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UFOs of Brazil

(Logging at 22-FEB-2000 18:01)
.Royce3> How are you today?
DORCASQ> I am fine too.
.Royce3> I think this may be a very slow day.
.Royce3> At least among regulars.
DORCASQ> Isn't Jeff coming on?
.Royce3> Let me see if he is online.
.Royce3> According to ICQ, he is online.
** JEFFLOVE999 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (3 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi jeff.
.jefflove> hello
.Royce3> So what's new Jeff?
.Royce3> This looks like a slow day Jeff.
.jefflove> Brazil is quite an exciting nation for UFOs
DORCASQ> Yes, I read your report, Jeff.
.Royce3> I think we are going to have to become affiliated with MUFON, Jeff.
.Royce3> We need some additional people to become involved with research.
DORCASQ> How would you go about becoming affiliated?
.jefflove> great idea
.Royce3> By sending a check, Dorcasq.
DORCASQ> Of course!
.Royce3> There's never a better way.
DORCASQ> Any amount?
.Royce3> Really, I'm not sure about the amount.
.Royce3> I doubt that it is much.
.Royce3> But we are going to have to find some serious people.
.jefflove> People have difficulty believing a third world nation can have
important UFO events
.Royce3> It's hard to get the news out, Jeff.
.jefflove> I try to do excellent research on the UFO issue
DORCASQ> Yes, you do Jeff.
.Royce3> Well, you are doing your part, Jeff.
.Royce3> But there is the continuing problem of finding people who are
serious about all of this.
.Royce3> Why do you think so few people turned out for the Mandala
DORCASQ> Bad weather?
.jefflove> Perhaps people are losing interest in UFOs
DORCASQ> That could be, Jeff.
.Royce3> Too little new blood among the audience I would say.
** JOASHA just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (4 members now) **
.Joasha> heyla
.Royce3> Hello ,joasha, welcome.
DORCASQ> Joasha, Hi!!
.jefflove> Are you planning to place this web page on other search engines?
.Royce3> How are you today, Joasha?
.Joasha> good to see everyone!!!
DORCASQ> How was your needlepointing, Joasha?
.Joasha> ?????
.Royce3> It is good to see you, Joasha. I want to hear all about the
DORCASQ> Acupuncture
DORCASQ> Couldn't think of the word.
.Royce3> Hmmmmm.
.Joasha> oh boy!! have I been getting some higher knowledge. wonderful
.jefflove> Hi Joasha. What a joy to have a lady of wisdom join our chat!!!
DORCASQ> Higher knowledge from acupuncture?
.Joasha> oh thank you Jeff. you make me blush
.Joasha> give me couple of minutes. my supper is almost done
.Royce3> All right, Joasha.
.Royce3> Jeff how about getting me all of the info about joining Mufon?
.jefflove> Why are Pittsburgh folk losing interest in UFOs?
.jefflove> I shall
.Royce3> I'm not sure they are losing interest. I don't think the word is
getting out.
DORCASQ> Were there ever many Pgh. people interested to begin with?
** SATELLITE8 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (5 members now) **
.Royce3> Hi Satellite, welcome.
.Royce3> How are you today?
.Satellite8> hello
DORCASQ> Haven't seen you for a while, Sat.
.Satellite8> i was going to appointments
.Satellite8> and missed some chats thank you
DORCASQ> and the chats missed you too.
.Joasha> hey
.jefflove> Life is often not the way we want it!
DORCASQ> Life is like a roll of toilet paper, Jeff - the closer it gets to
the end, the faster it goes.
.Royce3> So tell us all about the trip, Joasha.
.Satellite8> this is a message to the aliens: come take my teenagers!!!
.jefflove> lol
.Joasha> some of the most powerful information I have ever received
.Royce3> Watch out for what you pray for, Sat.
.Joasha> I have a pre-birth condition. in other words, inherited
.Royce3> Yes, Joasha?
