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The Psychic Power Of Groups.

(Logging at 30-NOV-1999 17:57)

** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (2 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> Hello
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good to see you.
KOLTA:Kolta> I thought you were lost for a second
** PNERISSA:Pnerissa just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> How is your day going? No things are running all right now.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> greetings Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi pnerissa, welcome.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> So far so good. We'll see how long it takes for me to get
booted. hehe
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have had a number of technical glitches today. I hope they
are over.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, I don't think there will be a reason to boot you.
KOLTA:Kolta> Same here Pnerissa. I get booted a lot
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Y2K bugs biting you early?
ROYCE3:Royce3> HI Dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Hi everyone!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think I have a puny server, pnerissa.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think Delphi just hates my computer
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq, did you get my e-mail?
ROYCE3:Royce3> HIs isleanders, welcome.
DORCASQ> Yes, I got it, Royce.
ISLEANDERS> hey r and gang
** SANTUCCI2 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, I want to remind everyone, that in order to avoid chaos...
ROYCE3:Royce3> I will do all of the greetings.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi santucci, welcome
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are going to try to reduce confusion.
** KALMIOPSIS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Kalmiopsis, welcome.
KOLTA:Kolta> Excellant, Royce
KALMIOPSIS> Thanks, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Caverat will be here later to take questions about the
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> Thank you and hello all.
ROYCE3:Royce3> For those of you who are new, the experiment will deal with
communication among plants.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The protocols are listed on the message board, for those who
would ...
ROYCE3:Royce3> like to read them.
KALMIOPSIS:Kalmiopsis> - signed off -
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Has anyone seen our Assistant Mangager?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Jeff, welcome.
KOLTA:Kolta> No
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hello
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Maybe he was abducted?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we will wait a few minutes before getting on topic.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Abducted??????? Where??? When????
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I'm sure he'll be along shortly.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I keep trying to get abducted.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> me too
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, well.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who would like to share some news of the day?
KOLTA:Kolta> I am sure your time will come, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hope springs eternal, Kolta.
DORCASQ> You probably have been and just don't remember.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> ETs abduct ROYCE 3 tonight!!!! This is an order!!!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Dorcasq, that may be so.
KOLTA:Kolta> Go Jeff!!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thanks, Jeff, but nobody listens.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I've been hoping David Duchovny will abduct me...does that
ROYCE3:Royce3> I hope you folks have gotten over to the website to read some
of the fine new articles we have posted there.
DORCASQ> Who is he?
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> if the aliens look like that count me in!!
** WATANNA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> Jack Nicholson can abduct me
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, Watanna, welcome.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> X-Files....Fox Mulder. Do you live in a cave??
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi everyone :-)
ROYCE3:Royce3> I love the x-files almost enough to reconnect my TV.
DORCASQ> Yes, I never watch X-Files in my cave!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I count on friends to send me tapes.
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
JOASHA:Joasha> heyla
WATANNA:Watanna> Heyla Joasha
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Joasha, welcome.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Any news for us Joasha?
JOASHA:Joasha> thank you. cooking supper but will have my full attention in
5 minutes
ROYCE3:Royce3> I just asked for a news update from everyone.
WATANNA:Watanna> nothing new here Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> I baked peach pie tonight. Damned near burned it while I
played with my computer.
DORCASQ> Nothing new here either, except some light snow.
ROYCE3:Royce3> All right shall we get on topic?
WATANNA:Watanna> you cook Royce?
KOLTA:Kolta> Sounds good to me
ROYCE3:Royce3> I love to cook.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bake too.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> All right, dessert at Royce's!!!!
DORCASQ> He is a VERY GOOD cook!
** OPERATOR2 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
WATANNA:Watanna> marry me now ok :-)
WATANNA:Watanna> lol
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thank you, Dorcasq.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> The only news I have to offer is what I saw over at New UFO identifying system
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome operator
OPERATOR2> howdy
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, I saw that Pnerissa.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I want to remind you that Von Ristau has a very good article
on classifications. It is a brand new article.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> That's all I got unless you need to know what I'm wearing.
OPERATOR2> oooo, tell us
OPERATOR2> or what your not wearing
WATANNA:Watanna> will check it out
ROYCE3:Royce3> Everybody keep their clothes on. This is a G audience.
OPERATOR2> aaaahhh
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> anyone nude?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq, are you ready with the topic?
DORCASQ> Yes, royce
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> yes please, some of us still blush
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cut and paste.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> ; )
DORCASQ> How much of it?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Run it all
DORCASQ> ooookkkaaayyyy
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hang on gang.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Sorry...Royce told me to keep my clothes on. I must listen
to the master.
** ARTHUR53 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq will present the topic for tonight.
ROYCE3:Royce3> HI arthur.
OPERATOR2> are we gonna see a ufo?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome, arthur.
ARTHUR53> Hi Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well two weeks ago we had a great online report from Joasha.
DORCASQ> Human beings united in a nation are like the cells of a body. When
united together,
DORCASQ> individuals form a nation-or, in the parlance of Maha yoga, an
egregor. But egregors
DORCASQ> need not be as large as a nation: they grow in all sizes and for an
infinite number of
DORCASQ> purposes including religious, business, military-the list goes on
and on.
