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States Of Consciousness (1)

(Part 1

Logging at 19-DEC-2000 17:59)
.Royce3> Hi Dorcasq, welcome.
DORCASQ> Hi Royce!
.Royce3> How do you like the cold?
.Royce3> I mean it is a bit frigid.
DORCASQ> It is like winter!
.Royce3> Yes.
DORCASQ> Nice and warm in here though.
.Royce3> It's a good night for staying in the chat room!
** BAUBLE49 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi bauble.
.Bauble> Hi there!
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Jeff!
.jefflove> hello
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.Royce3> Hello, Seek. Welcome.
.Bauble> hi Jeff and Seek
.Royce3> How is the weather where you are, Seek? It is cold and windy here.
SEEKINGTHETR> delphi is slow to let us in tonight
DORCASQ> I never have a problem.
SEEKINGTHETR> about 6 inches and real slippery
SEEKINGTHETR> just arrived home
.Bauble> freezing here!
DORCASQ> 6 inches - wow!
.Royce3> It seems that that is par for the course here at Delphi, Seek. I
think we need broadband connections. 6inches???? Wow.
DORCASQ> We only have about 1 or 2 at most.
.Royce3> Are you at the store, Seek?
.Bauble> Fluff stuff
DORCASQ> You guys just need to learn how to use a computer - lol
.Royce3> How far is the store from your home, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> about 25 mins....15 miles
.Bauble> not bad
DORCASQ> Do you own the store, Seek?
.Royce3> Not good either--not in this weather.
SEEKINGTHETR> a way...I set it up as a non- profit
organization...thus it owns itself and I'm the Director
DORCASQ> That is great, Seek!
DORCASQ> Who is watching it tonight?
SEEKINGTHETR> It's more of a community service than a money maker
.Royce3> Does your store specialize in metaphysical books, Seek?
SEEKINGTHETR> we have a pretty good selection of religious books...I stay
away from most metaphysical books
DORCASQ> Religious books??
.Royce3> Little market for such books?
.Royce3> Little market for metaphysical books?
SEEKINGTHETR> We do well with them...I run workshops out of our community room
DORCASQ> Any specific religion?
SEEKINGTHETR> I retired and this is my hobby
.jefflove> wonderful hobby
SEEKINGTHETR> qall religions which focus on a higher power
DORCASQ> What is "gall" religions?
SEEKINGTHETR> lots of books from ashrams in India on Kundalini
.Bauble> ALL
DORCASQ> ooohhh
SEEKINGTHETR> sorry...bad typing gall = all
.Bauble> lol
DORCASQ> OK - understand now
DORCASQ> Thought it was a new one I never heard of.
SEEKINGTHETR> I help people who are on a spiritual path
.Royce3> Are there any spiritually oriented study groups in your area, Seek?
.Royce3> Do you belong to any of them?
SEEKINGTHETR> most are Bible on Kaballa
.jefflove> do you live in ohio seek
.Royce3> I used to be active in one. It was loosely associated with A.R.E.
.Bauble> Central PA, jeff
SEEKINGTHETR> I did belong to a Bible one...I usually teach
study is usually on my own
SEEKINGTHETR> ARE is a good group
.Royce3> He isn't far from your friend, Jeff.
DORCASQ> Sounds like a good hobby, Seek.
.Royce3> Well, the A. R.E has staying power.
SEEKINGTHETR> It's what life is about
DORCASQ> It is great when you can call your job a hobby!
SEEKINGTHETR> I know many of the ARE people and respect their work
SEEKINGTHETR> I do much the same thing
.Bauble> Have you ever been to conferences at Virginia Beach?
.Royce3> Do you know Al Mann, Seek?
** UFOLENSIND just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Umbriel> hello?
.Royce3> Mann is the primary representative of the A.R.E in this area.
.Royce3> Hi UOflensind.
SEEKINGTHETR> no...but one of their employees moved a few blocks from my
store and has filled me in on much
.Bauble> Hi Umbriel
SEEKINGTHETR> I know some Mann's but not by first name
.Umbriel> how's everyone one
DORCASQ> I'm fine, thanks Umbriel.
.Umbriel> ?
DORCASQ> How are you?
.Royce3> Very good Umbriel.
.Royce3> Any sightings to report, Ufolensind?
SEEKINGTHETR> The search for God series by Thurston is good at ARE
.Umbriel> no sorry, but there are some things i'd like to share with everyone
.jefflove> tonight we are talking about concsiousness
.Bauble> As a conference you mean Seek?
