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Open chat: Spiritualism

Logging at 8-DEC-1999 18:01)

SCRYE:Scrye> no, not quite.
ROYCE3:Royce3> This may be a quiet day.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Everyone in good spirits today?
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
1CAVERAT> sure
SCRYE:Scrye> tops
ROYCE3:Royce3> The weather is good. Anyone have any specific topics to focus
1CAVERAT> I only have a minute. Any questions on our experiment?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't think so. Your protocols are excellent.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Penelope is the person running the experiment. And she seems
to be moving ahead without trouble.
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1CAVERAT> Ok then. Let me know results as they develop
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Santucci, welcome.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, caverat.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> Hi, thank you
SCRYE:Scrye> She is growing from seeds, I understand.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Isleanders, welcome.
ISLEANDERS> hry royce and ufo chatters
1CAVERAT> She never e-mailed me so I guess she has it all under control
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, caverat, I would guess so.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I am looking forward to some pictures.
1CAVERAT> me too
SCRYE:Scrye> I suppose she will ask if she has any problems.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think this sort of experiment is rather rare on the internet.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It kind of sets us apart--in a good fashion.
1CAVERAT> Most experiments are rare on the internet.
KOLTA:Kolta> It is good to have this type of experiment
ROYCE3:Royce3> So true.
SCRYE:Scrye> This might be a good way to do HUMAN ESP experiments, also.
1CAVERAT> Most people just take what they hear and run with it
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, that is true, caverat.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The psychic experiments with animals will likely be next.
KOLTA:Kolta> We could also run ESP tests among ourselves also
SCRYE:Scrye> In my case, it takes a lifetime of bad information!
1CAVERAT> I would like to try a remote viewing experiment similar to that
conducted by the Monroeville group some time
KOLTA:Kolta> Is that the Monroeville UFO group?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, you can tell us all about that when you have the chance,
1CAVERAT> Will do.
SCRYE:Scrye> Maybe it's Stan Gordon's?
KOLTA:Kolta> Are they still meeting?
1CAVERAT> No they are not. maybe get reorganized after the first of the year
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many regulars are there with that group now?
SCRYE:Scrye> Royce, why don't you pull a topic from today's message board.
1CAVERAT> Not Stan's group, although he sometimes attends
KOLTA:Kolta> Stan Gordon does not have a group now, does he?
1CAVERAT> Don't know how many. Several just kind of dropped out
1CAVERAT> No Kolta
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we could talk about spiritualism. We are getting a bit
of feedback on that subject, Scrye.
KOLTA:Kolta> That sounds interesting
SCRYE:Scrye> I know very little about that, but I'd like to learn.
1CAVERAT> Gotta run. Sytem crashed. Back later!
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> me too, please.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It all started around 1848 with the Fox sisters in New York.
KOLTA:Kolta> It is similar to what I do in my Seances from what I understand
SCRYE:Scrye> There's also the Mars polar lander discussion. Several posts
ROYCE3:Royce3> They heard rapping sounds in their house over a prolonged
period and eventually decided that they had spirits in the house. They
learned to communicate with the spirits.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The whole movement grew and grew reaching a peak during WW1
SCRYE:Scrye> There were several different Spiritualist groups in competition
for a while, weren't there?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Some say that the war in Europe fueled the activity since so
many people who lost loved ones wanted to communicate with them.
ROYCE3:Royce3> There were a lot of very notable spiritualists, some of whom
had groups, yes.
KOLTA:Kolta> Then wouldn't WWII have fueled the same kind of activity?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was one of the most famous.
KOLTA:Kolta> I have heard a little about her
ROYCE3:Royce3> After WW1, a lot of things occurred to discredit the movement,
ROYCE3:Royce3> A lot of frauds were exposed.
KOLTA:Kolta> Ok
ROYCE3:Royce3> The good Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical society.
SCRYE:Scrye> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> But there are still Spiritualist Churches around?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff could tell us about all of that, I'm sure.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, there are Spiritualists Churches around. But few.