DORCASQ> According to Mouni Sadh, the author of the book "Self Realization,
"The emotional
DORCASQ> counterpart of the egregor is the sum total of all the emotions
(astral lives) of the
DORCASQ> individuals, and the collective mind is the sum total of the
DORCASQ> With the loss or addition of individuals within the egregor, change
takes place. An
DORCASQ> egregor never remains the same for very long. It is either gaining
or losing vitality and
DORCASQ> energy. The mental energy of an egregor can use its collective
mental powers to affect
DORCASQ> both spiritual and material realms. Sometimes this happen
intentionally, at other times
DORCASQ> unintentionally.
DORCASQ> Such powers are known by primitive peoples. One of the outstanding
occult researchers
DORCASQ> of this century, Colin Wilson, relates a story about a Liberian
witchdoctor who could
DORCASQ> conjure rain out of a clear sky. An equally strange story concerned
a Nigerian witch
DORCASQ> doctor who "assured his company that torrential rain, which had
lasted for weeks, would
DORCASQ> stop for two hours during a party given for the staff. The rain
stopped immediately before
DORCASQ> the party was due to start, and started again immediately after the
party ended."
DORCASQ> It has been suggested that such powers only manifest when the
existing egregors allow
DORCASQ> them to occur. Material reality is affected by psychic energy
generated by the group and
DORCASQ> directed to specific mental constructs. A particular shaman or
religious leader may
DORCASQ> manipulate the energy or reality, but this manipulation is possible
only because of the
DORCASQ> "fertile field" created by the egregor.
DORCASQ> I pasted it, did anything happen?
ISLEANDERS> didnt see it
OPERATOR2> damn, he types fast!!!
DORCASQ> Am I on here?
ARTHUR53> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> You are on.
OPERATOR2> you scared everyone off
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
WATANNA:Watanna> I agree with this, collective thought.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Wow, yes, you delivered the message.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Take your time and read it.
DORCASQ> It always freezes up my screen.
KOLTA:Kolta> When I was bumbed, I lost the whole thing
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> If it helps any, I have some experience with the topic.
DORCASQ> Shall I do it again for Kolta?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good Pnerissa.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok, once more. go.
OPERATOR2> lgfjfjafkjggfjdf
KOLTA:Kolta> I am afraid if it comes on too fast, I will be bumbed again
OPERATOR2> hows that??
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well Dorcasq send half at a time.
OPERATOR2> later
** PENELOPE76 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
JOASHA:Joasha> here
ROYCE3:Royce3> We haven't gotten anything the second time.
OPERATOR2> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Just send half of the message.
***Message repeated***
DORCASQ> I sent it but I don't see it.
PENELOPE76> Hello Everyone!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, we are here.
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi Pen
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi pen.
DORCASQ> I got your msg. to send half too late, Royce - had it all there.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is all here.
KOLTA:Kolta> I am still here
ROYCE3:Royce3> Does everyone have the message now?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I'm here
WATANNA:Watanna> yes thanx
JOASHA:Joasha> me here too
WATANNA:Watanna> and I am here too lol
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Dorcasq
** SCRYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
SCRYE:Scrye> Hi!
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> yep, I got it
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi Scrye
JOASHA:Joasha> hey Scrye
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Fasionably late
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, boy, now we have another late arrival. <Grin>
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I meant fashionably...
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hi Scyre
PENELOPE76> yes, have the message
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
WATANNA:Watanna> There is a dimension of thought
SCRYE:Scrye> Big room. Now everyone's here!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Caverat.
1CAVERAT> hi all
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye, please start a log immediately.
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi Caverat
ROYCE3:Royce3> Since we have so many late people, I think we must run the
paste again, Dorcasq.
WATANNA:Watanna> The dimension of thought is the 4th
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hit the paste
***Message repeated***
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good.
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Please take the time to read the missive.
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
DORCASQ> This isn't working very well!
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> As I said earlier, I have some experience with the topic.
I work with a coven.
ROYCE3:Royce3> You did fine, Dorcasq.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pnerissa, please, you have the floor.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us your thoughts.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Haha...Yes, Nerissa is a witch.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> There is a lot of visualization used to direct the flow of
energy to the desired effect.
WATANNA:Watanna> mm Pnerissa
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Mostly, we work toward healings and positive things. MM
ROYCE3:Royce3> Have you observed paranormal manifestations?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Yes, but I'm not sure in which manner you mean.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I'm fishing here. Spirit manifestations.
SCRYE:Scrye> I have a question for those who have done group work: Is someone
in the group always aware when the group is threatened? Does that work better
than in solitary cases?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Knocking sounds or the like?
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I observe more when I am working by myself. It could be
that the energies of everyone in the coven don't mesh 100%
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I have heard knocking sounds. Often times I see energy.
WATANNA:Watanna> I have a circle of light and w blend well
SCRYE:Scrye> OK, can someone answer Royce's question?
SCRYE:Scrye> ty
** AMOS121 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> As in spirit guides perhaps? I communicate with guides at
times. Is that what you're after?