DORCASQ> Right, Jeff.
.Umbriel> conciousness huh? where are you in your thoughts?
.Royce3> Well, you are welcome to do so Ufolensind. We do have a featured
topic tonight. But please give us a report about what interests you Ufo.
SEEKINGTHETR> yes...I met Cayce(the son of Edgar) at a conference in New
.Bauble> OK Seek
.Royce3> Ufo, we are going to talk about various states of consciousness and
how they are induced.
.Umbriel> this is for all who's interested. i'm a musician/composer -
.Royce3> Very interesting, Ufo; I will be sure to visit your site.
.Umbriel> i'll be right back... i can't stand it. i'm going for a
cigarette... sorry i'll hurry
.Royce3> Seek, Ihave heard Cayce interviewed on a number of occasions.
.Royce3> Very good, UFO.
SEEKINGTHETR> he's ok...nothing special
DORCASQ> Go smoke yourself silly Umbriel! I know the feeling.
.Royce3> Dorcasq is a confirmed smoker; so is bauble.
SEEKINGTHETR> conflict with father?
.Royce3> Well, I guess we should start to get on topic. Do you folks want to
wait until he gets back?
.Bauble> But to reform would save GOBS of money....
.jefflove> yes
.Royce3> Cayce's son is sort of like a fish out of water.
.Royce3> His father is his claim to fame, so to speak.
SEEKINGTHETR> one side point....please go to and read about
the cme hitting earth this thurs. or friday
.Royce3> Very good, seek.
DORCASQ> Will do that, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> good chance of major geomagnetic storms
.Royce3>, yes. Will there be serious consequences, Seek?
.Bauble> what is cme?
SEEKINGTHETR> watch people's personalities during this period
.Royce3> We have heard warnings about the dangers to communication systems.
SEEKINGTHETR> coronal mass ejection
DORCASQ> Seek, were you planning to tell us about the different levels of the
spiritual path today?
SEEKINGTHETR> yes...this fits right into it
.Bauble> we have a wedding Saturday and Christmas is Monday. Ought to be
SEEKINGTHETR> my apologies ahead of time for my poor typing
.Bauble> Meaning - fun to watch the personalitys
DORCASQ> Your typing is fine, Seek.
DORCASQ> Better than most.
SEEKINGTHETR> meaning...observe and learn
SEEKINGTHETR> cme s effect the emotional field of the human body
DORCASQ> I am not a bad typist...just don't have anything worthwhile to say -
ain't fair is it?
.Royce3> Let me try to get us on topic: There seems to be a fundamental
difference between the way contemporary society sees consciousness when
compared to the ways of the ancients.
.Royce3> The basic difference in theory is regarding the concept of
consciousness. While it is generally believed that consciousness is a product
of brain-mind complex, we have stuck to the definition given
.Royce3> in various Upanishads. That is, consciousness is 'the eternal
subject, the only existence, and the only one Reality.'
SEEKINGTHETR> let me ask a question many believe in reincarnation?
.Bauble> This ought to be fun. Trying to watch others while my emotions are
being affected also....
DORCASQ> I believe in the possibility.
.Bauble> I lean toward that belief
SEEKINGTHETR> I agree with the Upanishads
.Royce3> I believe in reincarnation and the concepts of the upanishads.
.Royce3> I think consciousness reigns supreme over matter.
.Bauble> matter and thought are 1
SEEKINGTHETR> as it increases in frequency
SEEKINGTHETR> let me start at the beginning
.Royce3> It's not clear to me how long it will take mainstream science to
adopt this view. The biologists and the physicists are seemingly at odds
over this.
SEEKINGTHETR> when your soul came into the physical split into two
SEEKINGTHETR> your self and inner or higher self
SEEKINGTHETR> the reason for the split was to allow you to experience this
.Bauble> ego self and god self
.Bauble> why?
SEEKINGTHETR> ego self is a false self created by self to block the path of
the two connecting
.Bauble> ok
.Umbriel> back
SEEKINGTHETR> in the human energy field it is the block between the two fields
.Royce3> Ufo, we have started on our topic for tonight. Join in when you want.
SEEKINGTHETR> at the point of separation you have two components to each
portion of self
DORCASQ> You can scroll up a bit and read from the beginning what Seeking is
telling us, Umbriel.
