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Logging at 5-SEP-2000 17:55)
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.Royce3> What's up?
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.rocket> Hi Royce
.Kolta> Hello
.Royce3> HI rocket; hi kolta.
DORCASQ> I saw your name, Rocket, in a different chat room.
.rocket> Hi Kolta
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.Royce3> Rocket, your email address has stopped working.
1ANDONLY1> - signed off -
.Royce3> Hi 1andonly 1
.rocket> yeah...I goofed
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.Kolta> I just saw another room opened with you, Rocket and 1and
.Royce3> Hi 1andonly1
1ANDONLY1> - signed off -
DORCASQ> I was going to go get you.
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DORCASQ> Hi everyone!!
1ANDONLY1> - signed off -
BAUBLE49> Hi All!
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.Royce3> 1and is having trouble.
.Royce3> Hi Cave.
.rocket> Hi Dorc
.rocket> Hi Cave
1CAVERAT> hi room!
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BAUBLE49> land Stay put!!
.rocket> Hi 1and
DORCASQ> Wow - everyone is appearing at once - GREAT
.Royce3> Hello, Jeff Love
.Kolta> Delphi is up to its old tricks again
1CAVERAT> May suddenly have to go since i am at work
.Royce3> It would seem that way, Kolta.
.Kolta> Hi Jeff
BAUBLE49> I'll say
.jefflove> hi
.rocket> hi jeff
.Royce3> First of all, does anyone have people to put on the prayer list?
.Kolta> My Seance is this Sunday
BAUBLE49> OK kolta
.Royce3> I want to get that out of the way before things get too hectic here.
.Kolta> Please keep Michael on the prayer list
DORCASQ> yea, we forgot PL last week.
.Royce3> Very good, Kolta.
BAUBLE49> Prayer list--Soul of Penny the dog
DORCASQ> ok Penny
.Royce3> 1andonly one, welcome. I see your link has settled down. Damn Delphi.
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.Royce3> Hi steve, welcome
JONI186> hello
DORCASQ> Anyone else for PL?
BAUBLE49> Have you heard recently about Michael, Kolta?
.Royce3> I just checked the URL you sent Steve. It will take some time to get
through it.
.Royce3> Yes, how is Michael?
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1ANDONLY1> am I in
.Kolta> He is about the same. In a nursing home and receiving a lot of pain
JONI186> ok
DORCASQ> I'm still s l o w l y working my way through Cassiopiaea
.Royce3> Hello ,scrye, welcome.
.Scrye> Hi, everyone!
.rocket> hi scrye
1ANDONLY1> hi room
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.Royce3> I hope some of the rest of you are working through the Cassiopaea
BAUBLE49> Have you goten to other things besides the Wave Dorc?
.Royce3> Hi word, welcome.
DORCASQ> Wordiebirdie - fun name!!
JONI186> yes
.Scrye> You are in 1and!
.wordiebirdie> Hi , guys
.rocket> Iam at wave 11
BAUBLE49> Hi Word
1ANDONLY1> ty scrye
DORCASQ> I'm only at 5
.Royce3> Well, didn't anyone spot a UFO this week?
.rocket> its a long read.
DORCASQ> Too busy reading the waves, Royce
. 1CAVERAT> none here.
.Royce3> Keeping up with your studies, Dorcasq. That's good.
DORCASQ> Sure, Royce
.rocket> they just posted Wave 12a & 12b
.Royce3> So how many of you were over to the site in question?
JONI186> i was
1ANDONLY1> we were Royce
DORCASQ> I will never catch up then, Rocket!
BAUBLE49> Yes, but is Dorc keeping up with her sewing!!!!??
.rocket> what site is that?
1ANDONLY1> very interesting
DORCASQ> My machine got fixed today!
.Royce3> The cassiopaea site, rocket.
.rocket> oh ok
DORCASQ> 80 damn dollars!
.Royce3> Yes, it was Rocket who first mentioned the site.
1ANDONLY1> ty Rocket
BAUBLE49> OK Dorc. Call your boss and tell him you need a raise
DORCASQ> yes, ty Rocket
.wordiebirdie> got directions or URL?
JONI186> yes very interesting
.rocket> ok but its been up for 2 years.,lol
.Royce3> Well, Dorcasq, maybe you can sew us up some nifty UFOtalk-time
shirts and blouses.
.Royce3> Rocket, what's the exact address for Cassiopaea?
.rocket> hang on..
DORCASQ> I can do that - $100/shirt
BAUBLE49> Get a lift chair then Dorc!!
.Scrye> Can your machine embroider, D?
JONI186> to the 4th density?dorcasq
.Royce3> We will get you the address Word. Just give us a moment.
BAUBLE49> Oh my Wrong question Scrye
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DORCASQ> htpp://
BAUBLE49> That's good Steve!!
.Fred> Hello everyone
JONI186> ty
.Kolta> Hi Fred
.Scrye> really, Bauble? Knotty subject?
1ANDONLY1> Hi Sophie/Fred
.wordiebirdie> thanx
.Royce3> Good to see you back, Fred.
.Kolta> Scrye :-)
DORCASQ> My machine probably can, Baub, but I can't :)
.Fred> tks Royce
BAUBLE49> Hello Sophie/Fred
.Fred> Good to be here
.rocket> Its is a very good thing to join their e-group because Laura seems
to commnicate well with the group.
.wordiebirdie> - signed off -
.Royce3> Well, there's sure a lot of information there.
BAUBLE49> She's answered you hasn't she Rocket?
DORCASQ> Yes, a lot!
