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How we operate:

Our chatroom on the Delphi system is a friendly place where people interested in UFOs and the paranormal can meet and exchange ideas. It is a kind of online coffee house. Along with hard news about UFO sightings and research, we have a lot of people talking about altered states of consciousness, ghosts, paranormal research and other tantalizing topics.

The chats are closely monitored, and although spirited discussions are encouraged, abusive language and bullying aren't tolerated. Each Tuesday at 6:00 PM EDT we hold a chat that features a particular topic and sometimes a special guest. All of the chats last 90 minutes. We also have a chat on Wednesday at 6:00 PM EDT. The Wednesday chat is, normally, an open chat day where any topic can be discussed as long as it pertains to either UFOs or the paranormal.

A quick glance at our archives will give you an idea about all of the wide ranging topics we have covered

Random Notes

During our chats, we sometimes have people question why we discuss topics that have nothing to do with UFOs. I feel that I should remind you that part of our mission is to focus on the paranormal and related subjects. And here on the message board, discussions include far more than UFOs and the paranormal. Political, environmental and religious issues are areas of increasing interest among our message board participants, and I think that is good.

I like to think that we are on the frontlines of the Paradigm war that is raging in our culture.

Last week, we discussed dreams—a rich subject that many people have devoted most to their lives to. This week we will continue to discuss dreams and review the quasi assignment given last week: We agreed to try to dream about a trip to the moon. In addition, we were to try and imagine other chat members on the moon. I have no idea what all of this will net. But I think it is an interesting way in which to drop a plumb line into the depths of our unconscious.

Some students of the occult insist that during sleep each person's etheric body projects. In short, each night we all have out of body experiences-OBEs. Of course, even if that is true most of us don't remember these journeys. In general, most of us aren't as in touch with our dreams as we would like to be. So exercises to strengthen our dream awareness are, I think, very productive as a means for self-development.

A month or so ago, we conducted a brief remote viewing experiment that was quite enjoyable for those who participated; however, it was also clear that at least a few folks felt challenged by the experiment. The chat in question was one of the most poorly attended in recent memory. Consequently, I have tried to avoid creating similar situations in the chat room. Instead, I've endeavored to make the chats totally non-threatening—non-competitive.

At any rate, in addition to discussing UFOs, we will continue to expand our debates about the paranormal and pay special attention to dreams and the ways in which they affect us.

As a devoted practitioner of Qi Gong, I have, for some time now, been studying the effects of chi—yoga schools often call it prana. Chi, of course, is the bio-energetic force that surrounds every living being. Although formal Qi Gong or Yoga practice can develop one's chi, there are a number of supplemental exercises that non-practitioners can utilize in order to produce similar results. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss those exercises. If you have expertise in any of these areas, we look forward to your sharing your observations and viewpoints.