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Editor's note:


Because we had so many people in the room, this was a chaotic chat, but it was also a lot of fun. If you read it carefully, you will find a lot of good information and have fun in the process.

Logging at 29-AUG-2000 17:54)
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
.Royce3> How is your day going?
.Royce3> Hi Jeff.
** SCRYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
.jefflove> ni
.Royce3> Hi Scrye, good to see you.
.Scrye> Hi, D and R!
DORCASQ> How is everyone?
.Royce3> Well, I'm good.
.Scrye> Sorry, I don't know what's up tonight.
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DORCASQ> Mee too
.Royce3> Hi 1andonly1
DORCASQ> Hi 1andonly1
1ANDONLY1> Hi room
.Scrye> I'm OK, Dorcas. A little harried.
.Royce3> An't no body seen a UFO today?
DORCASQ> harried?
.Scrye> I mean Royce.
DORCASQ> ain't seen none today, Royce
1ANDONLY1> How is everyone tonight?
.Scrye> See, I mean YOU!
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.Royce3> 1and, well the the weather has warmed up.
.Royce3> Hi Bauble
DORCASQ> Some are fine, some are harried, 1and
.Scrye> Have you, Royce?
1ANDONLY1> Hi Bauble
BAUBLE49> Hello All
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.Royce3> ME? See a UFO????? Little chance.
.Royce3> Hello alistairp, welcome.
1ANDONLY1> I,m pleased and saddened then Dorc
DORCASQ> Yes, 1and
DORCASQ> Scrye is the harried one
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.Royce3> Hello Kolta, welcome.
1ANDONLY1> (gridwalker) Hi!
DORCASQ> Hey Kolta
.Kolta> Hi everyone!
1ANDONLY1> Hi Kolta
BAUBLE49> hi k
.Scrye> Maybe if I stopped eating pizza w/one hand, deinking with the
.Scrye> Hi Kolta!
.Kolta> deinking?
DORCASQ> That might help, Scrye
DORCASQ> Typing with your toes..
1ANDONLY1> so then are we still on topic tonight?
.Royce3> Well, Scrye, maybe you should start smoking. We have just uncovered
material suggesting that smoking can be good for you.
.Scrye> Aqua Viva, Water of Life! Mountain Dew!
1ANDONLY1> tell us more Royce
.Kolta> Tell me! Tell me!
.Royce3> Of course, for smoking to be beneficial, you have to smoke natural
DORCASQ> It helps stop the harries!
.Scrye> more, more, more!
.Royce3> Just like the Native Americans.
.Scrye> Yes, I've smoked my share of unnatural tobacco!
.Kolta> So have I
.Scrye> LOL!
1ANDONLY1> some of us smoke what we can get
.Alistair Pulling> mornin all
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.Scrye> And refuse to pay the taxes.
DORCASQ> If it lights, I will smoke it - haw haw
.Royce3> Shaman from many cultures use tobacco and there is little evidence
of poor health attributed to the coffin nails we smoke here in the states.
.Royce3> Hi rocket.
.rocket> Hi everyone
.Royce3> Welcome rocket.
.rocket> ty Royce
1ANDONLY1> Hi Rocket
1ANDONLY1> us too Dorc
.rocket> hey 1and
.Scrye> Did I read that last correctly, R? Little evidence?
.Royce3> The cigarettes we normally smoke have all sorts of creepy additives.
.Scrye> oh. OK
.rocket> 103 known posions in them
DORCASQ> So does our food
.rocket> yup
.Royce3> Yes, but the natural stuff is something else again.
BAUBLE49> Hi allistair. Why do you say morning? Where do yu live?
.rocket> But we need cigs.
1ANDONLY1> (grid) one can reach the shamanuc state without any substances,
using just mind
.Scrye> I hope including the radioactivity I mentioned last time.
.Alistair Pulling> UFOs huh?
.Kolta> True 1and
.rocket> lol dorc
1ANDONLY1> Hi Alistair why morning, where from?
.Alistair Pulling> I just thought I'd drop by.
.Royce3> Rocket, tread carefully here. In part, I'm quoting the cassiopaeans.
.Alistair Pulling> Umm.. I just say that. Standard greeting. Works well
online. Its morning somewhere.
.Kolta> Who are they Royce?
DORCASQ> cassiopaeans???
.rocket> why tread carefully
.rocket> ?
BAUBLE49> OK alistair
.Royce3> They in part have suggested that tobacco is good for one.
.Alistair Pulling> Im in the UK though
DORCASQ> Who are they, Royce?
.rocket> I never read that
.Kolta> But, who are they Royce?
1ANDONLY1> got onto casseopia last night Rocket. Found the wave very
BAUBLE49> Thought so Alistair
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.Royce3> They are multidimensional beings, folks.
1ANDONLY1> so are we Alist
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
** .Baalzephon just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
.Royce3> hello Baalezphon, welcome.
DORCASQ> Well thanks for that info, Royce
.rocket> yes 1and...its a eye least for me.
.Baalzephon> ave people
1ANDONLY1> which part Alist
.Alistair Pulling> oh ok
.Alistair Pulling> near winchester
BAUBLE49> Rocket, there is so much to read there that we would need years if
we wanted to read it all
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.Fred> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Can you tell us a little about them?
.rocket> They are of the 6th density
1ANDONLY1> touching on what we 've been getting for some time
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.Scrye> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> Hi Fred
.rocket> Hi Bauble
.Kolta> Hi Fred
1ANDONLY1> we're from South east London Alist
.rocket> din't see ya ther
.Fred> hello
.Alistair Pulling> ah
.Royce3> The cassiopaeans are taken seriously by quite a number of people,
including Dr. Arkadiusz Jadezyk
BAUBLE49> Hi Rocket
.Kolta> Who's that?
1ANDONLY1> Hi Sophie, have we met on the physical plane
.Royce3> I refer you to his post on our message board.
.Fred> my dear friend?
DORCASQ> What is the name of the message?
.rocket> Its a must read as far I am concerned Kolta.
.Kolta> ok
.rocket> it long and its long! lol
.Alistair Pulling> You know - someone really ought to have a talk with those
grey alien dudes.
.Royce3> It just went up earlier today, dorcasq. The title escapes me at this
very moment. I posted it.
BAUBLE49> and long and long Kolta!!!
.Alistair Pulling> They travel millions of light years...
.Alistair Pulling> have advanced technology...
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.rocket> it very long Bauble 7M pages
DORCASQ> I haven't caught up with all the msgs. on the board yet.
.Alistair Pulling> and come searching for something, we know not what...
.Royce3> How many of you believe in multidimensional beings? Hi steve. How
are you?