.Royce3> Word left. Maybe he is on his way to check the site.
.rocket> As the "C's" would say "it is what it is"\
BAUBLE49> Then it will be ages.....until he gets back!!!!
.Royce3> Well, shall we get on to our topic for tonight?
.rocket> yes
DORCASQ> I can't even get through enough of that site to know whether I
believe all or any of it or not.
.Kolta> ok
.Royce3> We are going to talk about Atlantis.
.Royce3> How many of you believe in the story of Atlantis?
.Fred> I've been looking for stuff about Atlantis, is it true that the Only
Really historic references are found in the works of Plato?
BAUBLE49> I do
.Kolta> I do also
1ANDONLY1> does anyone know why no concrete evidence has yet been found as to
the whereabouts of Atlantis???
BAUBLE49> Good ? Fred
JONI186> si
.rocket> Some claim off the coast of Japan...
.Royce3> I suppose to find concrete evidence, we have to find Atlantis, 1and.
.rocket> or at least evidence of structures there
.Fred> He wrote a dialogue describing a war between the Greeks and the
.Royce3> And there are some new theories about where we might find it.
.Scrye> Which story of Atlantis, Royce?
JONI186> most of the ocean is unexplored
1CAVERAT> Fred, I tend to agree with you
1ANDONLY1> we have our own theory, based on channelled information and
.Fred> Nothing before his references has been found?
1CAVERAT> Japan would be a far distance to conduct a war with Greece
.Kolta> Good question Scrye
.Fred> Plato invented Atlantis?
DORCASQ> hahaha
BAUBLE49> Somewhere I had read that Plato added that war in with the Greeks
to maybe be politically correct. But I don't know
.rocket> earth shifting is going on as we speak
BAUBLE49> Royce has been bumped
1CAVERAT> Yes. Based on historical fact as described by Greek travelers
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Royce3> ** The moderator has left the group **
.Royce3> ** Group is not published **
BAUBLE49> Shall the mice play????
** .Royce3 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
.Scrye> I just today read a bunch of stuff here in Ufotalk that said Atlantis
was in the Pacific!
.Kolta> wb Royce
** .Royce3 is now the group moderator **
1ANDONLY1> wb Royce
DORCASQ> Hang in here royce
.rocket> yes ..South Pacific.
1CAVERAT> Scrye, I tend to believe Mediterrean area
.rocket> thats what I heard
DORCASQ> Well if you read it in Ufotalk, it has to be true, Scrye
JONI186> wouldn,t that be Mu
.Scrye> So how could all these stories be about the same place?
.Royce3> Ok. where was I
.Royce3> Wow, bumped to no where.
.Royce3> Now I think bauble has been bumped.'
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.Baalzephon> - signed off -
** .Baalzephon just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
1ANDONLY1> because Atlantis was NOT an Island
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
** .Baalzephon just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Baal, welcome
.rocket> Delphi Gods are angry with Royce.
.Royce3> We are here to talk about Atlantis everyone.
.Baalzephon> ave regis, hominem sapientis, people...
BAUBLE49> It's also in the antartic when the crust shift moved it to a warmer
.Fred> Plato's God's are angry also
1ANDONLY1> hi Baal
.rocket> yup
DORCASQ> Oh, those guys are always angry about something.
BAUBLE49> Yes Fred
.Fred> Tks Dorcas
.Royce3> I'm irritating more people than usual, I guess.
.Baalzephon> That's why I don't follow any spirituality that requires gods -
they're always angry about something... >;->
DORCASQ> Not possible, Royce!
.Fred> ain't that always the way
BAUBLE49> funny Baal!!
.Scrye> OK, let's get it out of our systems. Where was Atlantis? Short
answers, please!
JONI186> Edgar
.rocket> But the filp side Baal is....?
BAUBLE49> On Earth
1ANDONLY1> a planet
.Royce3> Yes, let's have everyone's opinion on where Atlantis was and is.
DORCASQ> In Atlanta?
1CAVERAT> Meditterean area
.Scrye> I say Sargasso Sea!
.Baalzephon> Atlantis eh? I follow the Anarctica theory... Of course - its
easy to speculate when you can't see what's under the ice.
.rocket> South Pacific
.Kolta> Antarctica
1ANDONLY1> in between mars and jupiter
.rocket> lol
JONI186> cayce seemed to think around Bimini
.Kolta> Good 1and
.rocket> 1and is closest
BAUBLE49> That's Lemuria Rocket
1ANDONLY1> not joking all
.Scrye> Don't argue - just list!
BAUBLE49> That's why it is no more then, land??
1ANDONLY1> correct
.Kolta> Who is arguing Scrye?
.Royce3> I'm not sure where Atlantis was. But I think there's a strong case
that it's really Antarctic.
BAUBLE49> What do you mean not joking, land?
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
JONI186> land you are implying that it was a planet?
DORCASQ> Let's ask Isle, he must know.
.Royce3> Hi Isleander. We are talking about Atlantis. Tell us where you think
it is.
.Scrye> So, why do we call all these places Atlantis. Sorry, Royce - really
.isle anders> hi all
1ANDONLY1> we have channelled info that purports the idea that Atlantis was
in fact a planet
.isle anders> unsure old world counrty?
.Kolta> Interesting 1and
1ANDONLY1> and is now the asteroid belt
.Royce3> Scrye, I guess we just have a lot of opinions. Then of course the
channeled material has impacted a lot of people.
DORCASQ> Yes, interesting.