SEEKINGTHETR> the masculine and feminine or ying and yang
SEEKINGTHETR> darn typing
.Umbriel> yes i know of what he is speaking of
SEEKINGTHETR> if you are male, your current energy field has a higher left
spin frequency than right
.Bauble> why do we have to experience all of this? Why not be born just
DORCASQ> We went thru that last week, Baub.
SEEKINGTHETR> and your higher self is the opposite sex or your true compliment
.Umbriel> if you read on my site about myself, and my projekt you will find
out my prupose on the earth
.Bauble> Steve never got that answered for himself
.Royce3> I agree with you Seek.
.Royce3> in human beings, depending on the refinement of mind, consciousness
may appear as narrow selfishness to broad unselfish attitude.
SEEKINGTHETR> because we do not realize this, we look for a mate who has a
similar vibrational frequency to our higher self
.Bauble> we will UFO
.Umbriel> i'm male, but i'm very androgenous and dark inherently
SEEKINGTHETR> many times a high sex drive is common in spiritual people
.jefflove> consciousness has to do with awereness: (1) outer enviroment (2)
thoughts, feelings, and desires of inner mind (3) transcendetal realm
SEEKINGTHETR> but it is a distraction from the path
SEEKINGTHETR> I have just given you the framework for consciousness
SEEKINGTHETR> in your self you have two counter rotating fields
SEEKINGTHETR> tied to the two hemispheres of the brain
SEEKINGTHETR> your masculine and feminine
SEEKINGTHETR> these are layered to divide your emotional and mental field
.Royce3> Your reference to sexuality is an interesting one, Seek.
Ramakrishna seems to be a perfect balance of male and female.
.Royce3> His women devotees used to say, "The Master did not usually seem to
us to be a man at all. It seemed to us that he is one of us. That is why we
did not feel the slightest shyness or hesitation in his
.Royce3> presence, as we usually do in presence of men. Even if it came on
rare occasions, we forgot it immediately and would express to him our
feelings without any hesitation whatever."
SEEKINGTHETR> people are growing spiritually very fast these days thus the
divorce rate is high
.Umbriel> yes.. it's a universal energy. we see that in the fields of two
magnets touching postive and the other negative. right?
SEEKINGTHETR> the energy which stabilizes these two fields is love
SEEKINGTHETR> our goal is to grow and balance both fields in self
SEEKINGTHETR> this is true realization
.Royce3> Actually, I see precious little evidence that the majority of people
are growing spiritually--far from it.
.Umbriel> yes, that is my goal to achieve balance, androgyne, peace, euphoria
SEEKINGTHETR> the right spinning field spin frequency is effected by
gravity...thus full moons effect high tides and emotions
.Royce3> Euphoria? Hmmmm, what were you smoking a few minutes ago, UFO???
SEEKINGTHETR> this is the feminine aspect
.Umbriel> i'm inherently that way.. but my past as a soul has taken my from
my path... which you'll soon understand more of
SEEKINGTHETR> the left spinning field is affected by sunlight, thus people
get cabin fever or seasonal affective disorder which is cured by light therapy
** RAIN4571 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Umbriel> smoking, or drugs has nothing to do with it. i find experience is
the base for true knowledge
.Royce3> Hello, rain, we are talking about states of consciousness. Feel free
to join in when you like.
RAIN4571> Hello everyone
.Bauble> welcome rain
.Umbriel> hey rain
SEEKINGTHETR> the vibrational frequencies of consciousness is determined by
the spin frequency combinations of these two fields
RAIN4571> I will just read for a while.
.Bauble> ok rain
SEEKINGTHETR> everyone has a different frequency combination, thus they do
not know the thoughts of others around them
.Royce3> Of course, there are examples of telepathy, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> your thoughts are projected at your specific frequency
SEEKINGTHETR> conscious frequency increases as one gets older
.Umbriel> so, you can always tap into others frequencys
SEEKINGTHETR> it's easy but can be very confusing
.Umbriel> like that of radio frequencies.. police scanners, you know
SEEKINGTHETR> or you can put thoughts into others heads
SEEKINGTHETR> once you know their frequency
DORCASQ> How do you determine someone's frequency?
.Royce3> Seek, just how effective are you suggesting this is?