KOLTA:Kolta> That is a shame
ROYCE3:Royce3> There is one in Lily Dale.
KOLTA:Kolta> Ruth said one time that there is one in this area, although I do
not know where
ROYCE3:Royce3> Lily Dale is a delightful place, but not because of the
Spiritualist Church.
KOLTA:Kolta> One of these days I need to go to Lily Dale
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, maybe some of us can go there this coming summer.
KOLTA:Kolta> Sounds like fun
ROYCE3:Royce3> There is a certain power about the place.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Enchanting.
KOLTA:Kolta> Is Jeff here?
KOLTA:Kolta> I am sure it is a wonderful place
ROYCE3:Royce3> But Blavatsky had definite mediumistic powers.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She, too, would sometimes fake things, however.
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KOLTA:Kolta> It is strange how our terminology changes. What once were
mediums are now called channelers
SCRYE:Scrye> I was interrupted by a message from Out There.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I think the mediums at lily Dale work somewhat
differently than channelers.
KOLTA:Kolta> In what respect?
ROYCE3:Royce3> They just report what they see from "the other side." I don't
recall any of them talking in a trance.
SCRYE:Scrye> But the distinction is not definitive, is it?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not saying that they don't . But I didn't see it.
SCRYE:Scrye> Many mediums go into trances.
ROYCE3:Royce3> No, I would't say so.
SCRYE:Scrye> But it isn't necessary.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, many mediums do go into trances. But I didn't see that at
Lily Dale either.
SCRYE:Scrye> Really?
KOLTA:Kolta> It is like channelers. Some go into trance and others do not
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SCRYE:Scrye> Are voodoo priests considered mediums?
ROYCE3:Royce3> They have a nice web site. I have corresponded with some of
the folks there over these past few months.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Jeff.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hello
ROYCE3:Royce3> We were talking about Madame Blavatsky and her mediumship.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Madam claimed to be in telepathic communication with
occult adepts in Tibet.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She had quite a following of people from around the world. And
she was rather popular in India among the Hindus.
ROYCE3:Royce3> At least in the early days.
SCRYE:Scrye> She was an extraordinary personality. The original builder of a
"World Wide Web".
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Madam liked to smoke pot.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Lots of it.
KOLTA:Kolta> Good woman then
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh yes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She wrote a lot.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> She produced a two volumn set of books called Isis Unveiled in
SCRYE:Scrye> I was too sober when I tried to read her stuff.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I agree totally, Scrye.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Her stuff is too tough for me. <grin>
SCRYE:Scrye> I was fascinated by accounts of her Root Races of mankind.
SCRYE:Scrye> But it was only excerpts.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She claimed there were so-called root races. The first root
race lived near the North Pole and they,,,,
ROYCE3:Royce3> were supposedly invisible.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She said they were made of firemist.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> The second Root Race lived in Asia.
SCRYE:Scrye> Can you remember the others?
SCRYE:Scrye> good.
ROYCE3:Royce3> They supposedly invented sexual intercourse.
SCRYE:Scrye> hip hip hooray!
ROYCE3:Royce3> The third root race were the ape-like giants of Lemuria...
ROYCE3:Royce3> who communicated via telepathy.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> The fourth were the Atlanteans, who were destroyed through
black magic.
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are the fifth root race.
SCRYE:Scrye> Do we have a name?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Were was Jeff when I needed him?
SCRYE:Scrye> Are we Aryans?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh the sixth root race will evolve from us.
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> The sixth will live in Lemuria (in the Pacific.)
ISLEANDERS> am i here
SCRYE:Scrye> We are all getting bumped in turn.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, this is a very bad night, I'm afraid.
SCRYE:Scrye> It happens after very big nights.
SCRYE:Scrye> Chat fatigue.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, it seems that way.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> ereht si
ROYCE3:Royce3> People seem to aim toward one big night.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, it's peaceful, at least.