BAUBLE49> Hi Steve! Been awhile
JONI186> hello everyone
.Royce3> Steve/Joni
.Kolta> I am way behind on the messages
.Alistair Pulling> Someone really should tell them that what they are looking
for ain't up our arses...
JONI186> work work work
.rocket> I do know Royce
.rocket> now
BAUBLE49> Rocket, does 7m mean million?
.rocket> oops 7K
** SCRYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
.Fred> I want for us to be alone
.Alistair Pulling> ok - facetiouness over. I'll shut up now
.Kolta> wb Scrye
.rocket> wb scrye
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
.Royce3> Anyway, how many of you believe that there are such things as
multidimensional beings?
BAUBLE49> Which is more than enough, Rocket!
.Scrye> Fastening my seatbelt - going to be a bumpy night.
.Kolta> I do Royce
.rocket> ditto
DORCASQ> Hang onto your pizza
.Royce3> I'm just trying to determine where most of us stand on this issue.
.jefflove> yes
.Royce3> I believe in them.
JONI186> i do just can,t get a hold on multi d life
BAUBLE49> I'm open to the idea, Royce
.Royce3> Anyone who doesn't believe in them?
.rocket> Joni dose not
.Royce3> I'm not sure Baal does, but for what ever reason, he signed off.
.Royce3> Or got bumped.
BAUBLE49> How do you know what joni thinks Rocket?
JONI186> haven't asked her
.Kolta> Delphi may be giving Baal a hard time
.rocket> He stated so
.Royce3> Joni is Steve's wife.
BAUBLE49> I missed that, sorry :)
JONI186> thanks
.Royce3> I guess he should know.
.rocket> yup
.rocket> :)
BAUBLE49> You are so observent, Rocket
.rocket> So it seems ...
.Scrye> ty, Kolta.
.Royce3> Well, I have no doubt that there are a lot of skeptics. However, I
think there is a lot of evidence supporting the notion that there are
multidimensional beings. The fairy tales of old may very well
.Royce3> be evidence of these beings.
BAUBLE49> wb Scrye
.Scrye> ty
.rocket> that cassiopaea site rocked my world Bauble
DORCASQ> Guess I better check that site out
** SORONWOLF just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
BAUBLE49> Yes Rocket, you can relate to some of it I guess
.Alistair Pulling> depends on your definition of multidimensional. Its a
different question as to whether there are beings that exist through multi
dimensions then to whether there are races with technology that can
.Alistair Pulling> allow them to access other dimensions through quantum means
.Soron> Gretings all..
.Royce3> The papers that have been channeled from the Cassiopaea are
impressive, to say the least. Of course, the Seth works are impressive too.
BAUBLE49> Hi Soronwolf
.rocket> yes.
** TONI45 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Soronwolf and toni
.Royce3> Welcome.
.Alistair Pulling> seth works? please explain?
.Royce3> We are talking about channeled materials and multidimensional beings.
.rocket> brb
.Scrye> Are we limiting to those who use technology to achieve same?
.Royce3> Expand upon that Scrye.
.Soron> yea..I gathered Royce..thanks
BAUBLE49> Don't the quantum scientists say they can mathematically figure
that there are 10 dimensions?
.rocket> like Yogis?
.Alistair Pulling> yeah - got that bit, who are said 'seth'? there is an
egyptian god with that name.
.Royce3> I'm not sure I totally follow your question, Scrye.
.Royce3> Yes, rockets, like Yogis.
.Scrye> Well technology may well be genetic, biological capabilities.
DORCASQ> Seth was channeled through Jane Robbins
.Royce3> Very true, Scrye.
DORCASQ> She wrote books on The Nature of Personal Reality
.Royce3> That is right, Dorcasq
.rocket> its true...they can be muti-D....but can't substain it
.Royce3> Yes, and it was excellent material, dorcasq.
.Scrye> And Bauble, they also say six of those dimensions are inaccessible.
BAUBLE49> Jane Roberts . many years ago. Jane has since passed on
.Royce3> Of course, there's also been a lot of junk written.
.rocket> thats the distinction
TONI45> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Sorry, yes, thanks - Roberts
DORCASQ> I didn't know she passed on, Baub
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.Baalzephon> - signed off -
.Royce3> Some of the followup material by people channeling Jane Roberts has
been published, at least that is what I have been told.
** .Baalzephon just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.Kolta> But, do we really need technology to channel multi-dimensional beings?
.Royce3> WB Baal.
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
** .Baalzephon just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
.rocket> wb Baal
.Alistair Pulling> Theres a bunch of wannabe satanists who claim that their
stuff was channeled from the egyptian god 'Set' or 'Seth'
1ANDONLY1> (whoops - this is grid) missed a bit r u talking about
multidimentional beings?
BAUBLE49> So far they haven't been able to access, Scrye....
.rocket> or Ra
.Baalzephon> Hi royce - just looking at your post on whether or not
scientific knowledge is evil... Grrr...
.Royce3> Yes, grid. We were alluding, just a moment ago to the Seth material.
.Alistair Pulling> Ra is the good dude, Set is the bad dude
.Royce3> The seth material has influenced a great number of influential
people over the years.
.Baalzephon> Alistair - How do you know that they're not as legit as any
.Soron> A little over simplified Alistair..if Set is bad then Horus is good
.Alistair Pulling> not saying they aren't
.Royce3> Of course, Seth told us that we create our own reality.
.Alistair Pulling> yep
.Baalzephon> then why call them "wannabe"'s???
.Alistair Pulling> I'd say that horus is good.
.Kolta> From what I have heard, Horus is good
DORCASQ> Why do we have to label things as good or bad?
.Royce3> I suppose all of this is interpretive. We can't get into the
channeler's mind. We have to evaluate the material from our own personal
BAUBLE49> Very good Dorcas!
1ANDONLY1> (grid) of course there r multidimentional beings as time and space
is a figment of the mind I know as I have experienced this often even tonight
at the old ruins....
DORCASQ> Bad Dorcas!
.Soron> Has anyone here ever channeled?
.Alistair Pulling> ok - Baal. Long story, bunch of folk left Anton La veys
church of Satan and went all egyptian. hence 'Wannabe' satanasits
BAUBLE49> HahahahahahaDorc!
1ANDONLY1> yes we all have
.Scrye> If even one of the remaining four dimensions someone navigates
consciously was one we cannot see, like time, they could make themselves
invisible to us.
.Royce3> Because of some of the junk, a lot of reputable people simply refuse
to even consider the work of any channelers. A good question: who here has
worked as a channeler?
.Soron> Wow..everyone...that's cool
.Baalzephon> Who - Michael Aquino's Temple of Set perhaps???
