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Open Chat: Dowsing.

(Logging at 16-FEB-2000 18:54)
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (2 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> Hello!
ROYCE3:Royce3> hi
KOLTA:Kolta> You got your problems fixed!
ROYCE3:Royce3> I wonder who all will turn out today? Yes, about 20 minutes
ago I got up to speed.
ROYCE3:Royce3> There was a problem with the server.
KOLTA:Kolta> I hope better than last Wedesday
ROYCE3:Royce3> I called and they said that they have had trouble all day.
** DORCASQ just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Dorcasq
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi D!
DORCASQ> I see your backbone is better, Royce.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Dorcasq, my system is up to speed.
** BAALZEPHON just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, Baalzephon, welcome.
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> Hello...
** 1CAVERAT just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Baal, we are taking some suggestions. Are there any topics in
particular you would like to see addressed here on this chat?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Cave.
1CAVERAT> hi all
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> I'm not here often enough to really think aboiut it...
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave, we are taking suggestions, are there any particular
subjects you would like to address here?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, you are all invited to submit suggestions.
DORCASQ> Well, what would you like to suggest for tonight, Baal?
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> I just came by to see if there was a topic or
ROYCE3:Royce3> yes, this is an open chat tonight.
1CAVERAT> Specific UFO cases discussed in depth
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> historic as well as current cases
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good bye Baal.
** XIANLI just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Xianli, welcome.
XIANLI:xianli> hello all,
ROYCE3:Royce3> This is an open chat. All subjects are fair game so long as
they pertain to the paranormal or UFOS.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, yesterday, we started to forcus on the mind over matter
ROYCE3:Royce3> Few of the visitors read the preliminary material.
1CAVERAT> Were making a little progress on the missing time case
DORCASQ> What UFO cases could be discussed in depth, Cave?
XIANLI:xianli> saw the name of this chat & it looked interesting
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about that, Cave.
1CAVERAT> I went with subject and we attempted to retrace his travels
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Xianli, did you have a chance to read the preliminary
XIANLI:xianli> No. Where do I find it?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm sorry Cave, I don't mean to step on your words.
1CAVERAT> After much backtracking and retracing our trip, I think I have
ROYCE3:Royce3> It was posted on the message board, Xianli.
1CAVERAT> the area where he went
XIANLI:xianli> Okay, I'll check
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave can you provide just a tad of info for Xianli about all
of this?
1CAVERAT> Im lagging terrible tonite
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi jeff.
XIANLI:xianli> hi jeff
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave is telling us about the missing time case in Western PA.
ROYCE3:Royce3> He is making some progress.
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Isleanders, welcome.
XIANLI:xianli> Hi Isleanderes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave is going to bring us up to date on the missing time
ROYCE3:Royce3> Go ahead, cave, please.
1CAVERAT> Hope I can hold on here
1CAVERAT> server is giving me fits
ROYCE3:Royce3> Fire away cave.
1CAVERAT> We went to the area he felt he drove to that morning
ROYCE3:Royce3> On RT 79.
** LOWNDS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> or it was 70, wasn't it?
1CAVERAT> He became apprehensive as we approached the road
LOWNDS:Boogieman> hello all
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi lownds, we are getting a report from caverat about a
missing time experience.
1CAVERAT> Asked that we not go back the road
LOWNDS:Boogieman> oh god, still? lol
1CAVERAT> I complied with his wishes and we headed back toward Washington
ROYCE3:Royce3> Go ahead Cave.
1CAVERAT> As we entered washington, he asked that we wash the truck at a
1CAVERAT> It was raining and seemed rather silly but we did it anyway
ROYCE3:Royce3> Why did he want the truck washed?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Is this guy wrapped too tight?
1CAVERAT> If you recall, he also washed his car the day of the missing time
ROYCE3:Royce3> True.
DORCASQ> Then that would make sense to wash it.
1CAVERAT> Don't know what may have compelled him to do that
ROYCE3:Royce3> Was he nervous?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pensive?
** BAALZEPHON just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
DORCASQ> He was retracing his steps, right?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Baal, we are talking about a missing time case.
ROYCE3:Royce3> go ahead Cave.
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> ok...
1CAVERAT> no. Except as we were in the immediate area of the road he said he
went back
ROYCE3:Royce3> Went back?