.Baalzephon> the so-called 5th planet? It could be. Fortunately - there's
a convenient lack of evidence in support or denial of such a theory - the
planet being a bunch of asteroids now...
1ANDONLY1> but only1 keeps an open mind
.Fred> as an example to us all
1CAVERAT> Scrye, Many myths have sprung up regarding Atlantis, therefore many
locations purported to be found
BAUBLE49> I want it to have been here on earth!!
.Kolta> An open mind is good
1ANDONLY1> the Atlantis of Earth was in fact a floating space craft
.Royce3> It is interesting to note that there are very ancient maps of the
Antarctic without ice. Anyone have any ideas how that came about?
DORCASQ> Can't always get what you want, Baubs.
1ANDONLY1> therefor no fixed location
BAUBLE49> NOT True either :( :(
DORCASQ> That sounds very plausible, 1and
BAUBLE49> Not true was to Dorc
.Baalzephon> If you listen to some of the theorists - then we also have
ancient cities on the Moon, Mars and Io... Though I wonder if the person who
came up with the Io theory knew anything about how radiation
.Baalzephon> of Jupiter would make surface life on Io just about impossible -
unless they lived in arcologies...
JONI186> well someone must have drawn the maps, who?
.Royce3> All right, how many of you agree with 1and and think that Atlantis
was a floating space craft?
.Scrye> nope
.isle anders> not yet anyways
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (14 members now) **
.Kolta> I think it is plausible. It would explain the many locations.
BAUBLE49> I don't want to believe that, but I'm open
.Baalzephon> The map of antarctica can be found in a book called "Maps of the
Ancient Sea Kings" - it dates back to the 15 century and is supposed to be a
re-production of a much older map...
DORCASQ> I don't have any real opinion - am open to any possibility
BAUBLE49> True Kolta
.Royce3> Steve, the maps have both longitude and latitude marked on them
1ANDONLY1> open minded is the only way Baub
BAUBLE49> Open like a sieve, land :)
.Royce3> It takes very accurate clocks to mark longitude. Where did the
ancients get accurate clocks?
.Scrye> Is that the Piri Reis map, Bauble?
1ANDONLY1> though this idea is a favourite of mine
1ANDONLY1> from a floating spacecraft Royce
.Royce3> Baal, you are right about the maps. How about telling the group more
about them.
.rocket> Devices of that nature were found before Christ.
.Royce3> Yes, Scrye, the Piri Reis map.
1ANDONLY1> joking?? this time
BAUBLE49> Maybe the maps were made from remote viewing????
.Fred> 1andonly1, you are having a laugh
.Baalzephon> I've seen evidence about water-clocks being used on ships - as
well as large compasses... All I know is that there is a book called "Maps
of the Ancient Sea Kings" - though offhand I cannot remember
.Baalzephon> the author...
1ANDONLY1> too accurate for that I think Baub
BAUBLE49> what devices Rocket?
1ANDONLY1> not about everything Fred
.Royce3> Well, it takes very accurate, mechanical clocks to map longitude.
.rocket> Solar system mechanical hand held and extremely accurate Bauble.
.Royce3> So whoever mapped the Antarctic either mapped it before the place
had ice or mapped it afterward with the help of clocks.
.Baalzephon> water clocks can be pretty accurate...
.Royce3> Not accurate enough, Baal.
.Scrye> Even at sea?
.rocket> Sacaria Stitchen book speaks of these devices
.rocket> Found in Turkey
.Scrye> I can't always even launch over the rail at sea!
1CAVERAT> compasses would have been inaccurate due to magnetic declanation as
you approach the south pole
.Royce3> The british navy offered a big prize for the first inventor to come
up with a very accurate mechanical clock. This offer was post in the early
19th century.
BAUBLE49> OK Rocket. TY
1CAVERAT> aswell
.Royce3> Remember, Cave, we are talking about longitude and clocks.
.Fred> it took a long time for them to pay out though didn't it
.Scrye> It took what, 70 years to win it, R?
.Royce3> latitude marking wasn't a problem.
.Royce3> Right Scrye.
1ANDONLY1> how about a view from space
.Scrye> SOMEBODY knew where the land was under Antarctica!
.Royce3> So scholars have a problem with Antarctic and the ancient maps of it.
.rocket> close 1and
1CAVERAT> it would have been if one was not able to compensate for the offset
between magnetic and true pole positions
1ANDONLY1> the Reis maps were only shown to be accurate after satellite photos
.Scrye> Worth 2 cents: I think it was mapped when there was NO ICE there.
.Royce3> But cave, we are talking about actually drawing the map.
** BSCKY just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (15 members now) **
.Baalzephon> How accurate do you have to be? Those ancient maps weren't
exactly all that accurate - if you look at them. They are usually roughly
the right shape - but hardly ever is anything exactly where its
.Baalzephon> supposed to be. You don't need GPS or cesium powered nuclear
clocks to arrive at an estimate.
BAUBLE49> Very good point , land
.Royce3> Hi bscky, welcome.
.Royce3> We are talking about Atlantis.
DORCASQ> I agree, Baal.
1ANDONLY1> ty Baub
BSCKY> - signed off -
.Royce3> Ok, i"m going to paste in the first of two parts . Please take the
time to read the material.
.Satellite8> ok
.isle anders> kc58thelegendliveson
.Fred> ok
.Fred> oh Dorcas
.Baalzephon> Besides - to me its a lot more reasonable that we developed an
adequate technology before automatically jumping to the Alien theories...
.Scrye> The Piri Reis map is too accurate to have been a guess. Period.