SCRYE:Scrye> Jeff has Reversal!
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Maybe it is a spirit phenomenon of chat rooms.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Something like that.
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SCRYE:Scrye> Jeff, try again!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> si
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> not
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who has read the Secret Doctrine by the Madam?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, have you?
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff takes off when I ask him a quesiton!!!!!
KOLTA:Kolta> we are having some back luck here today
SCRYE:Scrye> I have read nothing complete.
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KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff could have been bumbed
SCRYE:Scrye> Who was the mysterious Hoot Khoomi?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Last Sunday, Diane and I attended one of the Theosophical
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> How was it?
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JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hello
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> We have you locked in Jeff.
SCRYE:Scrye> had
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi nala.
SCRYE:Scrye> wb Jeff.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> is anyone here?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Koot was one of the disciples, Scrye.
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes jeff, we are here.
SCRYE:Scrye> Not a Master?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, a master.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Master is correct.
SCRYE:Scrye> She was in psychic communication with him.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, yes. Psychic sex, probably.
SCRYE:Scrye> But was he a physical person?
SCRYE:Scrye> In the body, I mean?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not sure.
KOLTA:Kolta> Keep it clean Royce
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> any new mew
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Kolta.
SCRYE:Scrye> Psychic sex is very clean, K.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't know, but she got enough letters from him to publish a
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> any new news on Y2K?
KOLTA:Kolta> We are talking about Spiritualists Jeff
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Jeff talk about your gal Madam Blavatsky.
ISLEANDERS> is psychic sex considered cheating?
ROYCE3:Royce3> She is the founder of your group.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh, I'm sure it is Isleander.
KOLTA:Kolta> That is an interesting question Isleander
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ROYCE3:Royce3> See, he leaves every time.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, tell us about the Madam.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you people read out of her books?
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Do you know where we could get her books?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Isis Unvieled has a lot of the Kabbalah blended into it.
SCRYE:Scrye> I read quoted passages from her books.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think the Theosopical society publishes them. No, I don't
know that. But I bet they do.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not sure I want to buy them. They are very dry.
SCRYE:Scrye> She was eclectic while remaining pretty obscure. An
SCRYE:Scrye> She was after an intellectual elite.
SCRYE:Scrye> Like yourself, Royce.
SCRYE:Scrye> In your case, she missed by 100 years.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Thank you , Scrye....... I have all sorts of nonsense in my
head. <grin>
SCRYE:Scrye> Me too!
KOLTA:Kolta> I wonder what that makes the rest of us
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
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JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> The good madam once had a shower of flowers--roses--fall out
of a clear blue sky on some of her company.
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SCRYE:Scrye> Watch out for the snake oil.
ROYCE3:Royce3> She could also make a candle flame rise and fall, just by
pointing at it.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> anyone here
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, jeff, we are here.
SCRYE:Scrye> I can do that by singing to it! I think it wants to 'flame' me.
KOLTA:Kolta> Poor Jeff is having a hard time
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Society for Psychical Research eventually started going
after the Madam, calling her a phony.
KOLTA:Kolta> Why?
SCRYE:Scrye> It was politics, I think, Kolta.
KOLTA:Kolta> ok
SCRYE:Scrye> Wasn't Annie what's-her-name one who split off?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, I'm trying to think of the specifics.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Emma Cutting was her name, I think.
SCRYE:Scrye> How appropriate!
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes, appropriate
NALA8> hey ppl!!!
SCRYE:Scrye> Yes, Nala?
NALA8> been in and out...of the computer,,,,
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, I remember the person she married--a Frenchman I think.
The name was Colum.
ROYCE3:Royce3> No I think it was Coulomb.
NALA8> since i found something exciting....
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Nala?
SCRYE:Scrye> Lots of trouble staying on, Nala?
NALA8> some skins for the explorer....and got held up there,,,
SCRYE:Scrye> Let's talk about something else anyway.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Say again?
