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(Logging at 29-MAR-2000 17:56)
** ROYCE3 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (2 members now) **
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DORCASQ> I was beginning to think I was in the wrong room.
DORCASQ> Hi Kolta!
DORCASQ> Hi Royce!
.Kolta> Hi Dorcasq
** BAUBLE48 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
DORCASQ> Hey, Baub!
.Kolta> Glad you are here Royce
BAUBLE48> Hello All
.Kolta> Hi Baub
BAUBLE48> Good to be here again this evening
.Royce3> Well, it sure is a small group tonight.
DORCASQ> But a GOOD group.
.Kolta> Maybe people will come later
.Royce3> And were is Jeff Love?
DORCASQ> He must be OCEing
.Royce3> Huh?
DORCASQ> (Out of Chat experience)
.Royce3> Oh yes!!!!!
DORCASQ> Did you finish your report, Kolta?
.Royce3> Slithering through the astral plane.
.Kolta> Not yet. Unfortunately. Hopefully by next week
DORCASQ> Can't wait to hear it, K.
BAUBLE48> Where's Isleander and Guest?
DORCASQ> Who knows!
DORCASQ> Most people come in later
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
DORCASQ> Wow! Hi Isleanders
ISLEANDERS> hey hey gang
.Royce3> Hi isleander.
ISLEANDERS> whats up!
** NSC2 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
DORCASQ> We were hoping you would bring your guest tonite, Isle.
.Royce3> We were just waiting for a few more people.
DORCASQ> To tell about the OB experience
.Royce3> Hi NSC2, welcome.
.Royce3> This is an open chat day.
ISLEANDERS> shes here ill try and retrieve her
.Nate> Greetings all.
.Nate> Who here has a telescope?
DORCASQ> Greetings, Nate
.Royce3> No specific topic is set for today.
DORCASQ> Don't have a telescope.
.Nate> Hello DA.
.Kolta> Mine does not work
.Royce3> I have a telescope, NSC, which has never come out of the box. A 4
inch reflector.
BAUBLE48> Hi Nate and NScS
DORCASQ> What do we want to scope, Nate?
.Nate> When you use it, or when it is fixed, take a look at Rigel.
.Royce3> Kolta, what is wrong with your telescope?
ISLEANDERS> shes here but shy about talking about it but shell take over for
.Kolta> Rigel?
DORCASQ> Good, Isle!
.Nate> I'm the same person Bauble.
DORCASQ> Pls put her on
.Nate> Just like Clark Kent and Superman.
.Royce3> Isleander, tell her not to be shy.
DORCASQ> We aren't intimidating people, are we?
.Nate> Rigel, it's a star in the Orion constellation.
.Royce3> I can't see how anyone would be intimidated by this crowd.
.Royce3> Ha
ISLEANDERS> i had a obe and hers the story
.Kolta> Thanks Nate
BAUBLE48> Oh, Are you new to this chat Nate I am
.Nate> No problem.
.Royce3> All right let's listen to the story about the obe.
.Royce3> Let's quiet down for a moment.
DORCASQ> What is your friend's name, Isle?
ISLEANDERS> i was recovering from drugs, i was at a detox, and started
getting really sick
.Nate> Well, I've been here once before, but it kind of ran dry when the
simple topic ran into argument hall.
DORCASQ> Let's listen to Isle's story.
.Nate> Anyway, something's up near Rigel, I know it.
ISLEANDERS> and ended up at a hospital, and the doctor, there believe it or
not said i was ok.
ISLEANDERS> well the doctor said i was fine. but the detox place where i was
at would not
ISLEANDERS> take me back because i could not walk or anything, so the police
took me
ISLEANDERS> to a motel. the next morning i was not feeling well. i called a
friend and
ISLEANDERS> passed out on the phone. the friend came, the ambulance. well
ISLEANDERS> soon i had more or less fainted. the paramedics said i was
clinically dead
.Nate> - signed off -
.Royce3> Very interesting.
.Royce3> Go on.
ISLEANDERS> for 3 minutes. in that 3 minutes i could see my body up and my
body on
ISLEANDERS> the stretcher, but i could see everyone standing around me and
the paramedic
.Royce3> Where you afraid?
ISLEANDERS> was using those paddles. i could see all this from above. it was
like the
ISLEANDERS> really weirdest thing. there was this tunnel and i could almost
** 1ANDONLY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ISLEANDERS> the end of it. i was so tired that i wanted to just keep going.
but the
.Royce3> Hi 1andonly, we are hearing a report about a near death experience.