1CAVERAT> yes. the road we drove to
LOWNDS:Boogieman> - signed off -
** DANETTES1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (9 members now) **
1CAVERAT> i will post a full report on my site probably tomorrow
KOLTA:Kolta> Good
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi danettes, welcome. We are talking about a missing time case
that occured in Western PA very recently.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, please continue, Cave.
1CAVERAT> I did return to the road after I dropped him off at his home though
1CAVERAT> and I went back as far as I could
ROYCE3:Royce3> You mean he got cold feet as you guys tried to retrace his
ROYCE3:Royce3> Was that the sum of it? He got nervous?
1CAVERAT> it was very muddy and I was concerned about getting stuck
1CAVERAT> Yes Royce
DORCASQ> On the road - the highway 79?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, what was his demeanor? Do you think the guy is having
even more problems than he admits to?
1CAVERAT> I had an uneasy feeling about that area myself
KOLTA:Kolta> I suppose an experience like that is scary
1CAVERAT> no. he appears very stable.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about that, Cave. What was it about the place?
DORCASQ> What kind of road was it that was muddy?
ROYCE3:Royce3> How old of a guy is he?
1CAVERAT> dirt road, D
1CAVERAT> Don't have a reason for the feeling, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Did you take any of your lab equipment with you to look for
any sort of physical evidence?
ROYCE3:Royce3> What about magnetic diviations?
1CAVERAT> I would like to take someone who possesses psychic abilities back
there and see if they report anything
1CAVERAT> no physical evidence found
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have recently heard reports that before sightings there are
strange activities among wild animals.
1CAVERAT> true
ROYCE3:Royce3> Some have said there's an exodus of wild animals from a given
area some 24 hours before a sighting.
1CAVERAT> common reports are made
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well that is a very interesting point.
KOLTA:Kolta> I have also heard that things can get real quiet, such as the
1CAVERAT> 24 hours may be streching it, usually its a matter of minutes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave, some ufologists make a point to take a trusted dog with
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, that was reported on the Rense show last night.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you have a dog?
1CAVERAT> no dog
ROYCE3:Royce3> dogs are supposed to be very sensitive to the changes in an
KOLTA:Kolta> Maybe I can get Gary to volunteer his dog
ROYCE3:Royce3> Your idea of taking a psychic into the area is a good one.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I don't think Gary would like you loaning out his dog, Kolta.
1CAVERAT> yes they are. Most animals possess some second sense when it comes
to paranormal events
KOLTA:Kolta> I would not do it without his permission, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> I know, Kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> do you take dowsing rods with you ,Cave?
** SHAMBALA1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
KOLTA:Kolta> Gary's dog has that 2nd sense
1CAVERAT> Its probably nothing. when it comes to psychic ability, I'm zero
DORCASQ> She is a psychic dog.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hello, Shambala, we are talking about a missing time case that
recently occured in Western Pa.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Cave, do you ever take dowsing rods?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think it might be a very good thing to do.
1CAVERAT> no, don't have the ability to use them
DORCASQ> Why dowsing rods, Royce?
1CAVERAT> never got a reaction
ROYCE3:Royce3> Most people can learn to use dowsing rods.
SHAMBALA1:starman> hi there
ROYCE3:Royce3> Welcome starman.
KOLTA:Kolta> I just asked Gary. He would like to know more about it. He did
say maybe
ROYCE3:Royce3> The dowsing rods can be used to sense unusual energy patterns.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Kolta, have him join in if he wants.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Psychic dowsing is a bit like remote viewing.
KOLTA:Kolta> Ufortnately, he has to take his dog for a walk now
DORCASQ> I thought dowsing rods showed where water can be found.
ROYCE3:Royce3> However, it is a lot easier.
1CAVERAT> they do, D
ROYCE3:Royce3> Oh yes, that, too, Dorcasq.
KOLTA:Kolta> Can we set up a meeting later with Caverat
ROYCE3:Royce3> But dowsing is used for a lot of other purposes.
1CAVERAT> They do this by detecting energy disturbances caused by the water
DORCASQ> I used coat hangers and they showed where water was in a basement.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm sure we can do that, Kolta.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well there you go, Dorcasq.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Explain how they were made and used.
1CAVERAT> I will try to come to one of the group meetings and can give more
DORCASQ> I just held out straightened out coat hangers and they moved toward
the water.
