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.Dan Pinchas, an important official of the UFO organization – Right To Know, in an article entitled REFLECTIONS ON THE UFO SITUATION IN THE NEW MILLENIUM presented three important predictions for 2000: (1) "Alien civilizations (are) currently interacting with humankind"; (2) "mankind has reached a high enough level of spiritual evolution …to make their presence overt and visible"; (3) ETs "interact with individuals possibly (on a) massive scale."   2000 is a year of important, spectacular events and numerous UFO incidents. These seven events illustrate the important happenings of  2000 in the first half of the year.


Event One: Four Police Officers From Illinois Observed A UFO On Duty


Four Illinois police officers at four different towns witnessed the same UFO. The event took place on January 5, 2000 about 4:00 A.M. and along the Illinois- Missouri border in these Illinois towns: Lebanon, Shilow, Dupo, and Millstadt. This incident is the most important event of the first half of 2000.


The initial incident involved Melvin Knoll, the owner of a miniature golf course. He drove to drive course business early in the morning .  About 4:00 A.M. when he left his truck he saw what looked like a star in the northeastern horizon. For a short time he was doing other activities. He returned to his truck, where he saw the object again. It moved closer.  An article on the Internet entitled When Planets Attacked described what happened: "As he watched, the object came closer and closer, and he could see red lights shining down from it. As it drew closer, the object grew in size until it seemed as tall as a two-story building and as long as a football field with windows and a bright light inside, shining from the front of the object. The object moved silently and very slowly as it passed near him, continuing on its leisurely way in a southwesterly direction. As it passed his position, he noticed that from the rear the light was dimmer." Knoll drove his truck to the local police department in Highland. He told the dispatcher what he saw, and she broadcast it to other police stations in the vicinity.


At 4:10 A.M.  Thomas Barton, a police officer from Lebanon, heard the announcement in his patrol car from a dispatcher.  He noticed a bright object in the sky. The previous article explained what happened: "It looked like two very bright lights close to one another. The two lights were so bright that the officer said it looked like 'the Japanese Rising Sun' symbol of the horizon. The officer took off south and east with his lights flashing in an attempt to approach the object. After a few moments, the two lights appeared to merge into one light, and the object seemed to be traveling toward him. He stopped his vehicle and rolled down his window on the passenger side of the vehicle. As he watched, a triangular-shaped object silently passed over him at an attitude of 1,000 to 1,500 feet, headed in a northwesterly direction. Changing its leisurely pace, the object accelerated off to the west at a high speed, covering several miles in a few seconds." The object was triangular in shape, three white lights were seen on the apices of the triangle,  and peculiar lights were seen on its aft end, including white and hews of red or pink.



Two other police officers from Shilow and Dupo observed the same object.


Officer Craig A. Stevens of  Millstadt heard in his patrol car radio two dispatcher reports about the object. He drove around the town looking for the object. At the Liederkranz Park parking lot he observed a very large object. It flew very slow, very low from 500 to 1,000 feet, and made no sound.  He described the object: 2 stories in height, about 20 feet high and 60 feet long, 3 lights on the back, and diverse lights sparkled the surface. Stevens took a picture of the object with his Polaroid camera. The developed picture showed only three bright lights.






Other important points.


 The police received 200 to 300 calls about the object.


Police officers are excellent witnesses for these reasons: (1) they are trained to be observers of events; (2) police officers often testify in the courts; (3) police officers reputation are at stake when they describe events while on duty. Peter Davenport, a respected UFO investigator of National UFO Reporting Center, stated, "The witnesses are excellent to unimpeachable. They didn't seem to have any motive to mislead us. They seemed to be level headed, no-nonsense types of individuals, where just doing a job and happened to stumble into something that morning."


The incident received extensive coverage in media. It received coverage on radio shows: Art Bell radio talk show, Jeff Rense radio show – Sightings, and German public radio. Important newspapers covered this event: St. Louis Post – Dispatch, Knight-Rider publications, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun – Times.