NALA8> skins
SCRYE:Scrye> Is that Internet Explorer?
NALA8> you can put pictures on your tool bar instead of that grey area..
SCRYE:Scrye> I have found skins for RealJukebox, Nala.
SCRYE:Scrye> Cool. How do I get them?
NALA8> yes it's for the explorer,,,,,
SCRYE:Scrye> People, skins are like new covers for old seats.
NALA8> well go to:
SCRYE:Scrye> They make applications have a different "look".
NALA8> and you'll have there about 900 options..just click them
SCRYE:Scrye> Thanks, Nala!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, thanks, Nala.
NALA8> wellcom..anytime...
ROYCE3:Royce3> I will go to that URL.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, let's talk about Y2k.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, do you want to lead off?
KOLTA:Kolta> ok
SCRYE:Scrye> That might make a crazy Gooey expedition, Royce.
KOLTA:Kolta> is Jeff here?
ROYCE3:Royce3> In a word: NO.
KOLTA:Kolta> I do not have Gooey on my Mac
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hmmmmm.
KOLTA:Kolta> I can't go on gooey with my mac
ROYCE3:Royce3> Kolta will get a real computer one of these days. <grin>
SCRYE:Scrye> Nala, you must try
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gooey RULES!!!!
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KOLTA:Kolta> Scrye I did, it is not set up for a Mac
SCRYE:Scrye> It alllows you to meet people visiting on sites!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, we are going to talk about Y2K.
KOLTA:Kolta> Sorry
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, tell us about your plans for Y2K.
QUEUE from KOLTA:Kolta> Scyre Please do not use my real name in the chat
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff, are you out there, lad?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Personally, I'm not worried about Y2K.
KOLTA:Kolta> I think he signed off and neer came back
ROYCE3:Royce3> How about the rest of you?
SCRYE:Scrye> I don't think we can count on Jeff's staying in here tonight.
KOLTA:Kolta> I am not overly worried about it
ISLEANDERS> not yet y2k
ROYCE3:Royce3> No, I don't think Jeff can stay connected.
SCRYE:Scrye> He wanted me to listen to Jeff Rense's archive last night.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye, are you still taking Y2K precautions?
SCRYE:Scrye> But I fell asleep. I have done some things.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye!!!!!! Y2K??????
SCRYE:Scrye> I have been delayed by some issues.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Geeeeeeeeeeee.
SCRYE:Scrye> But I have my 10 guage cable now.
KOLTA:Kolta> You Scrye!!!!!!!! Shame!
SCRYE:Scrye> And will start filling tanks soon.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Filling what tanks, with what?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gas, water, oil???
SCRYE:Scrye> the tanks are piled in the back but wiil have gasoline and
SCRYE:Scrye> Gas for the generator.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yikes, I would hate to see you light a match.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many watts does your generator generate?
SCRYE:Scrye> Kerosene for 3rd optional heating.
SCRYE:Scrye> 5500. 6000 peak.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, that is pretty good.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How much did that set you back?
SCRYE:Scrye> well, it is more important to have water. and CASH.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, CASH.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How about gold coins??????
ROYCE3:Royce3> Wish I had some.
SCRYE:Scrye> it was almost two years ago. $600 or so.
SCRYE:Scrye> And gold is good also.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tobacco is good. You can always sell that.
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SCRYE:Scrye> It should be in safe deposit until Xmas.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Fluke, welcome.
FLUKE71> hi all
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> Hi Fluke! Wb
FLUKE71> thanks
ROYCE3:Royce3> Fluke are you preparing for a Y2K shutdown?
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are talking about Y2K.
SCRYE:Scrye> TP is good, you can always use that!
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> hello
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Scrye has a generator and all sorts of good stuff.
SCRYE:Scrye> And water purification. Covered on both scores.
SCRYE:Scrye> And a Baygen Radio.