WATANNA:Watanna> we have experienced transformation in my circle
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you like to work with a special group? Are some of your
fellow worshipers better at this than others?
SCRYE:Scrye> LONG delays here.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Amos121 welcome.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> What kind Watanna?
1CAVERAT> do all present see the energy manifestations or just some?
WATANNA:Watanna> we all sit for a trance medium
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good question caverat.
AMOS121> hi royce3
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Royce...yes
WATANNA:Watanna> I do
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I would say that some are better able to see it than
JOASHA:Joasha> circle's that meet on a continuous schedule are known for
manifesting. The energy builds up over time, giving those in the other
dimensions easier access to this dimension
ROYCE3:Royce3> An interesting point Joasha.
WATANNA:Watanna> thats true Jo
SCRYE:Scrye> I think Caverat wants to know if individual observations are
corroborated by the others.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Joasha, have you a circle, too?
WATANNA:Watanna> the energies in my circle are very high
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Caverat
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Many times yes
JOASHA:Joasha> the words, 'Medicine Wheel' literally means, 'Spirit Energy'
1CAVERAT> thanks
WATANNA:Watanna> 4 weeks ago we ALL saw a Buddist monk
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> Is this something you learned or discovered you had?
JOASHA:Joasha> yes Royce, many circles
SCRYE:Scrye> Very good!
WATANNA:Watanna> I have visited many times the 4th dimension of thought
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think it helps, coming into circle, if you are in touch
with your psychic side.
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (13 members now) **
AMOS121> - signed off -
WATANNA:Watanna> sure does Pnerissa
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome back Isleanders.
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes, a group does help
ISLEANDERS> bumped again
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> And not all people in the group have the same talents.
KOLTA:Kolta> That is why I have Seances
DORCASQ> StarRing asked if this is something you learned or discovered you
1CAVERAT> To refine my question further, if a non-believer were present,
would he likely see the manifestations as well?
WATANNA:Watanna> thats true, some have different gifts
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think you are born with it. Some people just develop it
WATANNA:Watanna> I agree
SCRYE:Scrye> Are there other, perhaps involuntary psychic/karmic associations
of people beside covens or consciously organized groups?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Caverat...that would depend on the magnitude of the
JOASHA:Joasha> some do Caverat, and they do one of two things. run like hell,
or say, wow, that's cool
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can anyone join your circles? This question is for Joasha,
Pnerissa and Watanna.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Scrye...kind of like a "natural witch"?
WATANNA:Watanna> Yes Scrye, thoughts are living things, so praying also works
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Royce... I think if you have the desire to learn, I don't
see why not.
JOASHA:Joasha> if someone comes and asks to sit in the circle, then they are
KOLTA:Kolta> Scrye, my seances is an informal group
SCRYE:Scrye> Kind of like Kurt Vonnegut's "Korass".
WATANNA:Watanna> If the intent is right, then yes Royce
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I do think I should point out that "magic" isn't all flash
and show. Sometimes it takes a while to get the desired result.
SCRYE:Scrye> A circle of eight people who may not even know each other, but
are linked karmically.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have attended Kolta's group. They are quite rewarding.
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Scrye
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Royce
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Scrye...perhaps. Especially if they have that strong
karmic link you speak of.
WATANNA:Watanna> it is no co-incidence when groups come together
SCRYE:Scrye> How can we ever know then what we are doing and what our karmic
partners are doing. Can fate be deciphered?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> That's true Watanna.
KOLTA:Kolta> That is very true Watanna
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Scrye...I don't have that answer. I am still working my
karma out.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many people are involved with these groups? Kolta has
anywhere from around 5 to 13, I think. Is that about right Kolta. And Kolta
isn't involved with magic, not formally.
WATANNA:Watanna> I work with a lot of people, my group is 5, we collectively
give healing, love and light
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Our group flucuates from 6-12. Many times I practice alone
KOLTA:Kolta> My group is more meditation based. Royce you have a good count
of the group
WATANNA:Watanna> I practice alone too
SCRYE:Scrye> There seem to be different effects made more easily manifest
with differing numbers of people. Isn't that right?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> My group does mostly healing. When I am alone I work with
the realm of spirit. My group is not comfortable with that.
WATANNA:Watanna> I have visited the dimension of thoughts, so collective
thoughts do work, as well as individual
ROYCE3:Royce3> Joasha, do you follow native American traditions or Western
European practices. They all vary a bit.
JOASHA:Joasha> Indian
KOLTA:Kolta> My group works more inte-dimensionally
WATANNA:Watanna> my group works all
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Can I come over Kolta? hehe
KOLTA:Kolta> You are welcome anytime Pnerissa
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pnerissa, are there any texts that have greatly influenced you?
SCRYE:Scrye> Try Nerissa!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anyone follow Allister Crowley?
WATANNA:Watanna> he rings a bell
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Yes. I love Scott Cunningham's "Wicca: A Guide For the
Solitary Pratictioner" It's a good beginner book that explains the processes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye, you have never attened Kolta's seances, although you
are continually invited.
KOLTA:Kolta> This is true. I would love to get Scrye over
SCRYE:Scrye> I meant the spelling, Royce. Not the invitation.