.Joasha> the life force for the body comes from the kidneys
.Satellite8> yeah and i have one for sale
.Royce3> From the kidneys?
.Royce3> Explain, Joasha.
.Joasha> my kidneys quit producing the 'mist' for the lungs that sends the
oxygen thru the body, since I was sixteen
.Joasha> years of respiratory difficulties resulted in asthma 10 years ago
.Royce3> Interesting. The acupuncture experts said this?
DORCASQ> I didn't know kidneys produced mist for the lungs.
.Royce3> I had no idea.
.Royce3> I know that accupuncture is supposed to influence the flow of chi.
.Joasha> by the time I got to Santa Fe, I was getting ready to walk over.
have been a sick kid this winter
.Royce3> To unblock the passage ways.
.Royce3> I didn't realize it was that bad, Joasha.
.Joasha> liver, gall blader, spleen and the energetic heart had shut down
DORCASQ> Is the acupuncture going to help, Joasha?
.Satellite8> is there a name for this J?
.Joasha> very much so Dorcasq
DORCASQ> That is wonderful!
.Joasha> of the seven body types, six of mine no longer were functioning
DORCASQ> You should have done this years ago.
.Joasha> so in other words, there is very little I can eat or drink at this
.Royce3> What are you eating and drinking?
.Satellite8> is there a medical name for this condition?
.Royce3> What are you limited to?
.Joasha> but at least I am not starving now
.Joasha> rice, veggies, ginger and peach tea
.jefflove> this is such good news
.Joasha> sea food
DORCASQ> Well, you said you wanted to lose weight....but not that way.
** SANTUCCI2 just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (6 members now) **
.Joasha> hehehehehe
.Royce3> Hi Santucci, welcome.
.Satellite8> i thought the kidneys filtered the blood
DORCASQ> peach tea sounds good.
.StarRing> Hi everyone
.Joasha> thank you all for caring
DORCASQ> We care very much, Joasha!
.Royce3> Joasha is telling us about her acupuncture training and treatment.
.Satellite8> Starring, Avon makes a fragrance called Starring
.Satellite8> i saw it today at work in the catalog
.jefflove> its always wonderful to get good news
.StarRing> Oh really? I'll have to check that out.
.Satellite8> yes.
DORCASQ> Do you do the acupuncture to yourself, Jo?
.Royce3> So tell us about the training they gave you Joasha.
.Satellite8> and get this
.Satellite8> there is one called Forever Amber too
.Satellite8> weird
.StarRing> makes you think huh?!
.Satellite8> yeah and I already think way too much
** CLANDEBOYE just joined "Ufotalk-Time" (7 members now) **
.Joasha> learning to listen to the body, when the chi is not moving and then
those are the points, 'that I can reach' that I do the stimulation work on
CLANDEBOYE> - signed off -
.Royce3> Yes, that is what Qi Gong training is about.
.Joasha> when there is no energy moving the meridian point just about sucks
the needle out of my hand
DORCASQ> Really?!
.Royce3> Did they also show you how to use suction cups with the meridians?
.Joasha> wouldn't have believed how much I have not 'heard' my body speaking
for years
.StarRing> Joasha, I've been plaqued with migraine headaches for 30 years.
Tried all sorts of remedies, would acu
.StarRing> puncture help me?
DORCASQ> That is so interesting!
.Joasha> one thing at a time Royce. this is a biggie for me
.Royce3> Sorry, take your time, Joasha.
.Joasha> Star, I am taking a combo med with flax for headaches. I also had
them for years
.Joasha> have not had a migrain since they put me on it
.Satellite8> evening primrose oil is supposed to work too
.Royce3> How do you take the flax?
.Joasha> the chinese are good, just wish their meds tasted a little better
.StarRing> Mine seem to be triggered by my sinuses.
.Royce3> Now, I'm not trying to be funny, Joasha. But did they take a lot of
time looking at your tongue?
.Royce3> That is a primary spot they study.