.Royce3> Later, researching the idea, he read everything he could find on
Atlantis, including Plato's famous account in Criteas and Timeaus where
Egyptian priests described Atlantis, its features, location,
.Royce3> history and demise to the Greek lawgiver Solon. At first the story
didn't work for Flem-Ath, but that changed later when he made a startling
discovery, unmistakable similarities between two obscure
.Royce3> but remarkable maps.
JONI186> the cass site seems to say the modern day indians are the decendants
of Atlantis
.Royce3> A 1665 map by Jesuit scholar Athenasius Kircher, copied from much
older sources, seemed to have placed Atlantis in the north Atlantic but
strangely, had put north at the bottom of the page apparently
.Royce3> forcing study upside down. The 1513 Piri Ri'is map, also copied from
much more ancient sources, demonstrated that an ice age civilization had
sufficient geographic knowledge to accurately map
.Royce3> Antarctica's coast as it existed beneath an ice cap many millennia
old (as pointed out by Charles Hapgood in Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings:
Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age). What
.Royce3> seemed obvious to Flem-Ath was that both maps depicted the same land
.Kolta> Steve, you mean Native Americans or India Indians?
.Fred> You think Plato was citing truth
.Baalzephon> I've seen it - it is a reproduction first of all of an older
map. Second of all - we have no idea what it was a reproduction of - so all
else is speculation. Speculation should never be mistaken
.Baalzephon> for fact.
JONI186> native americans
1CAVERAT> Right, Baal
.Fred> tks Baal
1ANDONLY1> I always the the antarctica land mass related specifically to the
Lemuria myth
.rocket> Its where the largest number of underground tunnels are Kolta...not
made by man.
1ANDONLY1> thought
.Kolta> Thanks Rocket
BAUBLE49> Never heard that one, land
.rocket> stretches to the Artic
.Royce3> I think Plato was giving accurate information, Fred.
.Baalzephon> - signed off -
.Fred> He was some sort of guy wern't he
.Fred> ain't he
BAUBLE49> I do too
.Royce3> Anyway, the notion is that the Antarctic shifted.
.Royce3> Shifted because of the moving of the earth's crust
DORCASQ> Yes, Plato was a cool kind of guy.
JONI186> what tunnels? rocket
.Royce3> How many of you know anything about the notion of the earth's crust
1ANDONLY1> its all greek to me
.rocket> Plato like to engage everyday peoples minds to bring up a notch.
DORCASQ> Me too 1and
DORCASQ> Yes, he would have driven me crazier!
.Fred> ancient bleeding greek 1and
BAUBLE49> They said Troy didn't exist also, just a myth. Until Sheilleman
found it because he speculated where it would have to be from the info he
1ANDONLY1> as it should be Rocket
1ANDONLY1> a tradejy Fred
.rocket> yes...for sure
1ANDONLY1> oops
.rocket> point is....did he just..fabracate or spculate.
.Scrye> Why are all myths considered to be fiction? History doesn't start
with writing! Besides, the Illiad WAS written.
1ANDONLY1> true
.rocket> and the Vedas
.Kolta> Myths do have truth in them
BAUBLE49> correct, Scrye!
.Royce3> Hello out there. Have any of you ever considered crust shifts as a
major cause of major earth disruptions, such as the deluge?
DORCASQ> I don't consider myths to be totally fiction.
BAUBLE49> Yes, K
.Kolta> Yes
.rocket> yes
BAUBLE49> Yes, I believe the crust can shift, Royce
.rocket> constant
1CAVERAT> Yes Royce. Plate tecktonics has been accepted as fact
.Royce3> Who would like to explain what we mean by a crust shift.
.rocket> thats why I say South Pacific..
.Royce3> Not plat tecktonics, Cave. That is something different.
DORCASQ> Tell us the story about the orange, Royce.
1ANDONLY1> ???
.Royce3> plate shifting is much more specific to a small area.
BAUBLE49> Just the crust moves
.Kolta> The orange????????
.Satellite8> i thought it was plate tectonics too
.Scrye> I think the Flood was a pole shift, or a meteorite. Probably the
.Royce3> The orange story that Dorq refers to nicely explains the theory.
1ANDONLY1> ditto Sat
DORCASQ> Royce gave me a good example of crust shifting with an orange.
1ANDONLY1> tell us
.Royce3> Think of an orange whose skin has become loose so that it can slide
around the interior of the orange.
1ANDONLY1> tes
.Royce3> The interior stays put, but the skin moves.
.Royce3> That explains how a crust shift works.
.Royce3> Here is another paste.
.Royce3> In his theory of earth crust displacement, Professor Charles Hapgood
had, citing vast climatalogical, paleontological, and anthropological
evidence, argued that the entire outer shell of the Earth,
.Royce3> over its inner layers periodically shifts, bringing about major
climatic changes. The climatic zones (polar, temperate and tropical) remain
the same because the sun still shines from the same angle
.Royce3> in the sky, but as the outer shell shifts, it moves through those
zones. From the perspective of Earth's population, it seems as though the sky
is falling. In reality the earth's crust is shifting to
.Royce3> another location. Some lands move toward the tropics. Others shift,
with the same movement, toward the poles. While yet others escape great
changes in latitude. The consequences of such a movement
.Royce3> is, of course, catastrophic. Throughout the world, massive
earthquakes shake the land and enormous tidal waves batter the continental
shelves. As old ice caps forsake the polar zones, they melt,
.Royce3> raising sea levels higher and higher. Everywhere, and by whatever
means, people seek higher ground to avoid an ocean in upheaval
.Kolta> Thanks for the explanation Royce
.Fred> Arrrrhhhh, lag
.rocket> Well it a face that the inner core is moving the oppisit direrction
that the earth rotation...