The flight path of the object should have taken it almost directly over the Scott Air Force Base. An official spokesman for the base made this statement: (1) the tower was closed for one hour from 4 A.M. to 5 A.M;

(2) the base radar was turned off for the same hour; (3) base personel on duty were not aware of the object and did not see it.


Unsubstantiated report: Air National Guard located at Lambert Field/ St. Louis Airport scrambled a F-15 jet to view the object.                                  


Private UFO Organizations investigated this incident and wrote extensive reports. The two organizations were National Institute of Discovery Science located in Nevada and National UFO Reporting Center of Seattle.




Event Two: First UFO of the New Millennium Seen At Great Wall Of China


At approximately 6:30 A.M. (Beijing time) on January 1, 2000 a UFO appeared over the Great Wall of China. Cable News Network (CNN) was broadcasting live with television cameras from the Great Wall of China. M. Lamb watched the event over television. He reported what happened in E-mail interview, "CNN showed a shot of the Great Wall of China at sunset …When they cut to the shot, there was a gray orb floating over the wall. Then it floated to the right, then up.  Then they (CNN) cut away from the shot without any explanation of the floating object. It was silver and appeared to float or glide without any means of propulsion."


Event Three: UFO Landing In A Small Village Of Malaysia


A UFO landed in a marsh near the village of Kampung Gobek and left physical evidence. Kampung Gobek is a village of 1,000 people located in the Kelantin Province of Malaysia. This event took place on March 2, 2000 early in the morning. The residents of the village saw the shining object at 3 A.M. Saupi Salleh, 28, awoke and saw a bright light and clearly saw the light from the object. Mahamad Mat described what he saw in the sky, "The lights from the object came in intervals, similar to lighting, but there was no signs of rain. The light from inside the object was very bright, and the rays bathed the inside of my house. I suspected something was happening outside and ducked out and saw the object hovering over the marsh land for several minutes." At daybreak Mohammed accompanied by two other villagers visited the site about 330 feet from his house. They saw a depression about 50 feet by 17 feet, a 10 feet crescent-shaped deep hallow, and three holes 3 feet apart and 1 foot in diameter.


This article appeared on March 9, 2000 issue of UFO Roundup




Event Four: A Possible UFO Crash In Northern Argentina

The incident took place on Tuesday January 25, 2000 about 1 P.M. Residents of Sachakogi witnessed the event. Sachakogi is located in northern Argentina and in sparsely populated area of subtropical rain forest and deep, wide canyons. The area makes searches for crashed UFOs very difficult. The village is located 345 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, the national capital.  


The residents of Sachakogi saw a bright and shining object in the sky. The villagers described what happened, "An enormous ball of fire slammed into a densely-wooded wilderness region, and residents claimed to have heard loud noises followed by an explosion and much smoke. A tremor also shock the entire area for several minutes."  A witness named Rojas described the panic. He said, "Fireball was quite large and descended rapidly from the north toward the south, accompanied by loud whistling and thunder. I looked at it and felt paralyzed. I didn't know what to do. After the event, I ran away and stayed with my family. Local residents were reduced to tears."  Olga Bertodotti, the village commissioner, told an Argentinean newspaper that "a farmland at the project known as Fabril Chaquena witnessed the object fall." UFO researchers believed they discovered the site of the possible crash at a ranch 42 miles from Charata .The rural area is owned by a farming business called La Mensa. Local witnesses also said that the Provincial Police were in the area. Juan Carlos Leguiizamon, a local rural witness said, "When the situation occurred, a sound like a jet airplane was heard, and explosions like a burst of a machine gun fire. But all we saw was the smoke a few kilometers away from us." Local residents were unable to find this object. 


 The local authorities took this incident seriously. On January 26 technicians, researchers, astronomers, and the Province Police searched the nearby rural territory. Police interviewed many of the witnesses. The owners of the ranch, authorities that took part in the search, and the Province Police were silent about this event.