.Joasha> it is flax seed oil and d-alpha tocopherol
.Royce3> What in the world is d-alpha tocopherol?
.Joasha> same here Star. because of my 'kidneys' all connected
DORCASQ> Would acupuncture help with the headaches?
.Joasha> don't know yet Royce, am doing alot of studying on all of this.
.Royce3> Yes, you have a lot of material to go over, I'm sure.
.Joasha> yes. I put a needle between my eyes and just below the third eye to
move the energy everyday
.Royce3> Tell us about the needles.
.Joasha> sinus energy center is there
.Joasha> they are of all different lengths and thicknesses
.Joasha> in their own little tube. sit the tube on the spot and tap it in
with you forefinger
.Royce3> Are they disposable, or do you have to sterilize them?
.Joasha> disposable
.Royce3> Any pain at all when you insert them?
.Joasha> they set my sister Celiah up as my surrogate and they check up on my
condition thru her
.Royce3> Well, what does she have to do as your surrogate?
DORCASQ> How do they do that?
.Joasha> every Thursday I take a 'copy' of both sides of my hands and fax it
to them and they adjust my meds accordingly
.Royce3> Now, that is interesting.
.Royce3> How do you make the copy?
.Joasha> on a copy machine
DORCASQ> And what does your sister have to do?
.Royce3> Does it have to be a color copy?
.Joasha> Dorcasq, the only answer I can give you is that it is within the
belief system
.Joasha> black and white Royce
.Joasha> Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is all done with the pulses of
all of the organs in the body
.Royce3> Well, getting back to Dorcasq's question, do you mean that it is a
symbolic action that she performs?
.Joasha> I am of Delaware decent, they were the 'nomads' of the indian people
here and came across the Baring Straits over 15000 years ago. in other words
I am of ancient Mongolian heritage
.Joasha> I went back to my 'roots' of my genetics
.Royce3> Do you mean you are part Chinese?
.Joasha> at an appointed time, I 'sit' in meditation at the same time that
Celia is being examined and it is my essences that they are working with
DORCASQ> Ok, Joasha, thanks, now I understand.
.Royce3> Yes
.Joasha> we are all from 'ancient' root races Royce.
.Royce3> True.
.Royce3> Of course Mongolians and Chinese are different
peoples--fundamentally so.
.Royce3> Or at least I've come to believe that.
.Royce3> So how many needles do you have inserted at one time?
.Joasha> my father comes from the Cherokee, Catawba tribes and they are of
the ancient Mayan race and I worked with my Mayan Elder also while I was out
.Royce3> Now was the Mayan Elder part of the acupuncture group?
.Joasha> male female, yin and yang
.Joasha> they all do this kind of work
.Royce3> So the Mayan Elder was with the Chinese?
.Joasha> now, wasn't this supposed to be Jeff's topic tonight? no, I spent
the whole time with my Elders
.Joasha> we also did a lot of ceremony and journeying
.Royce3> Well, your adventure is most interesting, and I like to take
advantage of information gathered from such unique surroundings.
.Royce3> I do want to get to the ufos, but you have some really valuable
things to say.
.Joasha> thank you
.jefflove> I agree
DORCASQ> Yes, this is so interesting, Jo!
.Royce3> How many times a day do you do the acupuncture?
.Joasha> I am really wanting to come and visit all of you
DORCASQ> Well, I hope you can do that!
.Joasha> sometimes twice Royce
.Royce3> Joasha, you have an open invitation.
.Royce3> Just one needle?
.Joasha> I really feel that Jeff and I have a lot to say to each other
.jefflove> yes
.Joasha> about 20 Royce
.Royce3> I'm sure you both have a lot to talk about--you and Jeff.
.Royce3> Does the group you visited have a web site?
.Royce3> Joasha?
.Joasha> my sister Celia is from Pittsburgh and is really considering setting
up her practice there when she gets her degree
DORCASQ> That would be great for Pittsburgh.
.Joasha> no Royce this is a school
.Royce3> Hmmmm, well a lot of the acupuncture schools do have web sites.