ROYCE3:Royce3> We recieved training in the Marines about how to use dowsing
rods to find hidden tunnels.
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
ISLEANDERS> coat hangers find water thats amazing
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, but you had to cut the coat hangers into "L" shapes
didn't you?
DORCASQ> Just bent them.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Sat, we are talking about dowsing for UFO evidence.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes and you used the short end of the "L" for a handle, right?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi jeff hi baalzephon
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> hi k
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> and D
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> i am very tired tonight
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, tell us how you held them, Dorcasq.
SHAMBALA1:starman> they have the implants now, thats helpfull
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> going to bed but please send me the log?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, Sat.
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> thank you
ROYCE3:Royce3> Of course, I will.
DORCASQ> I just held them straight out in front of me and they started moving
together to where the water was.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who first explained the technique to you?
1CAVERAT> Somebody's gonna have to show me how they do it. Never works for me
ROYCE3:Royce3> I might add that the watermen looking for breaks used to use
them all the time. Now they used conventional metal detectors.
DORCASQ> A friend of mine bent the hangers and asked me to use them.
They wouldn't work for him.
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Were you looking for a break in the water line?
SATELLITE8:Satellite8> - signed off -
DORCASQ> No, looking to find where water was coming into the basement.
** BOABY just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> A pendulum will work too.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Boaby, we are talking about dowsing for use in researching
psycic evidence around ufos.
SHAMBALA1:starman> any abductees here?
SHAMBALA1:starman> contactees?
DORCASQ> I have bent spoons by holding them too, though, once.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Not at the moment, shambala. Our missing time case we
discussed a few minutes ago may be a close cousin, however.
BOABY> Hi Royce...Dowsing? definetly something to it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, tell us about that Dorcasq; I think it is all related.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i missd that
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> I just mentioned that a pendulum will work in substitution of
a dowsing rod.
DORCASQ> Holding a spoon in my hand and rubbing it lightly with my fingers -
it actually bent over.
BOABY> Its Mind over matter
ROYCE3:Royce3> has anyone else been able to exert mind over matter?
1CAVERAT> Royce, do you have a message on your screen regarding a server too
ROYCE3:Royce3> No cave.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i moved a lightshade once when in my late teens
DORCASQ> My message says this page cannot be displayed.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about it shambala.
DORCASQ> How did you do that, Starman?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Give us the specifics.
SHAMBALA1:starman> too much power
SHAMBALA1:starman> took 1 year to achieve
ROYCE3:Royce3> Too much power? how do you mean too much power?
BOABY> I have studied some houses of Tai Chi, and its amazing what can be
acheived just through breathing
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
DORCASQ> It would be easier to just pick it up and move it, :)
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Kolta.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well let's have some specifics.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i would sit onsentrating on the light daily and
ROYCE3:Royce3> This is intersting.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Did you use a mantra?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I'm not sure what you mean by ritualistic.
SHAMBALA1:starman> It was not ritualistic in the religious sense
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok
ROYCE3:Royce3> How
SHAMBALA1:starman> just a basic routine
ROYCE3:Royce3> If you give us the specifics, others can try.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think a lot of people would like to try.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i would focus and visualise the light shade moving
ROYCE3:Royce3> Eyes closed when you did It?
SHAMBALA1:starman> then one day it did after about a year
ROYCE3:Royce3> You tried for a year? That takes a lot of effort. Good for you.
SHAMBALA1:starman> eyes fixed intensively on light shade
ROYCE3:Royce3> Did you practice each day at the same time?
SHAMBALA1:starman> but used anger to achieve
DORCASQ> How far did it move?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anger??? How so?
SHAMBALA1:starman> same rough time
ROYCE3:Royce3> How do you mean rough time?
SHAMBALA1:starman> it swayed violently
ROYCE3:Royce3> You projected anger?
BOABY> anger and love are the strongest emotions to channel
** MORTAC just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (10 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Mortac we are talking about mind over matter. And dowsing.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How did you utilize anger to move the lamp shade?
SHAMBALA1:starman> if i did it midday i would stick to same time but five to
ten minutes each day was anough
DORCASQ> Did you try it with anything else after that, Starman?
ROYCE3:Royce3> What gave you the idea to start doing this, Star? What was
your motivation?
BOABY> its possible to project your thoughts into peoples heads...i've had it
practiced on me
SHAMBALA1:starman> getting angry as it would not move controlled emotional
** ISLEANDERS just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (11 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi isleanders.
