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Logging at 1-AUG-2000 17:54)
(When done use /NOLOG to send this log via e-mail to < >
with subject line "Ufotalk-Time")
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Dorq
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> did you receive my new report?
ROYCE3:Royce3> What's the good word everyone?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, jeff, I got it. Thank you.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> fine
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq is now editing it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Bauble.
DORCASQ> ereh gnorw si gnihtemoS
BAUBLE49> Hello All
DORCASQ> ??????????
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> See.... she is an expert.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, Kolta.
DORCASQ> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi everyone!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I must have insulted Dorq.
** ROCKET882 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> How is your day going ,Kolta?
KOLTA:Kolta> Or I did by coming in.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Rocket, welcome.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, maybe it was you ,Kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hmm
ROCKET882:Rocket> Hi Royce, hello Jeff
KOLTA:Kolta> I came and Dorc left
ROCKET882:Rocket> Hi Kolta
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi Rocket
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hey Dorcasq, what happened?
DORCASQ> Something is wrong with my screen!
KOLTA:Kolta> Goo, now I do not have to feel guilty
DORCASQ> And my typing came on backwards.
KOLTA:Kolta> Good
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hmmmm, gremlins are about!
DORCASQ> It keeps hiliting itself
** 1ANDONLY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
ROCKET882:Rocket> only in Delphi
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, 1andonly
1ANDONLY1> Hi room.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi 1and
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is grid there, too?
ROCKET882:Rocket> Hi 1
1ANDONLY1> not tonight Royce
DORCASQ> This is weird - I don't know what to do about it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, 1and, i hope she is well. Please give her our best.
DORCASQ> Hi everyone....anyway!
1ANDONLY1> what is that dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcq, things look fine from here.
1ANDONLY1> We will Royce
DORCASQ> My screen is acting goofy!!
ROCKET882:Rocket> What seems to be the problem Dorcasq?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Your messages are coming through nicely, Dorcq.
DORCASQ> Not here, Royce
1ANDONLY1> perhaps it's the Plutonians Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, they are perfect from this end.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can you read what the rest of us are typing ,Drocasq?
KOLTA:Kolta> They are fine from where I am
DORCASQ> My screen keeps highlighting itself and isn't as big as usual.
BAUBLE49> Maybe you are experiencing another reality shift Dorc???
ROCKET882:Rocket> Same here Dorca
1ANDONLY1> size isn't everything Dorc
DORCASQ> hahahah
ROCKET882:Rocket> Mines been doing that for about a week
ROYCE3:Royce3> O.K., Dorcasq, but everything is coming through fine.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Where do you live Dorc?
DORCASQ> My type was typing backwards when I first came on.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I wouldn't know.
BAUBLE49> funny land
ROCKET882:Rocket> Hi Baubble
DORCASQ> Oh well, I will struggle through
1ANDONLY1> what's the topic tonight Royce?
BAUBLE49> Hi Rocket
DORCASQ> In PA, Rocket
ROYCE3:Royce3> Intuition, 1and.
ROCKET882:Rocket> ty
ROYCE3:Royce3> How we develop it and use it.
1ANDONLY1> I thought it might be !!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, you intuited it!
DORCASQ> You should have known, 1and
1ANDONLY1> I think I did Dor
DORCASQ> Where are you, Rocket?
BAUBLE49> Guess you don't have any intuition Rocket or you wouldn't have had to ask Royce......
ROCKET882:Rocket> New Mexico...But my monitors been highlighting as well.
DORCASQ> hmmmm
1ANDONLY1> Hmmmm
ROYCE3:Royce3> Does anyone have anyone to put on the prayer list?
KOLTA:Kolta> aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
ROCKET882:Rocket> You got mac Dorc?
DORCASQ> Prayer List, anyone??
ROYCE3:Royce3> You want to put Sony on? dorcasq?
BAUBLE49> I don't have to have a monitor watching over me. I'm so good.
DORCASQ> Yeah, and AOL
ROCKET882:Rocket> You computer not monitor.
1ANDONLY1> put Grid and her family on the list please Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> I want to put Muffy, the cat on.
KOLTA:Kolta> Please keep MIchael on
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, 1and.
ROCKET882:Rocket> What list?
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have a prayer list , Rocket.
DORCASQ> My computer is a Sony
ROYCE3:Royce3> And person or critter can be put on the list. Computers cannot be put on.
ROYCE3:Royce3> any
KOLTA:Kolta> We will pray for your Sony
ROCKET882:Rocket> is this a religous forum?
BAUBLE49> Royce can be funny without even trying
ROYCE3:Royce3> NO
ROYCE3:Royce3> NO, NO
ROYCE3:Royce3> NO, NO ,NO
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Now that we have that settled.
BAUBLE49> Spiritual
ROCKET882:Rocket> whewww
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes,
KOLTA:Kolta> Talk about being emphatic Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> scared me a tad
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> wb Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we sometimes have to work to get the word out! :-)
BAUBLE49> That's the only work he is sure he has spelled correctly Kolta
ROCKET882:Rocket> Paryers seem like hopes and wishes...<G>
KOLTA:Kolta> That's funny Bauble
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, rocket, people often misinterpret.
BAUBLE49> How are you doing that Dorc. Is your niece there typing backwords for you???
ROCKET882:Rocket> lol Bauble
KOLTA:Kolta> Poor Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq is having her problems.
ROCKET882:Rocket> yes
KOLTA:Kolta> 1and :-)
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq, had an interesting psychic experience that I was hoping she could tell us about today. But the story is on the message board.