.Kolta> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> hello roomies
DORCASQ> Welcome back 1andonly!
.Royce3> Go ahead with your story Isleander.
ISLEANDERS> voice of god said no it is not time yet, you need to go back. and
ISLEANDERS> i ended waking up. i was in the hospital for like5 days i was very
ISLEANDERS> sick. but i definitely believe there is a god. and life after
DORCASQ> Yes, that would make a believer out of anyone!!
ISLEANDERS> it was very very scary...
.Royce3> I can imagine.
DORCASQ> Were you scared while it was happening?
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ISLEANDERS> no, i was not scared it was like a peaceful feeling
BAUBLE48> So even if you are off drugs now, you're saying you wouldn't want
to have an out of body experience again?
DORCASQ> That is an amazing experience!
ISLEANDERS> no i would not want to have another. if i did, i would not want
to come
DORCASQ> I see what you mean, Isl.
.Royce3> Very interesting.
.Kolta> It is a Near Death Experience of which an OBE is a part of
DORCASQ> So many people have had the very same kind of experience.
ISLEANDERS> it was both
.Kolta> That is what I said
BAUBLE48> Yes it does seem to have been both
ISLEANDERS> isle is back on
DORCASQ> Did you believe in God before the experience?
.Royce3> Isleander, did you think of straying away from your physical body
while you were in the obe?
ISLEANDERS> i think she did
BAUBLE48> That's why she wouldn't want to come back if there was a next time
ISLEANDERS> the way it was described to me it sounded like she didnt realize
ISLEANDERS> later what was happening at the time
DORCASQ> Yes, I think it would be that way.
ISLEANDERS> she went into a different room for now
1ANDONLY1> on a different train of thought, could you consider an NDE more
correctly as a NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE?
ISLEANDERS> tells me its kinda scary even to think about it
BAUBLE48> Oh, that's a good way to think of it land
.Royce3> Yes, it was great that you brought her on Isleander. Thank you very
DORCASQ> What is a near life experience, landonly?
ISLEANDERS> i will thank her
.Royce3> Please do.
1ANDONLY1> well death is only transient, as we move into a higher state of
ISLEANDERS> the story itself makes me think twice about god and life after
DORCASQ> Yes, it does, Isle.
BAUBLE48> What we think of as reality I have read, really isn't. The other
plane is
1ANDONLY1> sorry I missed the full account
.Kolta> Death is just a transition between here and the astral plane
.Royce3> We have a person in our Inner Quest group who has had a number of
obe experiences and he enjoys them greatly.
DORCASQ> Yes, i see what you mean.
BAUBLE48> Yes Kolta
.Royce3> 1andonly, we can put you on our mailing list.
1ANDONLY1> so right, Bauble
.Royce3> Then you will get a log.
1ANDONLY1> yes please
.Royce3> All right. You will have to give me an email address.
1ANDONLY1> is the log from a managed forest?
.Royce3> Clear cut.
DORCASQ> ohhh - I am slipping...didn't even get that.
.Kolta> Very good landonly
.Royce3> Cut and burn everything.
.Royce3> Free fire wood.
BAUBLE48> Send the email on a flash note to him
ISLEANDERS> ill be back .....kc58thelegendliveson
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
BAUBLE48> Is kc58 her husband?????
DORCASQ> I think that is a TV program Isle watches.
1ANDONLY1> did you get it?
.Royce3> yes
.Royce3> Very good.
1ANDONLY1> great
1ANDONLY1> so, where were we
BAUBLE48> So who is kc58? SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED!!!!!
DORCASQ> That is his TV program.
.Royce3> I'm starting to get confused. Of course, that isn't a first.
1ANDONLY1> I was confused already
.Kolta> This is not the first time you are confused, Royce?
DORCASQ> I'm always confused.
.Royce3> Anyway, I'm very intrigued with near death experience reports.
BAUBLE48> That's why you belong here land
1ANDONLY1> I feel so at home
DORCASQ> Good, 1and only
BAUBLE48> What TV program?
.Kolta> Well, confusion is my middle name
DORCASQ> That Kcwhatever thing he always says, Baub
1ANDONLY1> all I need is a corn pipe and a rocking chair
.Royce3> Well, I'm glad you are with us 1andonly1, but I'm sorry to hear that
this joint is like your home.
DORCASQ> Why? This is a good home.
.Kolta> This is a very homey room
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> if I'm confused, you should meet my wife
.Royce3> Hello sat.