SEEKINGTHETR> can look at the chakra system or the hierarchy of
needs developed by Maslov
SEEKINGTHETR> you just know it..kind of like hearing a voice and knowing the
tone of it
SEEKINGTHETR> when born the frequency of consciousness is very low
SEEKINGTHETR> focused on food, shelter, fear, anger,
SEEKINGTHETR> protection
.Umbriel> yes but don't we forget more of the birth place of souls as we grow
older? that is if we remember at all.
SEEKINGTHETR> when you get older it raises very much during puberty
SEEKINGTHETR> ever notice that time seems to go by much faster when you get
.Bauble> yes
SEEKINGTHETR> it has to do with the relationship between the frequency of
consciousness vs. the speed of light
.jefflove> i want accurate and correct awareness of outer world, body, inner
mind of thought, feeling, and desires, and transcendental realm. How can I
achieve this accuracy?
.Bauble> but so much more is in my life now than then
SEEKINGTHETR> lol....jeff....rub a magic lamp
.Bauble> so it just seems as if time is faster??
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.1Caverat> PUSH
.Royce3> In regard to the passage of time, I find that my perception of its
passing depends upon the circumstances I find myself in.
.1Caverat> hi all
DORCASQ> That's not asking too much, is it Jeff?
SEEKINGTHETR> has to do with consciousness frequency
.Royce3> If I'm happy, time seems to pass very quickly.
.Royce3> Hi cave
.Bauble> Welcome Cave
SEEKINGTHETR> again...lower thoughts are slower
.Umbriel> greetings
SEEKINGTHETR> love is the highest frequency in the physical body
SEEKINGTHETR> very high frequencies have the ability to prophesy
.jefflove> how do i experience love in the physical body?
SEEKINGTHETR> as they can see into the future
.Royce3> Having fun isn't necessarily evidence of one being on a lower level.
SEEKINGTHETR> you need to focus on divine love not human love
SEEKINGTHETR> true royce
RAIN4571> I must leave.
.Bauble> you give love Jeff
.Royce3> Come again Rain.
.1Caverat> just listening for now. curious where this is going.
SEEKINGTHETR> negative experiences block self love which causes us to shift
consciousness to one field
RAIN4571> - signed off -
.Royce3> Sri Aurobindo said: "Men will always disappoint you. Put your faith
in God.?
DORCASQ> Seek is explaining consciousness, Cave.
SEEKINGTHETR> I have found that in persons attracted to the same sex, I can
show them when an event changed their preference
.Royce3> in human beings, depending on the refinement of mind, consciousness
may appear as narrow selfishness to broad unselfish attitude. The mind may be
able to perceive finer or subtler realities. Such
.Royce3> states are called as altered states of consciousness. The alteration
in the state of consciousness may be brought about by the functional or
structural change in the brain,
.Royce3> in human beings, depending on the refinement of mind, consciousness
may appear as narrow selfishness to broad unselfish attitude. The mind may be
able to perceive finer or subtler realities. Such
.Royce3> states are called as altered states of consciousness. The alteration
in the state of consciousness may be brought about by the functional or
structural change in the brain,
SEEKINGTHETR> as the energy field changes at that point
.1Caverat> OK. From what I see, there are as many definitions of
consciousness as there are people defining it.
.Royce3> Well, Cave, do you think that consciousness arises from matter?
SEEKINGTHETR> it's like looking at an elephant up see what is
closest to you which is different than what others see
.Bauble> very good explanation
.Royce3> Where does consciousness come from, Cave?
.Royce3> That is the first question.
SEEKINGTHETR> but it is all the same thing
.1Caverat> no i don't. To me, consciousness is that which defines an
awareness of life.
.Umbriel> Well Seek what do you think of using drugs to achieve higher
SEEKINGTHETR> consciousness came from that spark of God which was split off
to form us
SEEKINGTHETR> very bad path Umbriel
.Umbriel> of course
.Umbriel> not bad
.Royce3> Cave, do you believe that there's an objective reality, or do you
believe that reality is the result of consciousness?
.1Caverat> OK. That is a valid definition, seek
SEEKINGTHETR> reality is based upon perception
SEEKINGTHETR> this is also a function of consciousness frequency
.Umbriel> depends on your experience with them, i've learned more being
around drugs and doing them than i would have sitting around my house with my
parents and doing the daily grind.
.Royce3> Yes, Seek. My contention is that consciousness creates and controls
.1Caverat> Reality would exist whether we were aware of it or not. or so it
seems to me.