ROCKET882:Rocket> cool
1ANDONLY1> will check it later
BAUBLE49> I sure am not in the mood to read it all backwards Royce. so please don't ask her to repeat it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> So how many of you are familiar with the right brain vs left brain concept?
KOLTA:Kolta> I am
1ANDONLY1> me too
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is anyone not familiar with it?
BAUBLE49> me too
ROCKET882:Rocket> <--is
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you consider yourselves primarily "right" brained?
KOLTA:Kolta> I would say I am right brained
ROCKET882:Rocket> I do
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> please explain
1ANDONLY1> I often feel NO brainrd
BAUBLE49> I do my best not to use either side of my brain--too stressful you know
ROYCE3:Royce3> A right brained person is usually more artistic and intuitive. A left brained person is more logical, usually more scientifically minded.
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> same here Baub
KOLTA:Kolta> They say thinking is hazardous to your health Bauble
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome home, Dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Oh Crap - now I know how Jeff feels.
DORCASQ> I hope you are logging, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, we are drawing parallels, Dorq.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Dorcasq.
ROCKET882:Rocket> <--leans to the right when walking
** UGLY_HO just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
BAUBLE49> Is that why I am in excellent health Kolta??
1ANDONLY1> I believe that is the other way round Royce!
UGLY_HO> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Did you see my HELP come on backwards before?
KOLTA:Kolta> I will put it this way, you are intelligent and do not overdo things
BAUBLE49> So which is it then?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I thought we might have a troll.
BAUBLE49> TY kolta
ROYCE3:Royce3> Does anyone consider themself to be left brained?
KOLTA:Kolta> I was afraid of that too Royce
BAUBLE49> Yes Dorc we did and you missed my response
DORCASQ> I probably missed a lot!
1ANDONLY1> I always read that the right hemisphere of the brain controlled logical thought and the left covered intuition and art
ROCKET882:Rocket> I use my left quite alot...
DORCASQ> That is what I thought, 1and
ROYCE3:Royce3> 1and, the left brain folks are the logical ones.
ROCKET882:Rocket> yes thats what I hear as well.
BAUBLE49> Rocket would you say you are intuitive or mental
1ANDONLY1> I must disagree Royce
DORCASQ> I am definitely mental!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> We do have mental cases here.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Whats your point Royce?
KOLTA:Kolta> Mental cases, Us????
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, if we are to develop our intuition, we must learn to open up the right side of our brain.
DORCASQ> I am a mental intuitive
ROYCE3:Royce3> For instance there is an excellent book that teaches people to draw called Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain, by Betty Edwards.
ROCKET882:Rocket> That may be true...but some people are born intuitive
ROYCE3:Royce3> her book focused on opening up that side of the brain.
DORCASQ> That is true, rocket
KOLTA:Kolta> However, I think we all can learn to use our intuition
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Rocket, some people naturally use one side more than others.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ideally, we have balance.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Then mental elementof thinging is the bad part that conditions our reflex or reaction.
ROYCE3:Royce3> the yin and the yang--as is stated in the Taoist tradition.
1ANDONLY1> that is the goal Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> opps thinking
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, we need balance. Sadly, most of us aren't that well balanced in our thinking.
KOLTA:Kolta> thinging royce?
ROCKET882:Rocket> true Royce...
KOLTA:Kolta> Very true
DORCASQ> When I have taken tests, I come out as an intuition type person.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have had to take tests where you had to pick out objects from a maze?
ROCKET882:Rocket> no test here
KOLTA:Kolta> no
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have, and until I started doing meditation execises--Sufi meditation exercises--I couln't pick a darn think out of those mazes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> That leads me to believe that this can be taught.
1ANDONLY1> then you need to develope your intuition Royce
DORCASQ> Sure, everyone has the ability
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't have a problem with the tests now, 1and.
ROCKET882:Rocket> I think being intuitive is a small part of a natural knowing state
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is the point.
DORCASQ> We just all focus on one more than the others.
BAUBLE49> I have Royce and I'm fairly good at it
1ANDONLY1> where does intuition stop and instinct begin?
ROCKET882:Rocket> lol multitasking?
DORCASQ> There is a big difference 1and
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think we sometimes mix up the two, 1and.
DORCASQ> But don't ask me to explain it.
KOLTA:Kolta> It is a good question though, 1and
ROYCE3:Royce3> Now, damn, dorcasq. I intuited that you would cop out.
1ANDONLY1> you must have known what I was going to say Dorc
DORCASQ> Intuition is a knowing
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok

As of 18:22:10
18) Ufotalk-Time
ROYCE3:Royce3, JEFFLOVE999:jefflove, BAUBLE49, KOLTA:Kolta, ROCKET882:Rocket, 1ANDONLY1, DORCASQ
** UGLY_HO just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
DORCASQ> Instinct is just a reflex
UGLY_HO> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Good distinction Dorc
DORCASQ> Something like that
ROCKET882:Rocket> Instinct is a reation of data Intuition is knoledge
ROCKET882:Rocket> IMO
1ANDONLY1> is not a reflex an action coming from knowledge?
DORCASQ> Better put, Rocket
DORCASQ> No, I don't think so, 1and
ROYCE3:Royce3> I keep getting the boot command ready for our suspected troll.