.Royce3> Just wondered.
.Joasha> so don't know what all they may have. they never said anything anyway
.Royce3> What's the name of the school again? I think you already said.
.Joasha> it is TCM of the university out there
.Joasha> New Mexico University
.Royce3> Well I do hope you will keep us all very informed about all of this.
Did they by any chance teach you to do any Qi Gong exercises?
.Royce3> Qi Gong is all about moving chi.
.Joasha> Royce, I was only there 7 days, and was pretty sick most of the time
.Royce3> Good enough.
.Royce3> Well let's turn to jeff's topic.
.jefflove> The topic is UFOs in Brazil
.Royce3> A document called the BRASILIA's LETTER was the outcome of the
forum. A. J.
.Royce3> Gevaerd wrote most of this document. At the closing ceremony the
.Royce3> was presented to a Senator of the Brazilian Government and two
.Royce3> representatives of the Air Force of Brazil. Some of the important
points of
.Royce3> the Brasilia Letter: (The source of the Brasilia Letter was an
article by
.Royce3> Michael Lindemann entitled BRAZIL UFO FORUM HIGHLIGHTS GLOBAL
.Royce3> According to the Brasilia Letter to the Brazilian Government these
facts were
.Royce3> presented in the presence of the Air Force Minister of Brazil: the
.Royce3> is quoted.
.Royce3> 1.. That it is general knowledge that UFO phenomenon, represented by
.Royce3> constant visits of space vehicles to planet Earth is genuine and
(has) been
.Royce3> independently confirmed by civilian ufologists and military
.Royce3> throughout the world for the last 50 years
.Royce3> 2.. That the origin of such phenomena (is) already identified as
.Royce3> extraterrestrial and from civilizations technologically far advanced
.Royce3> our own, co-exist(ing) with us in the Universe
.Royce3> 3.. That such civilizations are in continuous process of approaching
.Royce3> Earth and our planetary civilization. Also, these civilizations,
.Royce3> their maneuvers, most of the time display no hostility toward us.
.Royce3> 4.. That such visits of such extraterrestrial civilizations to Earth
.Royce3> been gradually increasing over recent years, according to statistics
.Royce3> by national and international (sources), not only in quantity but
also in
.Royce3> intensity
.Royce3> 5.. That it is urgent to establish an official program of knowledge,
.Royce3> research, and public knowledge, research and public education (on)
the topic;
.Royce3> (and) through such methods, make it clear to the Brazilian
population the
.Royce3> ever-growing, undeniable and extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
.Royce3> The letter asked the Brazilian Defense Ministry to open its files in
.Royce3> areas:
.Royce3> " (a) The Operation Prato, conducted by the First Air Regional
.Royce3> (Comar) of Belem, Para State between September and December 1977,
.Royce3> resulted in a large volume document, complemented with more than 500
.Royce3> and many films (of) movements of UFOs above the Amazon region, as
.Royce3> by Colonel Uyrange Bolivar Soares de Hollanda Lima."
.Royce3> " (b) Ufological phenomena which occurred in May of 1986, over the
states of
.Royce3> Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, among others, when more than 20
unknown flying
.Royce3> objects were observed, monitored, recorded on radar and were chased
by Air
.Royce3> Force jets, according to the Aeronautics Minister of the time,
.Royce3> Octavio Moreira Lima.
.Royce3> The document also called for cooperation between the Brazilian
Government and
.Royce3> Civilian UFO researchers to resolve the UFO mystery. It asked that
.Royce3> use the method employed in Chile - that is, to establish a committee
.Royce3> UFO researchers and Air Force of Brazil and other Departments "to
.Royce3> an appropriate way to discuss the subject at levels possible." The
.Royce3> called for a change from the current situation of UFO cases
classified as
.Royce3> national security to "a meaningful and prosperous partnership."
.Royce3> The document was signed by most of the delegates to the forum.