.Alistair Pulling> Good is wanting to make things better, bad is wanting to
take over the world and enslave people, that do?
.Alistair Pulling> thats the one.
.Kolta> I think we need to define what a channeler is
.Baalzephon> You figure they have less right to their beleifs then LaVeyan
DORCASQ> Good definition, Alistair
.Royce3> Please do that for us, Kolta.
1ANDONLY1> grid, 1and only1 royce
1ANDONLY1> have all been channells
.Baalzephon> How much Setian material have you studied???
.Kolta> I am not sure of a definition. I was hoping someone else could help
.Royce3> Would anyone like to volunteer a good definition of a channeler?
.rocket> A vessel of communication thru thought
1ANDONLY1> baalzephon-one must believe in christ and satan to be a satanist
.Royce3> Baal, your last question. Were you directing it at anyone in
.Alistair Pulling> No - I don't figure they have less 'rights'. I'm just
using figures of speech. As it happens I've studied all of that kind of stuff
quite a bit.
DORCASQ> I think of it as someone in a non-physical world speaking through
someone in the physical world.
.Scrye> A failed ventriloquist.
.rocket> lol scrye!
.Soron> lol@scrye
BAUBLE49> good Scrye!!!!
1ANDONLY1> someone who can tune into a alternate reality royce
.Kolta> Ok. I used to repeat what I heard an ET say in my head. But, for
some reason, I do not think that is channeling
.Alistair Pulling> :)
1ANDONLY1> yes dorc
.Scrye> I don't think that of all channelers. Just 90%.
.Royce3> Well a channeler is a bit like a biological telephone. :-)
.Alistair Pulling> good definition
.Baalzephon> I'm just wondering what research has led Alistair to the
conclusion that the ToS are "wannabe" Satanists. Certainly - there must be a
specific reason...
JONI186> what are the other dimensions besides the four we can use
.rocket> The very nature of linquistics get in the true diffenition
.rocket> or to say It falls short due to the linquistics
.Baalzephon> 1andOnly - Anton LaVey showed that even atheists can be
Satanists. He formed the Church of Satan because he had the LEGAL RIGHT TO
DO SO...
JONI186> give me an answer I can visualize
.Soron> Baal..I am not sure anyone actually cares...
.Soron> I know i don't
1ANDONLY1> but an athiest can be closer to god than someone who follows a
.Royce3> I don't think anyone is certain of how many dimensions there are.
Does someone want to list them. There are, according to modern physics at
least 10 dimensions. The occultists often list a lot more.
.Baalzephon> Most members of the church of Satan do not beleive in an
objective entity named Satan - especially the educated members...
BAUBLE49> true, land
1ANDONLY1> there are many royce
.rocket> Cassiopaeans say 7
.Alistair Pulling> Baal - it was just a turn of phrase. Don't worry about it.
However, if I was to run with the argument, then I would say that they are
seeking to establish themselves as the only 'true' satanists
.Alistair Pulling> because they claim communication with a deity called Set
Hen, who they claim is the etymological origin of the word 'Satan' whilst the
Laveyans dont believe in a being called satan at all...
JONI186> thanks for listening royce
.Scrye> There are different definitions or axes of what we choose to call
1ANDONLY1> creation is beyond boundries so how can we number dimensions royce
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.Royce3> Baal do you believe in Satan?
.Scrye> Some are physical, some are purely psychological, some are energetic.
.Soron> Hey..Mae..
.Baalzephon> I am an atheist, Royce...
.Royce3> Hi maebve, we are talking about channelers and satan at the moment.
BAUBLE49> Hi Mae
.Maebve> ((((((Soron)))))
.Royce3> I don't think many people here believe in Satan.
.Maebve> i knew i'd see you here
1ANDONLY1> we do not believe in satan as such but we believe in the essence
of evil through the minds of man kind
.Baalzephon> I beleive in human rights and freedoms - including the freedom
of beleif... Even if I don't happen to like it...
.Maebve> HI Royce, Bauble
.Soron> *smiles at Maebve*
BAUBLE49> yes, land
.Kolta> Very good 1and
.Scrye> So to say I channel another dimension is rather meaningless
BAUBLE49> Good for you Baal
.Alistair Pulling> I'm not saying either way - I just made a flippant comment
because someone mentioned Set and I'm defending it.
.Royce3> Why do you say that, Scrye? That it is meaningless?
.rocket> because of no know model Royce
.Scrye> Well, it is a word that modern channelers have tacked onto their
.rocket> cant be duplicated
.Scrye> Used to be "the spirit world."
.Baalzephon> That's why I will defend any beleifs that are being undermined
or attacked without someone their to offer a defense... I know what its like
to be on the receiving end so I try to prevent "out of
.Baalzephon> turn" comments when possible. You never know when its your
chosen paradigm that will be attacked next.
.Scrye> It is something, but there is no reason to assume they know what it
.Scrye> '
1ANDONLY1> all channelling should be looked at with an open mind as each
channellled infomation with be according to their belief system
.Kolta> But, you cannot prove or disprove channeling scientificaly
.Royce3> Well, Rocket, if important insights are given and those insights can
be used in experiments, I think that would be proof. The information provided
by a channeler could, theoretically, be used to
.Royce3> design experiments.
1ANDONLY1> or view point for that individual
.rocket> I think the Cassiopaeans have gotton pretty close.
1ANDONLY1> yes rocket
.Scrye> True, K. That doesn't mean that with later science, we couldn't.
1ANDONLY1> it is simlar to what we recieved
BAUBLE49> Or, Royce, is it just all material/information we have in our own
.Royce3> I think that is why the Cassiopaeans are of interest to Dr. Jadezyk.
.rocket> very much interest Royce.
.Alistair Pulling> anyway - did that definition do for you - Baalze?
.Royce3> If a channeler is coming up with scientific information, scientists
can test the information.
.rocket> I recieved a letter from Laura today..
1ANDONLY1> who is dr Jadezyk???
.rocket> SHe was one of the channelers
.Kolta> Who is Laura?
BAUBLE49> Yes, whether it comes from our heads or a light being
.Scrye> If they get beyond anecdotal, one-off successes, I would be very
interested. You know, Uri Geller claimed to be channeling.
.Royce3> One of the physicists very involved with the channeled material
from the Cassiopaeans.
** SOARINGONE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (15 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Soaringone.
.Kolta> Hi Eagle
.rocket> well I guess you would say she is a Moderator of the Cassiopaens
sessions Kolta
BAUBLE49> HI Soargone
** AIRBOURNE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (16 members now) **
.Scrye> He did have some repeatable stuff in his repertoire.