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> Good for you Royce
DORCASQ> He must be having trouble too.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi Sat
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Satellite, welcome.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> thank you
1ANDONLY1> Hmmm. I feel an article coming on Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about intuition, Sat.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How to develop it.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Hi Sattelite
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> oooo
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i live by intuition
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hi satellite
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi jeff!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi rocket!@
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have consciously worked to improve your intuition?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi Kolta!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i have
DORCASQ> Shall I write an article, 1and?
1ANDONLY1> Hi sat Hi jeff
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi 1
DORCASQ> I work to try to trust it more.
KOLTA:Kolta> I have through meditation
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about how you have worked to develop your intuition ,Sat.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> what is intuition?
ROYCE3:Royce3> And Dorcq, we would love to have an article from you.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> first of all, i trust my intuition
DORCASQ> That is good, Sat
1ANDONLY1> you write your perspective Dorc and I'll write mine and we will compare them
KOLTA:Kolta> That has been discussed already Jeff
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> each time it proves correct it is strengthened
DORCASQ> Ok 1and - they will probably be the same.
ROYCE3:Royce3> A very good question, Jeff. Please write a brief definition of what you think it is, then we can respond to that definition.
DORCASQ> And you will be writing about reflex, right 1and?
1ANDONLY1> except for where they differ Dorc
1ANDONLY1> Yes Dorc
BAUBLE49> Would you believe I knew Jeff was going to ask that question....
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> lol
1ANDONLY1> I did too Baub
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i know i use my intuitive powers a great deal
ROYCE3:Royce3> How do you folks think intuition works?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> but i am not even sure exactly
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> "what" intuition is?
BAUBLE49> Intuition is Knowledge!!!!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> it is a different sphere of intelligence?
1ANDONLY1> on an instinctive level Royce
KOLTA:Kolta> Intuition is an inner knowing that comes from the heart and an intinct is a reflex without thinking or inner knowledge
DORCASQ> Right, K!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> something you don't think about exactly
BAUBLE49> good K
DORCASQ> It comes from "our higher self"
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> you can "intuit" information about people if you pay attention enough
ROCKET882:Rocket> I feel that we are born with all knowing intuition, and as time progress', we are programed to trust out instinct. But the Intuition is an all know state in which we continue to activate out of necessity
** REYGOLD just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Some people believe that three things are involved: our learned experiences, telepathically obtained information and information from the cosmic record.
1ANDONLY1> Kolta could write the article on behalf of Dorc and Myself and we would both agree with it!!!
REYGOLD> hello all
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i think we are programmed to NOT trust our intuition!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello reygold, we are talking about intuition.
DORCASQ> Yes, 1and
DORCASQ> Right, Sat, we are taught to be rational.
ROCKET882:Rocket> agreed Sat.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Some of us are predominately left brained ;others are predominately right brained .
BAUBLE49> Yes I think so too Sat
KOLTA:Kolta> In our culture, it is the rational that is emphasized rather than intuition
1ANDONLY1> conditioning Sat
ROYCE3:Royce3> So please consider the elements I listed.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Does telepathy play a part?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> right
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anybody?
ROCKET882:Rocket> Not so much taught.but it the minds way of survival.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Not so much taught.but it the minds way of survival.
** SOARINGONE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
ROCKET882:Rocket> opps..dang lag.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello soaringone, we are talking about intuition and how it works
BAUBLE49> good anyway Rocket
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> intuition is the ability to have immediate, girect knowledge without the use of reason
SOARINGONE> just thought Id pop in while I eat my pizza. Been curious about this forum. Hello everybody!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> good jeff!!!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> direct
ROCKET882:Rocket> <G>
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you think that intuition is added by our receiveing telepathic messages?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i like that theory
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, Jeff.
DORCASQ> Good to have you here, Soaringone
BAUBLE49> If we are aware of doing telepathy then it is part of intuition
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> there is no thinking involved right jeff?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> you just "
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, I think that is good Jeff. Who would like to add to Jeff's definition?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> you just "know"
KOLTA:Kolta> Good answer Bauble
ROCKET882:Rocket> That's an interesting thought Royce...I have no clue on that.
DORCASQ> I don't know if telepathy and intuition have anything to do with each other.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> but you don't know how you know!
REYGOLD> What makes up a telepathic message Royce?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> just that you do know
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> and it is so natural you don't even question it
1ANDONLY1> yes Sat
ROCKET882:Rocket> why does it have to be a message?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think you will have to expand upon you r question, Rey.
ROCKET882:Rocket> just a congnition of a thought process.
ROYCE3:Royce3> With telepathy, information usually comes to the mind quite spontaneously.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It may come as words or images.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> yes
DORCASQ> I don't think that is the same as intuition.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> sometimes very peripherally
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, it doesn't have to be a message in the formal sense.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> sometimes very clearly and distinctly
1ANDONLY1> a telepathic 'message' is a communication without need of a common language
ROYCE3:Royce3> But can telepathy be an aspect of intuition?
ROCKET882:Rocket> are you sure? or is it a defense system your mind is saying?
SOARINGONE> - signed off -
REYGOLD> Well the brain recieves trillions of bits of info, which is the filtered; what out of all that info could be cosidered telepathic?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Are we picking up information from the minds of other people and then responding as though we were using our intuition?
KOLTA:Kolta> I feel the more intuitive one is the stronger they will be telepathically
ROCKET882:Rocket> no one knows that for sure..
** SOARINGONE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> yes K
KOLTA:Kolta> wb Soaring
BAUBLE49> Like if you hear your Mom's voice calling your name and you go to the phone to call her and she says I was hoping you would call me just now
ROYCE3:Royce3> Rocket, yes that is a fact. I don't think anyone knows for sure.