ISLEANDERS> backbackhey
SHAMBALA1:starman> i stopped after that as i found it too intense
MORTAC> hi islander
ROYCE3:Royce3> Now what do you mean by too intense?
DORCASQ> Wow, that would just make me want to get started!
ROYCE3:Royce3> Did it drain you psychically?
BOABY> - signed off -
SHAMBALA1:starman> who knows
MORTAC> does it also affect your heart and blood flow star?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I would think that moving those objects would change the way
you look at reality.
SHAMBALA1:starman> just didnt feel comfortable with something i didnt fully
DORCASQ> But you persisted for a whole year.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Did you feel it was evil? A lot of people might have such an
ROYCE3:Royce3> I wouldn't but some might.
SHAMBALA1:starman> NO
ROYCE3:Royce3> OK
ROYCE3:Royce3> I would agree.
1CAVERAT> catch you all later, need to go join another chat at 8
SHAMBALA1:starman> neutral
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good, cave.
ROYCE3:Royce3> bye cave
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who else has experience with moving objects with the power of
the mind?
SHAMBALA1:starman> :)
1CAVERAT> later!!
KOLTA:Kolta> Bye Cave
XIANLI:xianli> - signed off -
1CAVERAT> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> I think the dowsing rods are the easiest way to get started.
MORTAC> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> One can use them to sense water, caves, treasure--the list
goes on and on.
SHAMBALA1:starman> anyone remember when they were kids levetting each other
with hands placed on the one person in the middle of circle?
DORCASQ> Hidden treasures on the beach.
ROYCE3:Royce3> And anyone can easily start to practice with the rods.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Tell us about that, Starman.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I never did that as a kid.
DORCASQ> I don't recall ever doing that, Star.
SHAMBALA1:starman> levetating even
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have an uncle who said that they used to levitate a person
in a chair.
SHAMBALA1:starman> have you heard of people levitating tables by placing
there hands around it?
KOLTA:Kolta> yes
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, that is what my uncle described. have you done that?
SHAMBALA1:starman> i recall this as a child
ROYCE3:Royce3> Talk about the technique.
SHAMBALA1:starman> in my case there were four of us
ROYCE3:Royce3> Ok
SHAMBALA1:starman> one in the middle the rest around the person
** BAALZEPHON just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (8 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> yes
SHAMBALA1:starman> all placed hands on shoulders of person
SHAMBALA1:starman> focused thoughts
ROYCE3:Royce3> got you
ROYCE3:Royce3> go ahead
SHAMBALA1:starman> one would be the catalyst
SHAMBALA1:starman> rds give the orders when to lift
SHAMBALA1:starman> we would concentrate our mind on lifting the girl
SHAMBALA1:starman> visualise then all together lift our hands up
SHAMBALA1:starman> we were only touhing with the tips of our fingers
ROYCE3:Royce3> How long would you hold the girl in the air?
SHAMBALA1:starman> she was lifted above the ground 1 foot
KOLTA:Kolta> Wow!
DORCASQ> That is amazing!
SHAMBALA1:starman> she was light as a feather
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is wild.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i think the important thing here is
ISLEANDERS> gotta go two guys and a girl is coming on zeeeeeyyaaa
ISLEANDERS> - signed off -
SHAMBALA1:starman> i believed it was possible and didnt know it apparently
ROYCE3:Royce3> Would you say that everyone there was a believer in the
paranormal? That would eliminate negative thoughts.
DORCASQ> Yes, that is the main point, star.
SHAMBALA1:starman> yes
DORCASQ> I think that is why I was able to bend the spoon the first time I
tried it because
SHAMBALA1:starman> we were only 6 or 7
DORCASQ> I didn't realize how almost impossible it was.
KOLTA:Kolta> I think everyone would have to be a believer for it to work
ROYCE3:Royce3> Good point, Dorcasq.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Anyone have thoughts about Kolta's contention?
DORCASQ> Yes, I think all of the people would have to be believers.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i have never bent a spoon
ROYCE3:Royce3> I have read that people have organized groups of young kids
and taught them to bend spoons with their minds.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It worked quite well, since the kids didn't know that they
weren't supposed to be able to do it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you have had your computers go haywire seemingly
because you were in a bad mood?