WATANNA:Watanna> you should go Scrye
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> heheeh...spelling... punny
KOLTA:Kolta> Mi spelling is auffull
SCRYE:Scrye> I am there in spirit, Kolta!
KOLTA:Kolta> Come in person, Scrye
SCRYE:Scrye> Pressure!
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Royce..I have a list of all my books I use that I can send
you later.
WATANNA:Watanna> go for it
ROYCE3:Royce3> Please do, nerissa.
SCRYE:Scrye> You can't intimidate me. I have just driven the Parkway East!
WATANNA:Watanna> lol
KOLTA:Kolta> You intimated?????// Scrye
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> and survived!!!
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> LOL Scrye
WATANNA:Watanna> yep :-)
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have a growing list of books myself, to say the least. HA!
SCRYE:Scrye> And intimidated many!
WATANNA:Watanna> lol
KOLTA:Kolta> lol
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> So is everyone here a witch and I'm the last one to find
out about it?
WATANNA:Watanna> Shaman
SCRYE:Scrye> Former, Nerissa.
JOASHA:Joasha> ahhhh, you're just a pussy cat
ROYCE3:Royce3> A lot of us have had a considerable amount of experience with
matters of the occult.
WATANNA:Watanna> sure have :-)
DORCASQ> I have never seen any manifestations during the seances.
SCRYE:Scrye> I truly believe that solitaries, at least, are better off
Christian. IMHO.
JOASHA:Joasha> 'some' experience anyway, hehehehe
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Okay... funny...when I first decided to mention what I
am, I thought you guys might burn me. ; )
PENELOPE76> Hate to interrupt, but I'm in the middle of writing a paper I
must present in class tomorrow. Would someone kindly IM me when the chat
begins talking about the plant experiment. Not that this discussion is not
fascinating. Must budget time.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye, that is an interesting point of view. Tell us more.
SCRYE:Scrye> But, Love and light to all is my philosophy.
WATANNA:Watanna> no way
** KOLTA:Kolta just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> We will discuss the plant experiment around 7:20 edt
SCRYE:Scrye> I used to do that on Tarot's forum. Not the place, Royce.
JOASHA:Joasha> and you think that with a name like Nerissa, we are supposed
to be surprised that you are a witch
PENELOPE76> Thank you Royce. Until then.
WATANNA:Watanna> lol Jo
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Joasha...what's wrong with Nerissa??
WATANNA:Watanna> I meant no way were we shocked Nerissa
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many here are strongly wed to Christain dogma?
SCRYE:Scrye> She is full of surprises.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I think it's great Nerissa. You rock!
SCRYE:Scrye> I wed no Dog nor Ma.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> LOL Watanna. It wouldn't surprise me. My mother-in-law
outed me in public this weekend anyway.
KOLTA:Kolta> i am to Christian spirituality, but not to dogma
JOASHA:Joasha> a pagan name Sis, no insult ment
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Royce...I used to be Baptist..then I recovered.
WATANNA:Watanna> I like every faith
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Not a problem Joasha. LOL
ROYCE3:Royce3> OK, nerissa.
DORCASQ> No dogma here.
KOLTA:Kolta> Every faith has some truth in it
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I agree Kolta
WATANNA:Watanna> thats right Kolta
PENELOPE76> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Every True Faith.
JOASHA:Joasha> I am as irreverant as they come
WATANNA:Watanna> and its how you live your life not what title you have
ROYCE3:Royce3> Has anyone noticed that nearly all faiths have a branch of
ROYCE3:Royce3> ?
KOLTA:Kolta> What constitute's true faith, Scrye?
SCRYE:Scrye> That's why I like witches. Emphasis on what's important over
WATANNA:Watanna> Yes Royce they do
SCRYE:Scrye> True faiths have some things in common. Let the group list them.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think that all paths lead to the one. It shouldn't
matter how you get there.
SCRYE:Scrye> They are written on the heart.
WATANNA:Watanna> :-)
SCRYE:Scrye> Primacy of...
DORCASQ> I agree, Pnerissa!
KOLTA:Kolta> That is right, Scrye. It is the divine within
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I personally believe that the Earth, Gaia, is alive. And
if we take care of her, she will take care of us.
SCRYE:Scrye> love over fear.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> :o)
WATANNA:Watanna> yes, she is our Divine Mother
SCRYE:Scrye> You go, group.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think the gnostic approach is used most by those here. (I
use a small "g".)
JOASHA:Joasha> if we take care of ourselves, she will work with us. otherwise
we are on our own.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dogma seems rejected here.
SCRYE:Scrye> knowledge over ignorance
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Am I coming into my own, Scrye?
SCRYE:Scrye> This link needs prayer!
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I'm melting!
SCRYE:Scrye> Bear up, sister. Have a philter or something!
WATANNA:Watanna> you should have used the big G Royce lol
KOLTA:Kolta> Are you suggesting we pray Royce?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I've been praying for David Duchovny and it's not getting
me anything
WATANNA:Watanna> lol
JOASHA:Joasha> he's married all ready
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you feel that the power of magic has been reduced
by the non-belivers in our society? Take spiritualism. There is a lot less
manifestion of legitimate spirit phenomena than was the case
ROYCE3:Royce3> late in the last century.