As of 18:35:13
18) Ufotalk-Time
1ANDONLY1> but it is like saying can the body exist without a brain or a heart
ROCKET882:Rocket> Dejavue?
BAUBLE49> WB, Soar
ROYCE3:Royce3> How do you figure that 1and?
1ANDONLY1> does telpathy come with intuition
ROYCE3:Royce3> I do the a person's superconsciousness can survive without a body, 1and.
KOLTA:Kolta> However, intuition is an inner thing and we can receive telepathic messages from an outside source
BAUBLE49> I do too Royce
1ANDONLY1> all work together and cannot be segregated
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> yes intuition is a very personal thing
SOARINGONE> intuition manifests as an inner thing, but where is the origin????
DORCASQ> Why do you want to tie in telepathy with intuition, Royce?
** FRIACH just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> At death we are separated, 1and--body and soul are separated.
BAUBLE49> Correct land
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> not everyone inuits the same way!~
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Fraich, we are discussing intuition.
KOLTA:Kolta> However, as I said, you can not really divide intuition and telepathy. Intuition will clarify the message for you
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> intuits
ROCKET882:Rocket> I don't believe telepathy exsist at all.

As of 18:37:11
18) Ufotalk-Time
ROYCE3:Royce3, JEFFLOVE999:jefflove, BAUBLE49, KOLTA:Kolta, ROCKET882:Rocket, 1ANDONLY1, DORCASQ, SATELLITE8:Satellite8, REYGOLD

FRIACH> Hail earthlings!
1ANDONLY1> I am not disputing that Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> ok, 1and.
FRIACH> i am a visitor from a planet far away
BAUBLE49> What would you call it then Rocket?
ROCKET882:Rocket> I try not to listen to my mind...
1ANDONLY1> as are we all Friach
ROYCE3:Royce3> Probably the term intuition is safe. For example, Rocket doesn't want to accept that telepathy exists. so he is probably more comfortable with the word intuition.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Its a survial packace we all are programed to listen.
FRIACH> mm deep very deep i and onlyi
DORCASQ> I don't think the two are the same!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Probably a lot of people feel like rocket.
BAUBLE49> Both are parts of the one
1ANDONLY1> it's all words anyway royce
REYGOLD> define telepathy Royce.
ROCKET882:Rocket> I know...that...My mind is my worst enemy Royce
KOLTA:Kolta> Very true Bauble
ROYCE3:Royce3> Using the word intuition eliminates the need to believe in telepathy or the paranormal.
FRIACH> and you are up your own arses
DORCASQ> Royce is trying to confuse us, as usual.
ROCKET882:Rocket> I trust it not.
KOLTA:Kolta> arses Royce?
FRIACH> or butts for the Americans
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Friach, you have your opinion. Expand upon what you think.
DORCASQ> Why do you say that, royce?
SOARINGONE> Is your chat open at certain times?
ROCKET882:Rocket> Thosesa are phy. terms that man invented to write more books to really complacate the trealy truth.
FRIACH> thanks royce but you are also up your own butt
/xboot FRIACH
FRIACH is being ejected from Conference by ROYCE3
FRIACH> - signed off -
Five minute blacklist in effect.
BAUBLE49> gonzo
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we are rid of him.
DORCASQ> Good riddance, Friach
KOLTA:Kolta> Oh dear!!!!
SOARINGONE> Where DO these people come from????? lol
ROCKET882:Rocket> forgive my typos...I am the worst typist
BAUBLE49> Ok Rocket You have apoint there
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, they don't have a lot going for them.
KOLTA:Kolta> Talk about being mental
REYGOLD> something must be up his butt!
ROCKET882:Rocket> gezzsh...
BAUBLE49> Just so you forgive us also Rocket!!!
ROCKET882:Rocket> lol
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> they come from the same place we all come from \
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, he has a problem, Reygold. There are a lot of sad little people like that guy I booted.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> just on a lower plane
ROCKET882:Rocket> <G> B
SOARINGONE> Guess maybe they just forgot
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> emotionally and mentally
KOLTA:Kolta> Right Sat.
DORCASQ> Anyway...I believe in telepathy AND intuition.
1ANDONLY1> yes Sat
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i would venture to say his intuition is undeveloped
BAUBLE49> why don't you think they are connected Dorc?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> and he is not a very happy human.
ROYCE3:Royce3> So how many of you belive in a cosmic consciousness, like that which Jung described?
DORCASQ> I think you can have one without the other, Baub
ROCKET882:Rocket> Miss understood..
BAUBLE49> I do
1ANDONLY1> yes
KOLTA:Kolta> I do Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> How do great inventors come up with solutions to problems.?
REYGOLD> don't know
ROCKET882:Rocket> I do to.
BAUBLE49> Edgar Cayce talked about the Acashic Records also
REYGOLD> intuitive leaps
DORCASQ> Not with intuition, Royce - telepathy.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> necessity is the mother of invention royce!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is the knowledge just "out there?"
1ANDONLY1> they receive telepathic communication royce
KOLTA:Kolta> Knowledge is also inside of all of us
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you have a theory about intuitive leaps, Reygold?
REYGOLD> all knowledge is out there
DORCASQ> Telepathy comes from "out there"
ROCKET882:Rocket> Buy a cognitional state of sicience and eqasions to build a model.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, that's right, Dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Intuition is "in there"
ROYCE3:Royce3> But I think a lot of us think of telepathic information as temporary--transitory.