FLUKE71> lol, hope there wont be a shutdown.. ill be close to the arctic
circle... Tromso, visiting a frend
ROYCE3:Royce3> Of course, the local law enforcement officials are likely to
take it all away from him.
SCRYE:Scrye> Candles. Whale tallow.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, now that is interesting, Fluke.
ROYCE3:Royce3> What does your friend do?
FLUKE71> so, i hope the power wont fail
FLUKE71> he is a web designer
SCRYE:Scrye> Traditional housing? Or drafty prefabs up there?
ROYCE3:Royce3> And living close to the arctic circle? Neat.
FLUKE71> living in tromso, norway
ROYCE3:Royce3> Where are you from Fluke? U.S?
SCRYE:Scrye> Solid wood construction in Norway.
SCRYE:Scrye> ????
FLUKE71> Norway
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok. You are used to the cold weather then.
SANTUCCI2:StarRing> - signed off -
FLUKE71> yes, we are used to hard weather, at least up north
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well the weather seems to be getting warmer and warmer here in
southwestern PA, USA.
SCRYE:Scrye> But electricity is a nice thing.
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Climatic warming, I think.
SCRYE:Scrye> I hope we have a rainy warm winter.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How cold is it where yoiu are now, Fluke?
KOLTA:Kolta> We do not get near the bad winters we used to get
SCRYE:Scrye> Like we did a couple of years ago.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is in the 5os F here.
SCRYE:Scrye> That's better than here!
SCRYE:Scrye> I'm moving south with Royce!
FLUKE71> up north its -40c here its -5c now, sorry dont know F
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, we will probably have a drought alert soon.
FLUKE71> c = Celisus
SCRYE:Scrye> That's COLD!
KOLTA:Kolta> We have had rain. Why a drought alert?
FLUKE71> yea, cold winters, warm summers
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, in every sense that is cold!!!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have had rain, Kolta, but not that much.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Water levels are still extremely low.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> strange rumor Martial Law after Xmas probably December
28, 1999 related to Y2k
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, are the folks in Norway talking a lot about Y2K, Fluke?
FLUKE71> scientists here are talking a colder climate, as global warming
melts polarcaps, the golfstream may slow down (the golfstream gives us +5-9 c
all year)
SCRYE:Scrye> I think it's 23 degrees there now. And goes to -70 degrees or so.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very interesting, Fluke.
SCRYE:Scrye> NO! that's -40 or so.
ROYCE3:Royce3> So how many of you folks believe that global warming is taking
KOLTA:Kolta> I do
ROYCE3:Royce3> I do.
FLUKE71> yes, we are very dependent on technology, but it should be ok...
hope hope :-)
SCRYE:Scrye> maybe. But it will for sure.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> How many believe that the warming is due to industrial
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
FLUKE71> all, royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is man causing the warming?
KOLTA:Kolta> Pollution is part of the problem
SCRYE:Scrye> It is due to human activity, not necessarily industrial
FLUKE71> i think its a mix of nature and industry
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I think that the industrialization of China and India
are part of the problem. Also , there's the burning of the rain forest.
KOLTA:Kolta> Right Scrye. We all do our part in adding to the pollution
FLUKE71> we have had ice ages before, radical changes in temp. look at
SCRYE:Scrye> Have you read Royce's post on the Ice core and greenhouse gasses?
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JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> anyone here?
KOLTA:Kolta> yes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes jeff.
FLUKE71> hi loveman
ROYCE3:Royce3> We are here.
** BANDON1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, Bandoni, welcome.
SCRYE:Scrye> This is the highest CO2 and methane levels in 400+ million years!
BANDON1:bandon1> hey all
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> having troubles tonight
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bandoni, we are talking about global warming.
FLUKE71> no love love
FLUKE71> ?
SCRYE:Scrye> Well, you have been here often enough.
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have had a few ladies selling love here, Scrye.
SCRYE:Scrye> Jefff has been in and out.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Jeff is having a tough day.
