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Flight 261

In a message dated 02/04/2000 2:55:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< if the perpetrators of this heinous crime wanted to bury the meaning in ritualistic numeric did they know the plane was going to land UPSIDE DOWN? Unless of course they had some type of control over the attitude of a spinning jetliner. Is this what you are implying?
A very good question. The very answer to this question might lie just a bit over the horizon of the cutting-edge of my 'scope' at this moment. A damn good question ... very fascinating. Maybe "they" (whoever they are) have access ... maybe "limited access" ? ... to an extremely SUPER computer. Maybe this particular computer can 'predict' so superbly, that it can
provide certain "needed" info for certain "extremely important" situations. The "importance" of
such situations might be "judged" by .. say ... a "council" of some sort in our galaxy, or in a group of galaxies ... ??! Such "importance" should be quite flattering to us Earth humans these days. "They" are surely relatives of ours, to some significant degree.

We have NOT ONLY a direct referece to "1053" (please read that Hoagland  article,
> regarding Robert Temple's work on Sirius) ... we also have a direct reference to the end of >the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 ... AND we have a direct reference to the Grid >POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid (Munck) of Giza, AND we have a direct reference >to the original height, including capstone .... in Inches and in Feet .... of The Great Pyramid of >Giza .... AND we have direct references to the light-speed decimal harmonics of "162" and >"144" (B. Cathie), AND we have direct references to ... 'The Circle of Churches' and
>Rennes-le- Chateau in the "306" azimuth in arc-degrees from the base of the axis of the
> 'extended star-pentagram' (D.Wood) to the site of Rennes-le-Chateau itself. ALL of this ...... >indicated .. "pointed-out" .. by these EVENTS at PARTICULAR TIMES .... The Phoenix >UFO on the evening of March 13, 1997 ... and the  "crash" of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 at >3:45 PM PST on January 31, 2000.

So what do all these references have in common? Cydonia? Or is Cydonia just one in a mixture of unrelated locations or events? Can we basically tie everything together numerically? Pick a place on Earth, or Mars that would not relate to any of the places or events you've just mentioned Michael. Numerically. Is there an ancient monument on Earth not included in the global matrix a la Munck?

Your fluency with numbers reminds me of a great master with a paint are drooling creativity. But...what the artist sees with his mind's eye does not necessarily reflect the true reality of existence. Is it live? Or is it Memorex?
...stay light,

Well .... you're now starting to confront, I would say, the vastly inter-connected "matrix" ..... the fact that the nature of this 'matrix' is very intensely self-referential. That's the *intention*, I say. Of course; it's VERY resonant with ...  "NATURE" ! Now ... when you look at The Great Pyramid ... do you call that a work of .."nature" ? Of course not. But is it *intensely* "woven" into the ancient 'matrix' ?
Yes ... VERY MUCH so.

I will now show you an equation that ties the Grid POINT of The Chephren Pyramid
(Munck, 1992) .... a number in my very recent post ... "5764.166073" ... *DIRECTLY* and *SIMULTANEOUSLY* ... to both 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ..and to 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars. Recall from my very recent post, that "5764.166073" is also the number of ...Earth Days, including ('fractional') several hours and minutes .. from the  time of the 'hover' of The PHOENIX UFO on the evening of March 13, 1997 ... to December 21, 2012 .. the end of The Mayan Calendar. I've also shown that The PHOENIX UFO ... is apparently 'intentionally tied-to' the date of the "crash" of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 ... a span of "1053" Days ... to January 31, 2000. I also noted the very specific relationship involving *Feet and Inches* ... indicated, between the Grid POINT of The Chephren Pyramid .. 5764.166073 .. and the original height, including capstone, derived by C.Munck for The Great
Pyramid of Giza ... 5764.166073 / 12 ... = 480.3471728 Feet. So ... this tells us the original
height of The Great Pyramid in terms of both FEET *and* INCHES. This is helping us to "re-discover" our lost ancient metrology. 'We' are very related, literally, to "them". We are part ET.

Now ... the Grid POINT of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1991) is ...656.56127 ... [ ].
And the Grid POINT of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars is ... 27.58106915
(Munck, 1991). Here's the equation I told you I would show you ...656.56127 X 27.58106915 = 5764.166073 X Pi ...= 5764.166073 X 3.141592654 It integrates *precisely* with the Pi constant. Specific, precise, and awesome.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
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