ROCKET882:Rocket> Instinct has no such model
KOLTA:Kolta> But we use our intuition to help make sense of the out there
1ANDONLY1> I was just going to type that Dorc
DORCASQ> You can't steal someone else's intuition
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> dooo dooo dooo doo kolta
ROYCE3:Royce3> The cosmic consciousness is supposed to be permanent and cumulative.
SOARINGONE> Many who have died and seen the 'other' side have spoken on this subject,yet we who have not had that experience continue to speculate and ask the same question. If I wanted to know abound Spain, and
SOARINGONE> I had not been there I would consult someone who had. Not someone who just speculated. My opinion*s*
ROCKET882:Rocket> but only data to the cause and effect, I think.
REYGOLD> like I said before, the brain is recieving trillions of bits of info
BAUBLE49> But without intuition listening you wouldn't be aware that you are receiving a telepathic message
1ANDONLY1> you cannot teach anyone you own ituition either Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, that is an Ok. approach, Soaringone.
DORCASQ> right, 1and
ROCKET882:Rocket> so they claim Sorgin. and if they truly did. whos to say that that is not part of the survival process.
DORCASQ> Intuition doesn't "listen" Baub
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe we all access this cosmic consciousness to a greater or less degree.
REYGOLD> what if your filters aren't set correctly to pick up on certain info
1ANDONLY1> we do Royce
KOLTA:Kolta> Intuition listens when we are in meditation Dorc
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think so, 1and.
DORCASQ> Well....true K
ROCKET882:Rocket> Intuition is a scratch of Tuition
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Kolta, I think meditation changes our filtering process.
BAUBLE49> No, K, sometimes in work situations for instance we have to go by our 'gut' feelings
KOLTA:Kolta> Intuition helps us get to the truth of the out there
DORCASQ> A 'gut' feeling is the same as intuition.
BAUBLE49> So we use intuition in many areas of our life
SOARINGONE> If we cannot have faith in anything how can we even move toward tomorrow? Why do we even search for answers maybe there arent any? That line of thought is hard for me to comprehend.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you actually feel something in your "gut", literally when you have a hunch?
KOLTA:Kolta> But, through meditation, we increase our intuitive abilities Bauble
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1CAVERAT> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> True K
ROCKET882:Rocket> yes Kolta,I think that is likely
1ANDONLY1> yes K
DORCASQ> I don't, literally, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Soaringgone can you expand upon that?
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DORCASQ> Sometimes I get chills or tingles
1CAVERAT> hi all
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome Caverat. We are talking about intuition .
BAUBLE49> Great way to start to learn if you think you have no intuitive abilities, K
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> because of hope Soaringone
1ANDONLY1> hi Cave
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi caverat!
1CAVERAT> just dropped in for a minute
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi Cave
ROYCE3:Royce3> Glad to have you cave.
REYGOLD> gotta go all, can't do four things at once
BAUBLE49> That's a good example Dorc
1CAVERAT> at work, can't stay
DORCASQ> Why not, Rley?
KOLTA:Kolta> Bye Reygold
BAUBLE49> bye Rey
1ANDONLY1> bye rey
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you believe that precognition figures into intuition?
ROCKET882:Rocket> I donno about that faith thing Sorg.
ROYCE3:Royce3> See ya rey
REYGOLD> i might be back later, till then
ROYCE3:Royce3> come back
DORCASQ> Royce, why do you keep trying to tie all these other things into intuition???
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hmmm...precognition is knowing that an event will happen right?
1ANDONLY1> ty Dorc
ROCKET882:Rocket> I know it does
1CAVERAT> catch you later
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm just covering a lot of what was in your book ,Dorcasq.
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Because there is a tie in with all psychic abilities with intuition
ROYCE3:Royce3> SuperLearning
ROCKET882:Rocket> its is true Sat
1ANDONLY1> what book Dorc
BAUBLE49> I think that all of these ESP abilities are part of the whole
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> knowing it before it happens
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ROYCE3:Royce3> I think you are right, Bauble.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi Joni
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello steve.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> intuition is more complex
ROCKET882:Rocket> Or that it happened sattelite
1ANDONLY1> hi Joni
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> you can have a precognition of 1 event and never again
DORCASQ> Yes, but we can cover a whole of other topics then too to tie them all in.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Steve/Joni we are discussing intuition and how it works.
KOLTA:Kolta> Intuition is the foundation for everything else
REYGOLD> - signed off -
JONI186> hi sorry missed last week ,work
ROYCE3:Royce3> How do you mean Kolta?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> but i think intuition is a highly developed facet of each of us
ROYCE3:Royce3> No problem Steve/Joni
DORCASQ> Yes, Sat, intuition is the highest
KOLTA:Kolta> The stronger your intuition, the better yout psychic abilities
KOLTA:Kolta> your
BAUBLE49> We may be using it and we may not even be aware that we are
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> right. perhaps you can't have precognition without intuition?
ROCKET882:Rocket> Bravo! Kolta...well put
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, manybe everyone's intuition doesn't work the same.
KOLTA:Kolta> INtuition keeps your psychic abilities grounded
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Rocket
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> some people actually ignore their intuitive abilities
BAUBLE49> Which is important K
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> others are highly sensitive and aware of them
1ANDONLY1> never think that you know it all
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe some of us are more attuned to physical clues , while others are more attuned to psychic clues. However, the mode of knowing that we use may not be known to us.