KOLTA:Kolta> That makes sense. Kids don't have any walls built up against it
SHAMBALA1:starman> i remember when i was three readingahead a whole pack of
playing cards in my mothers bedroom
ROYCE3:Royce3> Now that is quite a feat, starman.
ROYCE3:Royce3> has anyone else been able to do that?
SHAMBALA1:starman> i didnt know you were not supossed to do that
ROYCE3:Royce3> I mean here in this chatroom?
DORCASQ> What did you do with the cards, star?
SHAMBALA1:starman> I cant do it now, only did it once but it stuck in my mind
BAALZEPHON:Baalzephon> - signed off -
DORCASQ> Reading ahead?
** GRAYONE1 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
SHAMBALA1:starman> discarded them, they were just playing cards
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi grayone, we are talking about mind over matter.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Have you had a lot of other psychic experiences, Star?
SHAMBALA1:starman> i felt after getting half way through as if i was deciding
the outcome
KOLTA:Kolta> Hi Gray
DORCASQ> ok, I see now, star.
GRAYONE1> Hi... mind over what matter?
ROYCE3:Royce3> That is an interesting perspective.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Moving objects or affecting them simply with the power of the
GRAYONE1> ahha.. no UFO chat?
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
SHAMBALA1:starman> I appreciate how difficult this must be to accept
ROYCE3:Royce3> We have been talking about how one can sense UFOs via psychic
DORCASQ> No, I have no problem accepting these things.
ROYCE3:Royce3> We just discussed a missing time experiment in Western PA.
SHAMBALA1:starman> but i am in this chat room because i have had ufo
experiences since about 2
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe it was an abduction, Gray.
GRAYONE1> I heard something on the news tonite about an "object" going past
the window of the space shuttle. Any ideas?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hey, Gray, i didn't hear that. What are the specifics?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Who reported that object?
SHAMBALA1:starman> probably true, i live in scotland
ROYCE3:Royce3> I didn't know that star. late for you.
ROYCE3:Royce3> The chat is late, I mean.
GRAYONE1> One of the astronauts saw something streak by... whoever the female
is on board. It was on CBS radio about 4PM today.
SHAMBALA1:starman> 1 am
** KOLTA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
ROYCE3:Royce3> We might check the late breaking wire stories. That sort of a
report usually gets censored.
SHAMBALA1:starman> did this come from the astronaut?
GRAYONE1> I hope someone else heard about this... it seemed a little weird to
me. They said it was a female on board. I guess she'd be a 'naut.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Gray, if you can find the story on the net, in print, please
post it to our message board.
SHAMBALA1:starman> delete
SHAMBALA1:starman> yes and ill stick it on my website
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> - signed off -
GRAYONE1> I didn't hear anything on the CBS Evening news show.
ROYCE3:Royce3> A number of the astronauts have reported seeing ufos. But
after initial reports the stories are squashed.
** JEFFLOVE999:jefflove just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
DORCASQ> Astronautess - female?
GRAYONE1> meebee
ROYCE3:Royce3> It's a no, no to talk about UFOs at NASA, or so it seems.
KOLTA:Kolta> Let's hear it for female astronauts!!!!!!!
GRAYONE1> They let women in the program a long time ago.
GRAYONE1> Or, has that been supressed, too?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Do you all remember Mitchell talking about his esp experiments
on one of the moon flights?
SHAMBALA1:starman> :)
GRAYONE1> Yeah, I heard something about it...
DORCASQ> No, don't remember that.
GRAYONE1> Seems he caused some embarassment
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, he did it with a researcher who wasn't connected with
NASA. It raised a few eyebrows.
ROYCE3:Royce3> he has caused a lot of irritation.
ROYCE3:Royce3> He firmly believes in ets.
GRAYONE1> If I find something about female astronauts, I'll post that, too.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, that would be great, Gray.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Very good.
GRAYONE1> You're kidding, right? You don't remember Sally Ride?
ROYCE3:Royce3> How many of you think that an airplane or rocket might be
destroyed by mind over matter?
SHAMBALA1:starman> :) i remember a good book on the paranormal called
Supernature but cant remember the author though,came out in the 80s
GRAYONE1> Or the teacher who died on board the Challenger? Female.
ROYCE3:Royce3> My point is that all one would have to do is disrupt the
onboard computers.
DORCASQ> Yes, remember her, but she wasn't an astronaut was she?