KOLTA:Kolta> Royce has been praying for abduction and he still has not made it
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I'm sure I could win him over...
WATANNA:Watanna> I do Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> I try too hard, Kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, i do, too, Watanna.
KOLTA:Kolta> I know you do Royce
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Royce..I don't think it has been reduced. I think perhaps
it has gone more private
ROYCE3:Royce3> That may be Nerissa.
WATANNA:Watanna> I think that people power has taken over from spirit power
SCRYE:Scrye> It is not non-believers who weaken the magic. It is weak
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> People are afraid to come forward anymore for fear of
WATANNA:Watanna> I am not afraid
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think that skeptical scientists affect our reality.
JOASHA:Joasha> there is more 'believers' living at one time now, than there
has ever been in the round of 'civilization'
WATANNA:Watanna> I go straight out and tell em
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> There certainly is a lot of ridicule, Nerissa.
SCRYE:Scrye> Maybe that is not so bad, Royce. They give us a common baseline
on which to add belief.
KOLTA:Kolta> You have a lot of courage Watanna
WATANNA:Watanna> why should I hide what I see
ROYCE3:Royce3> You have a point, Scrye.
JOASHA:Joasha> what is there to hide. the safest place is out in the open
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> That's also the reason a lot of people no longer report
their ufo sightings
WATANNA:Watanna> :-) Jo
SCRYE:Scrye> In Kansas you might have to!
JOASHA:Joasha> ((Watanna)))
WATANNA:Watanna> I think the colective thoughts on Mother Earth now are
opening peoples minds
JOASHA:Joasha> that is truth
SCRYE:Scrye> I am so late displaying that I'm answering the next question!
KOLTA:Kolta> More is coming out in the open
WATANNA:Watanna> Scrye lol
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think so too Watanna. More people are navigating their
path to nature.
WATANNA:Watanna> There are so many awakening to inner truth
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Nerissa
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well when so-called scientific experiments are run, the psi
factor seems reduced by skeptics. The excellent results obtained by the
researchers at the Standford Research Institute can, in part, be
ROYCE3:Royce3> attributed to a positive attitude by the scientists involved.
Yet they had very strong protocols.
JOASHA:Joasha> this is what we agreed to do, when we choose to come in such a
large group all at one time
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I myself have started drifting towards druidry.
SCRYE:Scrye> Scientific attitudes need not be negative, Royce.
WATANNA:Watanna> science is opening up too
ROYCE3:Royce3> That's very true, Scrye.
SCRYE:Scrye> Science can be good for the Earth, as well.
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WATANNA:Watanna> druidry is wonderful Nerissa
JOASHA:Joasha> safety and strength in numbers
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Iknoww, welcome.
KOLTA:Kolta> It is just when science insists on proving something that cannot
be proven
WATANNA:Watanna> but more is being proven
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi Iknow
JOASHA:Joasha> are we trolling again?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I am trying to learn the language of trees at the moment.
I've been having some "experiences" with them.
WATANNA:Watanna> they are wonderful, so full of energy
DORCASQ> What kind of experiences, Nerissa?
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about that Nerissa.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> Could you tell us your experiences with trees?
IKNOWWHOIAM> this pe off chat is very slow but i'll tryif i leave it is
problcause of phone
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> There is a tree on my property that appears to "pulse"
energy into my hands and feet. And last time I visited it, it showed me a
"blue" energy ball
WATANNA:Watanna> do you see the tree divas Nerissa?
WATANNA:Watanna> sounds like your going too :-)
DORCASQ> IKNOWWHOIAM posted an interesting message on the message board today.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq, we will get to that later.
JOASHA:Joasha> ohhhh???
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Not yet, I think Watanna. We just purchased this property
and I am still trying to get a feel for it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is off topic.
WATANNA:Watanna> you will
SCRYE:Scrye> IKNOWWHOIAM please accept flash notes!
IKNOWWHOIAM> i use web puter
IKNOWWHOIAM> limited in this forum
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have read Alister Crowley?
SCRYE:Scrye> Nerissa, did you speak of this tree before?
WATANNA:Watanna> It is so important when the world joins together in prayer,
collective thought
SCRYE:Scrye> ty, IKNOW.
WATANNA:Watanna> collective
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> I find a lot of his work offensive.
DORCASQ> Never read Crowley.
SCRYE:Scrye> I have read a little Crowley.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe it is him I find most offensive.
WATANNA:Watanna> I have heard the name
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ROYCE3:Royce3> He was a black magician and a mountaineer.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Among other things.
IKNOWWHOIAM> had a tape from him
SCRYE:Scrye> He, personally, was offensive. But his work, and possibly his
transmissions, are important.
WATANNA:Watanna> ah...thats it black, then I have nothing to do with him
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Scrye...I may have spoken of it before..but not on this
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, it is important to hear all sides.
IKNOWWHOIAM> charles manson
DORCASQ> I remember you mentioning it here once, Pnerissa.
SCRYE:Scrye> He fought the honor, but it may be that he was chosen to bring
the philosophy of the new age into words.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Crowley and Manson would have gotten along well together.