ROCKET882:Rocket> To go a step futhur is to say that tuition is the fundamental foundation of everything
KOLTA:Kolta> True 1and
BAUBLE49> That's for sure land!!
DORCASQ> True, intuition helps regulate all these other things
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us what you mean by that, Dorq
KOLTA:Kolta> For sure Rocket
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i think we use our intuitive powers every day many many times just living
BAUBLE49> Thanks Rocket. That is what i've been saying all thru the chat
DORCASQ> I'm agreeing with Kolta, Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> Is intuition the process... or is tuition it?
DORCASQ> What is tuition?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm a bit confused: what the the word tuition mean in our context, Rocket?
BAUBLE49> monies owed....
KOLTA:Kolta> What is the difference between intuition and tuition?
DORCASQ> I thought it was the cost of schooling.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hahaha
ROYCE3:Royce3> Somebody help us with the definition.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> tuition?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> is the cost to get an education
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes
ROCKET882:Rocket> Intuition is the way we interpert the effect of Tuition.
1ANDONLY1> I remember a quote.."much knowledge does not learning make"
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hahah arocket
DORCASQ> But what is Tuition, Rocket??
KOLTA:Kolta> But what is tuition?
BAUBLE49> Could be
ROYCE3:Royce3> Please expand uponthat ,rocket.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> that is a good one!
SOARINGONE> k Im back. got about 10 min.
ROCKET882:Rocket> ThAll knowing Dorc
BAUBLE49> Good Soar
ROCKET882:Rocket> The single cognite thought.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Glad to have you Soaringgone.

As of 18:56:49
18) Ufotalk-Time
DORCASQ> I never heard that word used that way before.
KOLTA:Kolta> Neither have I
SOARINGONE> ty You seem to be intelligent people, how nice
DORCASQ> Geee thanks, Soar
SOARINGONE> My name is actually Soaring Eagle. Gotta change that
ROYCE3:Royce3> We just try hard Soar. :-)
1ANDONLY1> all is not as it seems then Soar
BAUBLE49> Rocket, now you are adding another word. We have too many words now on these subjects that is confusing enough
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i will be afk watching 3 STOOGES
SOARINGONE> have a good time
ROYCE3:Royce3> All right, let's talk about how precognition fits into all of this talk about intution. Is it a part?
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
1ANDONLY1> yes
ROCKET882:Rocket> well, the linquistice is the problem of the truth..I know its tough.
BAUBLE49> yes it is tuff
SOARINGONE> hmmmmmm. all these words to define the same thing, a knowing.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do all of you agree? Rocket, do you believe in precognition?
1ANDONLY1> the biggest problem Roc
BAUBLE49> exactly Soar
KOLTA:Kolta> Right Soaring
DORCASQ> I am suspending my judgment
ROCKET882:Rocket> langue always gets in the way bauble, of the topicsanyway.
DORCASQ> That is so true!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Precognition is seeing the future. Do you all think that it's possible to see the future?
ROCKET882:Rocket> No Royce I dont believe anything...I know the Preconition is real.
BAUBLE49> We should just learn to read each others minds maybe...????
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok, rocket, that is fair enough.
ROCKET882:Rocket> when you have to believe it turn into a lie...I feel anyway.
SOARINGONE> Maybe we know how and just forgot!?????
BAUBLE49> OK Rocket!
1ANDONLY1> I believe in the Source/Force/Godhead and that we can tap into it with varying degrees of accuracy
KOLTA:Kolta> I think you are right Soaring
ROYCE3:Royce3> But Rocket you say that you don't believe in telepathy, but you believe in precognition. That surprises me a bit.
ROCKET882:Rocket> "the Truth Believed is a lie"
SOARINGONE> good quote rocket!
DORCASQ> That's the words again, Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> I know that Telepathy does not exsist
BAUBLE49> We KNOW all of this exists even if we don't have the exact definitions
1ANDONLY1> "the Truth Lived is Truth"
KOLTA:Kolta> Very good 1and
ROCKET882:Rocket> the very word "Believe is a liquistical error.
DORCASQ> allright!!
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Littletiger, welcome
SOARINGONE> But the Truth that we believe is just a perception of the Truth. Absolute Truth is beyond our finite words or descriptions.
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about intuition.
ROCKET882:Rocket> part of our survial mech.
1ANDONLY1> so remove the words Soar
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we seem to all agree that precognition can occur or, in the case of some, they know it occurs.
BAUBLE49> yes R
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is the future set in stone?
SOARINGONE> If we remove the words we can no longer communicate, then what?
ROCKET882:Rocket> I don't think that works in my world Soar.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> we usuaqlly want evidence evidence evidence
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can the future be changed?
BAUBLE49> We still have our minds Soar
KOLTA:Kolta> No, Royce. The future can be changed if energies are changed
DORCASQ> How is precognition different from telepathy?
ROCKET882:Rocket> Yes we can...we just choose not to Soar.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many agree with Kolta?
BAUBLE49> True Jeff
SOARINGONE> Yes but we are striving to remember how to do that. Maybe the words help us to come closer.
1ANDONLY1> I do Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> Boy! there's a loaded question!
BAUBLE49> hahahah Rocket
1ANDONLY1> agrre with K I mean
DORCASQ> I believe that Kolta is right.
ROYCE3:Royce3> No, not really, Rocket.
LITTLETIGER2> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Some people say that people who control their third eye see the future but that the future is, really, a set of probabilities.