SHAMBALA1:starman> i used to consentrate on satellites during my experiments
KOLTA:Kolta> No, she was not
GRAYONE1> The teacer, no. Sally Ride: yes.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Why, star?
GRAYONE1> Ok.. I meant teacher.
SHAMBALA1:starman> we in the uk had a few reports of satellites going out of
orbit a few times
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, now could mind over matter be the cause?
DORCASQ> I just thought of this...I've always been afraid to watch a plane
take off - afraid I might cause it some harm.
SHAMBALA1:starman> military ones in particular
ROYCE3:Royce3> Star, is psychic power affected by distance?
GRAYONE1> Uhmmm... why would someone want to destroy a rocket or whatever
using mind over matter?
GRAYONE1> Military?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well the military would love it.
SHAMBALA1:starman> i share that thought
ROYCE3:Royce3> The Chinese have conducted a wide range of experiments
concerning mind over matter.
GRAYONE1> Hmmm... why not go for power plants and phone systems?
KOLTA:Kolta> I am flying on a plane on Sunday. Maybe I should not listen to
all this.
GRAYONE1> Or the Banks?
SHAMBALA1:starman> to many important transmissions
ROYCE3:Royce3> Computers are fragile instruments. They would be easier to
affect I would think.
SHAMBALA1:starman> such as link ups with surgeons
GRAYONE1> So... lots of plane crashes of late. Mind over matter?
SHAMBALA1:starman> such as link ups with surgeons doing live operations
ROYCE3:Royce3> If one can knock out a plane's computer it will often be
knocked out of the sky. At least that is the case with sophisticated military
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SHAMBALA1:starman> i think the russians are years ahead in the paranormal
ROYCE3:Royce3> Hi Clarysage, we are talking about mind over matter.
KOLTA:Kolta> Can we talk about something else other than planes. I fly on
GRAYONE1> Aha, the Sage is here!
DORCASQ> Keep thinking positive thoughts, Kolta!
CLARYSAGE1> Sounds like a deep conversation!
KOLTA:Kolta> ok
GRAYONE1> Okay... let's ask where the UFO folks are from???
DORCASQ> I won't watch it take off.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Pennsylvania
SHAMBALA1:starman> ;)
GRAYONE1> Billions and billions of planets?
KOLTA:Kolta> Just throw positive energies at it, D
DORCASQ> OK I will, K.
GRAYONE1> Traveling thru time?
GRAYONE1> Mind over matter for them?
ROYCE3:Royce3> I suggest all of you interested in mind over matter check out
the Princeton Pear lab.
SHAMBALA1:starman> seen the hubble pics the other night sure opens the mind
to ets
GRAYONE1> What will we learn from Princeton?ROYCE3:Royce3> You will see how they demonstrated the power of mind over
ROYCE3:Royce3> The tests are very interesting.
ROYCE3:Royce3> mainline scientists working in labs. Most interesting.
GRAYONE1> We're not talking downed planes again?
DORCASQ> Tell me the web address again, Royce - I couldn't find it.
ROYCE3:Royce3> You will have to check the message board.
KOLTA:Kolta> I hope not Gray
DORCASQ> That is the one that didn't get me into it.
GRAYONE1> Couldn't pass the chance.
KOLTA:Kolta> :-)
GRAYONE1> Sorry, Kolta... just a joke.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> lol
KOLTA:Kolta> :-)
GRAYONE1> To where are you flying?
ROYCE3:Royce3> The point is, if one can affect material objects via mental
processes many of our present day theories about how energy and matter inter
relate will have to be modified.
KOLTA:Kolta> Hartford, Co.
GRAYONE1> From???
KOLTA:Kolta> Pittsburgh, Pa.
GRAYONE1> Ahead of the big snowstorm, I trust. Or, after.
SHAMBALA1:starman> its safer to fly than to drive
KOLTA:Kolta> A big snowstorm?
GRAYONE1> True... above the clouds and all.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Safer? Depends on who the pilot is.
KOLTA:Kolta> I know it is safer to fly
CLARYSAGE1> I think we affect material objects all the time but we may not be
aware of the power.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Maybe on an airliner.
SHAMBALA1:starman> its probably a computer
ROYCE3:Royce3> A very good point, Clarysage.
DORCASQ> I think you are right, Clarysage.