The article from UFOROUNDUP asked these questions: "Did a NATO strike team dash into Argentina for a hasty retrieval? Was it a crashed saucer? Were live aliens captured?"


Source: UFOROUNDUP – February 3 and February 10, 2000.   


Event Five: Daylight UFOs Observed And Videotaped Over Central London


The incident took place over Central London in April 2000. Christopher Martin, a resident of London, filmed four UFO incidents for duration of 90 minutes. The UFOs were sphere types like those recorded in Mexico. Aircraft were also present in the videotapes. In the third incident of 15 minutes two spheres were rolling around themselves  Martin captured on film another UFO in London in the summer of 1999 and wrote about the experience in a book entitled INTRUDERS IN THE NIGHT.


Source: 6-14-00 "daylight UFOs Over Central London (Caught On Video)


Event Six: A United Kingdom Pilot Close Encounter And Filming A UFO Above Mojave Desert


This incident took place on June 7, 2000. David Hasting, an English pilot, flew his Cessna plane over the Mojave Desert of California. A retired American military pilot accompanied him. The small plane almost collided with a gigantic, oval -shaped UFO. Hastings described what happened in Pilot Magazine: "As we neared the Mojave Desert under radar control it happened. We both suddenly realized that we had fast traffic in our 12 o'clock. We pushed the control panel and ducked. A shadow flashed over us but there was absolutely no sound. We slowly raised our hands and asked, 'What the heck.' We called the radar control tower to check if they had another aircraft and the answer was no. (David took a picture of the object.) We took the film to a one-hour photo shop and there it was. One shot had nothing, but the second had the blurred image of the UFO." The two pictures were turned over to the navy. The first print showed an empty sky; the second "revealed a huge object with black rings around the top and bottom passing feet from a wing." The Navy was baffled. The UFO was huge, fast moving, oval-shaped, saucer-like with black rings around the top and bottom.




Event Seven: UFOs Still Over The National Capital


Washington, D.C. is the chief political city of our planet and United States and the military and national security center of America and the world. UFOs over Washington is a serious matter. In 1998, 1999, and 2000 the National Reporting Center received six reports of UFOs that flew over Washington. The two reports of 2000:


The incident took place at 1A.M. on January 1, 2000. After the witness attended America's Millennium celebration, the person with a friend walked to the Metro station. He heard the firework explosions from a barge on the Potomac River behind the Lincoln Monument .He noticed near the monument what appeared to be shooting stars. He looked again and "saw a pair of dark but lit cylindrical objects 'flying' in formation  from NW to SE passing directly over (him)." In the next minute he saw three other cylindrical objects.  His friend did not notice the objects .This witness outside the Metro station observed 5 cylindrical objects moving at a high speed over the sky.


A Federal Government employee witnessed two objects on Friday March 3, 2000 near the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. He described what he saw at 10:05 P.M.: "I was standing in Constitution Gardens on the north side of the pond, looking approximately southwest towards Orion. I saw what I at first took to be a shooting star because of its speed and the way it seemed to be falling or dropping, but it didn't fade away falling stars usually do. Then I saw there were actually two lights that were moving along parallel to each other. The lights were pale and white with a pale greenish tinge. . The two lights converged into one, and then changed again so that one appeared to be following or chasing one another. The rear light seemed to be 'swinging' back and forth behind the path off the front light. The lights were headed almost towards the Noth Star." The two small lights crossed the night sky from Orion to the North Star and appeared to be chasing each other. The time of the incident was 10 seconds.


Source: Database of the National UFO Reporting Center on the Internet



 The first half of 2000 was an exciting year for UFO reports. The National UFO Reporting Center, the primary UFO organization for UFO reports in the United States, collected 801 UFO reports in the United States and the world from January 1, 2000 to June 10, 2000. In the future I shall present more reports.