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Special Report: Ohio Sighting

Hey Gang,

If you weren't on board for the chat yesterday, you missed an exciting chat that ended in the After Chat room. During the online discussion, one of our participants, Joasha, was alerted to the fact that a UFO was flying over her town. So she observed the UFO and then reported back to our chat room.

Now that was on the scene reporting.

Read This special "after chat chat" log for the latest!!!!!!


(Logging at 16-NOV-1999 19:47)

> PENELOPE67> She said it was on local news flashes.
> GFUNK9899> So have any of you actually seen a UFO?
> .Royce3> Quite a number of people here have seen them Gfunk. And it looks
as though one of our number did just a few minutes ago.
> PENELOPE67> If I can get to central Ohio, just maybe.
> 1CAVERAT> I am online with investigator in Columbus now. Will update as
info available.
> GFUNK9899> Royce, that's cool. I think UFOs are one thing which you
really have to see to believe. Until then, everybody is a skeptic.
> .Royce3> Yes, gfunk, that is a good thought.
> PENELOPE67> Thanks, 1Caverat!
> .Royce3> Good work, Caverat.
> .Royce3> There's supposed to be a ton of shooting stars tomorrow night over
the skies of PA.
> 1CAVERAT> Royce, Thats the Leonid shower
> ** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
> .Royce3> Yes,
> GFUNK9899> Only over PA or other parts of the Eastern Seaboard?
> 1CAVERAT> visible everywhere it's not cloudy
> .Joasha> all I can say is WOW
> PENELOPE67> Ta Da!
> GFUNK9899> - signed off -
> .Royce3> What did you find out, joasha?
> .Joasha> been watching it
> .Royce3> Tell us about it!
> ** WARD36 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
> .Royce3> Hi ward, welcome to the chat.
> .Joasha> it is this hugh light and then it will separate into 10 different
pieces and then it comes back together into one again
> WARD36> hi
> .Royce3> Amazing.
> .Scrye> At arm's length, Joasha, how big is it?
> PENELOPE67> Scrye, sounds like your theory.
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> White light, J?
> .Joasha> am waiting to see if they are going to break into another news
flash on tv
> .Scrye> Hi, Ward
> WARD36> hi
> .Joasha> it is bigger than the moon that is out right now
> .Royce3> Joasha, do you have a camera?
> .Royce3> A camcorder?
> ** PO0RBOY1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> That is pretty big.
> PO0RBOY1> Greetings
> .Joasha> nope
> .Royce3> HI poorboy, welcome.
> .Royce3> Caverat, does your guy have a camera?
> 1CAVERAT> yes, but he is not seeing from his location
> .Royce3> Damn.
> .Joasha> stronger over Circleville
> 1CAVERAT> He is with a statewide UFO group
> .Royce3> Where is Circleville in relation to Columbus?
> .Joasha> 30 miles south of columbus
> .Scrye> How much bigger than the moon is it, Joasha?
> WARD36> - signed off -
> .Joasha> if the moon was full right now, they would be about same size
> PO0RBOY1> Sorry, I came in mid-conversation, what is as big as the moon?
> .Scrye> ty, Joasha. Color?
> .Joasha> and news said that it has nothing to do with the Leonid
> 1CAVERAT> Joasha, from what you see, would it be possible it is a series
of search lights, in your opinion?
> .Joasha> yellowish white
> .Scrye> A major sighting over Ohio. You are privileged to have a
first-hand account, Poorboy.
> PO0RBOY1> No kidding? Was this recent?
> .Joasha> this is not seach lights, please
> .Scrye> Is it a solid disk when intact, Joasha?
> .Joasha> yes Scrye
> .Joasha> that is the way it looks anyway
> 1CAVERAT> What is the sky condition , Joasha? clear? cloudy?
> .Joasha> clear as a bell
> .Scrye> And what do the pieces look like?
> .Royce3> This is happening now in Ohio, Poorboy
> .Joasha> they are round
> 1CAVERAT> Can you estimate altitude?
> PENELOPE67> Any sound?
> .Joasha> none that I can hear Pen
> .Scrye> And is there any indication of an object behind the light?
> .Joasha> can't tell, it looks close but it is obviously very high up
> .Scrye> When there are ten, can you see stars between them?
> 1CAVERAT> Joasha, Do you object if I feed a copy of this chat to UFONET?
> .Joasha> no Scrye, it is an entity of it's self
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> I'm sure that any planes flying closeby are awestruck by
> .Scrye> No stars between the pieces?
> .Scrye> Royce, please start another log.
> .Joasha> WCMH channel 4 is the channel giving news flash
> 1CAVERAT> thanks
> .Joasha> people from everywhere are calling
> .Scrye> Joasha, are the pieces moving after separation?
> .Joasha> it is like a dance
> .Joasha> they part and come back together
> .Scrye> Random or coordinated?
> .Joasha> brb
> .Royce3> Joasha, do you have a vcr?
> .Scrye> OK
> .Royce3> If you do, you may be able to copy a news cast for us.
> .Scrye> You mean camcorder, Royce?
> .Scrye> Oh.
> .Royce3> No, she doesn't have a camcorder.
> 1CAVERAT> I am attemopting to contact WCMH now
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> This has been a very interesting I must bid
you all adieu!
> .Royce3> Bye Lady.
> .Scrye> It will be easy to get video of the news, AND I think plenty of
people are taping outside.