.rocket> opps
.rocket> fact
.Royce3> Let me know when you have all read the material.
DORCASQ> I can't read this, screen won't keep still.
BAUBLE49> You mean the so called Iron core, Rocket?
JONI186> what would
.Kolta> The Screen does not keep still because people are talking
.rocket> yes
.Scrye> Everyone hold off for a moment.
BAUBLE49> funny, K!
.Satellite8> yours too Dorcas?
.Satellite8> mine keeps jumping
BAUBLE49> but True, K
.Kolta> It is true Bauble
DORCASQ> zzzzzzzzzz
1ANDONLY1> got bumped
.Kolta> wb 1and
.Fred> phew
.Scrye> OK, I read it.
1ANDONLY1> ty Kolta
BAUBLE49> I thought everyone was reading the post
DORCASQ> I read it finally
JONI186> I read somewhere that the chinese have three times in there history
where the sun rose in the west and set in the east could this be caused by a
crust shift
1ANDONLY1> I read it
.Royce3> The idea of a crust shift can explain the rapid freezing of animals
in Siberia and other areas.
.Fred> I'm not sure I retained anything
DORCASQ> I know I didn't, Fred.
1CAVERAT> Geological evidence does not support the theory proposed. A study
of our own rock strata slocally show a gradual climate change over millions
of years from a tropic to temperate climate. Long term
1CAVERAT> core samples from Antartica show a tropical past which co-incides
with the drift from Pangea to the present with no changes between. Nothing
supports changing from one to the other repeatedly
1CAVERAT> This supports plate tecktonics
.Fred> Atlantis got buried by time
1CAVERAT> slocally=show locally
.Royce3> Cave, there are animals in Siberia who have flowers frozen in their
stomachs, flowers from temperate areas. There is indeed evidence.
DORCASQ> Thanks, Cave
BAUBLE49> Maybe the time frame is very much further back than we suspect,
.Royce3> I can supply the evidence if you like Cave.
.Scrye> There is a new catastrophic theory of evolution, Cave. Actually it
is over 100 years old.
.Royce3> The tecktonics theory doesn't rule out a crust shift.
.Scrye> It is well supported, but outside the current paradigm.
1ANDONLY1> what is it Scrye
1CAVERAT> The flowers and foods you refer to are native to the area in
question. it only shows a rapid cooling and freeze such as by a storm system
BAUBLE49> so what is the old new theory, Scrye?
.Fred> I'm sure I don't like where you are going Scrye
.Royce3> You are obviously reading different material than I am Cave. Did you
ever read the book by Hancock that I suggested to you some months ago?
BAUBLE49> Why is Scrye going potty?
DORCASQ> What, Baub?
.Royce3> What is it that you don't like, Fred?
BAUBLE49> Fred didn't like where Scrye was going, Dorc
.Scrye> There is evidence as Royce pointed out of a massive flood that
covered much of the earth, probably in great tsunamis.
DORCASQ> ooooo
1ANDONLY1> doom and gloom i think
.rocket> lol bauble
.Fred> tks 1and
.Kolta> Besides, every religion has a flood story
1CAVERAT> Scrye, the geological evidence has been found to support that
.Scrye> And the evidence also supports increased vulcanism at the time.
DORCASQ> I hate doom and gloom
1ANDONLY1> so do i Dorc
.Royce3> Yes, the theories of great flood is in many ancient txtss.
.Royce3> texts.
.Kolta> Jeff loves doom and gloom, where is he?
1ANDONLY1> but is there anything we can do about it
BAUBLE49> Now, Kolta....
.Royce3> Cave, I would have thought that you would have supported the notion
of the great flood.
.Kolta> :-(
.Scrye> As if something big went SPLAT! in the ocean, penetrated the crust,
and washed animals UP the mountains.
1CAVERAT> I do, Royce
1CAVERAT> Maybe I didn't come across correctly
.Royce3> Well, so do I Cave. And I support the notion that it was caused by a
shift of the earth's crust. At least, I think it is a reasonable theory.
1ANDONLY1> an atlanian space craft crashing Scrye
BAUBLE49> try again then Cave
DORCASQ> I like Scrye's big SPLAT theory.
.Fred> oh dear
1ANDONLY1> lol
BAUBLE49> That's doom and Gloom Dorc. Thought you didn't like that
.Royce3> Darn, those Atlantians must not have their vehicles under control at
all times.
BAUBLE49> funny R!
1CAVERAT> Regarding Atlantis, I think it was in the Eastern Mediterreanean
area and possibly destroyed by
DORCASQ> But it makes me laugh, Baub.
1CAVERAT> bye all
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
.rocket> 502's for all the pilots.
.Kolta> You mean the vehicle went splat!
.Royce3> Did he get mad?
BAUBLE49> Cave's boss must have come in
.Scrye> I meant Atlantis went splat! haha!
.Kolta> :-)
.Scrye> No, a meteorite!
1ANDONLY1> lol
.rocket> he had to work Royce
DORCASQ> You made him mad, as usual, Royce - shame on you!
.Fred> Royce?
1ANDONLY1> did u royce
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.rocket> he stated he had to go soon at the beginning of this session
.Kolta> wb Cave
.Fred> hi caverat
BAUBLE49> Bet I'm right about Cave's boss coming in
.Fred> wb
.rocket> wb
.Royce3> Cave, i thought Dorcasq made you mad so you left.