SEEKINGTHETR> higher frequencies expand consciousness
.Umbriel> that's the truth
.Royce3> Yes, I think our world view is pretty much the same, Seek.
SEEKINGTHETR> but higher frequencies have much more control
.1Caverat> what sort of frequencies? mhz, or khz? and what is oscillating?
.jefflove> most of our awareness is of the outer environment
SEEKINGTHETR> I can demonstrate all this really easy in a workshop
.Royce3> But Jeff, the question is: Is there an objective, material reality
to begin with?
DORCASQ> There may be other realities that exist that we are not aware of,
.Royce3> That is true, Dorcasq. Good point.
SEEKINGTHETR> I'm not sure caverat...but I know that consciousness can jam an
FM radio receiver
SEEKINGTHETR> did it accidentally during meditation
.1Caverat> true. but the term frequency implies something is oscillating at
a certain rate.
.Royce3> I'm not sure that the term frequencies means the same to everyone.
.1Caverat> What is oscillating?
.Umbriel> i bet you wouldn't believe me if i've said i've become a better
person while using drugs, because it openes up my mind to want my friend was
telling me about the universe and god. he has natural
.Umbriel> devine knowlegde.. meaning it wasn't taught to him. he's always
known these things
SEEKINGTHETR> yes...consciousness
.Royce3> I haven't been totally satisfied with the word frequency.
SEEKINGTHETR> drugs short circuit the mental plumbing
.1Caverat> Seek, can you jam an FM radio or do you know any one who can
demonstrate this?
.jefflove> yes there is objective reality, but each person perceives it and
interprets differently
.jefflove> yes
.Royce3> Ufo, I realize that some people have had a positive result from
.Royce3> Personally, I don't trust the notion of using drugs to bring on
SEEKINGTHETR> I haven't tried in years...but I have done it several times in
the past
.Umbriel> thank you.. and i have had a very positive one
SEEKINGTHETR> jamming that is
DORCASQ> Glad you clarified that, Seek.
.Royce3> What kind of drugs are you alluding to, UFO?
.Umbriel> i haven't been jammed i've realized many things that would have
seemed crazy to me before... or rather i would have been sceptical
SEEKINGTHETR> the spin frequencies also allow a person to walk through walls,
levitate or become invisible
.1Caverat> I personally would like to see it done in a controlled
environment. I would like to attempt to measure the fields present at the
.Umbriel> Do you know what ketamine is and what effects it has on the human
.Royce3> No, UFO.
.jefflove> i read your paper on consciousness I had trouble understanding
Bhava - spiritual moods > Could you explain?
SEEKINGTHETR> drugs merely amplify...many people have real bad trips
.Royce3> Spiritual moods set a general, overall state of consciousness from
which one can then work. It establishes one's center.
.jefflove> i am still confused
.Umbriel> it allows the user to have out-of-body experiences. when i close
my eyes i can still see the room i'm in, but then i can change it all at will
and creat different rooms, i can also travel out of my
.Umbriel> body. i've heard a lot of stories of different experiences while
in what is called a "K" hole.
SEEKINGTHETR> let me side step and explain the three stages of human
.Umbriel> a lot of people don't understand what it is that is happening to
them, and many of them aren't changed by what they can see and experience
DORCASQ> That is the big problem, Umbriel.
.Umbriel> yes i know
SEEKINGTHETR> step one dependency stage...this is during lower frequency
.Royce3> Jeff, these spiritual moods set the general tone of a person's
everyday personality. Some people, as you know, are generally happy, others
unhappy. This general mood can be modified, if one exerts
.Royce3> some effort.
SEEKINGTHETR> teenage transition to step 2 which is self identity
.Bauble> very good Royce
SEEKINGTHETR> to be happy or sad is to judge be content one
does not judge
.Umbriel> but i know someone who teaches those that are in these holes, and
the truely intelligent ones understand what he is saying.. when they don't
we often are said to be in a cult or gay lovers. it's
.Umbriel> hard to get through to people.
SEEKINGTHETR> mid life crisis is the transition stage from self identity to
divine identity
.jefflove> can you explain the three steps of development again?
.1Caverat> Seek, is your reference to frequency the same as emotional state?
Low frequecy similar to depressed and high to an upbeat outlook on life?