> PO0RBOY1> I need to call my cousin in Columbus, thanks for the info
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> Bye:):)
> PO0RBOY1> - signed off -
> .Scrye> Goodnight, Ladyknight. Sweet dreams!
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> Thank you:)
> .~LADY KNIGHT~> - signed off -
> .Scrye> Joasha has better things to do than chat with us right now!
> .Joasha> it is gone from my view now, live in the hills
> .Scrye> Too bad!
> .Scrye> I was saying that many probably had a chance to tape it.
> .Joasha> sure do hope that the news team is filming this
> .Scrye> If it was that big and bright.
> 1CAVERAT> Joasha, how far are you from Hocking Hills SP?
> .Scrye> Did it move across the sky, Joasha?
> PENELOPE67> Thanks for the live report Joasha!
> .Royce3> Yes, Joasha, way to go.
> .Royce3> Excellent.
> .Joasha> and you know that for the news man to say that this is NOT an
airplane and they don't know what it is......this is just too cool
> .Scrye> Ahem, we can fill in this sighting report, if Joasha is willing.
> .Royce3> Yes, do you have the report right now?
> .Royce3> Do you want to fill it in on air?
> .Scrye> 1) what is the nearest town on any map to you, Joasha?
> .Joasha> I am 50 miles east of columbus
> .Scrye> A smaller town?
> .Joasha> between Newark and Zanesville
> .Scrye> THe sighting is no longer live, Royce. I want to document it.
> .Royce3> Yes, very good.
> .Scrye> E, W, N, or S of Zanesville?
> ** WARD36 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
> .Scrye> wb Ward
> .Joasha> west of Zanesville by 15 miles
> .Scrye> ty, J.
> .Scrye> And when did you first see it?
> WARD36> - signed off -
> .Joasha> 4miles north of I70
> .Scrye> ty
> .Joasha> I ran out and saw it when I heard news flash
> .Scrye> Just before you came back to chat?
> .Joasha> said they were getting hundreds of calls
> .Joasha> yes
> .Scrye> A big yellow-white light as large as the moon?
> .Joasha> so must have been about 7:35
> .Scrye> How high in the sky?
> .Joasha> because it was in same direction as moon, the sizes were similar
> .Joasha> much higher than the moon
> .Scrye> good. How long before it broke into smaller lights?
> .Joasha> but because of movement, it felt very near
> .Joasha> I only saw it once, but then not knowing how long it had been
> .Scrye> It was moving?
> .Joasha> not when I saw it
> PENELOPE67> Thanks again Joasha! Can't wait for the final report!.Must
finish homework. Goodnight all!
> .Joasha> night
> .Scrye> Good night, Penny!
> .Royce3> bye
> .Joasha> hope Caverat comes back with info
> .Scrye> How long before it split up?
> .Joasha> I watched for about 5 minutes, and then came in and got back on
puter to you all
> .Scrye> Did it divide while you were watching?
> PENELOPE67> - signed off -
> .Joasha> yes
> .Joasha> it 'moved' apart
> .Scrye> Did it rejoin while you were watching?
> .Joasha> yes
> .Joasha> it 'moved' back together
> .Scrye> About how long was it apart?
> .Joasha> maybe a minute
> .Scrye> Was it a regular thing, the way it moved apart and together?
> .Joasha> boy a cigarette would sure taste good right now. lol
> 1CAVERAT> Scrye, any objections if I forward a copy of this chat to our
UFO group live?
> .Scrye> go ahead! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
> .Scrye> No Caverat. Royce?
> .Joasha> don't got em anymore
> .Royce3> Caverat, please mention where the report came from. Maybe we can
generate more interest in the chats by doing so.
> .Joasha> well, gotta go.
> .Royce3> Thanks again Joasha.
> .Scrye> So, did they come together and apart in a regular fashion?
> .Joasha> hope this brings some additional info for all to work with. cool
> 1CAVERAT> link established - FTZ drt
> .Scrye> Sorry to hear that Joasha. You don't want to be a star?
> .Royce3> Well, then, this is all very good.
> .Joasha> - signed off -
> .Royce3> Well, I guess that is about it for now.
> .Royce3> I sure hope someone can come up with pictures.
> .Scrye> We just lost our witness, Caverat. It will be possible to review
her descriptions now or in the log.
> .Royce3> We do seem to have a full log.
> 1CAVERAT> I have the whole thing in my records here
> /no log
> 1CAVERAT> It has been forwarded
> .Royce3> All right. This has been a good evening.
> .Scrye> Well, I suggest you do a feed with that.
> 1CAVERAT> Done
> .Scrye> Thanks for the extra help, Royce.
> .Royce3> Yes.
> .Royce3> Well, I have stopped the log now. All should be coming in soon.
> 1CAVERAT> Did Joasha say what direction it went?
> .Scrye> I will take a log image right now.
> .Royce3> Who's report format are you using, Scrye?
> .Scrye> She missed the actual disappearance, Cave.
> 1CAVERAT> One of our investigators was asking
> .Royce3> All right, I have to get out of here.
> .Royce3> I will enjoy reading over the log.
> .Scrye> I think she was indoors when it moved off or disappeared
> .Scrye> Bye, Royce!
> .Royce3> Scrye, when you have a complete file filled out, please send it
over to me.
> 1CAVERAT> She said it was gone from the hills earlier, just wondering
which direction that was
> .Royce3> I will send the logs for Dorcasq for editing.
> .Royce3> Bye
> .Royce3> - signed off -
> (Logging turned off)