.Soron> Good to see you Soaring
.rocket> Hi Eagle
.Baalzephon> Alistair - if you feel you have to call the beleivers of an
entire paradigm - then go right ahead. Heck - I could just as easily call
all beleivers in channelers "deluded morons" - but would that
.Baalzephon> make me right? Or justified? Probably not...
1ANDONLY1> it is impossible to adapt a spiritual ideal into scientific ideas
.Soaring Eagle> Hello everyone,nice to be here
.Soaring Eagle> nice to see you too soron
.Royce3> Hi airbourne, we are talking about the Cassiopaeans and channeling.
BAUBLE49> I didn't know that about Uri, Scrye!!!
1ANDONLY1> Hi Soar
.Soaring Eagle> howdy rocket
.Wesley Richards> And what is that ?
.rocket> :)
.Baalzephon> call them "wannabes" that is... Don't worry - I'm sure no one
else will find offense in that - unless of course they are Setian...
.Scrye> Nobody knows about Uri, Bauble!
.Kolta> Setian?
.Royce3> I'm not so sure that science and metaphysics are so far apart. They
may one day meet.
.Scrye> THey sure sometimes meet here!
.Royce3> True, Scrye.
.Wesley Richards> What are you'all talking about ?
BAUBLE49> Where did you get your info,Scrye? Channeled???
.rocket> Uri was one of the originals in Remote viewing hired by the Gov in
the 50's
DORCASQ> I'm assuming that by Setian Baal is referring to Seth material, but
I could be wrong.
.Scrye> A little spoon told me.
JONI186> i'm sure they will royce that is part of our evolution
.Soron> Scrye the sceptic
.rocket> lol Scrye
.Royce3> We are talking about materials channeled from another dimension,
Airbourne. Remember the Seth materials? That might be helpful as a reference
BAUBLE49> Yes, I had read that about Uri, Rocket
.Baalzephon> Not - the Seth material is the copyrighted domain of Jane
Roberts. The ToS is an incorporated church founded my Micheal Aquino.
.Alistair Pulling> Baal - I'm not worrying. I take the piss out of most
religions on a regular basis. However, I can do that because I am actually
familiar with them, and don't mean any harm by it.
DORCASQ> Then what is "Setian"?
.Wesley Richards> what is this, a uni lecture ?
.rocket> You don't bend the bend the space/time around it
.Baalzephon> A Setian is a member of Aquino's ToS...
.Alistair Pulling> I hadn't heard about this 'Seth material' and wondered if
there wa sany link alledged.
.rocket> or so it goes
DORCASQ> OHhhh OK, Thanks
.Kolta> What is Aquino's ToS?
DORCASQ> I'm really lost here!
.Baalzephon> ToS - Temple of Set...
1ANDONLY1> what is the 'SETH' material?????
.Kolta> Thanks Baal
.Royce3> Those of you who may not have heard of Seth might want to go to in order to get a list of the Seth material. It is all very good.
.Alistair Pulling> Aquino's ToS is the temple of Set - an Offshoot of the
Chuch of Satan. Satanic heretics, if you like.
.Baalzephon> The Seth material is more channeled stuff...
.rocket> ok ty Royce
1ANDONLY1> concerning what Baal???
.Alistair Pulling> But alledgedly it's source material was channeled from an
egyptian deity Set.
.Wesley Richards> - signed off -
.Baalzephon> If you can be a heretic of a religion that is strongly based in
.Royce3> Seth is an entity who has advice for mankind. The material was
channeled by Jane roberts in the 70's . It is very popular with a huge number
of people.
.Alistair Pulling> exactly...
.Baalzephon> All channelling is "alleged".
BAUBLE49> funny Baal!!
.Baalzephon> and true...
.Scrye> Oh, I think you could be, Baal.
1ANDONLY1> for the channeler it is more than alleged
.rocket> Is she the one who had an Arabian Horse Ranch?
.Royce3> Yes, all channeling is alleged. That is why I said that it is
.Kolta> Good point 1and
DORCASQ> The channeler or the channelor, 1and?
BAUBLE49> I would think you are right land. Experience=belief
.Royce3> But because channeling is alleged doesn't mean that it isn't true,
as I'm sure everyone has deduced.
.Alistair Pulling> The church of satan exist just to piss of chrstians, and
for reasons to do with freedom of speech. the ToS claims to be into the real
.rocket> Not so...Royce...The "WAVE" session no.6 will show different.
1ANDONLY1> but too much chanelling has been proved
.Scrye> Charismatics get around the interpretation part by not saying what
language is spoken in "tongues."
1ANDONLY1> so how can that be 'alleged'?
.Alistair Pulling> question. how has it been proved?
.Baalzephon> I'm sure it is... And for the christian - eternal damnation for
the wicked (which was christianity's ONLY concept not borrowed from another
religion) is more than alleged as well. Doesn't mean it
.Baalzephon> can be proved.
.Fred> do you think that channelling is always a voluntary experience?
.Kolta> Every channeller will channel some truth
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.rocket> Channeling Necular Physice to a Necular sceintist is no fluke.
BAUBLE49> Through experiments, land, it has been proved?
.Royce3> No sophie, I don't think so.
.Alistair Pulling> neular?
.Royce3> Hi madjoack, welcome.
.Soaring Eagle> hi mad
MADJACK18> hi all
.rocket> neculer
.Royce3> No I think there is sometimes a fine line between voluntary and
involuntary when it comes to channeling, sophie.
BAUBLE49> Hi Madjack
.rocket> lol ?
.Soron> Farewell all..
.Soron> - signed off -
.Fred> bye Soron
BAUBLE49> nuclear it is Rocket...
.Scrye> nuclear - or as Jimmy Carter said, nucelar?
.rocket> lol
.Kolta> But, can an entity channel through someone without that person's
consent. I would tend to doubt it.
BAUBLE49> yes, Scrye we heard that about Carter too
.Scrye> I'm in favor of anything with nuce in it!
.rocket> well its an amazing experiment never the less. :)
.Royce3> Rocket, tell the folks about the dark forces mentioned by the folks
who have channeled the Cassiopaean material.
1ANDONLY1> it has happened though Kolta
BAUBLE49> I agree, Kolta
MADJACK18> U.F.O. uttererly futile obsessions?
DORCASQ> Very good, Madjack
.Royce3> Yes, Kolta, it's called possession.
MADJACK18> its true to
.rocket> The Cassiopaen belive that the grays were created by the lizzards...
to extract the enery form us here in the 3rd density
1ANDONLY1> how do u define a UFO then Mad
.Scrye> Maybe that's why we change the subject, Madjack.
.Royce3> Futile obsessions? Explane Madjack.
.Alistair Pulling> heh
.Kolta> Royce, possession can occur only if the person allows it.