BAUBLE49> Yes of course Soar We have a lot to learn yet. At least some of us do
1ANDONLY1> perhaps the world needs a new vocabluary
ROCKET882:Rocket> No Soar..the word gert in the way of Power and religon.
KOLTA:Kolta> I will agree with that 1and
SOARINGONE> We are not aware of using 3/4 of our brain, what then is the potential of the human. Perhaps all this intuition etc. lies in the mystery realm of the mind.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Further, some say that all possibilites of the future exist in some form on the etheric plane.
BAUBLE49> Exactly Soar
1ANDONLY1> and that to come into physical being it has already happened on an astral level Royce!
ROCKET882:Rocket> Why does there have to be potential?
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is the essense of it, 1and, yes.
1ANDONLY1> as below
ROCKET882:Rocket> Do you think that we are her to be what?
SOARINGONE> A great teacher of mine once said, 'Let us not waste time finding differences and determining why something cant be. Rather let us find the common threads and determine how to achieve all things'
BAUBLE49> If all possibilities exist then we can choose to direct our path to a certain possibility
SOARINGONE> I think that is more productive,
JONI186> Are not the past ,present ,and future all coexistant in the now
1ANDONLY1> yes soar
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, according to perennial philosophies, there don't have to be potentials. There just are potentials. It is just the way it is. They don't consider it to be a theory.
DORCASQ> Very good, Soar
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes, they are Joni
ROCKET882:Rocket> Uwell did you need to hear that Soar? or did you natually know it?
1ANDONLY1> depends upon your perspective joni
KOLTA:Kolta> We can efect the past and the future in the present
JONI186> so it is wether we pick them up or not
ROCKET882:Rocket> Great Topic Royce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Kolta, that is the view of many of those involved with the remote viewing work that has been done for the past twenty years.
SOARINGONE> Do you folks meet often?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thank you, rocket.
BAUBLE49> We meet every Tues. and Wed At 6pm to 7:30pm
DORCASQ> Every Tues and Wed at 6 PM EDT, Soar
ROCKET882:Rocket> I don't see how both can work for me.
1ANDONLY1> evry tuesday and wednesday
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think that the remote viewing techniques also fit into this picture concerning intuition.
KOLTA:Kolta> I agree Royce
BAUBLE49> me too
1ANDONLY1> me too Royce
ROCKET882:Rocket> No me Royce
SOARINGONE> I wish that I did not have to go! I am always searching for places and ways to challenge my own mind and ideas. I think this may be a good one.
DORCASQ> I'm not sure
JONI186> when my wife met me she said she saw two paths to take ,and that they actually looked like paths of light and that she had the choice
DORCASQ> I mean - not sure in answer to Royce
BAUBLE49> Try us again Sometime Soar
SOARINGONE> Rocket , do you agree with anything? lol
ROCKET882:Rocket> Remote viewing percentages are not high enough for my liking.
ROYCE3:Royce3> According to Eastern tradition, there is a dimension where there's not past present or future, only the infinite NOW.
1ANDONLY1> it may challenge your sanity Soar
BAUBLE49> OK, Dorc!
ROCKET882:Rocket> Sure.Soar..
KOLTA:Kolta> Please come back Soar
ROCKET882:Rocket> I am in agreement that we are disussing
SOARINGONE> geez Rocket I was just kidding.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Rocket, the CIA funded and used the technique for 20 years, but I suppose one could argue that the percentages aren't high enough unless other data is combined.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bye soar
ROCKET882:Rocket> <G> soar winks
1ANDONLY1> bye Soar
DORCASQ> Please come back again, Soar
ROCKET882:Rocket> yes but thats still not showing the results
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes do come back.
BAUBLE49> Let's have "a pick on Rocket day chat" someday......
DORCASQ> We did hat last week, didn't we?
SOARINGONE> Rocket, you remind me of myself about 4-5 years ago. sooo busy thinking eveything I got too serious. Sooooo, Source sent me more kids! lol
1ANDONLY1> lets do it again
ROYCE3:Royce3> rocket, I suggest you read mental radio by Upton Sinclair. i think you will be very impressed with the results of remote viewing.
BAUBLE49> Oh, did we? Then I probabley enjoyed it
BAUBLE49> Funny Soar!
ROCKET882:Rocket> Thats only due to the fact that its a learning process to find the answeres that Russia has been doing it 20 years befor us. So we reacted to explore its venue.
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SATELLITE8:Satellite8> how can one get a copy of that book royce?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello soronwolf, welcome.
BAUBLE49> I'll vote for that land
ROCKET882:Rocket> Ha hahah! Soar!
SORONWOLF:Soron> Greetings..
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about intuition and the ways that it works.
ROCKET882:Rocket> fun to think and not listen...
SORONWOLF:Soron> Intuition...?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> royce? how does one get a copy of that book you mentioned?
DORCASQ> Fun to listen and not think
SORONWOLF:Soron> k...a strong suit of mine...
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have used intuition in a significant way today?
ROCKET882:Rocket> lol royce...
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, repeat your definition of intuition.
DORCASQ> What book, Sat?
SOARINGONE> Soron, we seem to travel in similar circles.
1ANDONLY1> I 'knew' Delphi would be good to me tonight!
ROCKET882:Rocket> <---Knows he has to go to the rest room know.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Mental Radio? Is that the book you mean Sat?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> the upton sinclair book royce mentioned
SORONWOLF:Soron> Good to see you Soaring..