DORCASQ> We thought you went splat, Cave
1ANDONLY1> wb cave
1CAVERAT> Problems at work. don't know how long I can stay
BAUBLE49> funny Dorc!
.Royce3> Stay as long as you can Cave.
1ANDONLY1> did the boss go splat cave
1CAVERAT> Not tonite. I am head man tonite.
.Fred> secondoned
.Kolta> Lucky Cave
1CAVERAT> Means when problems come up, I gottago
1ANDONLY1> wow
.Royce3> 1and, who was it who channeled your information about Atlantis?
.Royce3> I realize that there are a lot of people channeling these days.
1ANDONLY1> a number of friends Royce
1CAVERAT> Any comments regarding Santorini?
1ANDONLY1> whats that cave
1CAVERAT> Didn't my post go up?
.Royce3> No Cave. How about bringing everyone up to speed. Some may not know
about it.
BAUBLE49> It covered Pompey, maybe????
DORCASQ> I don't
.Royce3> Now we will see how fast cave can type.
BAUBLE49> A volcano
1CAVERAT> Volcanic explosion in Eastern Meditterean which may have destroyed
DORCASQ> Don't make him type all that - he will say he has to go back to work.
.Royce3> Yeah, Dorcaq!
.Royce3> You are right
BAUBLE49> He can do 2 jobs at once, Dorc
.Royce3> But not three.
.Royce3> ????
DORCASQ> Yes...he is the head man!
1CAVERAT> Time frame would be about the time Egyptian sources claim dealings
with Atlantis
.Royce3> I won't touch that, Dorcasq.
1CAVERAT> Could easily be the source of stories related by Plato
.Fred> Didn't the man Plato take all his stuff from the Egyptians?
.Scrye> Cave, a sufficiently large volcano near the sea causes tsunamis also.
.Royce3> I suspect that that theory suggests that Atlantis was a very small
place, doesn't it, Cave?
.Fred> same story different words Cave
1CAVERAT> Yes royce. i think the story has grown over time
.Scrye> Rome was a small place, too!
.Royce3> In order to get people to buy into all of the volcano stuff, I think
people have to accept the notion that Plato vastly exaggerated.
1CAVERAT> As is true with most myths and legends
1ANDONLY1> the story is cryptic
BAUBLE49> Never thought of it that way--small
.Royce3> I don't accept that theory. I think Plato said what he meant to
say--that he was being very accurate.
1CAVERAT> Keep in mind that at that time a city of 50,000 was huge
BAUBLE49> I do too, Royce.
.Scrye> I think that the place described could have supported 2-3 million
people. Needn't have been a whole continent.
.Royce3> However, I was wrong once, at least I think I may have been.
.Fred> mistakes of youth, lets be lenient on ourselves
1CAVERAT> happened to me once, too. but i was mistaken
1ANDONLY1> yer i second that fred
BAUBLE49> For the Atlantians to be as advanced as they are perpurted to be, I
would think they existed in the long long ago past
.Royce3> 1andonly1, I don't think you caught my question a few moments ago:
Who is it who channeled your material concerning Atlantis? Yes, Fred, in
regard to mistakes, I make a few due to my youth.
JONI186> i agree baub
DORCASQ> He said 'some friends', royce
.Scrye> Bauble, do you think there were great civilizations way before Egypt?
Maybe 12,000 to 50, 000 years ago?
.Royce3> Thanks, dorcasq
.Kolta> Yes Royce
1CAVERAT> But how many of their advances were true and how many just
BAUBLE49> Any written material would be long gone Only myths left
.Royce3> I sure do believe that, Scrye.
BAUBLE49> Yes, Scrye
.Fred> Is the atmoshere right?
BAUBLE49> Have you read any of the Vedic literature, Scrye?
.Scrye> right. Perhaps very accurate myths. People took their histories
quite seriously!
1ANDONLY1> it was channelled over a number of years by a number of 'friends'
on the 'higher' levels
.Royce3> I suggest that you folks all read the work of Michael Cremo. His
material is really first class. I have posted some of his stuff on the
message board.
BAUBLE49> And they had to rely on memory
.Scrye> I have read parts of the Rig Veda. And parts of Mahabharata.
.Royce3> Wonderful material, Scrye.
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.Royce3> Michael Cremo will soon publish a new book called Devolution.
BAUBLE49> We're talking millions of years back with the Vedas
WOLFDREAMER2> - signed off -
.Scrye> yes. There was a rule: Not one syllable nay be altered in
.Scrye> Much stricter than our written works. How many versions of Leaves of
Grass are there?
.Royce3> Hello Wolfedreamer2 , welcome. We are talking about Atlantis, among
other things. Have you ever read Forbidden Archeology?
BAUBLE49> Just like the Jewish letters then, Royce?
DORCASQ> Wolfdreamer went bye bye, Royce
.Fred> I never read it Scrye but I heard of it, how many?
.Royce3> Yes, Dorcasq
.Scrye> Well, Whitman kept changing it!
.Fred> it was referenced in Cosmic Consciousness, tks Rus
.Royce3> Whitman was a transcendentalist.
.Scrye> And his publisher just kept printing new versions identified only by
DORCASQ> Good way to keep selling the same book.
.Fred> Was it a useful sort of book?
BAUBLE49> Updated too
.Royce3> Whitman was a great intellect and poet.
1ANDONLY1> worked for the bible
.Scrye> There really is no authoritative version. They are all good, by the
.Royce3> One of the best the U.S. ever has produced.