.rocket> the wave....
.rocket> is and alknow wave of light and gravity....
.Alistair Pulling> tell that to linda blair...
.rocket> that is due here....soon
.Maebve> possession by a spirit or other astral form?
.Baalzephon> Just so long as we have a choice in following channeled advice.
Like I said in the message board - I worry about entities like Ashtar that
sound like their preaching the press release for the New
.Baalzephon> World Order... What business does a spirit have telling us we
need "One Government, One Military, One Bank" anyways??? Do many spirits
worry about the fluctations of material economy and the stock
.Baalzephon> market?
.rocket> and they say we must be ready to transition on the 4th density...
DORCASQ> True Baal
.Royce3> Kolta, I have a friend who would disagree. She has been going
through a personal hell with entities.
MADJACK18> the modern way to understand the ununderstandable
1ANDONLY1> we all agree this end Baal!!
.Alistair Pulling> I wonder if any of this channeling stuff is really CIA
black project mind control broadcasts?
BAUBLE49> I do wonder about that also, Baal.....
.Scrye> Well, the fundamentalists say all theat part is their deception, to
make us think they are not demons.
.Kolta> Royce, it depends on what energies you have within. You choose your
own energies.
1ANDONLY1> !!! Alist
BAUBLE49> Something to think about Alistair
.Royce3> Maebve, it is often difficult to say what comes into one's
MADJACK18> someone else is doing it. its not me .it was him or them
.Royce3> Sometimes different people call the same entities different names.
.Baalzephon> Mind control is really easy - just walk into a New Age bookstore
and you'll easily find a handful of people who are just waiting to be told
what to think.
.Kolta> theat, Scrye?
.Scrye> If the attacking mentality is stronger than one's own, one's hands
could be full.
BAUBLE49> funny mad!!!
1ANDONLY1> oh yes Kolta
.Alistair Pulling> :)
.rocket> thats why you must read the Wave scriptures to at least form an
honest opinion.
1ANDONLY1> yes Royce
MADJACK18> it was mind control that made me pull he trigger
.rocket> you all should read it..
.Kolta> Scrye, then we should be working on making ourselves strong
MADJACK18> anybody but me
1ANDONLY1> that is why Atlantis is sometimes known as Maldek
BAUBLE49> So it really isn't the guns fault, Mad????????!!!!!!
JONI186> rocket do you have a link to the cass site
.Royce3> We will be posting a variety of material from the Cassiopaeans. It
is difficult, I think to dismiss the material out of hand.
.Baalzephon> How many people beleived the "Celestine Prophecy" or "Zero
Point" without making any investigation on their own? For that matter -
there is all the beleivers who accept their religion as proverbial
.Baalzephon> gospel without question. Blind faith is epidemic.
.Scrye> Yes, K. Anticipate that as one's energy levels rise, leeches will
DORCASQ> Good thought, Scrye
BAUBLE49> I liked Zero point a lot, but I know what you mean Baal.
MADJACK18> no the gun was given to me by an alien . the government
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.Kolta> But leeches have no power over us if we are strong
.Royce3> Baal, exceedingly few people, even scientists, investigate things
for themselves, they depend upon their favorite experts to tell them what to
.Susan Gurry> - signed off -
.Royce3> Hi susan welcome.
.Scrye> Never accept free delivered wisdom. Another thought I offer freely.
JONI186> thanks
.Royce3> The site is absolutely massive.
.Baalzephon> If there are those who would prey on people who beleive without
question - heck, maybe those people deserve to be manipulated.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Scrye, nothing is FREE
.Alistair Pulling> Anyone know what David Icke is up to these days?
1ANDONLY1> we do not follow, our knowledge comes from within
.Kolta> Now, I will agree with that Baal
.rocket> So is the information Royce
MADJACK18> and i've got agod/alien given right to bear arms
DORCASQ> I agree, Baal, most people are easily manipulated.
.Fred> but we must all question different things
.Royce3> Baal, it is impossible for one to really investigate everything in
one's world view.
.Fred> if you happen to learn something that allows you to manipulate
.Scrye> THat you do, I think, Madjack!
1ANDONLY1> you should experience your belief before you say that you know it!
.Fred> that does not make your crime justified
.rocket> But the way i read it is I cut/paste into text format then have my
computer read to me while I work.
.Baalzephon> Its not impossible to try... Lack of knowledge cannot be helped
- but ignorance is a self-willed state. You don't have to question
everything - but there's no reason you cannot try...
.Scrye> Good way to put it, 1and.
DORCASQ> Yes, 1and, I do try to only believe what I have experienced
.Kolta> True knowing is more than just information, knowing also comes from
.Royce3> I agree with that Baal.
MADJACK18> okay its established me and all the looneys canget agun
.Soaring Eagle> faser??
.Soaring Eagle> lol
.Scrye> Until you prove yourself unfit, Madjack. Watch it!
1ANDONLY1> "much learning does not knowledge make"
.Soaring Eagle> phaser???
MADJACK18> God help you
.Kolta> Very good 1and
BAUBLE49> Mad, get back to the channeling subject
.Royce3> Yes, let's try to be on topic.
.Fred> beautifully put 1andonly1
.rocket> it a natural knowingness = A state of non=belief system
.Scrye> Yes, God help me. And God help us all!
1ANDONLY1> not me but a quote I read Kolta
.Scrye> .
.Alistair Pulling> "cute epiphets do not wisdom make"
1ANDONLY1> thank you Fred
.Kolta> Then, it is a very good quote 1and
.Royce3> Well, does anyone here think that all channeled material is brought
in by demons, as some Christians think is the case?
1ANDONLY1> i learned it Kolta
.Fred> look just let me compliement you ok, it was well time then, ok
.rocket> yes it is....but at is one of its own demise isn't it?
JONI186> no
.Royce3> Do we have any Christian fundamentalists here?
MADJACK18> whats the speed of light?
1ANDONLY1> no Royce
.rocket> 186m mps
.Kolta> A lot of channelled material is enlightening
.Scrye> Slower than this chat, Madjack!
.Alistair Pulling> 186000 000 milews per second
.Soaring Eagle> used to be a fundamentalist
.Baalzephon> Icke may seem like a loon - heck I don't beleive there's a
single act that his "reptilians" committed that humans couldn't do... In
fact - all his alien conspiracies could have been done by humans.
.Baalzephon> I do listen though when he says Kissenger was present at the
formation of the New Age movement.
BAUBLE49> funny Scrye!!!
1ANDONLY1> nice to see you know genius when you see it Fred
.Scrye> I think the Reptilian thing is a form of demonization.