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ROCKET882:Rocket> lol\
DORCASQ> I don't know that I used intuition today, R.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello RSTHOR, welcome
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> yes
SOARINGONE> you too soron. unfortunatly I must go.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> how does one read it?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Mental Radio is out of print. But it can be obtained though a used book outlet.
RSTHOR:Guardian> greteings
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> the ability to have immedate, direct knowledge without the use of reason
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> can it be bought anywhere?
RSTHOR:Guardian> "greetings"
DORCASQ> Hi Guardian
BAUBLE49> Thanks Jeff
SORONWOLF:Soron> Yea..I can do that one..
1ANDONLY1> hi ya
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> greeting guardian
SORONWOLF:Soron> the direct knowledge bit..
ROYCE3:Royce3> You can possibly get it at Books For Half Price, Sat.
ROCKET882:Rocket> well put Jeff
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff actually answered a question!!!!!!
BAUBLE49> Yes and it is expensive Sat because it is out of print
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Jeff is on the ball today.
DORCASQ> Yes, that is amazing, K!!!
SOARINGONE> Guardian too! oh now I AM BUMMED.
ROYCE3:Royce3> A real asset.
BAUBLE49> Way to go Jeffy
DORCASQ> And a good answer too
KOLTA:Kolta> Very good answer
BAUBLE49> So 3 of you know each other from past lives....?
1ANDONLY1> very very good
DORCASQ> Past chats??
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is anyone here actively working with any sort of a program to improve their intuition?
ROCKET882:Rocket> huh?
SORONWOLF:Soron> could say that
BAUBLE49> That's what I meant to say Dorc
KOLTA:Kolta> Just through meditation

As of 19:18:12
18) Ufotalk-Time
SORONWOLF:Soron> I know how to improve it...
ROCKET882:Rocket> Program? does one exsist? lol!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> next question is what is knowledge
ROYCE3:Royce3> Talk about that Soron.
SORONWOLF:Soron> But I don't need to..
RSTHOR:Guardian> Be Well soaring
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, some of the others might need to Soron.
SOARINGONE> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> bye
BAUBLE49> I am meditating just like Kolta suggested
KOLTA:Kolta> I knew Jeff would have to ask a question
DORCASQ> Right now, Baub? :)
SORONWOLF:Soron> Sure..intuition is merely a psychic faculty like any other..
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think that is a good plan, Bauble.
ROCKET882:Rocket> This is interesting: "What is obvious is whats so...What's not so obvious is so what?"
SORONWOLF:Soron> it can be improved by enhancing concentration, visualsation and will..
ROYCE3:Royce3> Soron would you like to endorse any particular method?
BAUBLE49> yes
DORCASQ> Interesting, Rocket
1ANDONLY1> very well put Soron
SORONWOLF:Soron> um..yea..
SORONWOLF:Soron> if you want..
BAUBLE49> go ahead soron
1ANDONLY1> please illucidate
SORONWOLF:Soron> somesort of concnetration based mediatation is good..mindfulness of breathing..
BAUBLE49> WOW that's a BIG word land
ROCKET882:Rocket> I have to leave this discussion :( Bye everybody
SORONWOLF:Soron> or focused point mediations..
ROYCE3:Royce3> As I indicated a few moments ago, i think Mental Radio is tops for instructing one to improve intuition. Of course it directly relates to remote viewing.
DORCASQ> Bye Rocket
1ANDONLY1> I read it yesterday Baub
BAUBLE49> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> bye rocket.
ROCKET882:Rocket> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bauble just got bumped.
DORCASQ> Awwww, geeeez
SORONWOLF:Soron> visualisation I won't discuss my methods on..
KOLTA:Kolta> I h ave found that mantras are good for concentration
SORONWOLF:Soron> and will power is easy..just break a few bad habits..
KOLTA:Kolta> and focus
SORONWOLF:Soron> mantras are cool..
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have an interesting technique that I will discuss tomorrow.
DORCASQ> JUST break a few bad habits??easy for you to say!
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is a bit different from some of the others.
SORONWOLF:Soron> why wait?
RSTHOR:Guardian> please share
1ANDONLY1> look forward to it Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are almost out of time.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> its almost 7:30
ROYCE3:Royce3> I won't be able to get it in.
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff is our official timekeeper
SORONWOLF:Soron> Does the world end at 7.3o?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, we will be closing at 7:30 and be back tomorrow at 6:00pm edt.
DORCASQ> The chat world, as we know it, ends at 7:30
SORONWOLF:Soron> strange..
1ANDONLY1> you would think so soron
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have been here for an hour and a half.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> great chat!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> goodnight!
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> - signed off -
SORONWOLF:Soron> why?
KOLTA:Kolta> The world ends at 7:30 and resumes again tomorrow at 6:00
ROYCE3:Royce3> If we got such a good crowd every night we would go longer.
DORCASQ> 1 and 1/2 hours is a long time!
ROYCE3:Royce3> This has been an excellent group.
SORONWOLF:Soron> so why stop tonight when things are good?
1ANDONLY1> what do you mean IFF
KOLTA:Kolta> It was a very good chat
SORONWOLF:Soron> sheeshh...
DORCASQ> I'm hungry!!
DORCASQ> Gotta go eat din din!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Other commitments, soron.
RSTHOR:Guardian> putting constraints on succes
SORONWOLF:Soron> oh well...
SORONWOLF:Soron> yea..
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone!! Great chat, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thank you everyone. Please come back.
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