DORCASQ> :) 1and
1CAVERAT> Sounds like some of the UFO authors today
.Fred> lol 1and
BAUBLE49> That's what I meant, land
.Royce3> 1and, do you think you might one day bring one of the people who
channel for you onto this chat?
.Scrye> Anyway, my point is that the verbal traditions were actually at least
as accurate.
BAUBLE49> People think there is a lot of info in the Bible Code
.Royce3> Good point, Scrye.
.Royce3> Well, of course, there is a lot of material in the bible, Bauble
.Scrye> Anyone ever hear of the Red Record?
JONI186> no
DORCASQ> Does the Bible have a website? Question just crossed my mind.
.Kolta> I haven't Scrye
.Scrye> Not the Little Red Book!
.Fred> Entitities who are being channelled cannot abide ridicule, did you
know that, it brings the subject out of link, so I'm told
.Royce3> Mao's Little Red Book?
.Royce3> Ha
1ANDONLY1> only1 and myself , gridwalker have all been channels for this
communication Royce
BAUBLE49> I understood what you meant, land
.Royce3> Very good, 1and, I was totally clear about that fact until now.
.Scrye> It is a remarkable "book" transcribed on little slats of wood by a
Frenchman, the only one who had the key to the written language of the Lenni
Lenape tribe of New York.
.Royce3> Well gggoooooooooood for you Bauble! :-)
.Royce3> geeeee
BAUBLE49> Yes sirreeee!
DORCASQ> Don't fight, you two!
BAUBLE49> Indian tribe, Scrye?
.Scrye> The key was lost for years and then synchronistically found by the
one man who could render the book into English!
.Royce3> Not me, I'm burning Karma.
1ANDONLY1> go have a fight
JONI186> what did the red record say?
.Royce3> Yes, what did the record say?
1ANDONLY1> winner moderates
BAUBLE49> I can't do that, land. I'm all Love and Light......
.Scrye> It tells of the travels of a tribe who had to leave Northern Asia,
Siberia, for the New World, when the climate changed!
DORCASQ> You must mean loser, 1and.
1ANDONLY1> well done Baub
.Scrye> And is a perfect history of their exploits across two continents.
BAUBLE49> TY, land
BAUBLE49> Is that in print still, Scrye?
.Kolta> Sounds interesting Scrye
.Royce3> What sort of tribe are we talking about, Scrye. European? Any hint
about that?
1ANDONLY1> try shaolin love and light Bauble
.Royce3> I would like to read more.
.Scrye> I have this book. There was no way they could stay in Asia. They
had to fight or trade their way across North America.
DORCASQ> I read a science fiction book that sounds like the same story, Scrye.
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BAUBLE49> what is shaolin?
.Royce3> Hi boot, welcome
.Satellite8> - signed off -
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Royce3> We are talking about Atlantis and climatic changes.
1CAVERAT> catch you all later. back to work.
.Scrye> It is fantastic, but it is a written history, Dorcas!
1ANDONLY1> shaolin monks (kung fu) Bauble
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BAUBLE49> bye Cave
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
.Fred> bye cave
1ANDONLY1> bye
.Royce3> Where can we get a copy of the book, Scrye?
.Kolta> Hi Jeff
.jefflove> hi
1ANDONLY1> hi jeff
.Royce3> Is there information about it on the web?
BAUBLE49> I don't do kung fu
.Scrye> The climate changed TWO times. The first drove them INTO Siberia.
The second drove them across the Bering Strait!
.Scrye> brb
.jefflove> did we solve a metapysical problem tonight?
.Royce3> Maybe Scrye is going to get his book.
DORCASQ> Of course, Jeff
1ANDONLY1> i wished
.Royce3> Yes, Jeff weren't you reading the material?
.Royce3> We always solve problems here.
.Fred> solve mine Royce
1ANDONLY1> and create new ones ha ha
BAUBLE49> funny Fred!
DORCASQ> ha ha
BAUBLE49> good, land!
.Royce3> Does anyone hear have a problem with the notion of cyclic time
versus linear?
.Fred> Phew
1ANDONLY1> ?????
.jefflove> how many believe Atlantis was a real civilization?
.Royce3> I think Scrye agrees with the notion of cyclic time as opposed to
BAUBLE49> I do Jeff
1ANDONLY1> out of the blue!!
.Fred> patterns within patterns
.Kolta> Then I agree with Scrye
.Royce3> Fred, if you have a Visa card, we can work on your problem after the
BAUBLE49> I think Cyclic also
.Fred> oh gosh, the cost
1ANDONLY1> I prefer cyclic
BAUBLE49> OK Royce!!!
1ANDONLY1> lolololol
.Royce3> Hey, Fred, if you don't pay for it, it an't worth having.
DORCASQ> I live in cyclic time
.isle anders> - signed off -
.Fred> I've heard that before
.Royce3> Good for you Dorcasq.
.Royce3> The vedic notion of time is cyclic.
.Royce3> The judeo-christain notion about time is linear.
.Fred> Verdic Royce?
1ANDONLY1> life is cycles
BAUBLE49> What do you mean, Dorc? What goes around, comes around?????
.Royce3> Yes, 1and.
.Kolta> Not entirely Royce
DORCASQ> Well, that is true too, Baub.
.Royce3> Early Christian doctrine accepted cyclic time, Kolta.
BAUBLE49> Can it be in between, Kolta?
BOOTWIPE2> - signed off -
.Kolta> There is in-between
.Royce3> Early Christians accepted the notion of reincarnation.
.Fred> Central ground
.Kolta> What Christ did when he was on Earth still effects us today.