.Royce3> Baal, I don't think there's any such thing as a defineable New Age
.Fred> and beauty
.Royce3> New Age, is a sloopy catch all term
.Royce3> sloppy
.Alistair Pulling> Xtians call anything demons that dosent fit into their way
of thinking.
.Kolta> Very true Royce
.Soaring Eagle> sloopy?? lol
BAUBLE49> You mean Kiss isn't one of the 'good' guys, Baal????
1ANDONLY1> Reptilian is not demonic Scrye, they just think diffrerently to us
JONI186> scientist have now sent particles faster that the speed of light
.Baalzephon> As for the christians calling aliens, entities or science
demonic or Satanic. I think they are just trying to control information and
promote ignorance like all fundamental (ie stagnant and rigid)
.Baalzephon> beleif systems always have...
.Scrye> beauty
.Royce3> Reptilians, how many believe that there really are reptilians????
.Scrye> that was random!
JONI186> i do
MADJACK18> so you really think that someone who can go as fast as that or
fasteris interested in aminor planet in an odd spiral of the milky way?
1ANDONLY1> we have seen them Scrye
.Soaring Eagle> my skin in the summer is pretty reptilian!
.Kolta> I think Reptilians are out there, but not all of them are demonic
.Royce3> You need to stay out of the sun, Soar
.Soaring Eagle> lol
.Royce3> Bad for the skin.
1ANDONLY1> sorry...Royce!
.Fred> sorry, I got sidetracked, i was thinking yes I know beauty when I see
it as well, oops
.Scrye> Oh, yeah, I just meant David Icke's Reptoids.
.Alistair Pulling> Anyone see that photo of a *repltilian* on Ickes website?
It looked like someone having a leak by the side of the road, caught in car
.rocket> Dr. Joseph Cambell say "In all major religions have a bith. a death
and areeration.
.rocket> resurection
.Kolta> areeration?
1ANDONLY1> hhhmmmmmmmmmm
.Kolta> ok
.rocket> oops
.Baalzephon> If they are - I wonder if they are anything like the aliens I
get in my dreams sometimes. I like to call them "soft people" because they
squish when you hit one...
.Soaring Eagle> do reptilians do that ali??? the visual on that is pretty
BAUBLE49> we understood Rocket
.Scrye> I liked that one, K!
MADJACK18> you are all lost in space
JONI186> where are thesr reptoids from
MADJACK18> - signed off -
1ANDONLY1> reptoidville
JONI186> lol
DORCASQ> :) 1and
BAUBLE49> Guess we just couldn't make MAD GLAD
.Royce3> According to the Cassiopaens, the greys are slaves to the reptilians.
DORCASQ> He'd rather be mad
.Scrye> Madjack made the error of equating the individual thought streeams of
us all with the "chat thoughtstream," all chaotic and seemingly lost in space.
BAUBLE49> yes
.Royce3> Well, Mad, had his own agenda. He wanted to talk about guns.
.Kolta> Here again, I do not believe all greys are slaves to anyone. At
least not the ones I know.
BAUBLE49> and killing
1ANDONLY1> has Mad been booted???
.Soaring Eagle> lets hire mad to 'shoot' all the bad aliens!! lol
.Scrye> ditto!
.Royce3> No, he just left, 1and.
.Kolta> lol
BAUBLE49> he would too, Eagle
DORCASQ> We have to use mind control to make him do it.
.Soaring Eagle> then hed be 'glad mad'
BAUBLE49> we did good then Dorc
1ANDONLY1> foflmao Dorc
.Soaring Eagle> does he have one?? just kidding
.Scrye> Actually, this chat does use mind control, in the form of group
censure nad approval, to control our minds.
BAUBLE49> funny Eagle!!
JONI186> our species has been in this state 250000 years as i have said
before in 300,000,000 years did not a reptilian species evolve to at least
our state of being
.Royce3> How many of you have used a ouji board?
.Baalzephon> I don't think anyone who tries to manipulate our behaviour
through subtle means, such as "channelling", "mediumship", or even New Age
literature can mean us any good. I'll never trust any hidden
.Baalzephon> agenda - no matter how superficially benevolent it may seem...
.Scrye> I have, R.
1ANDONLY1> now that would be telling Royce
.Baalzephon> As have I...
.Soaring Eagle> not I said the eagle
.Kolta> I think the ouji board can be dangerous
.Royce3> Baal, I don't think you ever defined New Age for us.
.Alistair Pulling> nad approval? heh.
DORCASQ> I always wanted to try it, but am a little afraid.
1ANDONLY1> it is dangerouse if you play with it Kolta
.Baalzephon> I
.Scrye> My nads approve, Alistair.
.Soaring Eagle> I met a woman once...had a terrible experience
.Baalzephon> doh! type...
.Royce3> All of the material from the Cassiopaean site was channeled with a
ouji board.
.Kolta> Well, I do not play with it
.Royce3> I never have either, Kolta.
1ANDONLY1> Really Royce??
BAUBLE49> You have a point,Baal, about getting free material. Be careful
.Alistair Pulling> The only dangerous thing about ouija boards is when the
people youve been doping it with figure out it was you who was spelling out
all the rude messages.
DORCASQ> That is how Jane Roberts started her channeling - by playing with a
oiji board. How do you spell that?
.rocket> ouji
.Alistair Pulling> ouija
.Scrye> Well, it is therefore instantly suspect material to me, R.
.rocket> right
.Royce3> I don't think that she used one, Dorcasq.
.Alistair Pulling> its the french and german words for yes - 'qui' and 'ja'
DORCASQ> Oh, yes she did, royce
.Kolta> With ouiji boards, there is less control over what can come in
.Scrye> I mean the Cass. stuff.D
.rocket> well I must leave...Bye to all see you tomorrow.
.Scrye> Roberts does not use it exclusively.
1ANDONLY1> what ever method is used should be questiond until it fits
.Baalzephon> I'll have to ponder that... New Age is a hard term to put into
a nice tidy little box... For a good part though - a lot of them beleif we
are heading into a new age that can start anywhere between
.Baalzephon> 1900 (Blavatsky), 1904 (Crowley), 1976, 2000, 2013 or a myriad
other dates within the last century or so...
.Soaring Eagle> bye rocket
BAUBLE49> bye Rocket
JONI186> good day
.Scrye> Bye, Rocket.
.Royce3> Roberts is now dead of course.
.rocket> :)
BAUBLE49> Yes, land
.Alistair Pulling> Getting things through a ouija board is just evocation.
there are ways of protecting yourself.
DORCASQ> I read 3 of her books and she tells about how she and her husband
used one and all this started happening.
.rocket> - signed off -
.Alistair Pulling> Baal - crowley ripped off most of his stuff anyway - you
can take it back to rabelais.