1ANDONLY1> hi sat
.Royce3> You missed a good report, sat.
.Satellite8> hi
BAUBLE48> I have a corn pipe and a rocking chair YEA AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH
1ANDONLY1> any Rye?
.Satellite8> hi Kolta and Dorcas
BAUBLE48> Would have to get off the chair to go get it So no
.Kolta> Hi Sat.
.Satellite8> yeah. stop the insanity
.Royce3> I haven't had that in awhile--rye. Good stuff.
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Satellite8> insanity makes you crazy!
DORCASQ> What is that kcB whatever you always talk about, Isle?
1ANDONLY1> being crazy keeps you sane
.Satellite8> something Kansas CIty!
BAUBLE48> Not if you don't realize that you have the problem
.Royce3> Has anyone here been actively trying to learn to experience out of
body experiences?
.Satellite8> i just came from having my head shrunk
.Royce3> Nobody has accused you of being big headed, Sat.
1ANDONLY1> where, Borneo
.Satellite8> big-headed
.Satellite8> you forgot the hyphen
BAUBLE48> Good land!!!
.Satellite8> when it is good and shrunken we are going to use it for voodoo
.Royce3> Thank you Sat. You remind me of a professor I once had.
DORCASQ> To answer your question, Royce, No.
BAUBLE48> On whodo would you use the voodo
1ANDONLY1> you do that voodoo so well
.Satellite8> you hoo!
.Satellite8> i doo voodoo?
.Royce3> She was hell on those hyphenated words.
.Satellite8> so am i!
1ANDONLY1> voodoo whoo doo
.Satellite8> beware he who forgets to hyphenate!
BAUBLE48> I think I would be a bit afraid to try the OBE
.Satellite8> i will remind him
.Royce3> I --You forgot the capital, Sat.
DORCASQ> I would be too, Baubs.
.Satellite8> HAHHAA
.Satellite8> nitpicker
1ANDONLY1> an OBE over here is a medal
BAUBLE48> But, Dorq, does that mean we aren't facing our fears?
DORCASQ> a medal?
.Satellite8> double hyphen...what can he possibly mean?
1ANDONLY1> Order Of the British Empire
.Royce3> What kind of medal????
BAUBLE48> Like an Emmy DorQ
.Satellite8> i call my daughter Emmy sometimes
.Satellite8> short for Emily
.Royce3> Hmmmmmm, what do you have to do for one of those, 1andonly1?
1ANDONLY1> more prestigious
.Royce3> Probably get killed?????
DORCASQ> Facing our fears doesn't mean wanting to die, does it?
.Satellite8> lol
.Kolta> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> kiss the Queens a***
.Royce3> Sounds like one of those medals that only the wife gets to enjoy.
BAUBLE48> OBE'S don't mean dying
.Satellite8> yeah...then she has to sell it to make the mortgage
1ANDONLY1> correct
.Satellite8> when that is gone...
BAUBLE48> So true ise
.Satellite8> she sells her kidney cash and carry!
1ANDONLY1> kidney's too pickled
.Royce3> You can't make money doing that, Sat. Kidneys are too cheap in India.
.Satellite8> heh
BAUBLE48> They have kidney shaped handbags you know I wonder??????
.Satellite8> mine is top-quality!
.Satellite8> hyphenated.
** BKLYNANJIL just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.Royce3> You would have to take it out so we could look at it, Sat.
1ANDONLY1> funny, I've got a handbag shaped kidney
.Royce3> Hi bkyl.
.Satellite8> HAHAHA
.Satellite8> did you have it x-rayed?
.Royce3> Can we call you Jil for short?
BAUBLE48> Hey BKANJIL are you two people?
1ANDONLY1> just skizo
.Satellite8> split personality!
BKLYNANJIL> is there anyone here psychic or reads tarot
.Satellite8> .
BAUBLE48> Gunny!!
.Kolta> I read Tarot
.Royce3> You have come to the right joint.
1ANDONLY1> any joint is a good one
BKLYNANJIL> no im one person
DORCASQ> I don't, but yes, there are others here.
BAUBLE48> Do you read Tarot Jil
.Royce3> I read the I Ching.
BAUBLE48> I read books
.Royce3> And cereal boxes too.
1ANDONLY1> lol
DORCASQ> Me too, Baubs
.Kolta> Newspapers, Magazines
BAUBLE48> Maybe we should do a reading on this chat some evening
BKLYNANJIL> hey is it bad to read for yourself?