GRAYONE1> Yes, big storm coming across the midwest in the next couple of
days: "Winter returns with a vengence!"
KOLTA:Kolta> I will take my chances
ROYCE3:Royce3> We recently discussed reality shifts. That topic had a lot to
with mind over matter.
DORCASQ> Mind over weather, too?
GRAYONE1> Yeah... try to put down in Denver. What a drop!
ROYCE3:Royce3> What do you think, dorcasq?
KOLTA:Kolta> Maybe I can stop the storm!!!!!
CLARYSAGE1> The power of the mind is something that science has not even
begun to tap into. As a result, we as ordinary people, can't imagine what our
full potential may be.
GRAYONE1> OK by me
SHAMBALA1:starman> talking of big storms anyone heard anything about the
coming global superstorm that whitley strieber and art bell are talking about?
DORCASQ> I think if enough people concentrate at the same time the weather
could be affected.
ROYCE3:Royce3> I heard a review of it on network TV, Star.
GRAYONE1> I heard some good, some bad reviews of the book. Haven't read it.
GRAYONE1> Get a kick out of the radio show, tho.
SHAMBALA1:starman> woodstock
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff, have you read the book yet?
GRAYONE1> And the Web Site
KOLTA:Kolta> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> It is reported that this the past decaded was the warmest in
1000 years.
SHAMBALA1:starman> it rained:) manmade
ROYCE3:Royce3> That should have a lot to do with unusual storms.
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ROYCE3:Royce3> The reviews of the book have been mixed.
GRAYONE1> Welcome back.
KOLTA:Kolta> Jeff, have you read the book yet?
SHAMBALA1:starman> anyone seen any funny flashes in the sky without thunder ?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Striber and Bell handled themselves very well.
GRAYONE1> Kind of rude to ask a question and run off, K.
ROYCE3:Royce3> Two bright guys.
KOLTA:Kolta> Sorry :-(
ROYCE3:Royce3> Even if they are showmen.
DORCASQ> Jeff didn't hear you anyway, K.
GRAYONE1> But... is Art Bell serious, or just making a buck?
ROYCE3:Royce3> Art is serious. But he also wants to make a buck.
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> he is serious
ROYCE3:Royce3> He puts some rogues on. Ed Dames for instance.
DORCASQ> He is serious about making a buck.
KOLTA:Kolta> That is tactful, Royce
ROYCE3:Royce3> Well, Art is no fool.
GRAYONE1> Umhum.
ROYCE3:Royce3> he handles the opposition well.
GRAYONE1> Notice how well I can imitate Art Bell????
CLARYSAGE1> - signed off -
GRAYONE1> Yessssssss
DORCASQ> You sound like him.
ROYCE3:Royce3> It's a gift, Gray.
GRAYONE1> We grew up in different cities.
DORCASQ> Well gee it is 8:30 - I have to get going now.
ROYCE3:Royce3> You don't look unlike Art. At least not from here, Gray.
DORCASQ> Thanks everyone. See you next time, I hope. Bye
GRAYONE1> And went to different schools... Hey, Wait I'm just starting to get
SHAMBALA1:starman> so has anyone seen flashes in the sky they cant explain?
DORCASQ> - signed off -
GRAYONE1> Get out your masking tape for my side-splitting humor...
ROYCE3:Royce3> Yes, that is it for tonight folks. I want to thank you all for
coming. We will be back again next Tuesday at 6:00, Wed at 7:00
KOLTA:Kolta> I will not be here for the chats next week
KOLTA:Kolta> Be away
ROYCE3:Royce3> We will miss you , Kolta.
KOLTA:Kolta> Thanks
SHAMBALA1:starman> ive heard a few people mention this
ROYCE3:Royce3> I want to thank all of you new people for coming.
SHAMBALA1:starman> bye all
JEFFLOVE999:jefflove> nice trip kolta
ROYCE3:Royce3> You all add a lot to the chats.
DANETTES1> thank you, great chat
GRAYONE1> So, we're closing shop? Or, you are?
KOLTA:Kolta> I want to hear your humor Gray
DANETTES1> shalom :-)
ROYCE3:Royce3> I will be closing, but you folks can hang around if you like.
DANETTES1> - signed off -
ROYCE3:Royce3> Take care all
GRAYONE1> OK... do we lock up?
ROYCE3:Royce3> - signed off -
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