.Baalzephon> ouija is just another form of divination - and is no more or
less dangerous than any other pursuit of knowledge.
.Royce3> Well, 1and, would you give us an overview of the ouji board? some
may not know much about it.
.Alistair Pulling> though HPB and dion fortune are prolly the best places to
.Scrye> It is a way to open to channel. It is not more reliable than
something else.
BAUBLE49> How to protect self? Alistair?
.Baalzephon> Alistair - you do have a knack for passing judgement on people
don't you?
1ANDONLY1> depends on the frame of mind of the board user Baal
1ANDONLY1> and why you have used it
.Alistair Pulling> no - not passing judgement. opinion based on informed
.Royce3> Baal, yes, a lot of people feel as you do. Others don't. I'm just
trying to figure who does or doesn't think the board is dangerous.
.Kolta> In a book on Seances I read, it said that unwanted entities can come
in without permission and are harder to get rid of
.Scrye> What Crowley DIDN'T rip off for sure is what he himself was most
suspicious of - the AIWASS material, channeled!
1ANDONLY1> we have had very profound stuff come fromit
.Kolta> As far as ouji is concerned
.Baalzephon> Unless you are willing to cite specific intances of what
materials he stole, and from who - I don't see your point other than trying
to make yourself look good by undermining others.
.Royce3> Is that right, 1and? Tell us more about that.
.Scrye> Opinion can be just as strongly held when based on misinformed
.Royce3> Scrye, you are talking about Crowley?
.Maebve> - signed off -
.Alistair Pulling> I could cite specific instances. many of them. but that
isnt really relevant right now. If you want to test me then just ask though.
.Scrye> THree of us were.
BAUBLE49> land, do you ask personal questions or do you ask advise on how to
serve otheres?
.Soaring Eagle> I wonder what this conversation looks like to higher
intelligences. I think we must be pretty funny
.Alistair Pulling> agree about the AIWASS stuff.
1ANDONLY1> much of our work we found only last night to be covered by the
casseopia site
.Scrye> hahaha!
.Royce3> Well, we are covering a lot of ground here, Soaring.
.Scrye> Correct, Soaring!
.Royce3> That is very interesting, 1and.
BAUBLE49> True, Soar
BAUBLE49> Really, land!!!
.Royce3> 1and, then I take it that you were impressed with the site.
.Alistair Pulling> crowley was a big ol con artist though - he admitted as
much several times.
.Soaring Eagle> but I wonder where it ends up leading the eyes of
higher intelligences
.Alistair Pulling> ok - back to ouija?
.Scrye> We can make jokes and most not even get them. That's funny, too!
.Baalzephon> Alistair - I can cite instances of how just about all of
judeochristianity is a ripoff of mesopotamian beleif. Heck - just about
everyone's beleifs are derived from someone else's? So why single
.Baalzephon> out Crowley - what was your point?
1ANDONLY1> much of our work was detailed in the David Eike books but from a
different perspective
.Alistair Pulling> my point was to establish an earlier start for the 'new
age' movement.
1ANDONLY1> not seen it all Royce
.Scrye> OK, ouija might be less contentious than Crowley.
BAUBLE49> think you are correct, Baal. about religions
.Baalzephon> funny way of making it.
1ANDONLY1> but what we did read confirmed stuff
.Royce3> Well, 1and, you couldn't see it all in one evening.
.Alistair Pulling> and to say that it's possibly most useful to start with
1ANDONLY1> and much more was freely channelled information
.Alistair Pulling> and maybe dion fortune - as their ideas were most radical
and different from what went before.
.Royce3> Blavatsky isn't exactly the most credible person in the world of the
1ANDONLY1> we never rely on 1 system
.Baalzephon> but Blavatsky ripped of the rosicruician tracts and Eliphaz Levi.
.Royce3> Good Advice, 1and.
BAUBLE49> What about Steiner then, Roykce?
.Kolta> One should never rely on just one system
.Alistair Pulling> Crowly was part of a chain of established precedent.
Blavatsky was radical.
.Royce3> Very true, Baal.
.Alistair Pulling> though, yeah. she was unreliable.
.Royce3> Steiner is a better source.
.Soaring Eagle> Does anothers writings/experience REALLY have anything to do
with our own experiences??? If someone writes 1 correct thing and ten
incorrect should we spend an hour discrediting everything??? We are
.Soaring Eagle> trully a funny species
.Baalzephon> 1and - I choose to follow the addage, "never beleive that
something is true - just because someone says so."
.Scrye> Right, K and 1andonly, every teacher brings out pieces of the truth.
BAUBLE49> true
.Baalzephon> Most people who "say so" heard it from soneone else.
1ANDONLY1> quite right Baal,
.Royce3> Soaring, those involved with the esoteric traditions confirm the
outer realms quite nicely, really. They agree on most things.
.Alistair Pulling> yes, but blavatsky was also the first to bring a lot of
'eastern' ideas to the west.And dion fortune, following her almost completely
ignored the masonic and rosicrucian stuff.S
.Scrye> Facts is facts, I suppose.
1ANDONLY1> but to go with synchronicity
.Royce3> The esoteric traditions aren't based upon faith, Soaring.
1ANDONLY1> if something keeps coming up it must mean something!!!
.Scrye> Royce! Really?
BAUBLE49> at least to you, land
.Royce3> Yes, Scrye.
.Kolta> Ditto Scrye
.Royce3> Esoteric traditions are a science of the mind.
1ANDONLY1> yes Bauble. For me
.Scrye> So are you a True Believer now, my friend, and everyone else wrong?
.Soaring Eagle> I suppose soRoyce. But rather than argue as to the validity
of one or another..I myself would rather take something that rings of
interest to me and investigate/experience it for myself..
1ANDONLY1> I am my own faith and my own beleiver
.Royce3> The work of Yogis, Sufis, etc. can be confirmed.
.Kolta> For you Royce, for someone else faith may be important
.Baalzephon> Right - and attributions correlating the hebrew alphabet and the
tarot trumps didn't seem to exist before Eliphaz Levi invented it... You
might as well just use the thinker/philosopher you like -
.Baalzephon> since for the most part, its all human fabrication anyways... I
happen to like the material of Charles Stansfel Jones.
BAUBLE49> yes, Eagle and land. I agree with you
.Royce3> The esoteric traditions aren't based upon dogma. Religions are based
upon dogma.
1ANDONLY1> yes Soar
.Kolta> I agree with that Royce
DORCASQ> Some of the esoteric traditions may be based on dogma.
.Soaring Eagle> So...I will now take the things that have caught my attention
today, and go investigate. Thanks everyone see ya tomorrow : )
1ANDONLY1> bye Soar
BAUBLE49> true Dorcas
.Royce3> by soaring.