.Royce3> I know Kolta has been serious about the Tarot for many years. I'm
being serious now.
DORCASQ> Do you want to have a tarot reading, BKLY?
.Royce3> No it isn't bad to read for yourself Bkl.
.Kolta> One should be able to read for oneself
.Royce3> Lots of people do it.
.Royce3> Maybe most.
.Kolta> I do card meditations every day
BKLYNANJIL> someone told me it wasn't accurate
BAUBLE48> We could ask who the next US president will be
.Royce3> It isn't accurate if you don't know what you are doing.
1ANDONLY1> an american
DORCASQ> Very good 1and
BKLYNANJIL> but how am i supposed to know that i know what im doing with tarot
1ANDONLY1> that was without the tarot
.Royce3> Naw, 1andonly1 just an alien trying to win citizenship.
.Kolta> I pull a card for each day and in that way I see what patterns I am in
ISLEANDERS> see ya next time i have to vamooosh...?
DORCASQ> That is a good idea, Kolta.
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
.Royce3> Boy Isleander left in a hurry.
1ANDONLY1> when you read your own cards you are more likely to put there what
you want
.Kolta> Get a book on the tarot. Pull a card. See what the card means. Then
meditate on the card. That usually works
BKLYNANJIL> yea...thats what i do
.Kolta> Not if you are honest with yourself landonly
1ANDONLY1> Tarot is a way of seeing were you are in your life journey
.Royce3> Of course, then, there are runes.
BKLYNANJIL> no, a lot of times i get really crappy cards
.Kolta> I agree with that Land
BAUBLE48> what card did you pull for today
BKLYNANJIL> anyways i wanted someone to help confirm my reading
.Satellite8> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> im talking about beginning kolta
BAUBLE48> True land
.Kolta> The cards are not carved in stone. You can change the energies of
those crappy cards.
BAUBLE48> Very good Kolta
DORCASQ> What was your reading about, bklyn?
BAUBLE48> Bkly Did you pick a card for today?
.Kolta> The cards show you where you are right now. Where you need to change.
1ANDONLY1> why read cards everyday when you should know yourself and trust in
your inner being
.Royce3> Incidentally, if anyone here would like to write an article about
the Tarot, I would be happy to post it on our associated web site.
BKLYNANJIL> oh, i got lovers when i asked, and the sun when i asked a
person's name
.Kolta> The cards may mirror something back to you that you may not have
thought about
1ANDONLY1> people get trapped into a pattern and will not move out of it as
some do with tarot
DORCASQ> That sounds like a good reading, bkl
.Kolta> The Lovers and the Sun are good cards
.Royce3> Well, of course, the Tarot helps facilitate the coordination of
1ANDONLY1> yes but are you hoping for a relationship to start
BKLYNANJIL> yea...the best. thats why im wondering whether they are true.
really good things dont happen to me often
DORCASQ> Lovers doesn't have to mean a relationship
.Royce3> Well, hope shouldn't have anything to do with it.
BAUBLE48> If so do a lot of real life visualization
.Royce3> Either they are there or they aren't
BKLYNANJIL> i asked if i would be getting into a relationship soon
.Kolta> Lovers can mean balance or decisions you need to be making
BAUBLE48> Visualize what you want and be careful about what you wish for
.Royce3> Oh, I missed that. Sorry.
DORCASQ> Good advice, Bauble
.Kolta> Yes, Bauble, very good
DORCASQ> By the way Kc58 is Derric Thomas, the football player who died -
Isle told me on a flash note.
1ANDONLY1> wen you hope for something the cards can play on what is in your
BKLYNANJIL> then i asked if the relationship would be with this person i know
of and i got the sun
BAUBLE48> Sometimes we do get what we wish for and it isn't until later that
we can see we hadn't been specific enough about what we wanted
BAUBLE48> I believe that land
1ANDONLY1> some times what we want is not what we need
DORCASQ> I have read that you don't have to be real specific about all the
.Kolta> I could not agree with you more Land
BAUBLE48> True land
.Royce3> I've always believed that the Tarot is like a mirror for the
subconscious--one that also collects additional information from psi sources.
BKLYNANJIL> yea, i but i remember asking before and the card said im not ready
.Kolta> The Universe sends us what we need and not what we want
1ANDONLY1> Tarot is a tool
BAUBLE48> Because we don't know ourselves enough to know what we need
1ANDONLY1> its a way in
DORCASQ> That is the way it should be, Kolta.