JOASHA:Joasha> talk about digression
SCRYE:Scrye> I speak of the revelation in AHA!
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have used a circle for very specific
purposes, such as effecting a change in a member's work environment?
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Okay Dorcasq...I frequent so many boards I lose track
IKNOWWHOIAM> had a propaganda tape from both, got rid of them, bad stuff
WATANNA:Watanna> WE have Royce
JOASHA:Joasha> we do
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can you tell us about the specifics, Watanna, Joasha?
WATANNA:Watanna> you go Joasha :-0
WATANNA:Watanna> :-)
JOASHA:Joasha> how to recreate your invironment is very important
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> work enviroment...yes
JOASHA:Joasha> any invironment
ROYCE3:Royce3> Can someone give the specifics???? I don't care who goes first.
JOASHA:Joasha> working with the knowledge that we are who we make ourselves,
and taking responsibility for it
JOASHA:Joasha> empowers anyone to change and recreate
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I used it to find a relaxing job, and very shortly
afterwards I got to work at a plant nursery.
WATANNA:Watanna> yes, I always change a bad situation into good
WATANNA:Watanna> it works
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do any of you use spells?
JOASHA:Joasha> it is the first lessons taught to anyone who is destined to
WATANNA:Watanna> well, I call on others to help me
KOLTA:Kolta> I have a book of Tarot spells I use
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you believe that there are "magical" words?
WATANNA:Watanna> yes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, Watanna.
JOASHA:Joasha> is what I was going to say
IKNOWWHOIAM> sounds as if there are people using stuff from cabala
SCRYE:Scrye> There are magical words. I use one of them
frequently....Crowley was an involuntary channel of a message he hid away and
disregarded for many years. Sorry, it was typed, now off topic.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I use spells
WATANNA:Watanna> Kabala
WATANNA:Watanna> I use spirit
JOASHA:Joasha> all words have creative power
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Jo, like thoughts
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> can "empower" the word to make it magical
JOASHA:Joasha> how you use them is what they create
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Nerissa
SCRYE:Scrye> I can tell you all a magic word for burns. Works 100% of the
time to reduce pain and prevent blistering for the most part.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> hahaha..Joasha your on my wavelength. heheh
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> how do you change a bad situation into a good one?
ISLEANDERS> kid wants to play putt-putt on puter so til later folks see ya
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about the technique, Nerissa.
SCRYE:Scrye> Bye, Isle.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok, Isleander.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Jeff....positive thoughts.
JOASHA:Joasha> stand in a different place
SCRYE:Scrye> Going once...
KOLTA:Kolta> Meditation increases pyschic energy
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> goes back to visualization. Filling something
with positive energy.
JOASHA:Joasha> I want to know Scrye
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> please explain further.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Tis true Kolta
SCRYE:Scrye> OK - this is phonetic: ka-BILL sha-VITT na-BAH
WATANNA:Watanna> I can walk into a glum room and in 60 secs have a happy room
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> can compare it to prayer. If you focus on
something with all your intent, you will effect a change.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> remarkable
SCRYE:Scrye> Write it down. Memorize it say it once AS SOON AS you are
exposed to extreme heat.
DORCASQ> I can believe that, Watanna!
IKNOWWHOIAM> question: would use the word sex against a nation by use of
subliminal messages?
SCRYE:Scrye> I believe you, Watanna.
WATANNA:Watanna> thanks Dorcasq, it really works
DORCASQ> I see it work right here, Watanna.
SCRYE:Scrye> Sex is THE magic word in USA, IKNOW!
JOASHA:Joasha> using the word sex subliminally is being done to keep our
energies in the lower chakras
ROYCE3:Royce3> Let me turn to what IknowwhoIam's topic.
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Scrye..yes...SEX sells!
IKNOWWHOIAM> i've seen latly
DORCASQ> Who is it being done by?
WATANNA:Watanna> yes Jo
JOASHA:Joasha> to keep the vibrations at a low ebb
JOASHA:Joasha> in a more animalistic mode
WATANNA:Watanna> very true
ROYCE3:Royce3> Iknowwhoiam, do you want to take a moment to tell us about the
cable TV company's use of subliminal messages?
JOASHA:Joasha> aggression
IKNOWWHOIAM> as any one try the experiment
SCRYE:Scrye> I've seen the use of densely layered 'sex' repeated in magazine
ads, IKNOW. Goes bak 30 years or more.
WATANNA:Watanna> I can beleive it I know
IKNOWWHOIAM> just trwhat i posted
KOLTA:Kolta> I just saw yor post today. Not had the chance
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, subliminal messages are a form of mind control.
WATANNA:Watanna> so did I, very interesting post too
JOASHA:Joasha> is part of the whole package to keep control
ROYCE3:Royce3> They are illegal, at least so far as I know.
WATANNA:Watanna> Lord knows what they are feeding us with
SCRYE:Scrye> Need a mag glass to see them sometimes. But today's work is very
sophisticated and maybe not as obvious.