.Royce3> delegates refused to sign the document because of disagreement. Two
.Royce3> delegates protested the inclusion of their names on the document.
.Royce3> signed even though they disagreed over the language. According to
.Royce3> "the majority view seemed to be that the document represented a
useful step
.Royce3> toward cooperative relations between ufologists and Brazilian
.Royce3> Spectacular UFO events took place in Brazil in 1996 and 1997: a
great UFO
.Royce3> wave of 1996 and 1997, the Brazilian "Roswell" of the Varginha Case,
and The
.Royce3> WORLD UFO FORUM, the biggest UFO conference in history.
.Royce3> These questions are for the audience's reflection:
.Royce3> 1.. Do you believe the Varginha Case was another "Roswell"? Why?
.Royce3> 2.. What was the meaning and significance of the First World UFO
.Royce3> 3.. How do these events in Brazil effect Ufology?
.Royce3> 4.. How can Americans interested in the UFO phenomena better
.jefflove> Lets look at the questions
.Royce3> Well, first, who all read the article?
.Royce3> I did.
.Royce3> I don't want to lose anyone.
.jefflove> I wrote it
.Royce3> I only put part of the article up.
.Joasha> yes
.Royce3> Up here, that is.
.Royce3> Who wants to take the first question? To give an opinion?
DORCASQ> I don't know any answers.
.StarRing> - signed off -
.Royce3> Well, I don't think it was another Roswell. It is a case with great
significance, however.
.Royce3> And there seems to be a lot more serious research there than here.
.Royce3> Would everyone agree?
DORCASQ> But it is still the same as here - the military cover it all up.
.Joasha> sure do
DORCASQ> They don't have any facts or answers.
.Royce3> How many of you feel that the U.S. have influence over what the
Brazilian military does?
.Royce3> Is the U.S. calling the shots down there?
DORCASQ> I never thought about it - but would guess, no.
.Royce3> O.K.
.Joasha> think it is more like a world military power
.jefflove> It appears the two militaries work close together. One of the
captured ETs might have been sent to USA.
.Royce3> So they independently have come to emulate the same policy that we
have here in the States?
DORCASQ> Don't know if the U.S. even has influence over its own military.
.jefflove> The relations are very subtle.
.Royce3> Well is it the military or political forces calling the shots here?
.Joasha> I really believe that the military is an independent entity
.Royce3> The military/industrial/Complex?
DORCASQ> I agree with Joasha.
.Joasha> exactly Royce
.Royce3> Well, that is interesting, Joasha.
.jefflove> This Brazil event got very little attention in the USA mass media.
.Royce3> I think that the Intelligence community--CIA, FBI and NSA--also vies
for influence and information.
DORCASQ> Did it get attention in the Brazilian mass media, Jeff?
.jefflove> The people of Varginha actually built a statue for the captured ETs
.Royce3> But how did the media there treat all of this?
DORCASQ> What did they do with the captured ETs?
.jefflove> It is very difficult to find an answer to this question
.Royce3> Which question, Jeff?
.Joasha> have you heard in the news the past couple of days where some
scientists are deducing that we are probably the only two leggeds in this
universe. that we are an anomoly?
.Royce3> I didn't read that, Joasha. Where was that written up?
.Joasha> has been on the media coverage
DORCASQ> I haven't heard that either.
.jefflove> whether the mass media covered the Varginha incident
.Royce3> If you happen to run across it, Joasha, please post it on the
message board.
.Joasha> thought my husband was going to choke on his porkchop last night
when that article was being discussed
.Joasha> on tv Royce
.Royce3> Now, see Jeff, we need to establish some contacts down there via the
.Royce3> He doesn't believe in UFOs, Joasha?
.Joasha> nbc
.jefflove> It would be nice to interview a UFOlogist from Brazil on our chat.
.Joasha> my husband who tracks all of the different kinds of ships on his way
to work at 4 in the morning?
DORCASQ> I think Jo meant that he couldn't believe what the broadcast was
saying, Royce.