1ANDONLY1> to higher conciousness
1ANDONLY1> it only helps in the begining
BKLYNANJIL> yea, so what does it sound like??
.Kolta> The Tarot mirrors ourselves to us so that we can make our own futures
1ANDONLY1> not to some Kolta
BKLYNANJIL> can you tell me what you think my reading meant?
.Royce3> Well, I'm not so sure that it only helps in the beginning, 1
landonly 1.As I said, it does help with the coordination of synchronicities.
I'm not sure how one would do that without a Tarot deck or
.Royce3> another divination tool.
.Kolta> But, as I said, the Tarot is not carved in stone. A lot depends on
BAUBLE48> I think we have many futures and they are all set. our free will
is choosing one of those paths
1ANDONLY1> you long for a relationship with someone in particular
.Royce3> Born freeeeeee as freeee as the wind blows!
DORCASQ> I think we live all our futures at the same time in different realms.
.Kolta> True Dor
BAUBLE48> That could be true also Dorq
1ANDONLY1> you do not really know this person
DORCASQ> ALL the possibilities happen at the same time.
1ANDONLY1> not all is as it seems
BKLYNANJIL> true, my friends are friends with him
1ANDONLY1> be cautious
.Royce3> Incidentally, Bauble just got bumped.
DORCASQ> But we are only aware of the one happening that we are in at the
BKLYNANJIL> what do you mean
.Kolta> We also use our free will to determine how we react to our situation
1ANDONLY1> i can be here there everywhere
.Kolta> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Well, not everyone can do that 1andonly
.Royce3> People are getting bumped quickly now.
** .Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> i believe they can
DORCASQ> Did you boot Bauble, Royce?
BKLYNANJIL> land, what did you mean
BAUBLE48> - signed off -
.Royce3> No, I didn't boot her.
1ANDONLY1> what about
DORCASQ> I should have said "not able"
1ANDONLY1> whats boot mean
.Kolta> The system boots you out
.Royce3> As the moderator, I can kick people off this system.
DORCASQ> Boot means to get rid of someone on the chat - Royce has the power -
I was just kidding tho.
.Kolta> Be cautious of all moderators
.Royce3> I'm one of the good guys.
DORCASQ> It is confusion time again.
1ANDONLY1> dont get yourself into a situation you find you dont really want
DORCASQ> How do you know you don't want it until you are in it, 1and?
BKLYNANJIL> so, tell me plainly, i shouldn't get involved with him
** NICEMIKE1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Nice, welcome;
1ANDONLY1> ask yourself and be honest
.Kolta> That is where the cards might help. They may give you options
.Royce3> We are discussing Tarot readings.
.Mike> ..ah thanks royce
1ANDONLY1> hi Mike
BKLYNANJIL> im 17, who knows. life is a bunch of experiences, good and bad.
you learn. thats what i think
1ANDONLY1> quite right
.Royce3> Well, Bk, the Tarot is supposed to help you along the way. And it
can do so if you work with it.
DORCASQ> Yes, we do learn a lot from experience sometimes.
.Kolta> There is a lot of wisdom in what you said, jil
.Royce3> Nothing is foolproof. And according to most, the future can be
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> yep
.Royce3> Hello, Cave.
1CAVERAT> hello all
BKLYNANJIL> i don't know whether i want to be involved with him or not cause
he's a stranger. but are you saying he's bad news?
.Royce3> What's new in WV?
.Mike> - signed off -
.Kolta> That is why I do not use the Tarot to tell the future. I use it to
help with the future
1CAVERAT> better late than never
1ANDONLY1> who knows
1CAVERAT> nothing at all, Royce
DORCASQ> Does he feel like bad news to you, bkly?
.Royce3> Bky, since you are interested in divination, you might be advised to
also look into runes and the I Ching. You might like them better than the
BKLYNANJIL> he's a stranger basically. but he seems like a regular guy, no
drugs or anything like that. lol, he's kind of a dork
1ANDONLY1> I believe all the answers we need come from within no matter what
tools we use
DORCASQ> You are so right, 1and!!
.Kolta> True Land
.Royce3> Well, answers should come from both within and from external sources.
1ANDONLY1> we must reach higher consciousness to understand the greater
BKLYNANJIL> okay the thing is im too shy to go up to him. i don't know if
he's interested or not at all
.Kolta> The Tarot can help us work with our inner sources
DORCASQ> What external sources, Royce?
.Royce3> You are in school, Bky?
.Royce3> The Astral plane, the etheric plane.