JOASHA:Joasha> so what. the government does not function within the laws they
impose on us
IKNOWWHOIAM> or to cause us to sin against the CREATOR
ROYCE3:Royce3> But my question is, were the subliminal messages put there in
accordance with company policy or by a rogue employee?
SCRYE:Scrye> They are illegal in THEATERS, Royce. To sell Coka-Cola.
JOASHA:Joasha> think big Royce
DORCASQ> Good question, Royce.
JOASHA:Joasha> and popcorn Scrye
ROYCE3:Royce3> I mean most people know about the technique. We tend to think
that no company would be dumb enough to try such a stunt.
WATANNA:Watanna> company policy, I'll bet, anything for a quick buck
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> Why does sex sell products?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Could be Watanna.
DORCASQ> Do you know the answer, IKNOW?
IKNOWWHOIAM> they are on two diffrent cable companies that i know of
JOASHA:Joasha> look at the bigger reason
SCRYE:Scrye> Once they took the cocaine out of Coke, they needed ads to keep
people addicted.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, if you gotta ask, you an't never goin to know.
JOASHA:Joasha> so they put it in coffee and cigarettes
WATANNA:Watanna> who cares about the law if they make billions, thats all
they care about, plus Govrnments think they are above the law
IKNOWWHOIAM> i just started research
SCRYE:Scrye> Ad money, Jo? Or subliminals.
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes to both.
1CAVERAT> FTD drz /intranet /connect
JOASHA:Joasha> additives to create addictions Scyre
IKNOWWHOIAM> nbc contact confirms capability
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not sure what you mean, Caverat.
SCRYE:Scrye> Go back and look at ols whiskey ads, IKNOW. At the ice cubes.
1CAVERAT> just came back. been away
DORCASQ> That is his computer talking, Royce (Cave's).
IKNOWWHOIAM> said it is probrom cable company
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ROYCE3:Royce3> HiG-87, welcome.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you believe that subliminal advertising is being
used regularly on TV?
WATANNA:Watanna> I do
JOASHA:Joasha> aye
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> not me
DORCASQ> I don't know
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I do
1CAVERAT> least ways, not directly
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes.
G-8750169:Guest> Why waste the energy?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Why not, Caverat?
SCRYE:Scrye> I do.
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1CAVERAT> For subliminals to work requires preconditioning
ROYCE3:Royce3> You think it would be a waste G?
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Talk about preconditioning, Caverat.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome back, Penelope.
1CAVERAT> and the preconditioning requires concious thoughts first
SCRYE:Scrye> very punctual
1CAVERAT> That is if you are conditioned to accept a subliminal
1CAVERAT> it would be wasted on you
1CAVERAT> if you had not been preconditioned
DORCASQ> Yes, that makes sense to me, Cave.
IKNOWWHOIAM> right now on this screen i am able to catch peices of what i see
frame by frame and this only comes by practice
G-8750169:Guest> - signed off -
PENELOPE76> Always, Scrye.
WATANNA:Watanna> yes but most people are glued to the tv these days, so it
would only take a night to fill a head with thoughts.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I want to remind everyone that we will conclude this talk at
7:30 PM EDT. I now have 7:16. Caverat will be discussing the protocols of his
experiment in about four minutes.
IKNOWWHOIAM> it's a loop
WATANNA:Watanna> ok Royce
SCRYE:Scrye> I think they can be like post-hypnotic suggestions, Caverat,
triggered by later subliminals.
KOLTA:Kolta> So, if you are already conditioned, you will not accept the
1CAVERAT> Agree, Scrye
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye, if I may, I will ask this thread to be concluded.
DORCASQ> The other way around, Kolta.
SCRYE:Scrye> cool
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Dorcasq
1CAVERAT> No Kolta, thats when you would accept the subliminal
ROYCE3:Royce3> Caverat, are you ready to discuss the experiment?
PENELOPE76> My bean seeds are sprouting as we speak!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pen.
1CAVERAT> Any time you want, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Let's start.
IKNOWWHOIAM> how many people wake up with a song in their head and wonder
about musics pwr
1CAVERAT> Where do you want to begin
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Penelope may have some specific questions.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Penelope?
PENELOPE76> I think it is pretty clear cut.
1CAVERAT> Im open to questions
SCRYE:Scrye> We are changing the topic by prearranged agreement, IKNOW.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Personally, I don't have questions.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How about the rest of you?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Questions?
SCRYE:Scrye> Penny, what are you doing?
PENELOPE76> However I am going to have the kids take the plants out of the
greenhouse to "talk to them"
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
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PNERISSA:Pnerissa> I think I have decided that I cannot threaten the plant...
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Lisa, welcome.
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WATANNA:Watanna> plants do grow better when talked to
PENELOPE76> Shouldn't matter, should it Caverat?
ROYCE3:Royce3> So the class will run the experiments at the school?
PENELOPE76> Just 2 kids
1CAVERAT> I would not move them any more than necessary
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok. are you taking some pictures?
PENELOPE76> One is my "angry" boy
PENELOPE76> Sure, can take pics
LISA7896> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> How old are your students? Pictures will be great. We will
post them.
SCRYE:Scrye> Did you read my additional suggestions, Penny?