.Kolta> That is true Royce
1ANDONLY1> is in between called the present Kolta??
.Scrye> Damn library is too big! Remembered where it WAS, not where it IS!
DORCASQ> Are you looking for it in linear time, Scrye?
1ANDONLY1> lol
.Royce3> Can you tell us who edited the work, Scrye? Or the title. We can
check Amazon.
BAUBLE49> Can we buy it today still, Scrye????
.Kolta> That is all there is 1and, the present. With the present we can
effect the past and the future
1ANDONLY1> very true K
.Scrye> Yes, I got it at an Indian Powwow.
.Royce3> The eternal present.
.Scrye> But it is still in print, I believe..
1ANDONLY1> the here and now
.Royce3> Can you recall the title?
.Fred> Here and Now
.Scrye> The Red Record plus a subtitle.
.Royce3> Can you recall an editor? Probably "Red Record" will be enough,
.Scrye> Sorry, it has been five years.
DORCASQ> How about an ISBN #? :)
.Royce3> No problem. I will do some searching.
.Scrye> That's the limit of my memory.
BAUBLE49> Yeah, right, Dorc!!!1
.Scrye> Eternal youth!
.Scrye> No past!
.Scrye> Cahses tenage girls!
.Scrye> chases but doesn't catch!
BAUBLE49> huh???
.Royce3> Has anyone come to believe in Atlantis because of what has been said
BAUBLE49> ok
.Royce3> How many of you now tend to accept the notion of the crust shift?
1ANDONLY1> always have Royce
.Kolta> I do Royce
.jefflove> 7:30
.Scrye> To the contrary! I think you're all nuts!
1ANDONLY1> nope
BAUBLE49> Yes, I think we all believe it existed. We just don't agree on
.Royce3> 1and, and how about the crust shift?
JONI186> what causes a crust shift?
.Royce3> Scrye, I wish you tell us something we don't already know.
.Kolta> I said I did Royce
1ANDONLY1> not sold on it Royce
.Scrye> Too much yeast!
1ANDONLY1> lol
.Royce3> ok, Kolta.
BAUBLE49> funnyS
1ANDONLY1> they did say atlantis will rise again, must be the yeast Scrye
.Royce3> Bauble, that's what we get when we have people who are creative.
DORCASQ> Funny, 1and!
BAUBLE49> funny land!!!!!
.Scrye> lol
BAUBLE49> Or people who read too much!
.Royce3> True, Bauble.
.Royce3> Incidentally, have you gone to many Pow wows, Scrye?
.Scrye> There are places where we could have ALL DAY to read and read! I am
1ANDONLY1> I believed in Atlantis before I could walk
.Scrye> Three powwows, I think, Royce.
BAUBLE49> Yeah, jail
.Royce3> Joasha used to go to quite a few. Recently, we haven't seen too much
of her.
DORCASQ> Yeah, Baubs, haha
.Kolta> Hospitals too Bauble
.Scrye> The Kitanni one is the best around here.
.Royce3> 1and, have you had many native Americans visit the megalithic sites?
BAUBLE49> What is that, Scrye?
DORCASQ> I think we need a better word than pow wow!
1ANDONLY1> not to my knowledge Roce
.Scrye> State hospital is good, Bauble. I missed my calling.
.Scrye> THe powwoe, B.
.Royce3> A number of native Americans seem to be making journeys to Europe as
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1ANDONLY1> though I feel the old belief was very similar to native indian
.Scrye> I think it is an authentic word. A gathering of tribes.
.Royce3> Rainbow Eagle is one of the teachers I have in mind.
BAUBLE49> hey word, where did you go?
.Kolta> wb word
.Fred> - signed off -
.Royce3> Welcome back Word, did you go to the cassiopaea site?
.wordiebirdie> reading cassie
.jefflove> 7:30
.wordiebirdie> yes
DORCASQ> Did you finish reading it all Wordie?
.Kolta> Yes Jeff
1ANDONLY1> they make heap big bucks too Royce
.rocket> lol
.wordiebirdie> very long eyes crossed
.Scrye> oh=oh. someone read it all, and it's too late!
.wordiebirdie> not all...
.jefflove> 7:30
.Scrye> Idle speculation has won the day.
.Royce3> Do you think so, 1and? I'm not sure one way or the other. I think it
depends upon who we are talking about. I don't think Rainbow is getting rich.
DORCASQ> Too many wordies in that site to read it all.
.rocket> Macs can read it to you.
BAUBLE49> will be awhile before you read all of that Word!
.Kolta> We heard you the first time Jeff
.wordiebirdie> lol dorcas
BAUBLE49> Yes, Lucky rocket
.Royce3> Well, folks that is it for tonight. I want to thank you all for
coming. We will be here again tomorrow night at 6 pm edt
.Royce3> this has been great.
.jefflove> thank you
DORCASQ> Goodnight All of you - thanks for coming.
.Scrye> Thank you, Royce.
.Kolta> Thanks Royce
.rocket> thanks Royce
BAUBLE49> OK Good chat gang See all tomorrow night. Bye bye
JONI186> later
DORCASQ> Thanks royce
.wordiebirdie> thanx
1ANDONLY1> look forward to it
.Royce3> I will try to get some more info on the book that Scrye mentioned.
Bye all
.Scrye> - signed off -
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Kolta> Have a nice evening all! Bye!
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Royce3> ** The moderator has left the group **
.Royce3> ** Group is not published **
1ANDONLY1> sweet dreams all
.Kolta> - signed off -
.rocket> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
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