.Fred> bye Soar
.Soaring Eagle> - signed off -
.Scrye> Mathematical theorems don't exist before someone invents them. They
are nonetheless true, and have been shown to describe the physical universe.
1ANDONLY1> we have evolved since the esoteric traditions
DORCASQ> I believe there is dogma in almost everything people believe.
.Baalzephon> If esoteric trads aren't based on Dogma - Howcome Crowley threw
out his protoge Frater Acad over something as small as the Tree of Life?
Hech - the original Golden Dawn fell apart due to infighting.
.Baalzephon> Even Dion Fortune wasn't immune.
1ANDONLY1> we should not follow them blindly either
.Baalzephon> i cannot spell today... No matter -= the library is closing and
I am being tossed out anyways...
.Kolta> Then, you take the dogma out and folow what the tradition was
originally meant to be
.Fred> the Tree of Life small?
.Royce3> Crowley wasn't involved with the esoteric traditions as I define
them, Baal.
.Alistair Pulling> He threw him out coz he wouldnt shag him anymore - that
was just an excuse...
.Royce3> Crowley had a hodgepodge of crap that he wove together.
.Scrye> Well, you may be excluding the whole middle then, Royce!
.Alistair Pulling> Crowley was an important thinker - and a damn good laugh.
.Kolta> Crowly may be important to some people Royce
.Scrye> And we all your definition of esoteric tradition.
.Royce3> Sure, Kolta, religions are important to people, too.
.Scrye> I agree, Alistair!
.Royce3> Say again Scrye?
1ANDONLY1> Crowley was an immoral arsehole
.Scrye> I mean, everything we are arguing depends on your definition, which
we don't know!
DORCASQ> Your second statement up, Scrye???
.Baalzephon> Crowley progressed through the grades of the G.:D.: faster than
just about anyone. His order, the A.:A.: still exists - as does the OTO, who
accepted his law of thelema. As far as systems go -
.Baalzephon> history shows Crowley's POV is clearly more successful than its
contemporaries. We may not like it - but history isn't about personal
.Kolta> Royce, let people have their own paths before you cut them down.
.Baalzephon> Morals are for those who need chains to constrict their
.Royce3> I'm talking about the life of a contemplative, Scrye. Where
meditation and various physical exercises are utilized in order for one to
reach enlightenment.
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
.Royce3> Dogma isn't part of the issue.
.Scrye> And therefore you are excluding from esotericism that which we are
defending as faith-based.
.Royce3> Yes, Scrye.
.Alistair Pulling> Crowley just knew how to get press. He loved the attention.
1ANDONLY1> morals are for those who wish to rise above their animalistic
.Royce3> Right on that Alistair.
.Alistair Pulling> ugh. i have to get the bus to work in 6 hours. I should
hit the sack.
.Scrye> There is one thing about Crowley - his true worth will be as an
unwilling prophet of the New Age, through AIWASS and Aha!
.Royce3> Good having you Ali.
BAUBLE49> goodnight Alistair
.Fred> bye
.Scrye> So read that and goodnight, Alistair!
.Alistair Pulling> Aha! take on meeeee laaa da daa....
DORCASQ> Six hours and then work! Ugh Alistair
1ANDONLY1> (I love you all)-gridwalker
.Alistair Pulling> later peeps.
.Royce3> Yes, I agree, Scrye. Crowley has had a great influence and continues
.Alistair Pulling> - signed off -
.Royce3> We seem to be rapidly coming to the end of our session.
1ANDONLY1> so Chanelling
.Royce3> Would anyone like to focus on a few remaining issues?
DORCASQ> We sure covered a lot of territory tonight
.Scrye> I wish I still had nine when I ever said that!
1ANDONLY1> such as ?
.Kolta> Repeat that again Scrye
.Royce3> Say again, Scrye?
.Scrye> Nine peeps left in here!
BAUBLE49> This chat looks like the Cassiopaea site!!!!!
1ANDONLY1> (grid) can all think of the trine and the 6pointed star for next
.Kolta> Oh, we are peeps now
.Royce3> You mean a lot has been going on?
DORCASQ> Where did you find out about this Cassiopaia site?
.Scrye> I mean I hate to leave tonight, yes.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Royce A lot going on here tonight
.Royce3> Rocket sent over a lot of info, dorcasq
.Royce3> There has been a lot of interesting stuff on the table, Scrye.
BAUBLE49> Been good tonight Scrye
.Royce3> I think that the whole issue of channeling needs to be examined in
.Scrye> This is THE hot Delphi esoteric chat I'm sure.
DORCASQ> We could have a whole chat topic on many of the things discussed
1ANDONLY1> (gridwalker - ) we have covered quite a bit tonight havent we?
Can we think about the triangle and the 6 pointed star for next time it is a
good way to tap in!!!!
.Scrye> Bingo, Dorcas.
.Royce3> 1and you have to let me know more about the six pointed star.
DORCASQ> Sounds interesting, Grid
.Royce3> We can then put together a perspective, 1and.
.Scrye> We could have a chat on n-pointed symbols and numerology.
BAUBLE49> For next Tuesday you mean ?
.Royce3> We have some information about numerology on the web site, folks.
1ANDONLY1> in esoteric teachings we have two triads the upper and the lower,
when the two meet it forms a 6 pointed star the upper triad represents the
spiritual the lower the physical
.Royce3> You all might want to check it out.
1ANDONLY1> when together we have alchamy
.jefflove> 7:30
.Kolta> Jeff, our time keeper
.Scrye> I mean more generally, sacred numbers, Royce.
.Royce3> Interesting, 1and. we will talk about it more.
BAUBLE49> ty Jeff
.Royce3> Right now we are out of time.
.Scrye> And everyone could send you stuff until you are ready to go with it.
.Royce3> We will be back tomorrow at 6 pm edt.
BAUBLE49> I'm exhauated!!!!
.Royce3> I hope you will all join us.
1ANDONLY1> next time royce
.Scrye> OK
DORCASQ> Great chat, Royce
.Royce3> You have all been great.
.Royce3> Thanks to all of you.
DORCASQ> Goodnight everyone
1ANDONLY1> love you all go with god -grid
.Scrye> Thank, Royce!
JONI186> hope to see you all tomorrow
.Fred> goodnight all
.Royce3> Good to see again scrye.
BAUBLE49> nite nite All
1ANDONLY1> only1 sweet dreams
.Royce3> bye
.jefflove> BYE
1ANDONLY1> 1and goodbye
.Royce3> bye
.Kolta> Have a nice evening all
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Royce3> - signed off -
.DORCASQ> - signed off -