.Joasha> hehehehehe
.Royce3> Hey, if there are days when you can't make the chat, you should have
him join us, Joasha.
.Joasha> yeah right
.Royce3> he isn't into computers?
.jefflove> If I get names and addresses Royce Could you arrange an interview?
.Joasha> he doesnt type and won't use puter unless I am there
.Royce3> ok
.Royce3> Hey, Jeff, we can give it a shot.
.Royce3> But get the MUFON info first.
.jefflove> I'll see what I can Do?
.Royce3> Good deal.
DORCASQ> Don't forget to send them a BIG check, Jeff.
.Royce3> All right, so what do you folks think the significance of of the UFO
Forum in Brazil was?
.jefflove> Bigger than you can imagine!!!
.Royce3> Jeff, send ME the check. I will then take care of the details.
DORCASQ> hahah
.jefflove> lol
.Royce3> I sense some cynics in the peanut gallery.
DORCASQ> Who, ME, cynical?
.Joasha> since the et's are all over the world, they appear in many places
and they all can't be hushed up
.jefflove> Please read the Brazil article. The situation is fantastic in that
.Royce3> Well, the Brazilians and the French are two nations taking all of
this seriously.
.Joasha> first of all, it is a country of natives that has always known and
communicated with the et's
.jefflove> What time will the chat begin tomorrow night?
.Royce3> So what are the effects of the UFO research in Brazil? Will their
progress advance research here in a meaningful way?
.Joasha> so to them this is not something out of the ordinary. it is the
reaction of gov. and military etc. that is out of their understanding
DORCASQ> Yes, Joasha.
DORCASQ> It will advance if the military and governments talk about it, Royce.
.Joasha> the same in Peru and elsewhere down there
.jefflove> Again Royce what time will the meeting begin TOmorrow????
.Royce3> 7
DORCASQ> 7:00 Jeff
.Joasha> and in Mexico it is the same
.jefflove> thank you
.Royce3> Lots of action in Mexico.
.Joasha> some will tell you that it is daily.
.Royce3> I'm amazed that more isn't being said about the Mexico situation.
.jefflove> So other nations have different approaches to UFOs
.Royce3> Possibly, there's more action there than in any other part of the
.Royce3> Well, it seems that way.
.Joasha> very much so. the Russian natives also
.Joasha> by natives, I mean the common populace
.Joasha> boy that can't be spelled right
.Royce3> Well, even research among academics has been more out in the open in
Russia than here in the States.
.Joasha> very true
.Royce3> Of course, with the chaos that now exists in Russia, I have no idea
of the state of their research into UFOs.
DORCASQ> What do you think the beings are that people in Brazil describe....
DORCASQ> with the red eyes and hooded clothing, Joasha?
.jefflove> How I found out Brazil. I was surfing the net. I discovered the
First UFO World Forum was held there. To my surprise Brazil turned out to be
a bee hive of UFO activity!
.Royce3> I never realized that it was such a heavily populated country.
.Joasha> red eyes indicate ultra violet vision
.Royce3> I believe you said a population of 150 mililon.
.Joasha> so they come from a different kind of 'sun' light
DORCASQ> The people who see them seem to feel they are evil.
.Joasha> underground or interdimensional
.jefflove> Even with research on the net I discovered how little information
there is about UFO activity in Brazil.
.Royce3> Yes, we always get back to the good and evil equation, or so it
would seem.
.Royce3> Well, folks, we have come to the end. Thank you all for attending.
.Royce3> We will be here tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST.
DORCASQ> Thank you everyone - keep getting well, Joasha!
.Royce3> Good night all.
.Royce3> Good to have you home, Joasha.
.jefflove> good nite
.Royce3> Good night all.
DORCASQ> Goodnight
.Royce3> - signed off -
.Royce3> ** The moderator has left the group **
.Royce3> ** Group is not published **
.jefflove> - signed off -
DORCASQ> - signed off -
(Logging turned off)