arc-degrees from the base of the axis of the 'extended star-pentagram' (D.Wood) to the site of Rennes-le-Chateau itself. ALL of this ...... indicated .. "pointed-out" .. by these EVENTS at  PARTICULAR TIMES .... The Phoenix UFO on the evening of March 13, 1997 ... and the "crash" of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 at 3:45 PM PST on January 31, 2000.

More, yet ... Take the alphanumeric sum of SIRIUS .... it is .. 95. Now ... count the number of Earth Days ... from January 31, 2000 ... to ... May 5th, 2000. Number of Days is .. 95. (Don't forget the leap day). Take the alphanumeric sum of ... THE DOGON ... 33 + 55 = 88 ... number of persons on-board the "crash".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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