BANDON1:bandon1> of what
FLUKE71> selling love? wow... where do i sign up?
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff is having a very bad day
SCRYE:Scrye> now, now!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Jeff keeps getting bumped off line.
BANDON1:bandon1> b or h
ROYCE3:Royce3> So are we really being threatened in a serious way by this
global warming?
SCRYE:Scrye> anyway greenhouse gasses do more to warm the planet than
SCRYE:Scrye> And we will soon see the result of that.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Methane gas from cows is supposedly causing trouble.
BANDON1:bandon1> we are not but future is
ROYCE3:Royce3> If you can belive that.
KOLTA:Kolta> Methane gas from cows???????????
FLUKE71> in the long run, it can change society as we know it... large
numbers of people moving to new places...
SCRYE:Scrye> It cannot be reversed with present technology.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Bandon, you think we have a few years before things get too
ISLEANDERS> true scrye
BANDON1:bandon1> yes many
SCRYE:Scrye> Part of the problem, yes, Kolta, is excessive beef production.
BANDON1:bandon1> more present things to worry us
SCRYE:Scrye> Sheep and cows produce a LOT of methane.
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks, Scrye, that makes sense now
ROYCE3:Royce3> We need a breakthrough in cold fusion. Dr. Arthur C. Clark
says that breakthrough is coming.
KOLTA:Kolta> But we need to be doing something soon
SCRYE:Scrye> We have a few years. Our kids may not have so many.
FLUKE71> lol, dont think cows are a major hazard... think cars
BANDON1:bandon1> unless you stand behind them
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, if it doesn't affect us....... why worry????? <grin>
FLUKE71> YES... Cold fusion.. that would change a lot.. china getting cars is
ROYCE3:Royce3> That's the attitude.
SCRYE:Scrye> Cows, cars, burning the rain forest, overpopulation, letting
natural gas escape.
KOLTA:Kolta> It is everything combined, like spray as in deodorant and hair
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> before I have more problems Please listen to Jeff Rense
on Dec 6,1999 his guest was Charles Phillips. It is archived
BANDON1:bandon1> india and pakistan biggest threat to the world
ROYCE3:Royce3> A lot of cars will be sold to China. And McDonald's can
expand there.
SCRYE:Scrye> We always want a simple fix.
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks jeff
SCRYE:Scrye> There is no simple fix for a complex problem.
FLUKE71> BUT china will have cars, so... non-polluting cars.. electric or gas
SCRYE:Scrye> You think so Fluke? Won't they want cars like ours?
BANDON1:bandon1> - signed off -
KOLTA:Kolta> Our polluting cars
ROYCE3:Royce3> You know, there really isn't such a thing as a non polluting
car. At the very least, there's thermal pollution.
SCRYE:Scrye> Won't they think, it's good enough for Americans...
FLUKE71> pollution, scrye.. we dont want 1.2 billion petrol cars in china, do
SCRYE:Scrye> We have mortgaged the future for our present comfort.
KOLTA:Kolta> that is right Scrye
ROYCE3:Royce3> Consummerism is the key word.
SCRYE:Scrye> I cannot tell China what to do. Can anyone?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Falun Dafa
FLUKE71> thermal polution is minimal, fossil fuel engine will kill us if
there is no changes
ROYCE3:Royce3> That's our great hope. lol
KOLTA:Kolta> Can we tell our government not to sell cars to China?
SCRYE:Scrye> China ALMOST had a nuclear war with Russia when Mao thought they
could survive it.
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
FLUKE71> THATS WHAT WE ARE... consumers.. :(
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, buy, buy buy!!!!!!!!
FLUKE71> no, china can produce there own cars
ISLEANDERS> if change is not too radical wont humans adapt and survive
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is the secret to a happy life.
SCRYE:Scrye> If China thinks that more Americans will choke to death, they
might risk a pollution war.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> The battle of the tailpipes!!!!!!!!!
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Chinese government could topple soon.