SEEKINGTHETR> dependency....childhood
.Bauble> To be content, Seek, I agree. It's what is to strive for
SEEKINGTHETR> self identity
SEEKINGTHETR> divine identity
SEEKINGTHETR> teenage is transition
.Royce3> Various physiological, psychological, and pharmacological maneuvers
or agents may induce altered states, for instance:
.Royce3> 1. Psychedelic Drugs
.Royce3> 2. Dreams
.Royce3> 3. Period between wakefulness & sleep
.Royce3> 4. Hypnosis
.Royce3> 5. Meditation & Yoga
SEEKINGTHETR> mid life crisis is a transition
.Umbriel> that;s right royce
SEEKINGTHETR> each is a consciousness shift of perception of self
.Umbriel> i have first hand experience
SEEKINGTHETR> are creating your own road blocks
.Umbriel> i don't see how, since i've grown more in the past few months than
i ever would have with out them..
SEEKINGTHETR> Questions on the three stages
.jefflove> can you explain self identity and divine identity further?
SEEKINGTHETR> self identity is what a 16 year old develops...the world
revolves around them
SEEKINGTHETR> it is the creation of the false self
.Umbriel> i never felt that way seek, when i was 16
.Umbriel> nor do i now
.Royce3> Psychedelic drugs are very controversial, but Shamans have used them
for years. And I gather have had very good results. However, the dangers are
SEEKINGTHETR> it is the "I" am in control mode
.1Caverat> Is the reference to frequency in this context another definition
of one's emotional state at a given time?
.Royce3> Yes cave
.Bauble> sure cave
SEEKINGTHETR> not really, but the two are correlated
.Umbriel> oh yes i know the dangers, but i'm willing to accept the dangers to
my physical self to better my soul
.jefflove> please explain divine identity
.1Caverat> OK Royce. I can accept that
SEEKINGTHETR> their are soul dangers with drugs
.Umbriel> like what?
SEEKINGTHETR> opening oneself to other spirits to move in
.Umbriel> how so?
.Bauble> shamans use drugs, Royce, but only after many years of mentoring
SEEKINGTHETR> I've had to fix many of these from drug use
.Umbriel> than i'll fix them, can i not. didn't you?
.Royce3> I think you have a good point, Seek. However, it is also true that
various other practices involving the occult and even Yoga can also open
doors in one's consciousness and thereby invite in
.Royce3> undesirable spirits.
SEEKINGTHETR> I did not do the drugs
.1Caverat> I would question any "wisdom" obtained from someone who is under
the effects of a mind-altering drug
.Umbriel> ah
.1Caverat> at the time of the revelation
.Umbriel> so what's the difference.. how are drugs detrimental to the soul?
DORCASQ> I agree Cave.
.Royce3> Bauble, I will concede that having someone who is experienced with
the effects of drugs provide guidance is very important.
SEEKINGTHETR> why use drugs when you can do the same thing safely with the
.Umbriel> i don't have the money to pay some one to teach me right now.. i'm
also not doing drugs at the moment
SEEKINGTHETR> mid life crisis to the soul is why the Bible describes
.Bauble> which isn't always safe either, but more safe
.Royce3> What about revelation, Cave????
.Umbriel> i need to pay for other shit and then maybe a little weed or some
ketamine every once in a while
.1Caverat> it went with my preceding send. got split on transmission
SEEKINGTHETR> Many of the things I've told you folks were very, very secret
until recently
.Royce3> Ufo, tell us more about ketamine.
.jefflove> what are the safe ways to acquire positive experiences of
transcendental realms and divine entities?
.Bauble> why is it allowed to be told now, seek?
.Royce3> Meditate, Jeff. That is a good start.
SEEKINGTHETR> first, you must cleanse self of any obstacles
SEEKINGTHETR> meditation is a good tool to do that
SEEKINGTHETR> any heavy thoughts
SEEKINGTHETR> get rid of anger, guilt, fear
SEEKINGTHETR> do not be attached to another in a close relationship
SEEKINGTHETR> as your connection to them can topple you quickly
.Umbriel> yeah, but i've know a guy who's been talking of these this all his
life.. it was drugs that gave him a little more control over the thoughts
and knowledge that he has to deal with everyday
SEEKINGTHETR> unless they also are on the path
.Bauble> glad to hear that Seek!!
SEEKINGTHETR> death also brings on many of these experiences umbrial
.Royce3> Ufo, is your path one that you would advise everyone to follow?
SEEKINGTHETR> but it is not the path I choose
.Umbriel> not at all, i follow no one, and ask that none do the same.