1CAVERAT> This is a good concept, Penelope, But you will need to monitor both
so they
1CAVERAT> provide equal stimulus to the plants
PENELOPE76> Why not move them? They plants will hear if they are in the
greenhouse together, according to your theories.
PENELOPE76> Time will be the same and the room where they talk
1CAVERAT> This is why I recommend that they be in 3 separate rooms
SCRYE:Scrye> Equal and opposite treatment should work. Equal movement but
WATANNA:Watanna> What type of plants are they Penelope?
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> during the experiment
PENELOPE76> Only variable should be the "talk"
1CAVERAT> correct
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ROYCE3:Royce3> I might add that if you want to feature pictures of the
students, that would be all right, too. Of couse, that is completely
voluntary. You may not want to discuss the students.
PENELOPE76> Harder to control variables with 3 rooms
PENELOPE76> No kids pictures will be included
PENELOPE76> Want to keep my job!
1CAVERAT> Yes it is, but if the plants are too close to each other one may
influence the other
ROYCE3:Royce3> I want to see you keep it too. No problem.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I talk to my plants all the time. One nearly died when
moving once, and I know it was the extra loving care that brought it back.
Plus, I was very fond of this particular plant and therefore willed it
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> back to life.
KOLTA:Kolta> Then plants can influence each other?
PENELOPE76> Caverat, Scrye, I can email you with other questions and
comments. Carry on the chat. Thanks for the time.
WATANNA:Watanna> bye Penelope
1CAVERAT> Ok penelope. You have my e-mail?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thanks, Penelope.
PENELOPE76> Plants will be separated in the green house.
DORCASQ> Can plants influence eath other?
SCRYE:Scrye> Thank you, Penny!
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> I encouraged the other plants to "HELP" it.
PENELOPE76> Yes, Caverat. Want you to find me a record also!!!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Santucci, do you work with plants a lot?
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes, Dorcas, I know they can. But we want mostly human
influence this time.
KOLTA:Kolta> The same question has been asked twice now
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1CAVERAT> Dorcasq, this is what we are trying to find out
IKNOWWHOIAM> what is the theory?
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> yes, I used to work in a greenhouse plus I love plants in
SCRYE:Scrye> Most of us see Starring, not SANTUCCI, Royce.
WATANNA:Watanna> I agree Starring
1CAVERAT> Scrye, did you get my comments on your post
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ROYCE3:Royce3> The theory is that loving energy from people--prayer--can make
plants grow better, Iknowwhoiam.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome alchemira.
ALCHEMIRA> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Sorry, I have been out today, Caverat.
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DORCASQ> Then one good or bad plant can affect the whole crop if they
influence each other?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Penelope is a teacher and is doing an experiment to prove the
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> greetings all.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Dorcasq brings up an interesting angle.
WATANNA:Watanna> Hi Alchemira
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> hey Watanna.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is there such a thing as a bad plant?
PENELOPE76> The other student who is providing the "pep" talk for the plant
has a father ill with cancer. Hope it helps her as much as angry child.
IKNOWWHOIAM> it's alreay proven though that prayers work. wonder why they
don't want prayers in school?
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> religious differences.
WATANNA:Watanna> thats true Iknow
IKNOWWHOIAM> cultural diffs
SCRYE:Scrye> Well, Penny, but WHAT are you teaching the angry child?
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> that too.
SCRYE:Scrye> lol
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok, that is about it for the chat today. I want to thank all
of you for coming. Will there be an after chat chat tonight, Scrye?
KOLTA:Kolta> Can we get back to Dorcasq's question?
SCRYE:Scrye> Twist my arm!
WATANNA:Watanna> Thank you, it has been a great night
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> got something to add to the plant experiment.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
PENELOPE76> I am giving him an alternative to lashing out at his classmates!
1CAVERAT> Penelope, e-mail me with the particulars of your adaptations of the
SCRYE:Scrye> What is Dorcas' question?
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> On november 10, I bought a rose...
ROYCE3:Royce3> Are there bad plants?
1CAVERAT> go, Alchermira
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> a nice one too...
PENELOPE76> Will do, Cave
PNERISSA:Pnerissa> Hey, does this mean I can slip into something more
comfortable now? ; )
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WATANNA:Watanna> lol
ROYCE3:Royce3> Penelope, do you have a scanner?
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> I put it near my computer....which is also between two
DORCASQ> - signed off -
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> the actual rose dried up and died...
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (12 members now) **
PENELOPE76> Yes, Royce - all the toys
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you have a scanner to scan in pictures?
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> but heres the interesting part..
KOLTA:Kolta> Dorcasq asked a question which was never answered.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, Penelope
SCRYE:Scrye> she's gone , Kolta.
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> theres another sprout coming from the leaf!!
SCRYE:Scrye> And back!
PENELOPE76> Will be using a digital camera
ALCHEMIRA:Alchemira> at the point where it meets the stem.
ROYCE3:Royce3> And I'm gone, too. Thanks for coming. Join us tomorrow,
please. You are all great.
KOLTA:Kolta> I know, but for future reference, so that does not happen again
JOASHA:Joasha> night Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> ** The moderator has left the group **
ROYCE3:Royce3> ** Group is not published **
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