SCRYE:Scrye> China has all the natural resources necessary to end life on
ROYCE3:Royce3> So maybe there's hope.
FLUKE71> lol, dont think so scrye, u a bit paranoid? lol, joke... the chinese
just want material things.
KOLTA:Kolta> According to Native American prophesy, we can at least ease some
of the earth changes if we start to take care of the environment now
ROYCE3:Royce3> They have a lot of "material girls."
SCRYE:Scrye> If the Chinese get what we have now, it will be all over for
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Scrye, foggy days are a comin!!!!!!
KOLTA:Kolta> Scrye, we have to watch what we do also, it is not just the
SCRYE:Scrye> How do you think those material things are produced?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, the earth is straining under the load now.
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FLUKE71> dont think the chinese government will topple, still not many that
can read.. china is a rural country, the people belive what the goverment
KOLTA:Kolta> Mother Earth has already started to complain
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Catherine.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome
CATHERINEC1:Leave VA Alone> hi
SCRYE:Scrye> With petroleum = pollution. With burning coal = pollution.
With chemical processes = pollution.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Then there's the atom.
ISLEANDERS> adapt and survive like animals do
SCRYE:Scrye> Even with nuclear electricity = thermal pollution + nuclear
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ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello Amberede, welcome.
FLUKE71> we will have to live with some polution, our bodys give thermal
poll... lol
KOLTA:Kolta> It is time to start going to things like solar energy
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, has anyone invested in cold fusion technology? Anyone
SCRYE:Scrye> I read your mind there, Royce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Now's the time to buy.
FLUKE71> i am royce, think its the way to the future
ISLEANDERS> what is cold fusion
ROYCE3:Royce3> Whoever puts it on the market will be rich beyond dreams--or
SCRYE:Scrye> My reactor is nearly on line. Of course, it fits in a Claussen
pickle jar, but it's a start!
CATHERINEC1:Leave VA Alone> - signed off -
FLUKE71> here in norway, we have 55% water power, and we are the worlds
biggest energy consumers..
ROYCE3:Royce3> 55% hydro???? That is great.
SCRYE:Scrye> Is anyone planning to stay for the afterchat?
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FLUKE71> but the downside is our us, electricity is so cheap
ISLEANDERS> if the wall starts talking back im in big trouble
KOLTA:Kolta> I can only stay for a few minutes. Not long enough
SCRYE:Scrye> They also have geothermal in Iceland, Royce. About 85% I think.
SCRYE:Scrye> wb Leave
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have to split at 7:30. As for cold fusion, it is too
involved to go into right now, but perhaps we can talk about it in a few
weeks, Isleander.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is a most interesting subject.
ISLEANDERS> sounds good r
SCRYE:Scrye> What did you ask the wall Isle?>
CATHERINEC1:Leave VA Alone> - signed off -
SCRYE:Scrye> lol
ROYCE3:Royce3> If you would like to be on our mailing list, Fluke, send me a
valid email address. Send it to
FLUKE71> ok, thanks royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> You insights are greatly appreciated, Fluke.
SCRYE:Scrye> OK. I am considering wrapping this up when Royce does.
FLUKE71> yours to
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, I'm ready to leave.
KOLTA:Kolta> I do have a quick question for you, Scrye, after the chat
FLUKE71> me too bye
SCRYE:Scrye> Any objections to seeing us again next Tuesday? 6:00 Eastern US
FLUKE71> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> We will be back here next Tuesday at 6:00 PM EDT.
ROYCE3:Royce3> hey this has been fun.
SCRYE:Scrye> I wait for your question, Royce.
/no log
SCRYE:Scrye> Thank you, Royce!
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> You are all most welcome.
ISLEANDERS> tues royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> This has been a nice change of pace.
KOLTA:Kolta> Yes
ROYCE3:Royce3> See you all then.
ROYCE3:Royce3> bye.
ROYCE3:Royce3> - signed off -
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