** LADYRAVENH3 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
.Royce3> Ufo, that sounds like a very reasonable position.
SEEKINGTHETR> answer to your earlier question...forgive self and
others for anything held against you or them
.Bauble> hi lady
.Royce3> Hello, Ladyraven, welcome back.
.LadyRavenHair> hello again, and ty, even though you are probably ending soon
.Royce3> Ladyraven, I wish you would join us earlier.
SEEKINGTHETR> focus on feeling love to fill the empty space
.LadyRavenHair> what time do you open?
.Royce3> 6:00 Edt
SEEKINGTHETR> divine love is unconditional, human love is conditional
.LadyRavenHair> ok...will try again
.Royce3> Yes, we love to have you. Every Tuesday and Wednesday.
SEEKINGTHETR> those who try to heal with human love pick up the other persons
.Bauble> Only on Tues. and Weds. do we chat
.Royce3> 90 minutes each day.
.LadyRavenHair> I see...
SEEKINGTHETR> consciousness works that way
.Bauble> We need to discuss that more Seek.
.Royce3> I have never heard it put that way before, Seek.
.Umbriel> this is a great chat room, best i've ever come across. i'd like
shit like this to go on in my chat room. maybe someday. any, peace
everyone. i must get going. i might be back. later on.
.Umbriel> umbriel's home page -
.Royce3> Ufo, we end at 7:30 come back tomorrow.
DORCASQ> Bye Umbriel
.Bauble> bye UFO
.Umbriel> i'll try, later
.Umbriel> - signed off -
.Bauble> Seek, this was quite interesting. Thanks
.Royce3> How does prayer differ from meditation?
.Royce3> Prayer is talking to God.
.Royce3> Meditation is listening to God.
.Bauble> And thanks again to our great Moderator-thanks
.LadyRavenHair> well, I shall ty again tomorrow...ty...
.LadyRavenHair> - signed off -
SEEKINGTHETR> May I explain will note that you must surrender
to the process and not "make it happen"
SEEKINGTHETR> this is where Umbriel is at
.Bauble> Just send out positive thoughts and immediately let them go??
.Royce3> A very good point Seek. Yes. As Sri Aurobindo said: "The secret is
to surrender to God."
SEEKINGTHETR> I didn't realize it was 7:30
** .Umbriel just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Royce3> Since God is all powerful, a surrender to God makes all things
DORCASQ> Not quite yet 7:30
.Umbriel> - signed off -
.Royce3> Yes, we are very close to the end.
SEEKINGTHETR> most of what I explained I can demonstrate much easier
.Royce3> Seek thank you very much for your input tonight. Great Job!
DORCASQ> How do you demonstrate it?
SEEKINGTHETR> your entire life's thoughts are stored in your energy field
around your body
SEEKINGTHETR> I show them to you and explain what happened in your life since
SEEKINGTHETR> and show you what you need to fix and how
.Bauble> but they can be changed up or down, Correct?
DORCASQ> You can show a person their energy field?
.1Caverat> this i am skeptical of. I would have to see the proof
.Bauble> the thoughts in the field, Dorc
SEEKINGTHETR> but it is better for a person to learn the process than for me
to do the work
.Royce3> Cave you were going to say something about Revelation a while back.
SEEKINGTHETR> I was too cave
.jefflove> 7:30 7:30 7:30
DORCASQ> Royce, Cave's statement was part of something he was telling Umbriel.
.Royce3> I'm informed that you did explain Revelation, Cave. I will talk to
.1Caverat> No i wasn't. The two statements I sent got separated.
.Royce3> I understand now Cave.
.Royce3> I will read over the log.
.1Caverat> It will make sense in the log
.Royce3> Yes
.Royce3> All right, that is it for tonight.
SEEKINGTHETR> thank you for hosting the room
DORCASQ> Everything makes more sense to me in the log.
.Royce3> Thanks for coming. This was fun.
DORCASQ> Thanks, Seeking
.Bauble> It was very GOOD!
.Royce3> You did a fine job, Seek. We look forward to meeting you one day in
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone! and Goodnight
.1Caverat> catch you tomorrow
SEEKINGTHETR> I will try to be here tomorrow if anyone has follow up questions
.Royce3> bye all
.Bauble> OK
.Royce3> Very good, Seek.
.jefflove> bye
.Royce3> Goodnight all.
.Royce3> - signed off -
.jefflove> - signed off -
.Bauble> bye all til tomorrow nite
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)