1ANDONLY1> they all come from within
1ANDONLY1> we can only get there from within
1CAVERAT> you all lost me tonite!
DORCASQ> If he is interested, bkly, he will come to you.
1ANDONLY1> i lost myself years ago lol
DORCASQ> I'm still looking for myself
.Kolta> We were talking about divination, Caverat
.Royce3> Well get close to him in the hall or by the bus stop while you are
carrying some books. Then drop the books. Pretend to have done it
accidentally. He will help you pick them up. At that point start to
.Royce3> talk.
DORCASQ> yea, Royce, how about dropping a glove?
1ANDONLY1> if your lucky he will pick them up
BKLYNANJIL> oh my god...
1ANDONLY1> break a shoe
DORCASQ> throw a brick at him!
.Kolta> The old drop the hanky bit
1ANDONLY1> or faint
.Royce3> don't be a wise a.. It will work
1CAVERAT> catch you all later!!
1ANDONLY1> bye
DORCASQ> bye, Cave
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
.Kolta> Poor Caverat
.Royce3> I don't think the girl needs dumb remarks
DORCASQ> We give good relationship advice here, don't we?
1ANDONLY1> oh sorry Royce
1ANDONLY1> its the devil in me
DORCASQ> Me too!
.Kolta> Me also
DORCASQ> I have to let out my dark side sometimes.
BKLYNANJIL> throw a brick? it'll probably bounce off his afro
DORCASQ> I do it a lot on these chats, ha
DORCASQ> Throw it lower.
1ANDONLY1> cannot stop myself at times
.Royce3> Don't push any relationship.
DORCASQ> Very good advice, Royce!!
1ANDONLY1> quite right
.Kolta> Do not play too easy to get
DORCASQ> If it is meant to happen, it will.
** BAUBLE48 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Royce3> That's it DorQ
1ANDONLY1> well said Dorc
.Kolta> Bauble!!!!!!!
DORCASQ> Hey Baubs, you found your way back!
BAUBLE48> Not me Had a lot of help
BKLYNANJIL> hey, but seriously, do you think he's interested or not?
1ANDONLY1> what do u think
DORCASQ> How could we know, only you can tell.
.Royce3> Who can be sure,Bky. You may not be interested in him after you talk
to him.
1ANDONLY1> your the only 1 that knows
** JEMMA5 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Royce3> Jemma5 , welcome.
BKLYNANJIL> sometimes i think he is sometimes no, i don't know..
JEMMA5> Hi everyone
1ANDONLY1> confusion
.Kolta> Hi Jemma
BKLYNANJIL> im confused!
BAUBLE48> Always respect yourself BKJIL Then others will also
.Royce3> We are very close to closing time. We close at 7:30 est. We will
return on Tuesday at 6:00 est PM. I want to thank you all for coming. You are
all a lot of fun.
JEMMA5> I'm new to this room, what are you all talking about
.Royce3> Were were talking about the Tarot, Jemma.
1ANDONLY1> its 1.29 am here
.Royce3> Often times we talk about UFOs or anything dealing with the
JEMMA5> O I used too read cards but not anymore
1ANDONLY1> very late
BAUBLE48> Goodnight all Have a great evening and a good day tomorrow
DORCASQ> Yes, it has been great - thanks everyone! See you all next week, I
1ANDONLY1> bye B
BAUBLE48> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have to run. Jemma please come back when there is more time.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bkly, come back again.
JEMMA5> is everyone going? what is the time there?
KOLTA:Kolta> I need to go. Have a nice evening everyone
ROYCE3:Royce3> 7:30
BKLYNANJIL> what should i do...??
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do? Do what your heart tells you.
1ANDONLY1> well better go to bed got to go to work in the morning thanks see
you next week
ROYCE3:Royce3> have a good weekend 1 and.
1ANDONLY1> hope u get your man
ROYCE3:Royce3> Take care of yourself.
JEMMA5> its only 10am here anyone left?
1ANDONLY1> u to Royce
1ANDONLY1> where u from Jemma
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jemma, i am afraid it is a lost cause here for you tonight.
JEMMA5> Australia
BKLYNANJIL> damn. im back to square 1
JEMMA5> o well I can come back another time
ROYCE3:Royce3> Goodness, that is a long way off. Please do join us on
Tuesday, Jemma.
1ANDONLY1> g'day
JEMMA5> ok I will
ROYCE3:Royce3> come back at 6:00 PM est.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good night, all.
ROYCE3:Royce3> - signed off -